No More Secrets


Turk had Linda against the lockers now, her legs wrapped around him as he fucked her hard and the thought of his huge dick inside my wife was too much for me. Cum shot out of my dick with unusual force and splattered on the TV screen. Linda, put her hands on the bench, Turk fucked her from behind; Linda spun around and fell back on the bench, Turk jammed his cock into her from above; Linda threw her legs straight up in the air screaming, "Fill my cunt with your huge cock." She came again, her body convulsing as Turk forced his rod as far into her wet, hairy pussy as it could go. Finally, he straddled the bench above her, stroked his cock fiercely for a few seconds and a stream of jizz spilled across her face. Turk recalibrated his aim and shot a stream of cum onto Linda's tits; as she had done with me dozens of time, she rubbed his juices all over her breasts like lotion, sitting up as she did so to take his cock into her mouth again. He came into her mouth some more and she let it dribble out onto her chin. The movie camera rolled in front of the video camera to get a close up of her cum-covered face. As it did so, the video camera pointed towards the floor. I could hear fingers fumbling at the camera controls as the man's voice said, once again, "Goddamn!" And the screen went dark. I stared in amazement at the blank screen, so lost in my thoughts that when "Basic Instinct" suddenly reappeared on the screen, I was startled and let out a small gasp.

The phone rang and I instinctively turned off the TV.


"So, what should I do about the car?" My wife's voice was tense and constricted, an indication that she had spent more than twenty minutes with her mother.

"Linda?" I must've sounded shell-shocked because her tone changed to one of concern.

"Are you OK?" and when I didn't respond right away she added, "Jack?"

"I'm just..." I searched for a suitable adjective that didn't in any way reveal that I had just jacked off onto the TV while I watched a stranger with a big cock fuck my wife's brains out. All I could come up with was, "...tired."

"Oh. OK. So, the car..."

"Is it still shimmying?"

"Well, I took Mom to the store and then the kids wanted to go to the mall so their grandma could spoil them by buying them all the expensive toys that they don't need. And, of course, with every toy she buys she has to say, 'I'm surprised you haven't already bought this for them.' Jesus!"

"Linda, honey. Is the car still shimmying?"


"Well, then..."

"I stopped for gas and the man said that the rear tire was a little flat and so he filled it up and..."

"Is that when it stopped shimmying?"

A long pause and then, "You know, I think it was."

"Well, then, sounds like the problem is solved."

Another long pause.

"Are you sure you're OK?" Linda asked me again.

"I'm fine. I just...miss you."

"You do?"

I was as surprised by this admission as she was. "Well, this was supposed to be our weekend away. I'd rather be in Cape May with you than alone here." It was true. I suddenly wanted her more than I had in years. My semen was still dripping down the TV screen but talking to Linda I could already feel my dick getting hard again. She didn't say anything. "Linda?"

"I'm here." Pause, and then I heard her mother asking, "Who are you talking to?" "Jack." "Did you call collect?" "Mother!" "I'm just asking." Linda spoke to me next.

"Jack, honey?"


" what have you been—?"

I heard a shrill cry which I immediately recognized as Alex's. Ryan's equally shrill voice followed, saying: "What'd I do? What'd I do? I was just kiddin' around, geez!"

Linda said, "I have to go."

My heart sank. I had hoped she would ask me to drive the four hours to her mother's which would get me in by maybe midnight, plenty of time for us to...well...act out a scene from a movie, perhaps?

"Everything OK?"

"Same old same old." Then to Ryan, she barked, "Put the light saber down. I told you not to hit your brother."

"It was a accident."

"I thought you were just kidding," Linda countered.

"I was but then it was a accident after."

"Put the light saber down." The crying in the background stopped and Linda sighed into the phone. "Christ," she moaned. "Mother is intervening."

"That can't be good," I said.

"Mother, don't give Alex the light saber, he'll just..."

Ryan's crying burst through the phone lines.

"What an idiot! I have to go."



"I can be there by midnight."

"I thought you were tired."

"If I jumped in the car right now I—"

"Jack, honey, that's very sweet but it's a four hour drive and—"

"I have a surprise for you."

