tagErotic CouplingsNumber One Fan Ch. 02

Number One Fan Ch. 02


Todd was finally feeling better when he woke up from his nap. I just laid with him and read my book while he snoozed. It sounded like all of the guys left for the game. I distinctly heard Lance shout goodbye's across the hallway. Todd got dressed and he took me out to the local burger joint. I picked at my food, I wasn't that hungry, Todd just went on and on about all of his new friends. It sounded like his roommate was his only true friend there. He wasn't a jock either, he was a second year engineering student, similar to what Todd wanted to study. I had a feeling he was there for the same reason Todd was.

They would do all sorts of dorky things together, go see superhero movies, hang out at the comic book shop, and play mystical card games. All the stuff I was never really interested in doing with him. Todd was pretty impressed with himself. I was pretty much his only friend in high school, so it was good that he was making more connections.

It was finally time for the game, we made our way to the seats. We were sitting on the floor, no doubt players tickets. I was now a little nervous about not wearing panties under my little dress. I would have to be careful about how I crossed and uncrossed my legs! We were having a good time watching the players warm up. I was particularly interested in Lance. He moved so gracefully, every step he took had purpose. Among all of his black and white teammates, Lance was definitely the most attractive. He was also getting the most attention, the coach had to holler at him a few times for flirting with the cheerleaders. They all appeared to be completely smitten with him!

Lance finally made his way over to us. Todd and I stood up to greet him. Lance grabbed me around the waist, pulling me in close. I could smell his sweet musk as he began to speak.

"Hey, you made it Shit Head! Good to see you, how are those ribs? Man, I gotta tell you, your woman has some of the best titties in this place!" Lance never took his eyes off my generous cleavage as he spoke. The people behind me could clearly hear Lance. They were all laughing nervously at Todd's total humiliation. The coach yelled at him once again and threatened to bench him if he acted out again!

Lance gave my tight ass a light squeeze, he then winked at me, as he ran back to the bench.

"God that guy is an ASSHOLE," I said loud enough for the people around us to hear.

"He's really not that bad hon, just give him a chance!" I couldn't believe what a wimp Todd was being, why is he letting this guy walk all over him! I was getting more and more pissed at Lance as I thought about it!

The game was fantastic, Lance was the star of the game! He kept winking at me and giving me signals throughout. It was like he only had eyes for me! I felt very special and it was wildly exciting to have his attention like this. I thought a few times that he was playing extra hard just to get my attention, well he certainly got it! Todd kept bugging me to leave, but I refused. I was getting off on all of the attention. I was never much of a basketball fan before this game, everything changed as I watched Lance perform I was an active fan for this team now. I was shouting at the refs and booing all the missed calls. Todd just sat silently, he was playing some scrabble type game on his phone.

A few times I sat in my chair with my legs spread wide open, letting Lance or anyone else for that matter, get a good look at my furry pussy! The first time it was by accident, but after that I knew damn well what I was doing! It was a thrill that went unnoticed by my loving boyfriend. I know Lance saw me, he would brush his cock every time I did it. It was my goal to tease this guy to death! I knew I had him right where I wanted him! I would get him so horny for me, and then just let him wither away with my rejections!

It was a thrilling end to the game, the opponents made a comeback taking over the lead by 2 points! The moments before the inbound pass were killing me! The whole crowd was on their feet clapping and cheering for the home team, there was only 2.2 seconds left on the clock!

The players moved swiftly as the ball was bounced into play, the receiving man quickly passed the ball to Lance, he had less than a second to make a three point shot to win the game! Lance dribbled the ball and took his stance throwing the ball into the air! The crowd almost went silent as the ball left his fingertips, I looked over at Todd, in complete shock, I saw him sending a text message to his buddy! The ball bounced off the rim, not once, not twice, but three times before hitting the backboard and falling in! He did it, Lance made the game winning shot!

Lance was jumping up and down in celebration with his teammates! They were high fiving each other and celebrating hard! Lance ripped off his jersey and ran around the court, I watched as his chiseled muscles rippled with every step, the veins in his forearms were throbbing. Lance ran to me and gave me a big bear hug! Todd watched in awe as this Adonis picked me up off of my feet planting a deep hot kiss on my lips, I looked up to see us on the Jumbotron above! I didn't hold back, I readily returned the kiss slipping him my tongue and even grabbing his firm ass! My excitement level was through the roof!

