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Noxus Universe - Acceptance


Author's Notes: The Noxus Universe is an expansive story that has been in the works for 11+ years. The Noxus Universe will consist of a variety of short stories, some erotic some not, revolving around Keith Lynn Montgomery and his lover Stately Michel Donahue.

All characters are well over the age of 18 and all sexual activity is consensual. Use of these characters is prohibited. The characters are original and very dear to me. Please respect that.



Stately walked around the edge of the crowd, his violet eyes sweeping over the gala guests. He kept trying to tell himself he wasn't looking for anyone in particular, but he also knew that he if had to keep reminding himself he was doing just precisely that. He was so distracted in his study that he actually started when someone walked up to stand beside him. Such an awful thing for a Commander to do. He would have reprimanded a solider of his if they had been that distracted.

He look over and up, it was Lady Skylena and she was smiling down at him with a knowing glint in her eye. She was pretty, taller than him by a little under a foot and lean, but strong. She had eerily pale blue eyes and short blonde hair with dark black roots. She was dressed in Noxus finery though she wasn't from the kingdom, a pink Victorian-esque evening gown bejeweled with fine crystals and opals; she wore diamond accessories and glass slippers. She looked every bit the beautiful princess she should have been.

"Lady Skylenia," Stately gave her a slight bow, more out of respect of her former station than as something she expected.

She shook her head, "Oh, call me Sky please!" Then she placed her hand neatly in her lap and leaned down a bit and grinned at him playfully, "So...who are you looking for?"

"No one..." He glanced at his feet and felt a blush coming on. He looked back at the crowd, "Why would you say that?"

She laughed, but didn't answer him, they both knew why she would think that. She watched him for a bit, then looked out into the sea of guests to see if she could possibly spot who he was searching for. It seemed an impossible task, everyone was someone of importance here. This gala was thrown in honor of her and her teammates. Her friends really, people of another place and realm that had dropped everything to be here and aid Noxus in their war. Sky's Commander Atlanta Johnson and her team's decision to come to Noxus had been the most logical one. Noxus had never seen people with powers and abilities like the ones their foes possessed. Atlanta wanted to come and help train their archaic armies on how to do battle against shape shifters, water manipulators, telepaths and the like. Their team was ideal for this lesson, for all six of them had abilities as well. Atlanta had asked the Queen not to make a fuss about them, but she had been ignored and now here they all were, at this amazingly lavish gala surrounded by the most influential Noxus patrons.

"Is it a sweet little duchess?" Sky prodded.

"No," Stately smiled.

"Oh of course not! You are a man of war, you would want a warrior woman!" She giggled, "So a Commander like you? Yes?"

Stately chuckled this time, "No. Nothing of the..." he paused and he fixated on a person in the distance, "sort."

Sky followed his gaze and her smile widened when she realized who he was looking at, "He is rather handsome..."

"He's gorgeous," Stately whispered, ashamed a little by his strong attraction to the stranger. His kingdom was preparing for war and all he could think about was that man.

"I can introduce you two...he's my best friend," Sky offered.

"Oh! What?" He looked over, "No no, it's..." he shook his head with a blush, "no thank you."

Sky giggled cutely and looked back at her friend. Stately had good taste, but then again, one would have to be blind to not see Keith Montgomery's physical beauty. Already a handsome man, the evening wear he wore tonight really did elevate him to gorgeous. His soft light blonde hair was french braided and intertwined with white ribbon. The braid sat just above the small of his broad muscular back. He was in a white dress suit, with lace at the cuffs and embroidered lapels. The stark coloring made his light jade eyes stand out all the more. Sky could see why Stately was drawn to him, at one time she had been as well.

Keith was standing next to a pretty woman in an emerald gown and the longer he spoke with her, the closer they would find themselves to one another. He gave her an easy smile and was fully in her personal space when he felt an insistent nudge against his telepathic shield. He swept his eyes quickly over her head, checking to see who might be calling to him. He had his barriers up in full tonight, he didn't want to be bombarded by the thoughts of others, so only a very strong mind could make him feel the push. He went back to his conversation with lady, she was actually quite charming and if he wanted more than sex from her he would have been paying more attention. Another nudge, this one even harder, forced him to sigh and ask her to give him a minute. He turned his head this time, looking for the source, slightly annoyed that they just didn't walk up to him, clearly they knew he was here if they were pestering him.

