tagRomanceNot Your Average Celebrity Nanny Ch. 04

Not Your Average Celebrity Nanny Ch. 04


From part 3:

Anne had frantically keyed into the house, and with her makeup streaming down her face, she made a beeline straight to Rachel and hugged her tightly, kissing her directly on the lips. Rachel could see Ryan standing behind Anne over her shoulder. The expression on his face was one Rachel had seen on his face many times on television but almost never in real life. It was a look of pure befuddled amusement. Especially as the kiss lingered even after Rachel looked, with sheer panic at Ryan, he could see that Anne had deepened the kiss.

Once the kiss broke, everyone shared looks of shock and shame, but first and foremost, curiosity.

"What the fuck is going on here?" Asked Ryan

"Where the hell are the kids?" Asked Rachel

"Why is my life such a disaster!?" Cried Anne, who, by the look of her, had been doing so for some hours.

Rachel, as usual, quickly became the voice of reason.

"Okay, clearly, we have to prioritize some shit. Number one, where are the kids?" She looked at Anne, clearly concerned that they weren't with her.

Rachel took both Ryan and Anne slowly to the sofa, and sat between them. Anne, finally stopped crying enough to say, "The kids are with my sister."

"Ashley??" Ryan immediately yelled, knowing that Ashley was Anne's older sister who lived in Florida, and was well known to be highly bi-polar and had been hospitalized more than once. "You left our kids with your crazy sister in another state!?"

Anne yelled back, "No! And she's not crazy. She's sick. Have a fucking heart! And give me a little credit. They're at Leane's house."

Leane was Anne's younger sister, who, by strange coincidence at the moment was a practicing divorce lawyer who lived just across town near the airport. A little emotionally detached as she was, she was smart enough not to attend their mother's wedding knowing full well it wasn't going to go well.

Rachel spoke, keeping her voice low, first addressing Ryan, "Stop yelling. Can't you see Anne is clearly upset? We've established that the kids are perfectly safe, and here in town. So we can move on." Then she turned to Anne, keeping her voice gentle and caring, "Anne? What's going on? Why are you so upset?"

Anne began crying anew speaking a million words a second, "Just... I don't know. I just feel so old and everywhere I go, people want to talk to me and I get so scared for the kids, and I can't imagine how you do it every day and my mother is married to some idiot who doesn't understand anything about our lives and she's become so bitter toward me and I don't know how my own mother can turn against me right now, not to mention the kids don't know how to handle it. She's not being a very good grandmother, and then I asked myself, what if I'm just not a good mother and I left you two here on purpose, and I meant to give you the whole week together, but I just couldn't stay in Florida anymore. The kids and I were completely miserable. I had to come home." Anne finally stopped to take a breath.

Rachel asked cautiously, "Why are you so worried about coming home so soon?"

"For you and Ryan." Anne slowed her pace slightly, "I've seen you parading in your underwear in your guest house. I know it would be just a matter of time before you and Ryan would..."

Ryan interrupted, "Wait, you were trying to get something to happen between us?"

"Maybe if you and Rachel did something together, I wouldn't feel so guilty for wanting her as bad as I wanted her. And... and... maybe if you two did something together, I'd know for sure if you were going to leave me or not!"

Now it was Rachel's turn to be outraged, "Hello?? Can everyone please stop talking like I'm not right here?"

Anne turned to Ryan with her arm wound tightly around Rachel's shoulders, "Ryan, I'm so smitten by her. You know I have a small affinity for women. Rachel's exactly the kind of woman for me. She's patient. She's sweet and loving, not to mention so young and beautiful." She turned to Rachel and planted another kiss on her mouth.

Despite the craziness of this display, Ryan found it difficult not to find the situation strangely arousing. His own hysterical wife was kissing the nanny that he thought he'd been secretly having an affair with. The familiarity with which the two were kissing, he was slowly beginning to realize that they had done this before.

"Anne," Rachel whispered, "The first thing you need, is to relax. Let us help you."

Anne nodded, slightly breathless already.

Rachel began unbuttoning Anne's blouse, letting it slide off over her shoulders. Her large breasts were still being cradled in her bra, so as Anne struggled to rid herself of the silk blouse, Rachel was reaching around Anne, releasing the hook and thus, Anne's large breasts sprung free.

"Stand up, beautiful," said Rachel.

