tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersNo Stereotypes Ch. 03

No Stereotypes Ch. 03


I woke up the next morning, Friday morning, alone in a big bed. The covers and sheets were soft and billowy, obviously not mine. It always takes you a moment to adjust when you wake up in unfamiliar surroundings, but as I blinked my eyes awake, I realized where I was.

I was in Sarah and Emily's bed, in their apartment, and, as I looked down and remembered, dressed in sheer, pink lingerie that belonged to one of them. The girls were no where to be found, but I heard the TV on in the other room.

I stretched out, shaking the cobwebs of sleep from my body and then got up. I searched around the room for my clothes, but couldn't find them. As I did, I caught my reflection in their full length mirror.

My hair was a little messy, but my reflection intrigued me. I almost looked like a cute girl. The sheer pink top came down to my waist and the matching pink boy-short panties fit snuggly to my body. I turned around and looked at my ass in the mirror. "My God, I do have a girls ass," I thought to myself.

I continued to admire how feminine I looked, surprised that I'd never really noticed it before. I made a better girl than I did a boy. That thought sent goosebumps up and down my arms.

I walked slowly to the bedroom door and looked out into the living room. The girls were on the couch eating some sliced fruit and watching TV. "Hey, um, do you know where my clothes are?"

They both turned around and looked at me. Emily was the first to speak. "Well, good morning sleepy head, how'd you sleep?"

"Oh, uh, really good," I said.

"Good, come join us," said Sarah. "You don't need those clothes, it's going to be a girl's day, today."

"Oh, um, ok," I said and walked into the living room. Both of the girls were sitting in just some pajama style shorts and white "wife-beaters" and I could tell that neither of them were wearing bras. My cock started to wake up too.

I came and sat on the couch in-between them as they adjusted to make room for me. Once I sat down, Emily offered me a piece of pineapple with her fingers and I opened my mouth and took it from her.

"So, how's our new favorite guy doing this morning?" asked Emily. "Did you have a good time yesterday?"

"Yes, I mean, yesterday was the best day of my life," I said.

"Oh, that's great sweetie," said Emily, "but todays going to be even better." She smiled and leaned in a kissed me sweetly on the lips.

"Why don't you go hop in the shower and get all cleaned up from last night and then come join us out here again honey," said Sarah. "Em and I already showered this morning.

"Ok, I can do that," I said. I reluctantly got off of the couch and went in, turned on the shower and removed my lingerie. I stepped in and let the warm water cascade over my body. It felt wonderful. I used their sweet smelling body wash and shampoos and got myself squeaky clean. I stepped out, dried off, wrapped a towel around my waist and moved back out to the living room.

I didn't see the girls at first but quickly realized they were laying down on the couch, intertwined, making out. They had their eyes closed and were tenderly kissing each other, their legs rubbing between each other with each of them bringing one leg up to the others crotch.

Their embrace was sweet and erotic, loving and tender and even though I wasn't sure if it was appropriate to watch, I couldn't take my eyes off of them. It was so beautiful to watch these gorgeous girls lose themselves in each other.

Emily slightly opened her eyes and saw me, but said nothing. She closed her eyes and continued to kiss Sarah while I watched. She sat up and removed her top, her beautiful, perky breasts came into view and that's when Sarah noticed me. She looked at me, gave a slight smile and reached up and began caressing Emily's breasts.

Emily leaned down and presented her breasts to Sarah who immediately took a nipple in her mouth. Sarah's luscious lips wrapped around the perfect nipple and she began to suck like she was feeding on it. Emily let a small moan escape her lips and then she looked at me and said, "you were such a good little 'girl' last night. We were so proud of how you let go of all of your preconceived notions and just enjoyed everything that we wanted to reward you this morning."

"You wanna reward me for doing something that felt so good?" I asked perplexed.

"Of course, sweetie, but not because you did something that felt good, but because you trusted us," said Emily as Sarah continued to kiss her breasts.

"Um, ok, whatever you want," I said.

With that, Emily got up and helped Sarah up. They both unceremoniously stripped and then got down on their knees and leaned forward on the couch. This presented their asses and pussies perfectly, however I was still on the wrong side of the couch so they were facing towards me.

"We fucked your ass last night, so now, you can fuck ours," said Sarah with a big grin. "You just have to eat our asses first, like we taught you."