She sighed heavily into the phone.

"Get us a room at the Holiday Inn." I said quickly. "The one off exit 27."

She sighed again. A long pause and then..."Be careful driving."

She hung up. I dropped the phone, wiped the TV screen clean, ran upstairs for a quick shower, shaved and dressed, retrieved my cell phone from under the nightstand, and threw a few things into my gym bag. Just before leaving the house, I remembered that I had promised her a surprise. I scanned the room quickly, my eyes landing on the TV. I hesitated for a heartbeat before I grabbed the "Basic Instinct" video and shoved it into my coat pocket.


I stopped once for gas, once for a fish sandwich, once for a bottle of cologne and still managed to make the four-hour drive in just less than three hours and twenty-five minutes. Linda beat me to the hotel but just barely. The front desk gave me the room number and the key she had them put aside for me. I took the stairs to the 2nd floor two at a time, feeling like a 19 year old rushing up the stairs of a sorority house. Inside the room, the shower hissed and sprayed from behind the bathroom door so I hurriedly undressed, hoping to surprise her in the shower.

OK, sure, I was dying to ask her about the tape. But I hadn't yet made up my mind to mention it and there was something I wanted even more and I wanted it right now.

"Jack? Please tell me that's you and not the bellboy," she called from the shower.

"Where you want luggage, lady?" I called back, doing my best impression of an indiscriminately foreign bellboy.

"I'll be out in a second."

"No hurry, honey," I said, frantically removing my sweaty t-shirt and kicking off my sneakers at the same time. After wrestling briefly with the zipper on my jeans, I kicked them across the room and practically ripped the briefs off my body. I dashed into the bathroom and yanked open the shower curtain like Mrs. Bates in a bad mood. Linda screamed, instinctively covering herself. I stepped into the tub as her scream turned into relieved laughter.

"You didn't drive all the way like that, did you?"

"You mean with my dick hard? Yeah, actually I did."

"I bet you were a big hit at the toll booth."

"Nah, the guy wasn't all that impressed. The drive thru girl at Long John Silver's however..."

She chuckled before changing to the officious wife and mother tone with, "OK, before I forget, when we get home Ryan needs to—"

I kissed her and pulled her to me. Her soft, velvety breasts pressed into my chest. My tongue sought out hers and we consumed each other with a passion that neither of us had felt for each other for a very long time.

"Where was I?" she said unsteadily as she pulled her mouth from mine.

"Ryan needs something. "

"Right. Ryan needs—"

I kissed her again, reaching my hand down to her perfect ass. I grabbed it hard and moved my finger into her pussy from behind. She shivered and moaned softly as I pushed further into her wetness.

"Still such a naughty boy," she moaned into my chest.

I used my free arm to grab her ass and, as her right leg hooked around my left, I roughly jammed three fingers into her cunt. Wrapping both legs around my thighs, she pulled herself up higher while my fingers worked furiously, her hips now thrusting violently down on my hand. It only took a minute for her to come, bucking wildly as she did so. As the orgasm reached its highest peak she fell silent and still, finally releasing the pressure with a long, slow exhalation ending in a single syllable: "Fuck!"

Linda slowly and sensually slid down my body until she was on her knees and facing my throbbing, hungry cock. She teasingly stuck out her tongue and flicked the head a few times.

"I suppose you think I'm gonna suck this cock, don't you?"

All I could do was smile and try to regain the breath that the look in her eyes knocked out of me.

"I thought so." She flicked the head with her tongue again and cradled my balls gently in her palm. "You want me to take this big, beautiful cock, wrap my wet lips around it and slide it in and out of my mouth until you shoot a load of your tasty juice down my throat." She put her fist around my rod and took the first two inches into her wet mouth. After pulling it out at a painfully slow pace, she smiled up at me. "Like that?"

"Just like that," I was able to squeak out.

