tagErotic CouplingsNurse Lily Chronicles Ch. 02

Nurse Lily Chronicles Ch. 02

byLily_s Lover©

A week later, and it was time for the next appointment. Jack had not had the opportunity to follow-up on the idea of asking Lily out. He'd been out of town with a client, or in meetings. Lily knew he was coming back, and had no intention of simply chasing him. The truth was, she had other plans, plans that went back to an unspoken fantasy that she'd had, and she suspected he had as well.

There had been careful planning. Why, she wasn't exactly sure, but Lily was obsessed about doing things a certain way, and nothing was going to stop her. She wasn't even going to let Jack have a say in the plans. Some of the plans had been easy.

Another 5:00 PM appointment. She'd "grudgingly" volunteered to work the later shift on that Friday, complaining all the while about how she'd been left behind the last week. It was obvious to everyone else that she didn't want to work that night – the others didn't care, as they all had dates, and all were expecting to get laid. They knew Lily wasn't seeing anyone, and the old woman probably didn't want sex anyway, or at least that's how they looked at it, at their tender age – not a one of them was thirty yet. Besides, they knew a fight was coming, and didn't want to be around for it. Lily and Dr. Williams had been at each other's throats all week, for some reason that none of them could figure out. They didn't like each other, that was no secret, but there was something else now. More intense.

Only one more week until Lily finished her six months' probation and became an NP. They were all a little proud of her, although a little jealous as well. They also liked the idea that she'd be buying rounds at the bar with her bigger salary! Everyone was looking forward to the day that Lily called Dr. Williams "Lori" without worrying about the ice queen's glare. On the other hand, Dr. Williams seemed to be finding fault with everything Lily did. It almost looked like she was looking for something, anything, that she could do to keep Lily from making it. So, while they all wanted to be there, but really, no one really wanted to be there.

The schedule was a different trick. She really felt a little bit guilty about it. She'd overbooked Dr. Williams with time consuming, non-emergency, encounters. Consultations on all kinds of things, but nothing that would hurt if the appointments were missed. She used different scheduler's names and IDs, nothing that would cause them to get in trouble. What she wanted to do was basically to cause confusion. Ideally, by the time they were trying to get everything straightened out, no one was going to notice one missing nurse and one missing patient in one seldom used exam room off a back hall.

On Friday morning, Lily packed her new medical bag, a gift from her mother in anticipation of the promotion, slipping in the new white jacket she'd be wearing over civilian clothes once she'd received her new license. Embroidered with her name and the license she wasn't quite yet legally able to wear yet, it was nicely fitted and framed her breasts and ass well. Lily figured she could stack up pretty well with "Lori" now, and had a bit of confidence in her that was anew feeling. The new stethoscope and some other "instruments" went into the bag, which went straight into her locker without anyone noticing, along with the change of clothes that everyone assumed was simply going to be for whatever Lily had planned for after-hours activities.

The afternoon was hectic, as planned. Lily was on her feet constantly, moving people around and organizing the work to get as many patients seen as possible. The patient load caused them to open several exam rooms that had been mothballed for years, including one at the end of a hall that was isolated from the rest of the office and could not be seen from the nurse's station. Making sure it was used along with the others, Lily carefully manipulated the work flow, earning the admiration (if with a little bit of frustration) of the other employees, and the ire of Dr. Williams, who was unable to get a break as every time she was done with one patient, another was ready to be seen.

The timing was critical. There were twelve patient rooms in use when Jack, the last patient for the day, was to come in, just before 5. Lily had ensured Dr. Williams was in the obscure exam room so that the patient in that room would be the first one out when Jack was ready to be seen, and was going to make sure that Dr. Williams was nowhere in sight when she roomed Jack. At about 4:45, Lily took a quick break and texted her friend Melanie. As they'd planned, Melanie, who worked in another clinic in the system, picked up an office phone, called Lily's clinic, and passed along a message that Dr. Williams was needed, stat, to deal with one of her patients at the hospital. No need to contact the hospital, the message said, but the doctor knew this patient was highly connected and just the type of person that Lori Williams would want to give particular attention.

