tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNot What They Expected

Not What They Expected


Kevin and Sandy had been dating for three years. A submissive female by nature, her meeting Kevin was a streak of pure luck. He fulfilled her need for a dominant male without the threat of violence or abuse.

In the time she had known him she was constantly surprised by his ability to invent episodes that pushed her to the boundaries of new experiences. He smiled with anticipation as she laid down the cards for what would be the final play of the game. They decided to forego the usual strip poker for a more risqué form of punishment for the loser.

After a few moments of thought he informed his lover that the punishment would be later that evening on the hiking trail by the local lake. She would be required to strip naked and remain so for as long as it pleased him. He also informed her that he would be taking pictures of her.

They arrived at the lake a few hours before sunset. The warmth of the day had brought a large number out and she was beginning to worry what might happen if someone happened upon the scene of her being naked in public.

Taking the longer of the two trails they eventually came to a lush wooded area that offered not only some shade from the heat of the day, but a perfect background for the pictures he wanted. He positioned her just off the path and instructed her to strip down to her underwear for the first series of photos.

She swallowed nervously and looked around out of habit as she began loosening the buttons on her sleeveless top. Once it was off her she then unsnapped her jeans and slowly slid out of them until she was standing in front of him clothed only in a thin bra and panties.

She tossed the clothing over to him at his command and nervously followed his directions for a couple of poses. She was turned with her back towards him and bent over with her ass in the air when she heard the unmistakable sound of someone approaching on the path.

She panicked and turned towards him pleading with him to give her clothing back, but to no avail. The sounds came closer as she tried desperately to conceal her near nudity. Her breathing became more excited and her face began to blush as she looked at her lover for help.

A couple out for an evening hike stared at the sight before them unsure of what to say. Kevin smiled and explained that he just wanted some sexy pictures of his girl friend and hoped they were not offended.

The other couple's reply made it clear that they found the scene rather pleasing. Kevin was slightly taken aback when the other male produced a rather expensive camera and asked if they could take a few shots as well.

Sandy shot a quick eye to Kevin waiting for his response. It was clearly not what she would have wanted him to say. He invited them to take as many shots as they liked. Sandy was now being photographed in her bra and panties by a couple she had never met, and in the middle of the woods in broad daylight.

She could feel the couple's lustful stares as their eyes roamed every inch of her body. After a few more shots Kevin ordered her to remove the bra. She swallowed nervously as her eyes scanned the couple wishing they would leave, yet finding it highly exciting to be stripping in front of them.

Reaching behind her, she nervously fumbled with the fasteners of the sheer bra. After a moment or two it fell into her hands and she tossed it over to Kevin who laid it with the rest of her clothing now forming at his feet. Her ample breasts were now clearly on display. Even worse was the fact that despite her embarrassment the nipples were beginning to harden, giving an erotic display to the newly formed audience.

Kevin then told her it was time to step out of the panties for the final shot. Pure adrenalin raced through her as she realized she would be totally naked in front of the other couple.

Her hands traced the top of her panties as she slid them inside and began lowering them. The air gently caressed her bald pussy as the panties made their way past the knees and down to her feet where she stepped out of them and tossed the last remaining article of clothing over to Kevin.

Both cameras clicked away as she posed for various shots. They seemed to delight in getting some ass shots as they talked among themselves.

She could not make out the exact conversation but she was sure it involved her posing some more for their enjoyment.

It seemed surreal as the other male slowly made his way over to her side. His hand began tracing the areola as her nipple involuntarily began to harden. She could hear Kevin taking pictures but she was lost in the blur of the excitement and pure adrenalin now racing through her body.

The combination of his warm breath on her neck and his hands roaming her tender breasts was sending waves of forbidden pleasure all through her. She had not even noticed the other female who had stripped naked herself and was now joining them.

She felt the woman's hands slide softly between her legs, forcing them to spread, and began slowly caressing her labia while her thumb began rubbing the ever swelling clitoris. Her female juices began flowing steadily as she became a captive to the stranger's touches.

The female took her through two powerful orgasms as he body convulsed and shook in response. Lost in lustful abandon she soon found herself sucking the male's cock while Kevin took picture after picture of the erotic orgy involving the two strangers.

The hastily formed orgy ended with Sandy lying on her stomach while her tongue roamed the pussy of the other female. As the evening sun went down Kevin and Sandy sat on the porch of the cabin the other couple had rented. They drank some wine and ate some cheese while discussing the day's events. She was sure she would be seeing much more of the newly formed friends in the future.

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