He lowered his mental walls just enough hear: Stop that.

He cocked a brow, the only other telepath he knew was Camille and she had declined to attend. But only another telepath should be able to speak to him directly. He frowned and the expression prompted his companion to touch his arm and ask if he was alright. He turned to her and gave her a smile, but the moment his hand went to her dark curls he heard a very powerful: Keith don't!

He snapped his head to the right and locked eyes with Stately. Stately was startled so much by the sudden eye contact that he physically jumped. The movement made Keith smirk, Stately didn't realize he was sending out signals to him. He was intrigued and he told the woman he had to go and he made his way through the crowd towards Stately.

The Commander looked panicked for a moment, before he schooled his features and waited to confront Keith. He didn't know why the handsome man had signaled him out, but was sure he would find out soon. Keith wasn't a man that minced words.

Keith was in front of him now, tall and masculine and utterly beautiful. He bent at the waist, grinning wickedly, "You called for me?"

"No," Stately shook his head, confused, "I have not."

Keith's hand went up to his own forehead, "I heard you here, you were practically yelling at me," he dropped his hand and chuckled, "such a strong mind to break through my barriers. Jealously is rather adorable on you."

Stately narrowed his eyes, "If you've come to gloat or belittle, please be gone."

A gentle chuckle, "I am merely flattered," he watched as Stately turned his head. The shorter man was clearly embarrassed to have been found out. He left him alone for now and looked at his friend, "Look at you! Sexy!"

Sky laughed, "In this old thing?" She reached out and gave Keith a hug, "I'll leave you two," she looked at Stately and saw his pleading look that she stay. She just touched his cheek, "Have wonderful fun!" Then she was off and into the crowd.

Stately turned and walked further away from the crowd and was annoyed when Keith followed. He turned abruptly to tell him to leave, but was cut off from speech by an invitation from Keith.

"E-excuse me?" Stately looked up at him wide eyed.

"Dance with me," Keith repeated with a smirk.

Stately looked around, "But everyone..."

"So? Dance with me," he leaned down and whispered in Stately's ear, "It's more than my dark haired companion has gotten so far..."

"You don't even know her name?" The Commander pursed his lips, "You were hovering so long I would have thought you would have at least gotten that."

Keith was more and more amused by his indignant huffing. He grinned, "I assure you I would have found out before I fucked her."

Stately let out an audible gasp at his candid vulgarity, "Must you speak that way?"

"What way? Truthfully?" Keith chuckled, "I had always believed that truth was preferred over a lie. However, if you wish I can tell you that her name is Carmen and she lives with four cats."

Stately rolled his eyes, "You're impossible," but he had a shadow of a grin on his lips.

"So you won't dance with me then?"

"I don't dance," Stately looked up at him, "It would cause too many...issues."

"With me?" Keith furrowed his brow, "No it won't, it's just a dance."

He shook his head, "No, not you...it's complicated."

"Tell me."


"Stately?" This was said with a smirk.

There was a sigh then, "I am single, famously single, I've turned down every formal and informal advance I've received for the past five years. Dancing with you will read as a signal to others. Saying I'm open to more advances."

Keith thought that was a huge leap for anyone to gather that from watching a simple dance, but he thought maybe it was a Noxus tradition or something. He wouldn't argue against the logic. He cocked his head and whispered, "Dance with me."

Stately sighed again, "I can't..."

"You want to," Keith slipped his arm around Stately's waist and pulled him close.

"You're teasing me...maybe even mocking..." Stately frowned.

"You see me as such a cruel man?"

"I do not know what you are."

Keith placed his other hand between Stately's shoulders, "Then think of nothing and dance. You've been fending off advances for years, you can do it again," he began to sway with the music provided by the live orchestra.

Stately looked around, "People are watching..."

"Let them," Keith spoke softly, soothingly. His hand lightly cupped the back of Stately's head and he guided him to place it on his chest, "Just move with me...close your eyes and only think of me."

