No Deposit, Return


Leroy wiggled his long, hard tongue in and out of the folds of her pussy lips causing the young wife to shake with pleasure. His skillful tongue was igniting a sexual fire Cynthia had never felt before. Something intense was building deep in her body.

Leroy lapped her juicy slit several times and then worked a beefy finger into her that felt as big as her husband's penis. Unlike Arthur's penis, however, Leroy's finger knew what it was doing. He moved it deep inside the aroused young woman and began rubbing the tip around a spot deep in her pussy. Mindlessly, Cynthia began humping his finger as the fire within her grew until she thought she would die from pleasure. Just when she knew she couldn't take any more, Leroy administered the coup d'grace. He ran his tongue over his finger and up her pussy. With one quick lick, his tongue twirled around her clit.

The second Leroy's tongue touched the young wife's love bud, her pussy clamped down around his finger and then ballooned up as she came. It felt like a series of bombs going off inside her and Cynthia screamed out her pleasure. This was the first time a man had ever made her come and Leroy was just getting started. He continued fingering her and licking around her clit until it hardened like a miniature penis. She had several smaller orgasms before the pressure built again and an even bigger climax overwhelmed her when he sucked her clit in his mouth. The last thing Cynthia remembered before passing out was Leroy's soaked face grinning up at her.

Arthur tried to stand, but he was still too dizzy and Ruth easily pulled him back down on the sofa beside her. "No honey, you'll just get hurt. Can't you see? He's about to breed her. A man like that won't let anything stop him when he's about to plant a baby in a woman."

"But she's in my wife. I can't just watch!" the distraught husband cried.

"That's all you CAN do, wimp," Mable taunted. "Keep him out of this, Ruth."

"She's right, sweetie; In time you'll fine that watching can be very exciting. Your father never comes so hard as when he watches Jethro put his prick between my legs, shooting me full of his jism while I beg for a black baby. Now settle down and enjoy this."

"Mother, noooooo ..." Arthur's feeble protest was stifled as Ruth deftly slipped her hand into his pants and began massaging his cock.

"See baby, you little weenie is already getting hard just knowing your sexy little wife is going to get bred. I know it's frustrating to see your wife about to get a big belly full of a superior man's baby, so let me make it better for you, honey." Ruth was beginning to work Arthur's half-hard miniature prick between her fingers.

Cynthia was struggling to regain her senses. She hadn't fully recovered from the intense orgasm when she felt Leroy's hands on her ankles pulling her legs far apart. Leroy was kneeling now, the tip of his cock moving in towards her pussy as she sat on the couch. "No, Leroy don't. I'm not protected!"

"I knows that, Miz Cynthia. That's why yo' pussy's drooling for my cock." He moved the tip back and forth along her slit causing her to writhe in pleasure. "Yo' know yo' want it."

"No! No! ...Ohhhh ... Yes!!!" she screamed as Leroy pushed down on his cock watching her pussy lips spread wide for him as they closed back up around the head. Cynthia groaned as Leroy worked the head in and out of her. "Feels good don't it?"

"Uh-huh," the young woman grunted in agreement.

"How about I give you another inch or two?"

Cynthia just gurgled as Leroy pushed in another couple of inches. "God, you're so big," the young wife gasped as the thick part under the head schlocked in.

"Gonna give you more'n the white boy ever did," Leroy sneered " slowly fucking her with the tip of his cock. "How big is duh wimp?"

"Uh ... Uh ...Dunno, ... three? ... four inches?" Cynthia panted as Leroy's cock slowly moved in and out of her.

"Po little thang," he said pushing another inch in. "Dis feel like yo' husband?"

"Oh, no! God, no. You're so much thicker, it feels ... so much better."

"Cynthia! How can you say that" Arthur cried out.

"It has to be true, Arthur," Ruth whispered as she continued fondling his sex. "Can't you see? Leroy has a magnificent cock, a pussy-reaming, woman-pleasing, sperm-shooting DONG. You just don't have much equipment down here for spewing hot jism deep in a woman's fertile cunt, Honey. Don't feel bad. Your little thingie is just adorable, perfect in fact, for me to play with, but for making babies, Leroy's is much better," his mother explained gently.

Cynthia's almost constant wail of pleasure seemed to confirm Ruth's words as Leroy continued slowly fucking the young wife. Cynthia was raising her hips to meet his thrusts, slowly allowing more and more of the giant cock inside her. Mable grinned as she saw her daughter come yet again.

"Isn't Leroy wonderful, darling?" Mable exclaimed. And he's still fucking you with only half his cock. Don't you want to feel the rest of it in you?"

"Oh, God! Yes! More, More" her daughter panted as Leroy's cock pushed deeper into virgin territory.

"God yo' tight, Miz Cynthia," groaned Leroy pushing about nine inches in. "Ain't yo' never been fucked before?"

"Not like you fuck her, Leroy baby," Mable remarked. "Give it to her good."

"Yes'am, Miz Mable," Leroy replied and resumed his rhythmic plowing of the spasming young wife.

"You do like his cock don't you, Cynthia?" Mable asked.

"Oh, yes, Mother. Oh, oh, oh ... yes!"

"Only black cocks get this big, Hun. Do you know what big black cocks do to little white pussies? It that what your want?"

"Yes, yes," she groaned, her belly undulating down towards her pussy as she came again.

"Then tell him, darling. Tell him what you want him to do."

"Fuck me, Leroy. Please fuck me with your big black cock. Oh God, I'm coming...Ahhhiiiii."

