tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNurse with a Curse Ch. 6

Nurse with a Curse Ch. 6


Cynthia paced the floor for much of the next morning. She tried sleeping but found herself reliving nearly every moment from the time she was first taken by the patient in her office until she woke up after her gang rape. Cynthia could not guess at how many times she had been fucked during the last day. And no matter how much she had ended up enjoying it, she was still humiliated to the point of resigning and moving back home.

Finally she decided to drive back to Dr. James' office and leave her letter of resignation on his desk.

Eric returned to the medical building shortly before noon. He was worried that perhaps no one had come to rescue the nurse whom he had left bound in the examining room. He had been relieved when he found the door locked, thinking that that must have meant that Cynthia was no longer in the building. For he had left it unlocked in hopes that the two young men he saw would go up and enjoy Cynthia.

He returned to his car and sat in the parking lot. Then he saw another young woman pull in and park. She got out of her car and went to the door, unlocked it and went inside. Eric saw that she did not lock the door behind her so he decided to risk entering the building and going up to Dr. James' office just to make sure that Cynthia wasn't there.

Martina had returned to work to finish up where she had left off the night before. After the security guard had told Brandi and her to leave they had decided not to complete the cleaning of the top floor.

Eric entered the building and went upstairs. Finding Dr. James' office locked he turned around and headed down the stairs.

Cynthia parked her car and slowly got out. She went to the door and found it unlocked. She guessed from seeing the other cars in the parking lot that others were working today. She went inside and found the elevators turned off, so she took the stairs. At the second floor she ran into Martina entering the stairwell from the hall.

"Well, if it isn't the pretty Cynthia. Coming back for more, baby?"

"Fuck you!" Cynthia spat, remembering Martina pressing her cunt into her face.

"You better watch your mouth or else I might just take you again here and now."

Cynthia was about to tell the cleaning lady off when they were both interrupted by a male voice.

"I'd like to see that." Eric said as he descended the stairs to their level. Both girls looked up at him in alarm. When Cynthia recognized him she turned to run.

"Grab her!" Eric yelled. Surprised when the second woman did as instructed.

"Let me go, you bitch!" Cynthia cried out as Martina grabbed her. She struggled to break free but Eric caught up with them and assisted Martina in pushing her up against the wall.

"Well hello, Cynthia," Eric said, "I see you've made some other friends since I left yesterday."

"Was that you who left her tied up?" Martina asked.

She thanked him when he nodded to affirm her answer. And quickly described how she and Brandi had enjoyed the nurse themselves.

"Well maybe we should have a repeat performance." Eric smiled.

"No, please…" Cynthia begged. Not able to face the prospect of being raped again.

Both Eric and Martina began fondling the nurse. Then they started disrobing her. Cynthia screamed once, but knew that there was nobody else to hear her cries. She fought back but quickly found herself naked and held helpless on the floor with fingers once again exploring her body.

"What the fuck is this?" Came another voice. Cynthia's heart sank when she recognized Sam's snarling tone.

Eric almost shit himself when he saw the big, ugly security guard. But Martina reassured him that all was well. Sam began undoing his clothing as he came closer. "Damn, this is my lucky weekend. I stop by early and get another chance to fuck this pretty nurse."

"Well let's have a party then." Eric agreed as he too began stripping.

Cynthia pleaded to be let go, all the while knowing that she had no hope of having her wish granted. Soon she found herself on her knees with Sam thrusting his cock deep into her pussy while Eric shoved his pole into her mouth. While being fucked on both ends Martina crawled under her and began sucking her rock-hard nipples. Cynthia gasped against the cock that was fucking her mouth. As sore and exhausted as her body was from all the forced fucking from the day and night before, she felt her pussy beginning to respond once again. Martina's tongue on her nipples made that even more inevitable. Soon she was rocking her hips against Sam's tool as he drilled her ass without mercy. Sam groaned loudly as he released his jizm into her belly. When he pulled out Martina slid out and got behind her and began licking her pussy. Cynthia was sucking Eric's cock intensely as the cleaning lady lapped at her wet twat. Her body shivered as her cunt began to climax on the girl's face. As she orgasmed Eric shot his load into her mouth.

Cynthia prayed that it was over. But her three captors were not yet fully satisfied. Eric grabbed the pretty blonde nurse and pulled her over to him. He lay on the floor and directed Cynthia over him, forcing her to straddle his waist and sit on his already hardening cock. Her wet, loose hole easily slid down on his shaft. Then she felt Sam getting behind her. "Please, not in my ass. It's too sore." She begged. But Sam ignored her. He placed his cock against her puckered opening and pressed in. The three of them enjoyed her cries as his shaft plowed deep inside her.

