tagLoving WivesNo Penetration Ch. 01

No Penetration Ch. 01


Opening note: My "Soft Swing" story produced a lot of good feedback and many of you have asked for another Soft Swing type story. "No penetration" is my second story that attempts to go slow and put married couples into foreplay only situations. Note: there are some female/female sex parts so if that bothers stop and watch the Disney Channel. All rights reserved.


It was a normal boring party at the Crawford house that Saturday night. The three couples mostly sat around talking about their kids that were away to college or about their golf games or tennis matches. They met regularly once per month at one of their homes for a cookout and once per month they met to play board or card games.

John Crawford stood next to his neighbor Paul Jenkins by the grill as the steaks smoked and sizzled. "Did you see the woman moving into the Johnson house?"

"No, but Donna told me about her," Paul laughed. "I hear that the dress she was wearing barely covered her ass."

"It didn't a couple of times," John whispered. He had spent most of the morning peeking over at her trying to get some beaver shots and lucked out a few times. "I'm not sure if she was wearing anything under it."

"No shit," Paul gasped. They glanced over at their wives. "We haven't seen that much flesh in this neighborhood since....since."

"Since never," John completed. "Maybe she can get our wives to be a little more daring."

Paul looked at John's wife Susan who had the nicest set of knockers of them but always wore loose clothing to hide them. Even the few times she wore a bathing suit the type was such that not much of her pinkness showed.

"What are you guys talking about?" Phil Wilson asked as he moved up behind them.

"That new woman that moved into the Johnson house," Paul answered. "John got to see her ass this morning."

"Yeah but it was pretty far away. She might have been wearing a thong."

"Shit I wish I could get my wife to wear a thong," Phil said before lifting the beer bottle and taking a big slug.

"Susan just started wearing bikini panties," John chuckled. "How about Donna?" He directed to Paul.

"Same basic old plain whities," Paul replied. Just talking about the type of panties the wives were wearing started cranking up their libidos. "But she doesn't wear a bra."

"She doesn't," Phil repeated as he glanced over at Donna's small mounds pushing out the sleeveless green blouse.

"Nope, says she doesn't need one," Paul grinned.


"What do you think they are talking about?" Donna asked Susan and Stacy.

"Sports or sex," Susan answered quickly. "What else do they think about?"

"Not even sex that much lately," Stacy whispered. The three glasses of wine had loosened her up.

"You too huh?" Donna sighed. "When the kids were here I had to fight him off but now that they are gone I can't get him interested." They both turned to look at Stacy.

"What? Are you asking me to tell you how often we do it?"

"Yes," Donna and Susan answered at once.

"We do it enough I guess. I mean he doesn't complain."

"What about you?" Donna quickly asked. "Is he fucking you enough?" It was the first time they had said the "F" word among themselves.

"I really don't think about it," Stacy answered. "Sex is not that big a deal."

"So Phil is not that big?" Donna giggled.

"I......I didn't say that," Stacy blushed. Talking about sex was something that she didn't do.

"But you didn't deny it," Susan grinned.

"He's big enough," she blushed more. "They are all about the same size anyway.........right?"

Susan shook her head. "My only time with another man was in college before I met John. Believe me they are not all the same size."

Stacy and Susan leaned forward. "How big was he?"

"Well at the time I thought he had to be two feet long," Susan whispered. "It was my first time and it hurt like hell."

"How big?" Stacy asked as she bit onto her lower lip.

"At least ten inches," Susan replied.

"Oh my god, that's twice more than I'm used to," Stacy gasped.

"Me too," Donna added.

"Same here," Susan laughed.


"So what do you think they are talking about?" Paul asked seeing the women laughing.

"Probably cooking or shopping," John answered.

"I wish we could get them to be more adventurous," Phil whispered. "Do you think we could get them to play strip poker or something tonight?"

"Oh shit that's funny," John laughed.

"How about truth or dare?" Paul asked.

"They won't do any dares," Phil answered. "But it has to be better than Trivial Pursuit."


"God, I'm all turned on just talking about their...their weenies," Stacy giggled.

"Me too. It's not fair that only Susan got to at least see another man's."

"But if they are all about the same five inches it doesn't matter," Susan smiled.

"Uh...Paul might be different," Donna blushed.