Going with the moment, Ryan stood with Anne and helped Anne out of the skirt she was wearing. Ryan and Rachel both slide down her panty hose and underwear and then it was back down to the sofa.

Rachel urged to Ryan, "Take off your pants." Her gaze at Ryan was stern and unmoving. "Your wife needs your love now more than ever."

Ryan, knowing he'd committed a likely faux pax of confessing to Rachel that he was now in love with both Rachel and his wife, knew he was at Rachel's mercy. He slipped out of his clothes and crawled onto the sofa kissing Anne deeply while Rachel teased Anne's pussy with her fingers. It was a little awkward with all three of them on the sofa, but pleasing Anne was paramount.

"You're a wonderful mother, Anne. Your children always wish you were home more. They love both of you. They're proud of you. They don't care about your family. You are their family now. You're their beautiful mother. You have no idea how many people in the world think you're the most beautiful woman ever."

With high heels still on, Anne was the very picture of beauty. She may have been worrying about aging, but at that moment, no one would think anything about it. She was pale and beautiful. She draped her knees over Rachel's shoulders, and Rachel began kissing Anne's pussy, knowing Anne had done this for her in the past. She'd been wanting the opportunity to return the favor, and she intended to it now. Anne seemed so upset and tense, the best thing Rachel could think of now, was to give her as many orgasms as she possibly could take.

With the kids out of the house, this could be their only chance to do something so frivolous.

Anne's pussy was getting wetter by the second, and the skin of her lips were swelling, opening from perfectly trimmed baby fine pubic hair, which was a blonde has the hair on her head. Rachel soaked everything using Anne's own juices and her tongue.

Ryan had been kissing Anne all over her body, especially her breasts, which she particularly enjoyed having them played with. Even after her children were finished breast feeding, she still loved it when Ryan would toy with them, lap at her nipples and scrape his teeth over them as he was now. He was working one one breast and as he moved to work on the next, Anne noticed the scratches on his chest. Anne asked him to tell him about Rachel giving them to him.

Ryan was a little worried this would ruin the moment, but took the chance. In a low, throaty voice, he spoke, "This morning, before work, Rachel was in bed with me. I was fucking her when she rolled me over on to my back and started riding my cock. She raked her nails down my chest and I came so hard." Then he kissed Anne on the mouth and whispered between her lips, "You should let her do it to you."

Anne was losing her mind. Rachel had been working her pussy with her mouth. She could feel her luscious tongue lapping, probing, and flicking. When Rachel wrapped her lips around Anne's clit and began sucking, Anne came.

Unlike Rachel's keening, sharp breath orgasms, Anne's were low and throaty, employing every muscle in her body. Rachel hungrily drank up the nectar that was flooding from Anne's pussy.

Almost animal like Ryan pulled Rachel off of Anne, leaving Anne naked and languidly coming down from her first orgasm. In Anne's view, Ryan stripped Rachel bare, and Anne watched with satisfied delight, but watching her husband strip Rachel was exciting her anew.

Rachel had pulled off Ryan's shirt, and now all three of them were naked. Ryan crawled between Anne's legs and shoved his cock easily into Anne's vagina, which was still soft and and craving for depth.

Rachel began kissing Anne when Anne instructed Rachel to climb up to her shoulders. She wanted access to Rachel's pussy. "I've been wanting another taste since I left," Anne sighed between Ryan's deep, slow thrusts.

Ever obedient, Rachel climbed up and straddled Anne's face, hovering her very wet, and wanting pussy over Anne's mouth. The harder Ryan fucked Anne, the more Rachel could feel Anne's large breasts bounce up, slapping against Rachel's ass. Rachel, leaned forward and planted her hands on the arm of the sofa and lowered herself down on Anne's mouth which probed her deeply, sucking on all of the little bumps and folds of skin inside Rachel's pussy. Her juices were dripping off Anne's lips and Anne was in bliss.

Anne was feeling her tension melting with each thrust from Ryan's cock, and every lap of her tongue on Rachel's sweet, soft pussy. Ryan and Anne had been married for eleven years and Ryan knew how to fuck Anne the way she liked it best. She liked it when he started out slow and deep and surprised her with sudden bursts of speed and then teased her by stopping and slowing into long, deep thrusts.

Rachel wasn't used to this kind of epic sex, and only had begun to understand how long Ryan could go on nights that Ryan wasn't completely wiped out from work, when he'd take Rachel's body all over the house before ending up in bedroom when he'd come with such ferocity that it was easy felt from inside her pussy.