Her hand was pumping my dick, as she said, "Doesn't feel quite right to me. Sure it's not like this?" She swirled her tongue around the tip a few times before taking it deeper. Every little motion, every little flick of the tongue, every millisecond of the experience created a sensation so intense that the boundary between pleasure and pain was crossed again and again. Years ago it was not uncommon for Linda to have an orgasm while fellating me, even without any direct stimulation, so when she spontaneously climaxed in the shower—her body stiffening and silent but her mouth working even more furiously on my cock—it was yet another delicious reminder of those halcyon days.

She took a short breather and looked up at me. I could see tears in her eyes and I instinctively pulled her to me for a gentle kiss, followed by another more passionate one, our tongues melting into one another. Sweetly and with a deep longing that mirrored my own Linda said, "I want you inside me." I kissed her again, picked her up in my arms and, still soaking wet, carried her to the bed. As I slid gracefully inside her, the tears flowed from her pretty green eyes freely and joyfully. "I love you, I love you," she whispered over and over, every 'love' accompanied by the thrust of her hips, each one sending a wave of piercing pleasure through my entire nervous system. She came once more just as I did, my semen shooting into her with a force matching the intensity of my orgasm.

We lay on the bed, she on top of me, my manhood still inside, my hips thrusting almost imperceptibly into her. A good ten minutes passed before she slid off my chest. One more sharp sensation of pleasure raced through my cock as it emerged from Linda's cunt, the scent of which permeated the stale air of the hotel room. She nuzzled in beside me, her breasts cushioned against me, her leg across my thighs, her hand tracing the contours of my chest. Within minutes we were both sound asleep.



Her voice seemed to come from miles away as I stirred from my sleep.

"Jack? Honey?"

I opened my eyes to find Linda's face next to mine.

"I have to go."


"Back to Mother's."

"What time is it?"


"Don't go." I kissed her on the nose, lay my head down, and closed my eyes.

"Jack?" She shook me this time. "I can't stay. I told Mother I was going to a late movie and I don't want her to wake up and not find me there. She'll panic."

"What time is it?"

"And I don't want to leave her alone with the boys for very long."

My eyes opened as I considered the consequences of leaving Alex and Ryan with my mother-in-law. "Good point," I said, for the first time seeing that Linda was fully dressed.

"Listen, honey—"

"I'll come over when I get up and take you all out to breakfast."

"You can't. They don't know you're here."

"Why not?"

"I didn't want to tell them."

"Why not?"

"I don't know."

"Wanted me all to yourself?"

"Something like that."

"I'll tell 'em I got at up at five and drove down so I could take them all to breakfast."

"You sure you want to deal with my mother?"

"Right now," I whispered close to her ear, a rush of emotion coursing through me, "I would do anything in the world for you."

She nuzzled her face into my neck and I tenderly kissed her cheek, her hair, her eyes, her mouth. She giggled, then sighed, then moaned, then giggled.

"Stay," I whispered and she lay down beside me.

"Get naked," I whispered in precisely the same tone and she giggled again. But before I could make another move, she sat bolt upright and said, "Let's watch TV!"


"Yeah. Wanna?"

"No. I wanna—"

"I know what you wanna but I wanna watch TV."


"You know, they have DVD players here."

Before I knew what was happening, Linda was sliding a disc into the shiny black cube beneath the television.

"Honey, it's almost four a.m.," I complained.

"And there's nothing on but infomercials which is why it's so great they have these DVD players!"

The TV screen buzzed to life and I decided to give up. I knew how determined and stubborn Linda could be so I figured I would just drift off to sleep while she watched whatever Meg Ryan video she had brought along. I lay back on the pillow and closed my eyes.

"You don't wanna watch?"

I groaned and rolled over on my side.

"Suit yourself," she said and I was about to drift off to dreamland when I heard a familiar voice coming through the TV. The familiar voice—female—was saying "OK" every so often to a muffled male voice in the background. It wasn't until I heard her utter a full sentence—"On my knees or on here?"—that I opened my eyes and nearly jumped out of bed.

Linda calmly looked back at me and said, "It starts off kinda slow but gets really good real soon."

"What did did you...where did you...?"

The first image appeared on the screen and Linda's commentary began.

"The stupid shit started shooting with the lens cap on."