"Different but they are the same size," Stacy said softly.

"Oh God....he's not circumcised is he?" Susan asked.

Donna smiled and shook her head. They were about to talk more about the men's tools but they heard their voices.

"How would you women like to play a different game tonight?" John said figuring they would say no right away.

"What kind of game?" Susan asked suspiciously.

"Strip poker," Paul laughed.

"No I'm not taking off my clothes," Donna quickly said.

"Well we thought about truth or dare," John added. He expected another quick no but was shocked when he saw them turn to look at each other.

"We need to talk about it first," Donna answered. "Let's go into the house girls."

The men watched them get up and go inside. "Shit, do you think they will do it?" Phil asked excitedly.

"Maybe," Paul answered. So far this was all talk without the men really thinking the women would play. Now they all were reconsidering whether they would like their wives messing around with another man. "But they probably won't do any wild dares right?"

"Na, not a chance in hell," John answered. But he had seen the look on the women's faces. It was a look they had not seen before.


"How do you play truth or dare?" Stacy asked when Donna closed the door.

"If I remember correctly someone asks someone else if they want to tell the Truth or do a Dare."

"God that could be something..you know...nasty," Stacy said softly even though no one could hear their conversation.

"We just won't do any dares," Susan said now excited that they might be doing something exciting for a change.

"But what if......." Stacy started.

"Why don't we just play and if we don't like it we can stop?" Susan asked.

"OK," Donna and Stacy said at the same time.


After talking about the rules John pulled out an old empty soda bottle. "I'll go first and spin the bottle. Whoever it points to will have to do truth or dare."

The six were sitting around on the thick rug in front of the fireplace in the den. Since all were wearing shorts the women didn't have to worry about their dresses or skirts. John spun the bottle on the rug but it didn't work very well. "I'll get a piece of plywood." Seconds later he spun the bottle and it turned around about six times and then pointed to his wife sitting to his left. "Truth or dare honey."

"Truth," Susan said quickly.

"OK," John said smiling. "What is your favorite sexual position?"

She smacked his arm. "JOHN!"

They all got silent wondering if the game was going to stop right there but Susan sat back and covered her face in her hands before answering. "I guess it's when I'm sitting on top of you."

Again the room got quiet because they all realized that the game was going to get into some real personal areas.

"OK, your spin," John grinned. He peeked over at Donna's small titties next to him knowing now that the small hard nipples pressing out the thin blouse were not protected by a bra.

Susan's fingers trembled as she spun the bottle and it pointed towards Stacy. "Truth or dare Stacy."

"Truth," she answered. The men all knew that was all they were going to get that night.

Susan tried to think of something sexy to keep the mood going. She also remembered that Stacy had not told them how often she had sex with Phil. "How often do you two have sex?"

"SUSAN!" Stacy gasped. "That is too personal to answer."

"So was me telling my favorite position," Susan snapped back.

"Well it's not every night," Stacy laughed nervously. She glanced over at her husband to see if he wanted her to answer it. He smiled.

"OK, we do it once per month. I guess that's it."

"It's more than that," Phil said quickly not wanting the men to think he was a dud in bed.

"No, the last time was about five weeks ago when you came home early and I was washing clothes. Remember we did it on the dryer."

"Shit Stacy she only wanted to know how often," Phil said not believing that she would get into detail. "My turn to spin," He spun the bottle and it pointed to Paul.

"Turn or dare buddy."

"Dare," Paul grinned. The men were in competition to see who could be the bravest.

Phil glanced at Donna's perky tits. "I dare you to caress your wife's breasts for two minutes each."

"HEY, IT'S NOT MY DARE!" Donna quickly injected.

Again they all thought the game was coming to a screeching halt.

"You don't have to expose them," Paul said softly. "And, I'll just touch on top of your blouse.'

Donna looked at Susan and Stacy for support but they were only smiling. "OK but not two minutes each. Thirty seconds each and that's it."

"Deal," Phil grinned. He sat back like John trying to cover the large bulges in their shorts.

"I'll keep the time," Donna said as she lifted her arm and looked at her wristwatch. "Go."

