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nipple clamps


every beat of my hart inspires me

 After much discussion my lover and I ,
 Some nipple clamps have decided to buy,
 The next big decision we have, I feel,
 Is do we buy plastic or should we have steel,
Vibrating ones maybe linked by a chain,
 Umm I can almost feel that exquisite pain,
 Of the clips as they bite in to you nip,
The little teeth in side each shining clip,
 But I was really most astounded,
when not a single sound did
 Anyone made as the clamp closed with a bite,
 The first time we used them late last night,
 But then you might think me rather dim,
 Because I put the nipple clamps on him.

 for all you kind people who have sent me feed back .. i spell hart like that for a reason...:-)

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