tagSci-Fi & FantasyNina and Renee Return Ch. 01

Nina and Renee Return Ch. 01


Not long after I finished writing the last part in the series, Gift from Outer Space, I wrote a couple more chapters on what I thought would happen next. I wanted to explore some sci-fi concepts and revisit some of my favorite characters. However, life got extremely busy and a part of me felt the most interesting part of their tale had been told.

Now they're back, at least for two chapters or so. To those new to the series, be forewarned that it features dickgirls doing other girls. If you haven't read the other chapters, I hope this makes you interested in checking them out. If you don't, no worries. I have recapped the back story for the sake of new readers. This story picks up pretty much right where "Gift" left off.


Renee's blue eyes gazed at Earth through the Amphitryon's windows. It was a distant blue sphere set against the star-studded blackness of space and the horizon of the moon. She could make out the distinctive shape of Africa, and even the Sahara, but from a distance of 240,000 miles it all seemed so very small.

The ship's medical robot came wheeling out of one of the rooms and down the hall, carrying a large bundle of bedclothes. Renee nodded in greeting.

"Doctor," she said, trying to make humor out of the irony.

The robot stopped. "Is my assistance required?"

"No, get going."

With that, the robot moved on down the hall. It seemed to Renee that lately the ship's medical robot was employed more as a housekeeper than anything else. All it did was change out bedsheets around the clock, and pick up after her and her girlfriends.

Renee could hear their voices emanating from one of the staterooms. She remained where she was for the moment, hoping in vain to just enjoy the view of Earth in peace. It wasn't their chattering that distracted her, it was how she was trying to anticipate the questions her folks would ask. She couldn't help going over her practiced lies and deflections. She couldn't tell them the truth, but how could she hope to look mom in the eye, lie, and get away with it?

"Nothing to fear," she told herself. "Mom and dad love me."

There would be admonishments. After all, she had flunked out of college and her "lesbian lover roommate" Nina would get some of the blame. It was unjust and unfair. She had much bigger accomplishments than getting a few passing grades, she just couldn't tell her parents about them. The whole story was utterly unbelievable, perverted, and pornographic.

"Let's see now Renee," she could envision her dad saying, after she told the whole story. "In summary, you had an alien cock and fucked nearly everyone in sight. Meanwhile the aliens tried to kidnap you to get it back. Do I have that right, young lady?"

Nope, they would think she was on acid and crack! Tell that story, and sooner or later one of her parents would sneak off to the phone and call a shrink or a rehab clinic. Worse, their image of their daughter would be shattered forever.

Renee sighed and resigned to let the unjust accusations against her and Nina stand, and just make sure her parents knew she loved them both anyway. With that, she headed to Josie's stateroom, where the girls had gathered.

Josie was there of course. The petite brunette was in a conversation with Kirsten and Bonnie. Rather, Josie was the only one not talking, the other two were yammering away like yentas at a tupperware party. All of them were wearing white bathrobes.

Renee smiled at the girls. Seeing them living in these staterooms gave Renee a feeling of accomplishment. Recently these surroundings had been her prison, and the windows had offered views of various distant places. Now she could see Earth outside, and inside her friends were there with her, free to come and go as they pleased. Yes, she had come a long way. Thanks to a mad robot named Loki, Nina's support, and luck, they had overcome the machinations of a corrupt bureaucrat that had tried to confiscate her property.

It was a very special and unique piece of property.

What at first appeared to be no more than a strap-on dildo turned out to be an alien sex symbiont. Nina had given it as a novelty to Renee. They thought it would fulfill some of their sex fantasies, but they wound up with a new life they had never bargained for. Renee found herself bonded with the symbiont and no one, not even she, could remove it.

On the capitol world of Serra-5, a mechanized schoolmistress named Lady Vera was informed about the symbiont falling into the laps of the clueless Earth dwellers. She tried to finangle a way to legally abduct them and collect the valuable symbiont. She used her ties to arrange for Renee and her suitemates at the college dorm to be transported to her headquarters at Pleasure Castle.

There were several legs to the journey. Initially they were detained in a single large cell on the moon. Alone with her girlfriends, the symbiont put Renee's libido into high gear. She fucked her gorgeous coeds night and day, trying every position the moon's low gravity would allow. She was insatiable, and they were addicted to her cock.