"Ok," I said almost too enthusiastically and practically ran around the couch. They were so close that their hips were touching. The view was heavenly. Everything with them was.

"Now, you have to go back and forth between us, making sure we are both taken care of," said Emily, "so first, just take your time and play with our butts for awhile, do whatever you want."

"Ok," I said. With Emily in the left and Sarah on the right, I reached out with both of my hands and grabbed each of their butts with my hands and began to rub them, exploring them, loving them. The girls leaned into each other and began to kiss as I played with their butts.

I continued to explore their asses and became more sexually aggressive. Between kisses, Sarah said, "spank us."

They continued kissing and I brought my hand up and then lightly brought it down on Sarah's right ass cheek.

"Harder!" she exclaimed.

I brought my hand down much harder this time creating a good smack against her tight ass. She moaned and said, "Again, harder!"

I did it again and she moaned and screamed, "YES! Now smack Emily!"

I smacked Emily's ass a few times and then did each girl again one more time before I couldn't stand it anymore and I dove into Emily's succulent ass and began to lick her beautiful tight puckered asshole. I ran and flicked tongue across it over and over, feeling where the smooth skin of her ass meets the tight, wrinkled skin of her pucker. It tasted sweet,

Emily moaned as I lapped away at her ass and I felt her pucker start to respond so I pushed the tip of my tongue into her asshole. I tried my best to fuck it and then went back to licking. I never wanted to stop eating her beautiful ass, but remembered I had a second beautiful ass to eat.

I switched to Sarah's ass and repeated my same thing with Sarah. Instead of just moaning, Sarah was more vocal and encouraged me to "eat her fuckin' ass"

I moved back to Emily and fucked her ass with my tongue and remembering how they warmed me up, went to put my finger in her ass but she stopped me by saying, "No, just stick your cock in me." She was breathless and excited as she said it.

I licked her ass a few more times and then straightened up and lined my cock up with her ass. I started to push in slowly and she started pushing back against me. Her ass opened up surprisingly well. Something told me that this wasn't the first time she had ever had a cock in her ass and I'm sure I wasn't the largest. Maybe her and Sarah used their strap-ons on each other for more than just vaginal penetration.

"Ram it in, don't go slow, I wanna feel the pain," said Emily with a commanding need in her voice. "Come on sweetie, fuck my ass hard!"

I pushed into her ass with a bit of timid forcefulness. Her tight ass opened and my cock slid in.

"I said fuck my ass hard Braden, now slam your cock into me as hard as you can and then do it again and again," said Emily in a commanding tone.

"Yeah, fuck that silly little bitch with everything you got and then do the same to me," said Sarah with a loud, demanding tone.

Not one to wanna upset these beautiful ladies, I grabbed Emily's hips and slammed my cock into her gorgeous ass as hard as I could. She screamed out, "Fuck yeah, that's what I'm talking about, do it again and again, fuck my ass!"

I did as she instructed and started thrusting as hard as I could, as fast as I could into her ass. She grunted and screamed with pleasure. As I was ramming her as fast as I could, Sarah moved up and got on the couch between Emily and the back rest and shoved her ass in Emily's face. "Eat my ass bitch," she said in with a playful tone. Emily readjusted and with Sarah practically hanging over the back of the couch, Emily began to eat her ass.

The view was stunning as I could see the back of Emily's head as her face was buried in Sarah's ass. With every thrust I made, Emily's face was shoved into her ass. As I was fucking her ass, I brought my hand down and smacked Emily's ass hard. She yelped and moaned into Sarah's ass. All three of us were moaning and making sexual grunts and noises.

Sarah breathlessly said, "Braden, get up here and ram your cock in my ass, I need it now!"

I pulled out of Emily's ass and got on the couch with my legs on either side of Emily. Emily moved her mouth away and I lined my cock up with Sarah's ass. Remembering what they had said, and being on edge already from ass-fucking Emily for a few minutes, I pushed hard into Sarah's ass without even trying to warm her up anymore.

"Oh, mother fucker, that's it, tear my ass up, fuckin fuck my ass," Sarah screamed.

I started ramming hard, in and out of Sarah's tight ass and I felt Emily reach up between my legs and start fondling my balls as I rammed into the ass of her friend. Moments later I felt her face between my ass as I plowed away and her tongue started probing and eating my ass as best as she could as my hips rocked back and forth.