Stately obeyed and shivered pleasantly at the feeling of being so near to Keith. He was such a handsome enigmatic man and even though he knew the advances would come ten fold now he couldn't help but believe it was worth it. He took in Keith's scent, a seductive mixture of sandalwood and dark musk. When the music ended he expected Keith to pull away, but the man didn't, he just kept right on moving into the next composition.

Keith was surprised at how comfortable it was to hold Stately in his arms and move with him. Stately had been right, he was teasing him, wanting to make him flustered with a bit of flirtation. However, he didn't anticipate Stately's easy control over himself, the way he could speak fluidly and not like a jittery school girl in his presence had impressed him. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the warmth of Stately's body and the feeling of comfort...no, he thought, acceptance...it gave him.

They danced until their legs ached and Stately had never been happier. He was the first to pull away, looking up at Keith a bit flushed with joy and arousal. He looked around and noticed that the party had thinned considerably. He hadn't realized they had danced for so long, when he looked back he saw the same shock on Keith's face.

Keith didn't even want to explore what it meant that he had so easily became 'lost in the moment' with someone. He looked down at Stately and realized suddenly that the man was stunningly beautiful. He didn't know how he had missed it before.

"I-I should go," Stately whispered a little meekly.

"I'll go with you," Keith answered simply. It wasn't up for discussion.

Keith walked beside Stately as the Commander walked to his room. Stately lived in the palace, close to the Prince as his security. They didn't speak as they went, but it was a comfortable silence. Once at Stately's door they both sort of just stood there for a moment not sure about what comes next.

Stately finally spoke, "I am glad you made me dance," he smiled, "it was nice."

"Yes it was," Keith smiled back.

Sately turned slightly and place his hand on the door knob, but stood there thinking for a moment. Finally he seemed to make up his mind and he turned back to Keith and got up on his tippy toes and gave him a soft, lingering peck to the cheek, "Thank you," he whispered against his skin.

Keith smirked and wrapped his arms around Stately's waist, "If you're going to kiss me," he said as he pulled him back so he could look into his eyes, "do it properly," he tilted his head and gently placed his lips against Stately's.

Stately closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around Keith's neck and kissed him back. For a time it was just a touching of lips, but then Keith parted his mouth and licked Stately's upper lip softly. He felt the shorter man shiver and heard his light gasp and his own body heat kicked up in reaction. Stately's tongue tentatively reached out and the tips touched causing a ripple of pleasure to radiate through both men. Keith deepened the kiss then, pulling Stately completely flush to his body and taking control of their intimate encounter in a way that spoke of experience and dominance. Stately softly moaned when Keith's tongue continued to explore the warmth of his mouth. His entire body was trembling in excitement and pleasure and he gripped the back of Keith's neck harder.

It was Keith's turn to moan and when he did he nipped Stately's bottom lip and was pleased to hear the man gasp against his lips. His arousal was growing and he knew if he didn't stop he would want to go into Stately's room and fuck him into submission and even though he knew he could probably push it in that direction he didn't want Stately's impression of him to be tainted. He didn't know why it was important, but in this moment it was. He wanted Stately to like him and he was ashamed that he had been teasing him before.

He pulled back with a soft sound and chuckled when Stately slid down his body a bit on wobbly knees. He caught him and pulled him back up and close to his body and looked into his eyes with a smug smirk. Stately was blushing, but he didn't break the gaze. Keith found him more remarkable by the second.

"Good night Keith."

Keith smiled, "Yes, sweet dreams to you," he let him go and was surprised at how reluctant the action had felt.

Stately nodded and turned and went into his room. Keith smiled then started down the hall towards the guest quarters provided to them. He had only walked a few steps when he looked back and saw Stately's head peeking out from his doorway. At being caught staring Stately quickly closed the door and locked it. Keith chuckled, but was pleased he had a lasting affect on the other, he continued walking with a smile on his face. Stately, leaned against his door and touched his lips with his fingertips, yes, he thought, the advances from suitors he was sure to get tomorrow would definitely be worth it.

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