tagErotic CouplingsNot So Gentle Way - Cross Training

Not So Gentle Way - Cross Training


"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" Groaned Mona my favourite MILF after I made her cum for the third time during our Ne-waza (ground work) sparring.

I finger fucked her for her first maitta (uncle), fucked her cunt the second time then finally fucked her in the ass until we both came for the third.

After the entire class bowed out and left for the evening, I had my shower and got dressed; a casual H&M button shirt and AF button cargo pants. No underwear.

"Hmm... 10:30, still early. I think I'll go for a beer." I thought. Usually we all go out after as a group, but no one wanted to go tonight.

I decided that since I was alone I'd go to "Blessed" a strip joint mostly on the way home (well, okay. It is way out of the way, but the girls are hot and "blessed" with talent).

My cock was already firming up at the thought. Fortunately filling Mona's shit hole with my cream helped to keep things relatively under control.

I locked up the dojo and headed off. The parking lot at Blessed was not too full. I parked the car and headed in.

The music was blasting with that terrible distorted base line thumping in the background. I sat down near the back and got my beer.

"That was Rita!" Said the DJ. "Next up, Lexi!" And a new set of music started.

Lexi, a 5 foot Chinese girl with killer legs walked up the four steps and onto the stage. She wore a tight white blouse tied just under her large, firm tits (unusual for an Asian), a short, red, school girl kilt, stockings held up with white garters and Mary Jane shoes with 5-inch stiletto heels which made both her bum and boobs stick out more prominently. But it was her long, black hair that caught my eye. She looked familiar. "Lexi" was Alexis from the club; my club!

Alexis' mom, Joan use to drive her to the dojo. Joan didn't practice, but was in great shape; an attractive face with big tits. I would have fucked her too if she ever came on the mat. Like mother; like daughter I guess.

My training of Alexis included an intensive fucking workout. Her cunt was always so tight so, not cumming too quickly was hard.

Alexis finished her 3-song set with her "floor" dance where she stripped off her white, cotton, school girl panties, laid on her blanket and spread her legs wide and made sure everyone got to see her smooth, tight, hairless pussy. "Well I'm not sure how many of these guys know how tight her pussy is unless they've fucked her like I have." I chuckled to myself.

"That was Lexi! Next up is Sandra!" The DJ announced in that same monotone, uninspired voice.

I watched Alexis put her clothes back on. "I wonder how many times she had to take get clothes off and on?" I thought.

Some guy intercepted her. He got up from his seat and both of them went towards the back VIP area which took both of them right in front of where I was.

Alexis looked at me for a second, then recognized me and smiled. Using hand signals, she said she would be right back after she was finished with this guy.

I could sort of look into the VIP area. I watched her strip off her clothes and dance for the customer. Every once in a while, she would mount him or grind her ass into his crotch.

About half way into the third song, I saw Alexis' hands on his lap and the guy go suddenly stiff as her hands looked like she was stroking him off. At the end of the song, he paid her some cash and quickly scurried out of the bar. The black lighting accentuated a glowing, wet spot in the front of his pants.

Alexis came over to me. "Hi Sensei. Can you wait a few more minutes? I'm just going to the washroom."

I waited for her to return. Alexis sat on my lap. Her butt cheek pressed against a growing boner.

"Oh Sensei, I think you're happy to see me!" She said.

"Alexis, how long have you been working here?" I asked. "Does your mom know you're working here?"

"I started a couple of months ago, but not too many shifts. Maybe that's why we haven't run into each other." Alexis told me. "Yes, Mom knows. She's the accountant here and suggested I try it out here for some extra spending cash. It is certainly better bucks than over at Gold's Club. Oh, and please call me Lexi here."

"Okay Lexi. I wondered why you weren't at practice today." I said.

"Yeah, normally I don't work today, but then called me in." Lexi replied. "Which is great because there's no door fee and everything is mine."