Sarah was screaming for me to fuck her harder and Emily was eating my ass and playing with my balls and I knew I wasn't going to be able to last much longer. It was my first orgasm of the day and those normally come pretty quickly and that's from jerking off. Now I had a hot ass wrapped around my cock and a beautiful girl rimming me so I knew I wouldn't last much longer.

I told them I was close and Sarah screamed," yes, please, cum in my ass bitch!"

I thrust away and felt my balls starting to tingle and shortly after, I erupted inside of Sarah's ass, thus crossing off another first for me that these girls had introduced me too. My first ass fucking. Well, my first from the giving side of things that is.

I pulled my cock out and Emily got up next to me and pushed my face down to Sarah's ass. She instructed me to clean my cum from her ass and without any hesitation, I began to lap up my cum from her freshly fucked ass. It was delightful.

Once her ass was clean, Emily jumped off the couch and ran into their room, only to return moments later carrying a large, double-headed dildo. Sarah squealed and jumped down off the couch and onto the floor.

Emily handed the dildo to me and said, "Hold this and line each end up with, no wait, hold on." she got back up and ran back into their room and returned with a second, almost identical double-headed dildo, this one black instead of peach colored and handed it to me.

She began again, "ok, now, line this one (the black one) up with our pussies and when we both have it in, line this one up with our asses. You have to push them both in and once they are in, Sarah and I are going to fuck ourselves on them. You have to hold them in place while we do."

I smiled with a childhood giddiness and agreed. I took the black one and each girl turned around on their hands and knees so their asses and pussies were facing each other. I held the large, heavy piece of rubber up and lined each end up with their pussies. I inserted the first end into Sarah who moaned and then told Emily to back up. When she was close enough, I lined the other end up with her pussy and pushed the head in. Emily dropped her head down and sighed in pleasure.

With just the head of each end in, I grabbed the other dildo and lined the peach rubber head up with Sarah's puckered asshole and pushed the head in. Sarah gasped and said, "oh my God, I love being double stuffed, Braden, you are gonna love the feel of two cocks in you."

"Two cocks in me?" I thought to myself, I only have an ass, so I didn't quite get what she was getting at.

I told the girls to scoot closer together and they did, burying more of the fake black cock in their respective pussies. When they did, I bent the peach cock and lined the head up with Emily's tight ass and pushed it in. She moaned considerably loud and now with the heads in both of their asses, I pushed down in the middle of the peach cock and more of each end slid into their assholes.

The peach cock was lying on top of the black one and I grabbed them with both hands to hold them steady. As I did this, the girls started rocking back into the two cocks and began to fuck their pussies and asses simultaneously as I watched their glorious orifices slide up and down the lucky fake cocks.

They quickly got into a fast, rough rhythm of fucking themselves and were slamming back as hard as they could. They tried to stay in rhythm, but each body had their own plans. This served to not only allow them to fuck themselves, but also the misalignment of rhythms would have one girl shove the two cocks into the other girl as well

The girls were screaming and cursing and moaning as they fucked each other and I had the best seat in the house. I leaned down while holding the cocks and began to lick around Emily's ass where she was being impaled. She stopped rocking so that I could lick her and let Sarah fuck her two holes.

I then switched to Sarah and did the same thing and the girls reversed their roles with Sarah not moving and Emily pushing the cocks into her holes.

We did this a few more times, then I went back upright and the girls began rocking again. Their movements were fast and needing, they cursed like sailors and screamed bloody murder. Emily said she was getting close and Sarah said she was too. They bounced and rocked, harder and faster, and Emily started screaming first that she was coming and that sent Sarah over the edge. Their bodies shook and trembled as their orgasms shook thru them.

They collapsed with their chests and head on the ground and their asses up in the air. I removed the two dildos and just sat there letting them recover. The girls eventually sat up and Emily grabbed the peach cock and Sarah grabbed the black one. They held them up, looked at each other and then at me.

"Clean up our cocks for us, will you sweetie," said Emily. I thought they wanted me to go get a washcloth or something, but then they presented the fake cocks to my mouth. They got on their knees and said, "open up."