Jack and Lily smiled at each other briefly when he walked in, as she passed by him hurrying to take care of the overload of patients. "I'll make sure I stop in to say 'hi'" she said with a wink and a smile, which she delivered around a corner so that he couldn't see how she was dressed. One of the receptionists, already changed into her club wear, and struggling to get into her coat and out the door, had no chance to escape and had to check him in. Hard for her to fault Lily, man, that nurse was working her ass off. Similarly, Janelle, the MA on duty, herself getting nervous about being late for her date, could hardly begrudge Lily the favor when she walked hurriedly by and said "room Mr. Smith in 12" and then added "go ahead, I'll take care of him and you can go." Janelle flashed Lily a "thank you" smile and went to take Jack's vitals and get him ready for his examination.

It was right then that all hell broke loose. With patients in twelve rooms, staff halfway out the door, and a doctor rushing out to see a high priority patient, it was up to Lily to make sure that all the patients made their way out the door, hopefully rescheduled to a future date. Dr. Williams glared at Lily on the way out, as if it was all her fault, and yelled over her shoulder "I'm not coming back to do paperwork tonight, close up the place."

Now eleven patients were gone, and one room, noticed by no one else, was still occupied. Lily had stuck just her head in to ask for his patience, that there had been some overbookings and that she'd be with him soon. When Dr. Williams had left, Lily quickly locked the doors and went to the locker room, changing out of her nurse whites. The new outfit was dramatically different from what she typically wore. A short tight grey skirt showcased her ass; instead of pantyhose she work sheer black stockings held up by a lacy black garter belt. Her panties were a wisp of a lace thong, with a clasp on the side that held them together so they could be taken off without affecting the garter belt. Her heels were conservative but still sexy. She pulled a black silk blouse that fit her snugly in the chest, over the black lace bra that matched the garter and thong. Over that, the new white jacket, with a pair of not-quite-necessary glasses in the pocket and the ubiquitous stethoscope around her neck.

Lily looked at herself in the mirror and was pleased; tucking a stray hair behind her ear, she went back to make her conquest.

With a knock that barely preceded her entry, Lily slid through the entrance, closing the door quickly so that Jack wouldn't notice that the rest of the clinic was clearly closed for business.

"I'm impressed," Jack said, pointing at her chest. "Oops... sorry about that," he quickly covered as both of them turned red, "I mean the new license." "Here, let me take a picture!" Pulling out his phone camera, he took a picture of her, focused in on the "NP" designation by her name.

"Thanks!" Lily answered, "it's exciting. I want to apologize for Dr. Williams. She was called to the hospital to deal with a 'very important patient.'"

"Rich, connected and male?" Jack asked with a grin.

"What I don't say can't be held against me." Lily smiled back at him, loving his gaze and the fact that he was struggling to not be noticed as he looked at her chest and legs; she caught him staring at her ass when she turned around to pick up his chart that had been put in the slot on the door. "I'm going to go ahead and take this consult for her."


"Yes sir, I'm a big girl now! And don't think that because we slept together years ago I'm not going to give you a very... thorough exam in preparation for that colonoscopy."

There, it was out in the open. Acknowledged, and a good way to explain the sexual tension that had clearly existed from the moment they'd laid eyes on each other. "Put this on," Lily said, handing Jack a flimsy robe that opened at the back. "I'll turn around."

"Nothing you haven't seen before," Jack shot back.

"Keep it professional, Mr. Smith. And take this."

"What is it?"

"Mild sedative. It will relax you and make the digital and instrument exam a little easier for you."


Truth is, it was more than a mild sedative. It was something the nurses frequently took from the meds cabinet, sometimes to play with their boyfriends, and sometimes to get back at an asshole. It was a less concentrated and generic version of a street drug that was often used as a date rape drug. It made people just a little more 'compliant.' Lily didn't want Jack to do something he didn't want to do, she just didn't want to risk him being nervous and stopping her from going through with it.

