Nude Day Audition


"Lick it off," Michael said, and Joey complied quickly, streaking his tongue with that single bauble of cream. He let Michael get a good view of his semen-streaked tongue before closing his mouth to savor the taste of it.

"It's okay," Joey said, still submissive. "You can jizz in my mouth if you want. I like it."

Michael chuckled, threading fingers through his lover's tousled hair. "Maybe," he said. "But I want to fuck you, first."

Blush returned to Joey's face. His lips curled. "Okay."

Such a good, obedient slut, Michael thought. Oh, he's going to go far, all right.

Leaving Joey where he was, Michael returned to both the camera and its accompanying bag. He carried them both to the edge of the water, setting up the camera so that it looked out over the lake. From the bag he took two things: a bottle of lubricant and a small, hand-held camcorder. With both devices running, he stepped before the still-obedient Joey and held out the lube.

"Put some on your asshole," Michael directed. "Make sure the camera can see it."

Joey complied, squeezing some of the thick, oily substance onto his fingertips. Standing and facing away from the tripod-mounted camera, he smeared the goo around his anus. Michael squatted down in the shallow water, focusing with the camcorder on the young man's face.

"Push a finger inside that tight little boy-pussy," Michael instructed. "Get it nice and ready for me."

Joey closed his eyes, following everything Michael said without question. He inserted his middle finger first, easing it in slowly past the snug ring of his sphincter. Michael watched the young man's expressions through the camcorder. Joey's brow furrowed, lips parting as he breathed shallowly. Then his tongue came out to lick those lush red lips as he added a second finger, easing both of them in and out.

"Tell me you want me to fuck you," Michael whispered.

Joey said nothing for a long moment, concentrating on the sensations he gave himself. But as Michael repeated his words, Joey responded. "F-fuck me . . . ."


Joey huffed, and his eyes flashed open, glowing with lust. "Fuck me," he said again, louder and more firmly. "Fuck my ass."

This kid's a natural, Michael thought, standing and moving around behind Joey. Making sure they were both in profile to the standing camera, he planted his feet a few inches to either side of Joey's own. His submissive lover kept his legs straight and together, leaning down with his hands in the languid water. In such a position, his glistening, slick anus was all but gaping.

"That's it," Michael muttered, taking his cock in his free hand. Focusing through the camcorder, he rubbed the head of his cock all around Joey's slippery hole. The young man trembled, emitting a faint but unmistakable grown.

"Ready. Here it comes," Michael warned, then slowly pushed his dick against Joey's inviting tunnel. He watched the dark pink opening spread slowly around the head of his cock. The heat from within Joey's body practically burned into Michael's cock.

He pushed forward slowly but steadily, wanting to catch every delicious moment on his cameras. The flaring head popped just inside Joey's ass, making both men groan for different reasons. Deliberately, gradually, bit after bit of Michael's cock slid within, stretching the aperture even wider. Joey convulsed, clenching suddenly.

"W-wait," panted the younger man. "I'm not used to it yet."

Michael said nothing, but he gave the kid time to adjust. He smoothed his free hand over Joey's buttocks, down the slope of the lean and muscular back. His cock throbbed from the heat and snug fit of Joey's bowels. Slowly, the muscles around his cock began to relax.

"O-okay," Joey breathed, emitting short, heavy pants.

Gripping the firm round ass with his one hand, Michael decided there was no more need for finesse. Repositioning his feet on the smooth rocks beneath the water, and leaning back for both balance and a better view for the hand-held camera, he shoved.

Joey grimaced at first, then cried out, splashing his hands through the water to keep from tumbling forward. He barely managed to reaffirm his balance in time. The most intense combination of burning pleasure and searing pain blended in his mind, leaving him light-headed. For a few moments, he lost track of both time and his surroundings, and when he came to, he realized he was being very thoroughly, very roughly, and very pleasurably fucked.

Michael pounded into his lover with all the passion he could muster. It had been so long since he had enjoyed such an utterly willful and docile plaything as Joey. He was determined to make the most what he was certain would their only encounter.

His cock skewered into the younger man's heated bowels again and again. He forgot the camcorder after several minutes, lost to the intense physical sensations as he was. He loved the feel of his balls slapping against Joey's each time he bottomed out, nearly as much as the young, grunting whimpers that drifted up from Joey's downturned face.

Without warning, Michael reached down and pulled Joey upright, making the kid gasp. For a moment, Michael stopped, giving the kid an apparently much needed breather. Joey's face was crimson from the blood rushing down to his head. He blinked profusely. A few more seconds, and the kid might'a passed out, Michael thought with a wry chuckle.