The girls took both cocks and pushed the head of each of them into my mouth. I had one black and one peach one in my mouth and they fucked my mouth with the head of the cocks for a bit. I could taste their pussies and ass on the cocks.

"Yeah, that's it cocksucker, suck on those beautiful cocks," said Sarah. She had not really ever called me a degrading name before, but I found it kind of exciting which is why as soon as she said that, I moaned around the two fake cock heads.

"Oh, I think Braden here likes to be called names during sex, is that right? Do you like being called names slut?" asked Emily.

"Mmmmm-hmmmfph," I said as I slobbered around the two fake cocks.

"Good deal whore, now clean the other sides," said Sarah and they presented the other two sides to me and I eagerly cleaned them off while they called me more names. It was exhilarating and the girls were smiling at me the whole time. I grabbed both of the cocks and in an attempt to make them happy (and myself too), I started really going crazy on the cocks and I was trying to shove them both in my mouth as far as the would go.

"I think we've created a monster, Em," joked Sarah. They just laughed and watched me slobber all over the cocks that had just been in their asses and pussies.

"Do you like having those two cocks in your mouth sweetie?" asked Emily. I just nodded. "Two real ones would be even better, don't you think?". Again, I just nodded. "We can make that happen," she said and then grabbed the cocks and took them from me.

She went to the kitchen table and grabbed her cell phone and started calling someone.

"Hey Ryan, its Emily, watcha doin?" she said.

"Lazy ass. Hey, do you think you, Tim and Jason would be available to stop by this afternoon?"

"Because, we want to introduce 'Brandy' to a full on gangbang with real cocks this time."

"Yeah, she is pretty talented for a beginner."

"Whatever, you know damn well I give the best head around."

"Well, if she's so good, it shouldn't be a problem for you and the guys to come over, now should it?

"Good deal, oh and Ryan. We just found out she likes to be talked too extremely dirty and wants you all to be rough and merciless with her, I mean really degrading. Ham it up, go for broke, really use her nasty and hard."

"Haha, yeah, I knew you'd like that. Ok, see ya round one?"

"Cool, see ya then. Later."

"YEESSSSS!!! Ok, they are coming over. Sweetie, this is going to be so much fun. Domination is fun, but fully submitting yourself and letting a group of guys just use you is the absolute best. Its sooooo amazing. You are going to love this."

48 hours ago, the thought of this would have been revolting, probably would have made me gag, however, with EVERYTHING that happened yesterday, I found myself extremely excited at the prospect if fully submitting to the sexual whims of three guys. I couldn't tell if it excited me to make the girls happy or if it was really exciting me to engage in 'gay' sex or maybe a combination of both, but either way, I was rock hard again with excitement.

The girls got up and got me to my feet and took me into their room. Sarah retreated into the closet and removed a small chest from it. She brought it out and opened it. Inside was filled with all sorts of sex toys including vibrators, dildos, hand cuffs, chains, leather whips, masks, you name it. She rummaged around and pulled out a black, cone shaped device and then closed the chest. It was probably four inches in height and came down to probably three inches in diameter before curving in and then out again. I had seen these in movies. It was a butt plug.

They had me get up on the bed in the same position as last night with my ass fully exposed to them. Emily grabbed some lube and poured it on my pucker. She then held open my ass and Sarah pushed the butt plug slowly into my ass.

There was pain and discomfort, but the girls kept telling me to relax as Sarah continued to push the plug into me. I felt it fully enter me and my ass closed around the bottom leaving just the base sticking out. It felt strange to have my ass filled with this object, but also really good.

They had me get up and walk around with the butt plug buried securely in my ass. If you've never walked around with one in, it's a strange feeling. Its slightly uncomfortable but it moves in just the right way every once in awhile that feels so good. Here we were, three naked college kids in a bedroom, me with a rubber cone up my ass. Yep, this is a normal thing.

They then started discussing me, or more specifically, what my attire should be. They pulled out a short denim skirt with frayed denim strings hanging from the bottom, a faded pink tiny tee with white trimming and the words "Daddy's Girl" written in white across the front in fancy, fun letters. The pulled out a pair of white panties that seemed like they covered part of my ass and part of my front, but the only material on the side was a strip of fabric. It was like a band went all the way around, but the cloth front and back only went to part of the band leaving my sides fully exposed. They also pulled out a matching white bra.

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