Lance set me back down and I was in awe of him. Lance ruffled Todd's hair and went back to celebrating with his friends. The team ran off the court still shouting for joy! It was a few minutes after the crowd started filing out did my actions come to bare. I explained to Todd that I was just caught up in the moment, the kiss meant nothing to me! I leaned down and assured him with a peck on the lips. He seemed pretty happy with that.

We walked out of the stadium hand in hand. Todd wanted to stay low, but I was ready to party! We decided to take a walk around the beautiful scenic lake. My thoughts were about Lance the whole time. The lake was very romantic, the moon was full, casting soft light over everything. We were sitting on a bench talking about our future. Deep in my mind I was hoping Todd would just push me down and fuck me right where we stood! I was so horny that I was practically climbing the walls! I was dropping hints left and right, but poor Todd was just oblivious! I told Todd that I really wanted to head over to the celebration party back at his frat house. He reluctantly agreed.

By the time we made it back to the Frat house the party was definitely jumpin'! People were everywhere, a man at the door was checking ID's, he didn't bother to ask for mine and gave me a pink paper bracelet, but Todd got a big black X on his hand. He tried to explain that he was a brother, but the man wasn't hearing any of it! I helped myself to some of the keg beer and began to walk around the party. It was like nothing I had ever seen. People were talking to me left and right. They all wanted to know more about that post game victory kiss! I tried to change the subject as best I could. I could see that the issue made Todd very uncomfortable. Other than that I was having the time of my life! I was feeling pretty drunk on my third or fourth beer when I realized Todd was no longer with me. I frantically went looking for him. He wasn't in his room, so I decided to check next door. I walked into Lance's room to see if he was in there.

As I pushed the door open I was treated to the sight of Lance fucking some girl! My first reaction was intense anger and jealousy! She wasn't even half as good looking as me! She was probably less than a B cup! Her little titties weren't even as perky as mine! She didn't have the clear tan skin like I had either! Her cheerleading skirt was pushed up and her bloomers were hanging off one of her wide spread feet!

The one thing she did have was that amazing cock crammed deep inside of her! Lance screamed for me to close the door! He didn't even look my way! I ran down the hallway crying, and I wasn't quite sure why! It felt like my heart was broken! I went to the kitchen and slammed another beer! I was going to confront that asshole, I wanted to make him pay! I also wanted to yank that snotty bitch off Lance by her hair! As I stormed back towards his room, Todd suddenly appeared.

"Where have you BEEN? I can't believe you ditched me here!" He could see that I was visibly upset.

"Well, they didn't have any Mountain Dew, I told you I was leaving when you were talking to those girls..." Todd stood defeated before me.

"Whatever," I shook my hand in his face and began to storm off back on my mission to kick that skank's ass!

"Where you going hon? I also had to go buy some condoms, I knew we couldn't do it without one! The guys here stole all of mine, I needed to get more!" Todd was holding the single blue packet in front of him.

"Ok, let's go, I need to fuck!" The music was so loud I drunkenly shouted it to him. I grabbed his hand as we made our way to the other side of the house. I was getting all sorts of stares and glares from the men and women we passed. I just marched on practically dragging Todd behind me. The noise level was definitely reduced once I closed his door. I pushed him down on the bed and began pulling at his clothes. I simply could not wait one second longer!

I got him stripped nude in seconds. I was ravenous, I was kissing him all over his body as his hands wandered all over my body. I noticed at this point how much weight Todd had put on. He certainly wasn't fat, but he was beginning to get a bit of a pooch. He was always so skinny in high school, I told him many times that he would look better with a little more weight on him, I was wrong.

I really didn't care as I slid down his body my mouth was now hovering over his anxious penis. I was about to take him into my mouth bareback for the first time. I was salivating at the thought, just as I was about to make my move Todd pushed against my head.

"Honey! I'm not wearing a condom," Todd whined.

"Its OK, I want to try it like this!"

"But hon, that's where I pee! That is so gross! I couldn't imagine kissing you afterwards!"

Todd had officially killed the mood. He reached over to the bedside table grabbing the condom.