He pulled out abruptly from Joey's ass, making him wince. Approaching the camera once again, Michael collapsed the legs so that it was closer to the ground, and set the camcorder aside. He sat at the water's edge, facing the camera, beckoning a bewildered-looking Joey to squat over him. The young man did so, swaying slightly as he got into position. Fanning his toned thighs wide, Joey held his balls in one hand and leaned back on the other, affording the camera a perfect view as he slowly impaled himself upon Michael's cock once more.

In short order, deliberation gave way to passion. Joey heaved and huffed as he bounced up and down, taking the phallus inside him to the hilt each time. He stroked his cock furiously, but the sensational distraction of the older man's dick stabbing deep within him held off his orgasm.

Michael, on the other hand, felt his rush beginning once more. Guiding Joey's slender body with hands on the young man's hips, he thrust feverishly upward each time Joey came down. The rough contact aroused him even further, until finally, the flood gates erupted with near violent force.

Michael cried his release to the world, cock gushing deep within Joey's rectum. The sudden rush of liquid heat was the trigger Joey needed; the realization that Michael was coming inside him flicked the switch for his own orgasm, making his naked cock spurt a geyser of thick white cream into the air that splashed back down onto his groin, his thighs, and the damp ground below.

Spent, exhausted, and gasping, both men collapsed backward, Joey falling atop Michael. The older man wrapped his arms around the younger, and Joey clutched the muscled limbs which, in their moment of post-orgasmic bliss, were now as comforting as they had previously been overpowering.

* * * *

The return drive was mostly quiet. From Joey's reticence and their previous conversations, as well as what he read in the kid's body language, Michael was certain the young man had no regrets about the events of the afternoon. But his embarrassed silence only affirmed what Michael already suspected: Joey was not only naïve, but also inexperienced in regards to, well, just about everything. Joey had admitted to being an average student, and was a college dropout. He worked an aimless job and had no real ambition other than to send revealing pictures of himself to a gay porn site.

A perfect example of having been gifted with a beautiful body and nothing else, Michael realized.

Joey gave a small, tired smile when Michael dropped him off at the apartment, responding only with a nod when Michael said he would call him in a couple of days once he had the pictures processed and the video edited. Then the young man dragged his feet up the walk to his building.

Conversely, Michael was energized. As soon as he returned home, he went to work on the pictures and video. By midnight, he had a nice little digital portfolio consisting of over fifty pictures (out of more than two hundred) and a juicy fifteen-minute video.

That should be enough to impress Jason Rivers, Michael thought.

The following day, he stayed late after the store had closed so he could print up a physical version of the picture portfolio. He chose a dozen pictures to print as eight and a half by elevens; the rest were arranged sixteen to a sheet. Packaged in a vinyl folder with a CD that contained all the pictures and the video, Michael was sure his young client would be happy with the work.

So Joey was, a couple of days later, when Michael showed up at the apartment with the portfolio. He beamed when he saw the pictures and gave a naughty look upon reading the title on the disk: "Nude Day Audition."

"So, uh, how much do I owe you?" Joey asked.

In answer, Michael stood before the young man as Joey sat upon the well-worn couch in the dingy apartment, and pushed down his shorts. His erect cock bobbed out before the kid's face.

"No money," Michael said, taking Joey's head in his hands. "Just open your mouth."

Several minutes later, his cock still tingling within his shorts after the satisfying sensation of ejaculating in Joey's mouth, Michael returned to his car, grinning at the knowledge that not only had he satisfied both his libido and his fantasies, but that he had his own copies of the pictures and video to reflect upon.

* * * *

After nearly a month, Michael was not surprised by the fact that he did not hear from Joey. The kid just wasn't the type to seek people out, Michael knew; he was imminently submissive, willing to acquiesce to others, offering up his body once he had determined he was wanted. Michael wished the young man no ill will, only luck with his future involvement in the world of gay porn.

He was, however, surprised to receive an email from none other than Jason Rivers himself:

"Mr. Michael Southern,

I'm sending this email because, after having viewed both the pictures and video you shot of Mr. Joey Timmins, I have to say I'm impressed. Being a small operation here at Jason Rivers Inc., we're always looking for guys who are talented on both sides of the camera. I'd like to set up a video chat interview, if you would be interested. I think my company could use a guy like you.


Jason Rivers

p.s. If you're interested, we would be willing to set up an exclusive audition with you and someone you already know well. ;)"

Michael sat back in his chair at home after reading the email, a smile growing across his face. Well, well, whattaya know? A job offer, and I'd get to pound little Joey again? Now, how can I pass that up?

He leaned forward and clicked the mouse over the 'reply' icon at the end of the email.


(Thank you for reading. Please, don't forget to vote, and by all means leave a comment if you wish. I always enjoy reading what my readers think of my naughty little tales.)

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