Hearing the rustling of the paper indicating that Jack was back on the examination table, Lily turned back to him. Putting the glasses on, giving her a look almost like a librarian, Lily picked up her clipboard and began to go through his medical history with him. Jack described his general health, and Lily added the occasional question concerning his personal life, still appropriate for the interview, but bordering on the intimate. Okay, she was fishing for details – was he currently seeing anyone, and the like. As the sedative began to take hold, Jack relaxed and opened up, telling her briefly about the cause of his divorce – his wife, who had ended up relatively frigid anyway, had been revolted when he'd made a suggestion that she play with his anus.

Lily patted him on the shoulder in an understanding way and whispered "I never had that problem, did I?"

It was only a pat, but in his relaxed condition, Jack's body responded, and Lily could see his cock rise to attention and push out the front of the thin cloth robe. Lily responded in kind, her own natural lubrication flowing in anticipation that her pussy might be filled again soon.

Lily began the examination, running her hands professionally over his body checking for abnormalities.

"I'm going to check for testicular cancer now. This is completely routine," Lily said as she reached under the front of the robe. Cupping his balls in her warm palm, Lily felt each one, squeezing gently and finding nothing except healthy testicles. Unable to resist, she wrapped her hand around his rock hard shaft, slowly stroking it, while maintaining direct eye contact. "Very... healthy" Lily said with a sigh that matched Jake's intake of breath at her grasp. Lily held on tightly, moving up and down very slowly, for just a minute, just a minute more than would have been professional, assuming a female medical practitioner was supposed to be jacking off her male patients!

"Now, the hard part." Lily told him to turn around , and to bend over the table. Putting on a pair of surgical gloves, and covering her index finger with lubricant, she explained that she was going to do a quick digital exam. As he nodded his assent, Lily applied lubricant to his asshole and slowly pushed her finger inside. Working her finger slowly in, she watched Jack, now fully under the influence of the sedative, tense up briefly and then relax his shoulders. She removed the finger to wipe it on the collection cloth, completing the test, and promptly inserted her finger back in. Rubbing his shoulder, she asked how he was doing, and when he answered "fine," she proceeded to move her finger slowly in and out.

"Is this part of the exam?"

"Not part of the official protocol, but relaxation of the anus often occurs with this kind of stroking, and helps with the next phase of the examination, the trial endoscope. We're just going to do a brief exploration today, to get you ready for the real colonoscopy in a couple of weeks."

Lily began to move a little faster, gauging the speed with his reaction. With his ass uncovered, Lily had a view of his cock and balls and noticed Jack getting hard in response to her exploration. Feeling his asshole relaxing, Lily carefully added a second finger, which drew what was clearly a pleasurable gasp from Jack. His obvious approval resulted in Lily beginning a slow but steady stroking action, that further increased Jack's breathing. Taking another chance, she reached around and placed her hand firmly around his cock.

Without waiting for his question, Lily quickly added, "its helping you relax, right? And making what I'm doing easier and feel better?"

"Oh, it feels good. I'm just not sure you're supposed to be doing it."

"Purely professional," Lily said as she continued what was now clearly not an examination per protocols. Lily quickened her pace, stroking two fingers in and out of Jack's ass while simultaneously stroking his cock. She was starting to get lost in what she was doing, but kept her composure, as she had other plans in mind.

"Now, I'm going to remove my fingers, and we're going to just slide this probe in. It's a little bigger, but we're going to lubricate it, and I've had it wrapped in a warm towel so the metal doesn't feel cold." As promised, Lily pulled a metal tube out of the warm towels on the tray. At this point, Jack was no longer looking back at her, but had his eyes closed and appeared partially asleep. The tube was actually a medical instrument, although meant for a completely different purpose. Nevertheless, it would to the trick. Covering the tube, somewhat thinner than an erect penis, with lubricant, Lily once again wrapped her hand around Jack's hard cock. As his body reacted to her grasp, Lily pushed the tube all the way into his ass.

Jack gasped with pleasure as Lily began to stroke the tube in and out. "I remember" she said quietly to no one in particular. Lily no longer bothered to pretend this was part of a protocol. She had Jack exactly where she wanted him. Practically panting, his asshole completely relaxed, she started stroking him harder, pushing the eight inch tube deep and pulling it back, only to repeat the process. Jack was breathing hard now, and responding completely to her every move. He was pushing back against her hand, forcing the tube deeper into him. Now he was no longer silent. Between moans, he would encourage her. "Just like that" he would say, or "ohmygod that feels so good," alternated with "it's been so long."