I bought Alexis/Lexi a drink and we talked more about Judo and her dancing at the club. She starting dancing pretty much since she turned age of majority. The money and tips were huge. Paid her tuition, a car and her expensive rent at a high priced condo.

I was supporting her back with my left arm while my right hand was stroking her thighs under her short skirt. Her bum wiggled against my groin.

We cheered. Lexi downed her Red Bull/vodka as I finished the dregs of beer in my bottle. I ordered another round for us. Lexi asked if she could order a double vodka with big eyes and pouting lips. How could I say no?

We moved to the VIP. The seat was a little more secluded than the place she was with just previously. The waitress brought our bevies and I paid her and included a pretty good tip.

Lexi took a big gulp of her drink. "Sensei, are you ready?" She asked rhetorically. I answered anyway by nodding my head.

The music started thumping. Lexi leaned forward and placed her hands high on my thighs. Her finger brushed against my growing member. She smiled. "Feels familiar."

I reached up and untied her blouse. She wore a strapless, white lace half shelf bra that cradled her ample tits but left her already engorged, cranberry sized nipples exposed.

Lexi stood up and played with her boobs. She placed her high heeled foot on the seat between my legs; the toe barely touching my ball sack. I used my left hand and pulled it tight into me as I caressed her thigh under her skirt with my right. My hand crept higher until I reached her naked pussy.

"Ooh! No panties!" I oohed. "Naughty girl!"

"I only wear panties when I go on stage. Just so I have something else to take off." She justified

I ran a finger along her slit; it was already wet. Lexi looked around then reached under her kilt and grabbed my finger. At first I thought, she wouldn't let me to touch her and bat my hand away but instead she pushed my finger into her, deep!

I curled my finger and touched her G-spot. She closed her eyes and bit her lower lip. "Oh fuck, Sensei! Yes!"

Lexi moved her foot and place the sole of her shoe firmly on my cock, her heel pressed between my ass cheeks and against my ass hole. She rocked herself back and forth, humping against my hand until "Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!" she came.

Still panting as Lexi say on my lap. She took a gulp of her drink with one hand while her other slipped inside my pants and stroked my shaft.

"The guy before you was such a disappointment. I didn't get to do anything, I barely got to grab his thing through his pants and he exploded." Lexi chuckled. "And it was pretty small thing. Couldn't even call it a cock; wouldn't have been even a mouth full. But at least he shot a pretty big load of cum in his pants!"

The next song started. Lexi fell to her knees. She pushed my thighs wide apart. Reaching for my pants, she pulled them, open popping each button slowly. Lexi gave the VIP room a quick look around.

"I could get into so much trouble for this!" She giggled as she reached inside my pants and fished out my bone.

"Oh Sensei!" She gasped. "What a nice cock you have! I always love playing with it, especially when we practice on the mat. But now you're in my dojo!"

She ran her thumb up my undershaft. A pearl of pre-cum beaded out my piss hole. Lexi used the tip of her tongue to lick it up. She smacked her lips. "Mmmm! Pre-cum!"

She slowly pulled back my foreskin and took my huge purple knob into her mouth and swirled her wet, tongue around it. She looked directly into my eyes and then let her mouth descend taking my whole cock down her throat. She was having no trouble swallowing all of it. She probable could have taken more if I had any. Her tongue lapped my balls.

"Gawd! You're so talented." I smiled at Lexi. "That feels amazing. I should let you suck me off more often!"

I held her head with both hands as she bobbed up and down. Her lips formed a tight O-ring seal around my shaft; the sucking was intense.

Lexi pulled my pants down as much as my spread legs would allow. She snaked a hand under my bum. I felt her finger curl upwards and press against my asshole. I raised my hips slightly and let her push it inside me.

Lexi started finger fucking me and massaging my prostate trying to milk the cum from my balls. I wanted to stop her but it felt too good. I was about to blast the back of her throat, but suddenly, Lexi stopped sucking and pulled out her finger. She quickly sat on my lap covering my exposure with her flared kilt.

"Fuck, Lexi!" I was panting. "I was so close!"