Then she was transferred to the Amphitryon after a few days, where she met a pair of exotic sex slaves that happened to be there by chance. The slaves, Macy and Leifa, were curious about Renee and sought her out, against orders that dictated solitary confinement.

The slaves, categorically known as Avashai, built a friendship that lasted despite being forged in the heat of ongoing sexual trysts. Although Renee was a prisoner that would eventually be delivered as live cargo to Vera's Pleasure Castle, even this could not prevent their reunion. (For more on this, read A Union Consummated and Gift from Outer Space 1-7)

Renee had heard enough chit chat. The clock was ticking on their last opportunity to visit Earth.

"Ladies, why aren't you dressed? We're going." Renee addressed the girls, placing her hands on her hips. "Don't you have your beacons?"

"We do," said Josie.

"It's the last time. I don't know why I dread going so much. I miss home," Kirsten the uptight too-perfect blonde said.

"Oh, I am gonna miss this planet," Bonnie sighed. "Though, it's almost difficult to go."

"Of course it's difficult," Josie said. "Seeing your parents again, only to tell them you're leaving again?"

"They thought we were missing or dead," Kirsten sighed. "They're bound to be clingy, and not want us to leave so soon."

"Well, you know what I think. There's no sense in going," Josie flatly stated. "We can't even tell them the truth."

As she spoke, Nina emerged from one of the staterooms, dressed in a black skin-tight jump suit with a red jacket on top.

"Let's do this," she said, in her Bronx Peurto Rican accent. "Hey, come on, get dressed!" she snapped at the girls. "Hello? Now!"

They dispersed to go change. All except Josie.

"I've decided to stay here," Josie said. "There's a few things I might want to do down there, but really, I don't know if I could live with myself after all the lying. It's just not going to work for me."

Nina and Renee looked at her. Josie was the brains of the group, the girls considered her their best kept secret. They automatically respected her decision.

"Well, no one is gonna make you go," Nina said. "Just think about it some."

"Your parents know you're alright?"

"Yes, I've been e-mailing them."

"Hmm, wonder how long it's going to take after we leave before she gets all tangled up in bed with Macy and Leifa?" Nina mused with a grin. All three giggled.

"You're looking great in that outfit," Josie deflected, admiring Nina's supple curves through her skin-tight outfit.

"Why thank you," Nina said.

"Hey, that's my fiancee you're hitting on," Renee said with mock jealousy.

"Josie can compliment me anytime," Nina said reassuringly.

"Well, you know I have been thinking about when Nina puts TeeGee on, I'd like to um, you know," Josie blushed. "Which I think you would all agree is understandable." TeeGee was the nickname of the phallic symbiont. "Are you guys going to be exclusive?"

"I'm going to have a talk with Nina about that," Renee said. "I know how hard it is to resist temptation."

There was an awkward silence.

"I still can't get over that outfit," Josie said to Nina. "You look like a biker chick from the future!"

"Yeah," Renee added. "Aren't your parents going to think it's a little unusual?"

"You try to find Behtorian styles that match Earth's. Besides, we're in New York!" she grinned. "They'll just think I've been adapting to college life or some shit. Anyway, they'll have better things to ask me about than my style of clothes." Nina grinned. "Not that I'm going to be able to tell them much. I'll just tell 'em as many lies as it takes to get 'em to shut up and stop worrying about me. Before they know it, I'll be back on this ship."

"Are you going to tell them about me?" Renee asked.

"I still don't know, it depends if they're gettin' all loco when they see me. You know I want to, but," she paused.

"I know." Renee understood all too well. This might be their last chance to leave their parents with kind memories, rather than angst over their daughter's homosexuality.

"I just can't wait till we get back to the ship," Nina effervesced. "Because then I can put him on."


All the others had left to spend their last day on Earth. Josie sat down at her desk and flipped on a couple of holographic displays. She had access to a wealth of holographic documentaries. There was so much to learn about, she couldn't decide whether to read up on the most up-to-date engineering and industrial practices or take a detailed look at what astrophysicists had found out about exploration of things like nebulas and gas giants.

The intercom rang briefly and Macy's voice came over the line. "Josie? We've just finished assisting all the girls through the teleporter. They said you weren't going." It was Macy's voice.

"That's right, I'm just going to relax on the ship." Josie replied.