"But who...what..."

"That's not why he was arrested, in case you were wondering."

Stunned into silence, all I could do was watch the screen. The bare legs crossed in front of the bed frame, the girl with the clipboard pushed Turk and he fell back, his huge dick flopped toward the camera.

"Don't worry, honey. Size doesn't matter as much as they say. It was fun that one time but it was nothing like the first time that you and I—"


Linda calmly clicked the pause button on the remote and looked at me.

"I know you've already seen this," she said calmly. "The tape is still in your jacket and, yes, it's stopped exactly where I thought it would be stopped. If you'd like, I could tell you the whole story of how this tape came to be, how my first husband, before being arrested for drug trafficking—about which I knew nothing, incidentally—was involved in the pornography industry. As it turns out, I was just another in a long line of lonely and unhappy young girls who fell prey to Eliot Brody's charms and submitted foolishly to his desires, thinking I was making a new life for myself when all I was really doing was sticking it to my parents and making money for him."

She accidentally hit the start button and the video resumed. The young girl in the tank top appeared on screen, ready to help Turk reach his full potential.

"This girl's a big star now. Peekaboo Polly, she calls herself. Of course, she had her tits done."

The girl had Turk's cock in her mouth.

"And her lips. Both sets." Linda giggled, if a bit sadly. She hit the mute button but the video continued to play. "Three days after this was shot, Eliot was arrested," she continued. "A week later we were divorced and the lawyer quickly saw to it that all the copies of the video were destroyed. This copy I found in Eliot's video camera the day after the arrest. It's the only evidence of that whole stupid...I thought about destroying it hundreds of time but something always stopped me. I don't know what ... I'm sorry I've kept this from you all these years. No more secrets."

Linda's voice broke and she wiped a solitary tear from her cheek. I sat beside her and carefully placed a hand on her shoulder. She clutched it tightly, entwining my fingers in hers. I kissed each of her fingers gently. Silently, on the screen, Turk reached up and touched Linda's vagina. Earlier, as I had watched that moment, I saw in her face a desire not to betray how aroused she was. Now, though, it appeared as if she were trying not to cry. I looked to her seated beside me now as she wiped away another tear.

"Surprise!' She said with a sad and silly grim before bursting into tears. I took her in my arms and held her tight. Both of us watched the screen as she sank to her knees and took Turk's bulky penis into her sweet and innocent mouth.

"You left the tape there for me, didn't you? For me to find?"

She nodded.

"How did you know I would be watching 'Basic Instinct'"?

"I also put it on your copies of "Fatal Attraction", "Boogie Nights" and all three "Die Hard" movies."


"Because I miss you. Something happened a year ago, I don't even remember, but there was a moment when I thought, 'he doesn't love me anymore'. You didn't look at me the way you had, you didn't seem to want me, you seemed to be...I don't know...sick of me."

"Oh, sweetie, I'm so sorry. No. I just...I mean, work was getting so—"

"I know. I understand but I just felt so...and then when we couldn't go to Cape May I thought, well, I have to do something. I thought it might make you want me again. And it occurred to me that you should know about...well, about Eliot, about...everything. How could I expect you to love me if you didn't know me, truly know me? Including the really stupid stuff..."

On the screen, Linda sucked hungrily on Turk's cock.

" this."

We watched for a few more seconds in silence.

"God, you're beautiful," I said before immediately apologizing, "I'm sorry, honey, I just..."

Before I could finish, Linda buried her face in my chest and pulled me close, her strong arms encircling my waist. I reached for the remote and just started pushing buttons until the screen finally turned to black. We held each other for a long time before she said, "Do you love me, Jack?"

"More than anything in this world, Lin. More than anything."

"Do you forgive me?"

"There is nothing to forgive. Do you forgive me?

She nuzzled and sat silently, so warm and soft against my bare chest and I had my answer. I pulled her face to mine and kissed her, a long slow kiss, our tongues dancing softly together. She drew away and putting her mouth next to my ear, my beautiful, beautiful wife whispered, "Jack"


"My cunt is wet."

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