"Look, I found snug fit condoms! This way it won't slip off as often!" Todd was holding the tiny package in his hand as he smiled widely. I had a feeling none of the guys in the Frat would be stealing THESE condoms. He was ripping open the package and rolling the condom on, it certainly fit better, but it looked like there was still a little more to unravel at the end. I chuckled to myself at the image of Lance or Steve trying to get that condom on! I hiked up my skirt and laid down next to Todd. I decided I wasn't going to suck dick with condoms anymore, I just couldn't stand the taste! Todd was being very loving, touching and kissing me softly, but I wanted him to be rough with me! I wanted to be fucked like a little slut, but Todd wanted to make love.

This routine was very boring. I knew every step he was going to take. First he would rub and lick my big tits, then he would rub my pussy up and down with his fingers, never really hitting the right spots. Todd did not let me down, he was finally at the last step. He was going to fuck me, this is what I needed! Todd was lining his cock up when we heard a terrible racket coming from the next room! It was Lance and that blonde slut, she was screaming her head off in orgasm. We could hear them clear as day, the walls were obviously very thin!

"OH OH OHHHH, give me that big cock! Fuck me, FUCK ME, harder, HARDER, YES!!" The girl was squealing with joy as she was getting the sex I could only dream of!

"Spank that ass, spank it hard! Fuck me Lance, you are going to make me CUMMM!" I heard the most primal scream as the bed slammed into the wall. I looked at Todd with amazement. The sounds coming from next door only turned me on more! I wrapped my legs around Todd and pulled him into me. I was anticipating the feeling of him entering me, but all I felt was his limp noodle, he wasn't hard enough to penetrate me.

I screamed out loud in complete frustration! What was so difficult about fucking a beautiful woman that needed it so bad?

"Gosh, hon, I'm not sure what happened," Todd looked sad, he was making a pathetic pouty face. He got out from between my legs and laid down next to me. I reached over to try and rouse him as we listened to the marathon sex session next door. I didn't know what I was going to do, I was going crazy with lust. My buzz was starting to wear off, I needed to be fucked! I had a bold idea.

Todd was still laying next to me, trying his hardest to regain his erection to no avail. I sat up and straddled his face. Todd was begging me not to, but I was on a mission. He had never licked my pussy before, but I had a feeling this would do the trick. I positioned my wet cunt over his face and sat down. I began frantically rubbing myself up and down his face.

"Lick it, lick my pussy Todd!" I was screaming at him. I suddenly felt his little tongue dart out, he pushed his tongue deep inside my wet hole and it felt amazing! He actually had a very talented mouth. I pulled off my shirt and began roughly pinching and pulling my nipples. The sounds coming from next door made me work harder and faster, it didn't take long before I was crashing into a screaming orgasm as the slut next door did the same. I was trying to be as loud, if not louder than her! I wanted them to know we were fucking!

I fucked Todd's face to three glorious orgasms, he had finally totally drained me. I fell down beside Todd. I looked at his midsection, he was still soft. He couldn't even get hard while he ate me! I grabbed his cock and jerked him a few times. I was surprised to see that the condom was already full of his cum. Todd must have cum while he licked me out! He never even had a chance to fuck me, to mark me as his, as an act of assertiveness to the alpha male that was Lance. I knew he was done for the night, Todd has only been able to get hard once a night.

I took my place next to Todd on the bed. "That was amazing hon," I went to go give him a kiss. That is when I noticed his face was covered in blood, it was streaming from his nose!

"Oh MY God, your nose," I screamed in horror!

"What, what is wrong with it?" Todd reached up and smeared the blood with his hand. He looked at his fingers in complete shock!

"Well it hurt really bad when you were up there, and on your last orgasm I heard something pop, followed by an intense pain! I think you broke my nose!" Todd was on the verge of tears!

I jumped out of bed and rushed towards his attached bathroom. My tits were bouncing back and forth completely uncovered, I hadn't bothered to put on any clothes. Once there I took an opportunity to survey my surroundings. The bathroom was rather large with two vanities and a toilet. I could see the oversized shower with tile bench through the open curtain. The bathroom was very messy! Boys can be such pigs! I rummaged through the cabinets and drawers looking for a wash rag. I finally found one, I took it to the sink and began to wet it down.