Anne wasn't necessarily wanting to be gentle either. She teased Rachel's clit with suction and just enough teeth to get tiny whimpers of surprise from her. Every little noise Rachel made fueled both Anne and Ryan. He loved watching his wife eating Rachel, and the view he had was perfect. He was fucking his wife, while staring directly at Rachel's heart shaped ass being bumped constantly by Anne's heavy breasts.

Rachel was already on the edge. Even when she did come, Anne had no intention on letting up on her. Rachel finally bucked up on her knees, remembering her instructions from Ryan. She blindly reached behind her and at the first place her hands could gain purchase, she scratched up. She raked her nails up and over each of Anne's breasts, even across both nipples until she was pressing both of them up against her own ass.

Anne was close to coming and she was lapping at Rachel's pussy, thirsty for all the juices she could get from the beautiful young lady who was clearly now much more than just a nanny to them.

Ryan began another burst of speed into Anne's pussy, and with Rachel's nails still dug into Anne's skin, she came, moaning low and deep against Rachel's pussy, flooding her nectar around Ryan's cock, which began to spasm. He shot once inside his wife, pulled out, and shot against Anne's breasts and Rachel's ass.

Anne insisted she move to let her lick the cum off her skin, and Rachel, now realizing how for out of her own league she was in, obeyed. Barely able to muster the energy to move, she flipped over, holding herself up by her feet and hands, on top of Anne. Keeping her hands behind her on the arm of the sofa, Rachel's ass was now right on Anne's face. Rachel could feel Anne's tongue lazily swirling over the skin of her cheeks, cleaning off the load Ryan let loose on her.

When she could no longer handle it. Rachel eased herself to the floor, crumpled in full collapse. Ryan sat back on his heels, watching everything take place, while his wife sat up. and lifted each of her own breasts to her mouth, and with eyes closed, she licked the last of the drops of semen from them. It wasn't until he was able to break his transfixed gaze on his own wife that he saw Rachel, spent on the floor.

"You okay down there?" Rachel just moaned in response with a slight nod.

"What about you?" He now addressed Anne.

"You still love me after being with Rachel?" Anne was now a seasoned television veteran, and with a talk show, she had mastered that kind of piercing stare. The one that punctured into the back of your soul and knew before you spoke if you were going to lie or not.

"Yes, of course, I still love you. I love the kids. I just... I scared Rachel. I love her, too. Why does it always have to be "either/or" can't it ever be both?"

"Only if Rachel says so. I've made my decision. I love her, too. So, really, if you can handle it, and I can handle it. The only person left to decide is her."

"Hey guys? Remember that whole thing about talking about me when I'm still here? I'm still fucking here!" She yelled, though her voice was slightly muffled by the carpet.

Anne and Ryan helped Rachel to the sofa and the three of them just lithely relaxed together. "I can't make any "decisions" right now. Is that okay? Can it wait?"

Anne nodded, "Of course, darling. I know we've put so much on you at once, and my display today couldn't have helped. I'm too emotional sometimes."

Rachel reached for both Anne's and Ryan's hands. I think we should all go to bed. Anne still needs our love. We'll talk more in the morning. The kids can bother staying with their Aunt another day.

Together, they climbed into the giant bed, Anne was in the middle, and the center of Ryan and Rachel's attentions. They kissed her and in turn, she turned her head side to side to kiss each of them back. It wasn't long before they were all asleep though. It had been an emotionally draining day for all of them for so many reasons, and the night held for them a very deep and dreamless sleep.

The sun peeked through the curtains, still purplish pink, indicating that dawn had come, which immediately woke Anne, and soon after, Rachel.

Anne and Rachel quietly steeled themselves to the bathroom held back words until the bathroom door was closed. They were both still naked and exchanged words of admiration of the other's bodies, which were almost exact opposites of each other. Anne was willowy, tall, with blonde hair with large breasts, long arms and legs, and pale skin with green eyes. Rachel had golden skin with dark brown eyes and non-bottled black hair. She was significantly shorter than Anne and had a much tinier frame.

The showered together, arms entwined, lips and tongues exploring mouths and skin. They took turns pleasuring each other with fingers and mouths and let themselves get lost in the steam of the bathroom. It was just pleasure and soap that smelled like lilacs. Anne came with a breathy orgasm as Rachel pleasured her on her knees. Lapping her clean after, letting the hot water bounce from her tongue up to Anne's vagina. It was a warming friction of being cleaned that calmed Anne from her morning orgasm.