Then I understood why she stopped. One of the bouncers was waddling around making sure nothing was going on. My rock hard stick was stuck right between Lexi's as crack.

"That was close." Lexi whispered. She licked her finger.

The waitress followed the bouncer. We ordered another round. When she returned with our drinks, my dick was still between Lexi's cheeks which she used to jerk me off as I was trying to pay the poor waitress. It wasn't easy.

Lexi turned and mounted my lap. Her short skirt hid our indiscretions. She held my head with both hands and gave me a hard kiss on the lips. Her tongue invaded my mouth and attacked my tongue.

She unbuttoned my shirt and sucked on my nipples. Her pussy pressed hard on my rock hard shaft. She raised her hips and pushed her tits into my mouth. She rubbed her hot slimy cunt against my belly. The head of my dick smash against her hole.

Lexi shifted her hips forward so her cunt lips enveloped my shaft. She moved up and down. Her juices ran down over my balls as she continued with her camel slide.

I felt her clit rub against the underside of my knob. Lexi's heavy breathing became a pant. I could tell she was extremely close to...

"Oh fuck! Ooooohhh!" Lexi sprayed her cunt juice over me. "Oops, sorry Sensei. I came again!"

Lexi lifted her ass, put her hand under her lifted skirt and guided my cock into her cunt. It was hot, wet and tight.

Lexi held her skirt up allowing me to watch my bareback cock slide in and out of her fuck hole as her hips humped up and down.

Lexi stopped and sat down with my spear still impaling her. She made sure to cover up any of our activity with her skirt. The waitress had come by again.

"Are you guys okay for drinks?" She asked.

Even though we answered that our drinks were fine, she seemed to linger and chatted with Lexi. I had a mean thought.

As Lexi tried to get rid of the waitress, I started making little pelvic thrusting moves, pushing my dick deeper into her. After Yak-Miss finally left us, Lexi smacked me on the arm. "You bastard!" She laughed. "I felt that. That was hot! I almost came again!"

Lexi started rocking back and forth harder, panting with each thrust. "Oh fuck Sensei! That feels so good. Auh! Auh! Auh!"

I knew I wouldn't last too much longer.

"Don't come inside me!" Lexi told me. "I don't want to be messy all night. I'll let you cum in my mouth!"

There was no way I wasn't cumming inside her cunt. "Okay!" I lied, but suddenly. "Here it cums!" I held her hips and refused to let her up. I started dumping my load into her.

"No! Sensei NO!"

But Lexi's body betrayed her wishes. Her knees clamped my thighs as she wrapped her arms around me crushing me with her hug. "Oh yes! Oh fuck! Oh gawd!" Came Lexi.

We were both breathing heavily like we had just finished a hard practice. My prick lost none of its hardness and was still embedded inside Lexi. Her tight cunt sealed everything inside her.

"Oh Sensei! That was so hot!" Lexi beamed but suddenly, "Oh fuck! You came in me! I'm going to be dripping all night! I'm going to have to wear panties to absorb all your cum."

Lexi lifted herself off of me. Nothing came out of her hole. I gave Lexi some cash and a nice tip.

"Thank you Sensei, but you already gave me your tip; and your whole cock too!" She giggled as she pocketed her payment. "Oh shit! I have no panties here. They are in the change room."

Lexi tried to dash off, but was grabbed by another customer who would not let her escape. Left without much choice she went to dance for him. I returned to my seat and watched Lexi straddle the guy.

Lexi could see me watch. She bit her lip trying to keep from releasing the gift I had just bestowed into her, but his hand went under her skirt and I'm pretty sure fingered her cunt. Lexi closed her eyes. Her mouth formed the sound "Auggh!" Lexi looked at me. I knew at that point she could no longer hold it in.

Meanwhile the guy thought she had cum due to his talented fingers. He brought his soaked hand and licked it dry. He paid Lexi and then left.

Lexi came by. She smiled to me and said "Bastard!" Before going to the change room to get some panties.

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