Paul didn't hesitate as he pushed his hand up under her left arm and gently cupped her small mound. He immediately felt her hard nipple because it was fully swollen and very rigid. He knew she was as turned on as he was. After lightly cupping it he caught her tip between his thumb and index fingers and gently rolled and toyed with it. The rest of them saw her eyes closed and her chest rise from the air intake. They could also see the obvious shape of her nipple between his finger and thumb.

Even though her breasts were tiny they had always been Donna's G-spot. And now to have the others watching them being caressed was too much. She had forgotten about the time as Paul's familiar fingers rubbed and massaged. It was Paul who moved to the other breast finding that nipple just as hard and the shape just as visible. As he caressed it the blouse pulled apart just enough for Phil to see most of her other pink mound.

"OK times up," Donna said after realizing almost three minutes total had passed. She pulled out her blouse hoping to cover her raised buds but they still pushed out proudly.

"My turn," Stacy giggled as she grabbed the bottle and gave it a twist. The bottle spun off the plywood and pointed to Susan.

"Not fair," Susan said as she reached down and pushed the bottle back towards Stacy.

"Yes fair," Donna said quickly. "It spun around at least twice."

"Truth or Dare Susan," Stacy smiled.

"Truth," Susan answered quickly.

"Let's see," Stacy said with a mischievous look. "How many men have you done it with?" She figured that John knew about the big guy in college.

"I......I'm...not answering that," Susan said knowing that the other women knew about the one time in college.

"What's the big deal?" John asked puzzled. "It's just me."

Susan looked down afraid to look in his eyes. "There was another guy in college."

"What?" John asked totally shocked. "You never told me that."

"You never asked," Susan said seeing him very upset. A game in front of their friends was not a good place to be finding this out.

"FUCK!" John said visibly upset. "I need a break." He stood and moved into the kitchen.

"I'll talk to him," Paul said before standing and rushing into the kitchen. Phil quickly followed Paul.

"Wouldn't he know that you were not a virgin?" Stacy asked.

"I only did it once and it was almost three years before I did it with John," Susan answered. "I think he is pissed."

"Yes but it was before you two met and he really didn't ask," Donna said frankly.


"Shit man what a way to find out," Paul said as the three men sat on the long bench on the patio drinking some new beers.

"Yeah," Phil agreed. "That sucks."

John sat back and shook his head. "Unbelievable. My wife has fucked another man I didn't even know it."

"She wasn't your wife in college," Paul added. "How about you? Did you fuck anyone before you met Susan?"

"Well yeah but that is different," John said firmly.

"You're right," Phil agreed.

"Hey I've got an idea," John grinned. "We need to get the women to do more than just truths."

Paul stood. "Let's hear it."


"I guess that's the end of the game," Donna said noting that the men had been gone for twenty minutes. "And all I got was a nipple rub."

Stacy was about to pick up the plywood when they heard the men's footsteps.

"What are you doing?" John asked. "The game is not over."

"Do you still want to play?" Susan asked seeing that he still looked pissed.

"Yes," the three men answered at once.

"OK, I guess," Susan said as she moved over to allow John to sit down between her and Donna. "Whose turn is it?"

"Mine," Paul announced. He spun the bottle and it slowly turned and then pointed between Donna and John. "John."

"It points more to Donna," Stacy quickly said.

But Donna was happy she didn't have to do a truth. "No it was John."

Paul sat back and looked at John. "Well?"

"Dare," John smiled.

"I dare you to...." He hesitated. "I dare you to demonstrate your favorite position with my wife."

"With Donna!" Susan repeated. "Oh no."

"Jesus Paul you want another man to demonstrate a sexual position with your own wife?" Donna snapped towards him.

"You've got your clothes on," Paul said. "What's the big deal?"

Phil sat back happy that he was not the one on sitting on the hot seat. It was John's idea on the patio to dare each other to mess around with each other's wives.

Donna again looked at the other women but Stacy was smiling and Susan was totally pissed at her husband anyway. "Are you two willing to open this door?"

"I guess so," Stacy answered.

Susan leaned over and whispered in her husband's ear. "This was set up to get even with me wasn't it?"

John turned and smiled which gave her the answer.

"Oh what the hell. Go for it," Susan said hoping that messing around some with Donna would somehow get John to not be mad about the other man in college.

"You're kidding right?" Donna said now nervous that John and she were going to demonstrate a sexual position. Susan picked up her wine glass and took a drink.