Once the water was off, they toweled each other dry. Anne was grateful that she had another day to spend home before going back to work. She'd get another week off later on in the summer, but Ryan would be on summer hiatus soon and Anne was still concerned that Rachel might leave during that time.

In a bold attempt to entice her to stay, she whispered to Rachel, before Anne retreated into the giant walk-in closet to get herself dressed, "You should wake Ryan up. Do it nice and slow." Rachel looked at Anne with a torn look on her face.

"Are you sure?"

"I am, the question is, are you?"

"We're still all going to talk later," said Rachel as she built her confidence back up. She didn't bother to get dressed. The cool air from bedroom made her nipples hard, and her hair was still wet on her back. She decided not to get dressed yet. Instead, she crawled into bed with Ryan and planted a soft kiss about one inch below Ryan's navel. She swirled her tongue around it and then made a slow path downward, taking his soft cock into her mouth.

Ryan was sound asleep when he felt the first kiss. It was like a far away dream. It felt completely disconnected from him, yet in some way, it was intimate and close. As he felt the soft gentle sucking on his cock, he began waking up. His mind reeled, but in a gentle way, loving what he was feeling. He was getting hard and his immediate thought was it must be a weekend and Anne wanted him awake early. But he'd known the way she sucked his cock, and this was somehow different... this was new.

As his sleep blurred vision cleared, he saw Rachel's raven black hair and remembered fondly the way Rachel struggled to take him all the way into her tiny mouth. Ryan moaned aloud as his cock became painfully hard, making it even more difficult for Rachel to swallow, though it was clear she was determined.

Her determination paid off. After several attempts, and licking him wet, she'd taken him to the point where he could feel the curve of her throat. This was very much not like Anne, and he loved both ways. He reached down and ran his fingers through her wet, well conditioned long hair and gently guided her head as she bobbed up and down, allowing her to breathe every few swallows. Her mouth was so hot and the air of the room seemed so cold. She was inviting in every way. Part of him couldn't wait to come into her mouth, part of him wanted to roll her over and make love to her.

He looked around the room and noticed Anne was standing in the doorway of the closet, watching like a hawk. She was dressed in casual, yet designer jeans, but hadn't yet put a shirt on. She stood bare breasted, watching with dark eyes.

Ryan could hardly take it anymore. "Rachel... baby.... I'm..." He couldn't even get the words out. How long has it been before that's happened, he wondered? He carefully lifted her head so that he wouldn't choke the poor girl as torrents of semen shot into her mouth. She took it all, though, lips closed around his spasming cock, and in two swallows, she swallowed every drop.

Anne came up behind Rachel and lifted her face to hers and kissed her deeply.

Once the kiss broke, Rachel realized that any decisions that were to be made weren't going to be as easy as she thought. She dressed by finding clothes that she kept in her bedroom in the main residence of the house... a part of the house she rarely used any more.

When she came into the kitchen, both Ryan and Anne were there to greet her. Anne had already begun making coffee. Ryan offered to cook something to which he received a resounding, "No!" from both of them.

They all sat at the kitchen table with cups of coffee, and there was a definite air of awkwardness.

Rachel, once again, spoke first. "Look at us. I told Ryan last night, if anything was going to be awkward in the house, I would have to leave. And if this isn't awkward, I don't know what is."

Ryan spoke next, "This is awkward, but what if it's only temporary? Imagine the kind of awkwardness the you'll leave behind forever. We'd have to lie to the kids about why you left, and that wouldn't be fair to any of us."

Damn. He was right about that. Rachel had worried far more about the children than herself, or Ryan and Anne. Her job was to do exactly that.

Anne only looked at Rachel, knowing that Ryan had driven the final nail into the coffin, suddenly feeling a pang of guilt. "Sweetheart, none of us planned this. I hope you know that. This wasn't a set up. Maybe part of me was worried that Ryan would leave me after this week, but admittedly, most of that was fueled by the fact that my mother's a flaming bitch."

"She's right. Anne's mother is the mother of all bitches," Ryan mused into his coffee cup. He himself had parents who were still married and happy in Connecticut. They usually took the kids up there for the week of 4th of July and Christmas. "Her whole family's fucking insane."

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