I was staring at my naked body in the mirror as I soaked the rag. I was quite proud of the woman I had grown into. My body could rival any of the models seen on the cover of my favorite magazines. The only thing I could really do without was my bubble butt. It stuck out pretty far, but it sat highly on top of my legs. It was definitely meaty, probably from all the running I do in soccer practice!

As I stood staring I couldn't help but hear the continued sexual activity in the other room. I looked over my shoulder to finally notice that Lance also had a door to this bathroom! His door was standing wide open, I tip toed over to it and peered into his room. My mouth dropped open as I witnessed the action on the bed. I watched Lance grunt and groan as that slut sucked and slobbered his fat tool. Lance opened his eyes, we immediately made eye contact. I dropped the wash rag to the floor, I was transfixed on the scene before me.

Lance never broke his gaze, but he would continue to encourage the underclassmen girl on her performance. She was trying her best to tame that beast. She was obviously having trouble. I could hear her gag and choke as she tried to cram his cock into her tiny mouth. Her lips looked stretched wide, I could see tears rolling down her cheeks. Drool was dripping down her chin, plopping ever so gently on those big hairy balls. Lance looked a little bored with her, and I watched him checking me out head to toe. I played it up a little for him, I decided to give him a show. I brought a nipple up to my tongue and started licking it seductively. I then let my other hand travel down to my neatly trimmed pubic area. I was giving him a preview of something he could NEVER have!

My little show must have worked and before I knew the poor young girl was choking and gagging on what must have been a massive load of semen. Lance closed his eyes in orgasm shaking and yelling as he came. I was approaching my own orgasm when I heard Todd hollering for me! Shit, I totally forgot all about him! I reluctantly stopped what I was doing, I bent at the waist flashing my cunt and ass in Lance's direction grabbing the wash rag from the floor. I rushed in to care for my boy-friend.

Todd had his head tilted back, pinching the bridge of his nose trying to stop the flow of blood. I handed him the wet cloth as he applied pressure to his injured nose. I was laying there trying to help him as best I could, but I once again heard the familiar sounds of the head board whacking the wall. Lance and that slut were fucking again! I could not believe that he was able to recover so quickly! I wanted so badly to be her! I looked under the covers, Todd was still wearing that ridiculous condom, his dick was anything but hard. I could hardly even see it through his thick mat of pubic hair.

The two of us laid in bed not speaking to each other, I listened with perked ears as Lance fucked that bitch for the next hour so. It sounded like the girl had enough, she was begging him to stop, but the banging persisted. Todd was dead asleep, and I was still awake horny and frustrated! I looked over and saw a decorative glass ornament on the bookshelf across the room. It had a certain phallic appeal to it.

I got out bed to grab it, I thought it might just fill in for my tried and true hairbrush. It was heavier than I expected it to be. It was probably seven or eight inches long and quite thick. It resembled a medium sized cucumber. The glass was ribbed all around, little nubs dotted its surface. I was nervous about that aspect, but the edges were very soft, so I thought it might be ok. I got into bed with my new friend. I struggled a bit to take the invader, but it was not long before I was plunging it in as deep as it could go! This was way better than my brush! As I tweaked my sensitive nipples I came harder than I could remember. The images in my head were all of Lance and his big fucking cock! I fucked myself silly with that thing, Todd was none the wiser. I finally passed out from sheer exhaustion, slumbering nude next to my loving boyfriend.

I slept very well, my dreams were vivid and hot! My dreams were full of my fucking and sucking Todd's huge cock! It was even more impressive than Lance's in my dream, I was the happiest woman in the world! I was jolted from my sleep by the sound of a very loud bullhorn! Some idiot was playing a prank! It was a little past 9 a.m. later than I had slept in many weeks. Todd was still sleeping, I got up to put my new friend away, I'd slept with it at my side all night long.

I was puttering around the room, picking up the mess I had made the previous night. Todd was still dead to the world. I kissed him on the forehead.

"Hey stud, why don't you come join me for a shower in a few minutes? I want you to come clean this dirty girl up!" I was still horny, I was hoping we could have a little fun in the shower. I noticed that Todd's nose was very swollen, the area under his eyes was very dark, almost black. I had a feeling it was broken. I grabbed my toiletry bag and headed into the bathroom. I was upset to see Lance's door was now closed, I was hoping to get a glimpse of him again.

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