Leroy pushed her legs back towards her head, sat up on his knees a little, pulled his hips back until just the tip of his cock was in her pussy, and then he lunged forward.

Cynthia thrashed in ecstasy as his entire cock plunged deep into her frothing pussy. He had to maintain a tight grip on her ankles as she writhed until she calmed down after a couple minutes. Arthur stared in disbelief as Leroy's huge fuck-hose had disappeared into his tiny wife's belly.

"Look, Arthur!" Ruth said in admiration. "She took it all, honey, the very first time! You should be so proud of Cynthia. Not many white wives can take a huge cock like Leroy's so easily. I guess you had left her really needing a good fuck." Arthur's moans were not of admiration as he was torn between the anguish of seeing his wife respond to the brutal fucking and the incredible pleasure of his mother's expert hand job.

When Leroy felt Cynthia's pussy relax, he slowly pulled his cock out and pushed it back in several times until she moaned and he increased his speed. The rutting white girl began pushing into him to meet his thrusts as Leroy picked up the tempo. Cynthia started screaming each time he buried it; she was coming every fifth stroke.

Suddenly, the orgasms ceased as Leroy's cock began to grow. It felt like a damn had blocked the flow, the pressure building up as he continued rapidly fucking her. He was sweating and his rhythm was starting to suffer as his orgasm approached.

"He's about to come," Mable hissed. "He's going to come in you and make your pregnant with his black bastard if you let him, Cynthia. Tell him if you want it!"

"Yes! Yes, Leroy! Cum in my pussy," Cynthia begged, not knowing what had come over her, desperately needing to cum one last time. "Pump me full of your fuck-juice. Give me your baby, Leroy; I want a real man's babyyyyyy!"

The words of the delirious wife seemed to suck the cum right out of Leroy's balls. He bellowed as his sperm shot up his cock and sprayed her womb. The helpless woman shuddered as the damn broke and a giant orgasm took possession of her body. Leroy held his cock buried in her pussy as he blew four more wads of cum, bombarding the young woman's waiting egg with millions of potent sperm.

Simultaneously, Ruth gave her boy's little cock a definitive jerk and with a moan, he began to come as well. Arthur's thin jism flowed out of his little hole in short, pathetic spurts as his mother gently squeezed and massaged his tiny penis. "Oh, that's so beautiful, Arthur!" his mother sighed. "You made a big mess in your pants at just the moment your wife was getting knocked up with her first black baby." Removing her hand from inside his messy shorts and giving him her fingers to suck, Ruth cradled the head of her defeated son to her bosom. "This is a special day!"

Arthur sobbed with passion and shame. "Oh, Mother, Mother what am I going to do?" he wailed.

"It's alright, sweetie pie. You're going home with Mommy to let her take good care of you. I'll talk to Jethro. I'm sure he will let you watch while he fucks me. Maybe he'll even let you clean up my cum-drenched pussy with your tongue after he has shot his cum in me, the way he lets your father. I could even let you watch him make me pregnant next time." At these words a final twitch sent a last spurt of semen oozing from Arthur's limp little organ and he fell asleep.

Mable beamed at the sight of her fucked-out daughter, unconscious from the massive orgasm, her head lolling to one side and a silly grin on her face. Leroy started to pull out but his older lover placed a hand on his tight butt. "Hold it in there for a minute longer stud until I get a pillow under her ass. Let's keep all that baby-juice in where it will do us the most good. I want the little vixen to catch the first time. That way I won't have to give you time off to try again if this doesn't do it."

"What?" Ruth asked in surprise. "How can you do that to her? Now that Cynthia's gotten a taste of what getting fucked by a real man is like, she can never be satisfied with Arthur's attempts at sex. You've got to let Leroy keep fucking her."

"Like Hell!" Mable replied. "I need all of that magnificent fuck machine I can get myself, especially now. Would you give be willing to share Jethro with her?"

"Well, of course not. Jethro can't keep up with me as it is, but she is YOUR daughter."

"But YOU'RE responsible for me having to use MY stud to do the job YOUR useless SON was incapable of doing."

"Now there's no reason to get bitchy," Ruth stiffened.

"Who are you calling a bitch, you overage slut!" Mable spat back.

"Miz Mable! Miz Ruth!" Leroy exclaimed, at last pulling his long, slick member out of Cynthia's sperm-flooded pussy, alarmed at seeing the two friends argue. "It's OK. It's OK"

"It is NOT OK." Mable retorted. "I'm not sharing you with my little slut daughter even if she is not pregnant. You know I need you more than ever, right now, Leroy, baby."

"I knows that, Miz Mable. M' little brother Jethro tol' me Miz Ruth be the same way. Since y'all's gettin' big with our babies again, y'all's wearin' us bof out, way y'all's needin' t'be fucked all the time. But I thinks I know what we kin do."

Both women regarded him skeptically, but listened.

"Well, Jethro and me's got another brother, name Darren. He jes eighteen and his cock ain't more'n 'bout nine inches yet, but he still growin'. I reckon he could take care of Miz Cynthia. He done pregged up the mothers of all the girls in his sixth grade class, two of his teachers, and the principal's wife."

Ruth's and Mable's eyes grew wide in amazement as they both smiled.

"He sounds PERFECT," the pregnant grandmothers-to-be agreed in unison.

The End.

From some comments received earlier, both negative and, even worse, some *positive* ones, I realize some readers did not understand that this story, particularly the racial stereotypes, is parody of a certain class of stories. That's what humor means: funny, a joke, not serious, dig?

Comments Please to Homer Vargas

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