"Tell me what it is first," Donna blushed.

"Susan knows what it is," John grinned as he moved up onto his knees.

"That?" Susan said shocked. "You wouldn't dare."

"What is it?" Donna asked now totally scared. She had never french kissed another man since she started dating Paul in the 10th grade.

John leaned over and whispered in Donna's ear. "69".

Donna didn't understand since she had refused Paul oral sex many years ago and the number had not come up. She turned and gave him a puzzled look.

John leaned again. "69....we do each other orally at the same time."

Donna's mouth gapped open widely before it was covered with her right hand. She turned to look at John and then over at Susan. She dropped her hand. "I don't do that."

Paul laughed because it was obvious what she didn't do. "But you have your clothes on."

"What is it?" Stacy wanted to know. "Tell us."

Phil figured it was oral or anal sex. "You do have your clothing on."

"This is crazy," Donna said feeling light-headed. "I.....I can't do this with everyone watching me....us."

"So the game is over," Phil said disappointed.

Donna felt relieved but then saw the disappointed looks on the other's faces. "Do you all really want me to do this?" Again she looked at Paul.

"You have your clothes on," Paul said frankly.

Donna took a big breath and blew it out. "OK but only for a few seconds."

"At least a minute," Susan said hoping John would forget about losing her virginity to another man.

Donna glared at Susan. "OK..how......I mean how do we......do it?" She looked at John.

"What are they going to do?" Stacy asked still clueless on what Donna didn't do.

"Mutual oral sex," John answered.

"A 69?" Stacy said smiling.

"Yes," Donna frowned. "Since I don't do this you will have to tell me what to do."

"I'll lie down on my back and you lie on top of me facing my feet," John grinned. He knew he had the biggest hard-on of his life but didn't care as he moved onto his back. Once flat they all could see his six-inch pole pushing up on his covered crotch.

Donna's legs and arms trembled while she moved onto her knees next to him and turned facing his feet. As she slid over onto his body her tiny braless boobs pressed into his rocket while he pulled her legs apart and looked down over her cute little butt. It was then he realized that he could see under her loose shorts at her light green panties.

"You need to come back this way," John chuckled as he grabbed onto her knees and pulled her ass back towards his face.

"Oh God!" Donna gasped when her face moved up between his thighs until her chin pressed into his hard sex. What really got her nervous was that she realized that her loose shorts had pulled upward and his hot breath was on her inner bare left thigh only inches from her covered pussy. "Start the clock!"

"Not yet," John said. "We are not in position yet." He jerked her legs up another three inches and suddenly his mouth was under her loose shorts and his lips pressing at the junction of her panties and warm sweaty skin. Since his head was under her ass the rest of them could not see that only her panties prevented his mouth from contacting her wet slit.

"Oh wait!" Donna said feeling his lips near her panties. But John reached up and cupped her right buttock before pulling her hot flesh onto his lips. "JOHN!"

"What's he doing?" Phil asked as they all leaned over to try and see exactly where his mouth was and what it was doing.

"You need to do it too," Paul grinned before reaching over and pushing his wife's head and mouth harder against John's bulge.

Donna knew she should stop it at that instant but John's tongue started flicking and licking across the green silk until it pressed into where her covered pussy was located. She realized too that the others couldn't see what he was doing. It was then she leaned down and started planting kisses on the covered penis.

"God she's kissing it," Susan laughed. No one remembered to time it as they all just leaned forward watching the two heads twisting and pushing back and forth.

John's tongue had moved to where her covered clitoris had to be and was making small circles around and on it. She lifted her eyes up at her husband before leaning forward and engulfing the whole crown of John's cock. Through the cotton shorts she tasted his pre-cum and dampness below.

"Shit," Stacy whispered as her two neighbors were so lost in their lust they had forgotten they were watching. She put her hand over her mouth when she saw Donna's sharp tongue licking all around John's sex knob.

Susan could also see that the two were really into each other. "OK TIMES UP!"

"Shit," John thought as he pulled the tip of his tongue from under the elastic panty-band. He finally had managed to get under her panties and had moved into her inner lips when his wife called time. As Donna lifted her body up off his face he looked at her half-covered pussy and saw the thick dark bush and had a partial view of her very wet slit and clit.

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