"Is that right? Don't want to see your folks?"


"How come?"

"Don't want to lie to them."

Macy's voice came over the speakers again.

"Hey you know, there are other things we could do. We have a teleporter here, after all."

"Hmm. Like what?"

"Oh, I don't know. We could visit some hot clubs in Europe right now," Macy replied.

Josie shook her head. "Not in the mood."

"How about seeing some old friends?" Leifa asked.

Josie thought about it for a second.

"Nope. I don't want to lie to them either."

"We could visit some of Earth's mountains and historical places," Macy countered.


"Then what are you going to do?" Macy asked.

"I'm just doing some research here."

"Research?" Macy furrowed her brow. "What about?"

"About, well, what's out here in this quadrant. What kind of business there is. You know, where I might go to make my fortunes."

"Josie, there's plenty of time for that later. Have a little fun, this is Earth we're talking about. Your home."

"Home? Behtor's billions call it a dirt world – those two words are still ringing in my ears. Seeing it, and the pointlessness of the whole struggle, its just going to depress me."

"Well, suit yourself then. If you get a moment, come be our company, okay?"

"I was hoping you'd say that."


Josie decided to keep researching a little longer, so as not to give the impression that sex was a higher priority than her studies. She got so wrapped up in it, however, that the little brunette was at her desk for hours.

The door chirped quite unexpectedly, then medical robot announced itself and entered.

Josie realized she could employ the robot's services in the shower. She started the next audio documentary in her queue, a discussion on Behtor's demographics, and transferred the audio to the bathroom. Then she hopped out of her desk chair and flung her robes to the floor.

"Doctor," she said to the robot, "Assist me in the shower."

Since she was taking on two Avashai, she decided she would like to be clean as a whistle. She stood facing the wall, hands resting on the handrails and legs spread somewhat. Water streamed down her torso and legs. She braced as the robot gently inserted a narrow probe into her rectum. The probe was about the size of a thick pen, and it was made of stainless steel. It had holes along the surface that functioned as spray nozzles, air exchanges, and water intakes, and the like. The front tip tapered to a rounded cone, and the other end was connected to a half dozen hoses.

Once inserted and activated, it made her feel like she was having a bowel movement and a vibrator up there at the same time. This wasn't Josie's first time, but she kept looking down between her legs, expecting the worst. As before, there were no leaks of any kind. In less than a minute the procedure was over.

Josie then handed the robot a soapy sponge and instructed it to wash her back. The robot, of course, complied.

That out of the way, she dismissed the robot and finished washing up on her own. After the shower, she had the medical robot do her hair up in a french braid. She thought about the two Avashai caressing her, eagerly thrusting their cocks toward her pelvis. She imagined them both penetrating her at the same time, and found herself getting wet thinking about how it would feel with both of her holes stuffed.

She dismissed the robot then and admired herself in the mirror. Her brown hair was braided to perfection. Her hazel eyes that used to shine with intelligence were framed with extra dark lashes. Her smile was as flawless as her skin, her body athletic and trim. She had smallish but firm, rounded breasts with perky pink nipples. Her legs were toned and sexy, a remnant of her years in high school track.

She slipped on a pink negligee and stood in front of the mirror, giving herself one last look. Her perky pink nipples poked up against the sheer fabric and her ass was looking very tight and juicy in a lacy matching thong.

"Leifa?" she said, her voice activating the intercom. "Ready when you are."

After a few moments, Leifa's voice came back over the intercom. "We'll be there soon."

Josie decided to check her email. Ever since she had become famous, she had been getting emails from admirers, and it was a very new experience for her. She had been cute in college, but not this alluring. Not even close. Now, she felt like a beauty queen every day, on par with sexpots like Kirsten and Renee. Her self image also had quite an impact on her sexuality. Before, she only liked missionary and doggy style with her boyfriend. Now she was open to a lot more, including fooling around with other girls. Admittedly, she preferred those girls have big cocks but that didn't stop her from all the kissing and flirting that went on between her and the other coeds.

She had plenty of admirers throughout this quadrant of the Milky Way, known as Behtor. Many of her admirers were hunky or at least cute -- on the surface, anyway. She received holo-vids of them constantly, which ranged from clothed to naked and raunchy. She decided to take a look at the latest.