With no warning, Lily pulled the tube out and set it down on the counter. "Why did you stop?" Jack asked with a gasp.

"Do you like it?"


"Do you want it?"


"You want me to fuck your ass?"


"Yes what?"

"Yes, please"

"Do you want me to put my toy in your ass? Tell me what you want"

"Yes, put it in... please baby, put it back in my ass"

"You want me to fuck your ass?

"Yes, please"

"Do you want my cock in your ass?"

He looked at her, not knowing exactly what she meant, but needing her to keep going, answered "yes."

"So let's be clear, you want my cock in your ass, right? Any way I want to give it to you?"

Still confused, but wanting it even more, Jack said "yes, please, put your cock in my ass and take me any way you want."

Lily turned her back to him, and opened up her medical bag. Unbuttoning the jacket, she slipped it down over her shoulders, showing him the sheer black silk blouse underneath. She turned back toward him and moved closer. Jack smelled the perfume, and combined with the sedative, found it beyond intoxicating. His hands moved without thought, sliding up her hips and up across her belly to cup her breasts. Lily signed deeply has he squeezed her breasts, feeling her nipples harden against the palms of his hands.

"Undress me," Lily ordered, with Jack quickly and willingly complying. Soon her blouse and bra were on the examination room floor and Jack was hungrily devouring her nipples, trying to suck as much of each breast into his mouth as possible, while reaching behind to grab her ass cheeks tightly and pull her body close to him.

"Lay back on the table," Lily told Jack. She operated the controls on the table to lower it. "Now scoot down so your head is over the edge." Removing her skirt, she stood in front of him, and as Jack watched, eyes glued to Lily's body but slightly out of focus, she slowly undid the catch on the thong, and peeled it off, teasing him with the sight of her pussy. Gauging the height of the table again, she made another adjustment, and, totally in control, stepped over to straddle his face to place her pussy right in front of Jack's mouth. "If you want me to fuck you, you're going to have to eat my pussy."

The moment it was in reach, Jack tilted his head so that his mouth was firmly planted on Lily's hot dripping pussy. His tongue reached out to flick her clit back and forth, causing Lily to shift as she sighed. Moving his tongue down to spread her lips, Jack forced it inside her, beginning a slow in and out motion, fucking Lily's sweet pussy with his tongue. Lily pushed down hard, forcing his tongue deeper inside, and pushing his nose against her clit, proving even more attention.

In and out Jack's tongue worked on Lily's pussy, pausing to circle and flick her clit. As he felt her reacting he quickened or slowed his pace, trying to bring her the most pleasure possible. Jack was lost in Lily's pussy and didn't have a firm grasp of where he was. Part of him told him it was wrong, that he could get in big trouble for this, but at the same time he could feel his cock throbbing in Lily's hand as she stroked it up and down, encouraging him to continue attending to her needs. Lily could feel him getting ready to cum, but had no intention to let him do so, not yet at least.

"Turn over again," Lily ordered, "and bend over the table. You can rest your knees against these stirrups." As he moved to comply, Lily went back to the bag and pulled out the final toy of the evening. It was something she'd never done before, but had fantasized about so much in the past week that her pussy was literally sore from the dildo she'd been shoving inside herself several times a day. She stepped into the harness and began to adjust it. This particular strap on was designed for double pleasure. As she pulled the harness into position, she inserted the five inch vinyl cock inside her. It fit snugly but not quite enough to fill her up... she knew, though, that when she started thrusting into him, it would do a wonderful job inside her. She tightened it, making sure that the two toys were properly aligned and that she would be in control of the action.

Walking to the front of the table, she swaggered to him, waving the big cock in his face. It was about seven or eight inches long, and thick. Realistic looking, with a big head and what looked to be throbbing veins. Lily loved it, the feeling of power, the feeling of being able to take someone the same way she liked being taken. It wasn't a gay thing... no, not for either of them. She had no particular interest in wearing it with another woman ("although she might if he wanted her to," she suddenly thought), and he was clearly 100% heterosexual, and wasn't looking at it as "a cock" but as "her cock."

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