A guy with a trim and muscular build wearing a metallic mask appeared in 3d.

"Josie, you better get on your knees and beg for my cock."

"Wow," Josie said to herself. The guy was clearly going for shock value.

"Slobber all over my hot fuck pole. Swallow my load, you cock slut. I will drown you. Say no, and I will bend you over and nail your ass--"

Josie deleted the email. She was reminded why she had her image consultant hire someone to reply to her most hard core fans.

"What a fucking weirdo," she murmured to herself.

Though she loved muscular, masculine men, Josie was about to get a better fucking than any of her manly admirers could muster, so she didn't feel like she was missing out on much.

The door chirped.

"It's Macy and Leifa," came the latter's voice, through the intercom.

"Come in," she replied.

The door opened and the two Avashai walked into the room. They were naked as always, their bodies white with black markings but otherwise the shape of feminine perfection. At least, they were up until the moment they locked their gaze on Josie and almost simultaneously, their cocks sprang out, hardening before Josie's eyes.

"Josie, I know you've been studying hard, but we are going to help you relax." Leifa said.

"Relax? We are going to fuck like bunnies," Macy said with a wicked grin.

Josie couldn't help but gaze at their throbbing dicks. It felt like she had been looking forward to this moment for days. In truth Leifa had boned her just the night before last, but she was excited by the prospect of having them both at the same time.

They walked up to her. Without a word, they began kissing her neck, shoulders and bare skin. As they moved to kiss her breasts, they deftly removed her negligee.

They sank onto the bed as one. Josie's inhibitions were already in retreat. Now she felt a new side to her coming out, one with a dirty mind and a filthy tongue.

"I want both of you to fuck me at the same time."

"That's exactly what we're going to do," Macy said.

Macy and Leifa began licking Josie's body, lingering on her mouth and pussy. In a moment she found herself on her back, immobilized by their delicate and arousing touch. She shuddered with pleasure when Leifa's tongue brushed her clit, and spread her long legs wide.

"Fuck me," Josie said. "I'm so ready."

Leifa got on top of Josie and slid herself into Josie's waiting snatch. Leifa's cock was just a little above average by Earth's standards, and it felt like a hot slice of heaven to the once shy college nerd. Leifa pinned Josie's wrists and kissed her deeply while she began humping her in earnest.

Josie's eyes went wide, but all she could see was her world exploding in colors.

"Ooh, she's nice and tight!" Leifa remarked. "Maybe too tight for you," she joked. Of course, she was speaking to Macy, who was laying next to Josie and slowly fondling her rather oversized cock.

"I know for a fact mine fits in at least two of her holes," Macy said of her porn-star sized dong. "I haven't tried the third yet."

"Oh yeah? Which one is that?" Leifa asked, still thrusting away.

"Her ass, of course," Macy replied, but her voice was drowned out as Josie screamed and cried out with ecstasy.

"Well, I ask because surely the bookish one has not learned how to get all of your meat in her mouth," Leifa went on, slowing her thrusts while Josie creamed and whimpered.

"Oh no, she can and she has." Macy grinned. "Can't wait to do it again, I might add."

Josie nodded, getting up and swinging her leg over Macy to straddle her cock.

"I love sucking a big cock." she said.

"Since when can you suck down one as big as Macy's?" Leifa asked.

"Since I took a nano-surgery pill while we were at the GLO," Josie said, referring to the Glass Leaf Oronium, a grand shopping center elsewhere in the galaxy. "Now I can turn off my gag reflex when I choose. I can suck cock like a porn star."

"Oh, I've heard of those," Leifa said, watching as Josie slowly took Macy's long, thick fuck stick into her body. Avashai were far more adept at all forms of fellatio and even possessed a special muscular canal for it, but the no-gag pill tended to do a good job for women who could afford it. Josie would be able to comfortably withstand a vigorous throat-fucking.

Somehow, Leifa found that very sexy. She intended to put Josie's ability to good use, but then she saw Macy spreading Josie's ass with her fingertips.

Leifa started in with her amari-laced tongue, licking around the puckered up rosebud. With her touch, it began to relax, more and more.

Josie was riding on a wave of pleasure as Leifa's tongue teased her and Macy's cock stuffed her. Macy used long, slow strokes to drive her crazy. It made it easier for Leifa to tongue-diddle the brunette's anus.

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