Martina was wet and horny. She could not wait any longer for her turn at the nurse. She stood over Eric with her pussy face level with Cynthia. She grabbed the nurse by her blonde hair and pulled her face up against her pussy. "Lick me, slut!" She ordered.

Cynthia began licking Martina's pussy and clit as the two men rammed her cunt and ass. She felt pain throughout her body as the two rods impaled her. But that pain was slowly being replaced by pleasure once more. Cynthia screamed into Martina's pussy as she climaxed again. Martina held her head tight, forcing the nurse to lick her to bring her to a much needed climax herself. "Oh yes." Martina exclaimed as she flooded Cynthia's pretty face with her own juices as she had her orgasm. Cynthia rose and fell on the two cocks inside her, continuing to lick the pussy before her, trying to bring Martina to a second climax. The men were grunting and groaning their satisfaction as their poles filled the girl between them. Cynthia was shaking uncontrollably as the fucking continued. She felt Martina cumming on her face again. Then the two men spent their loads inside her just as she climaxed a third time.

"Well, it looks like you're certainly having a good time, Cynthia." Dr. James said.

Cynthia jumped with a start. She turned her head to see Dr. James standing there watching her getting fucked by two men while eating another girl's pussy. She wondered how long he had been standing there.

"It's not what you think…" She began.

"Oh I know what I think." Dr. James said. "I overheard my son telling one of his friends this morning about a gang bang they had last night with a nurse named Cynthia. He said that a couple of the guys had fucked her in her office yesterday. And not only did you work yesterday, but now I find you having a fuckfest here today."

Cynthia was speechless.

"Well I have to do something about this, don't I?" He continued.

Cynthia wondered what Dr. James would do. Then her heart sank when the good doctor began undoing his pants.

"Come over her and suck my cock." Dr. James ordered.

Cynthia could not believe this was continuing. She saw her boss standing there with his cock fully erect. With no other choice she crawled over to him and began sucking him off. Listening to the jeers of Sam and Martina as she did so. Dr. James leaned against the railing as his pretty nurse took his shaft in her mouth. He had often fantasized about Cynthia but had never dared to anything about it. Now he had her where he wanted her. Cynthia felt his cock swelling more in her mouth as she continued. Then felt the Doctor's cock throb just a moment before his hot, sticky cum filled her mouth.

"Now bend over." He ordered.

Cynthia stood and leaned over the railing. Dr. James got behind her and shoved his cock up her cunt and began fucking her wet, sloppy hole.

Feeling aroused again Sam and Eric both took Martina and began putting her on the floor between them. At first the lesbian struggled, not wanting to be sandwiched by the two men. But soon she gave up and straddled Sam's cock. Then she felt Eric behind her pressing his rod against her asshole. She took both poles inside her and began fucking the two men while watching Cynthia getting reamed by the doctor.

Cynthia couldn't take it any longer. She was now screaming with delight as Dr. James pounded her pussy. She heard Martina crying out as she too began climaxing between the two men. She was amazed at how long Dr. James was able to continue fucking her without cumming a second time. Several feet away Martina was taking both men's seed inside her as she finished her final orgasm. Then the three of them lay spent on the floor watching Cynthia getting fucked.

Several more minutes, and another orgasm, passed before Dr. James picked up his pace. Cynthia could tell by the increased pace of his breathing that he was about to cum.

"Oh yes…." Dr. James bellowed as he blasted his load into her pussy.

Cynthia dropped to the floor and lay there while the others began to get dressed. She looked up to see Dr. James reading the letter of resignation she had written out. She must have dropped it when first grabbed by Eric and Martina.

"I'm sorry, Cynthia. But this just won't do." Dr. James chided her.

"Wh-what do you mean?" She asked.

Dr. James looked at her with a devilish grin on his face. "You are just too valuable for me to allow to leave, dear. And with all you've done I believe I have you where I want you. You see, I can have your nursing license revoked for your little sexcapades in my office with patients and strangers. So I plan on keeping you around. I think I'll enjoy having a few breaks with you after hours. And I'm sure that your new friends here will be more than happy to join in as well."

Cynthia sat speechless. She knew that Dr. James now owned her. With one word he could end any future career she had. But she soon learned that Dr. James was not finished with his plans for his pretty nurse.

"As you know, Cynthia." He continued. "I treat many men and women with sexual problems. And I've had several patients tell me that the thought of seeing you naked helped them to masturbate in order to get their sample in the restroom. Imagine how much we could do by having you allow these men to fuck you. I'm sure I can make a lot of money from patients who will need your pussy, ass and mouth to assist with their sex therapy. And a few women will pay to have you as well."

Cynthia sat there in shock.

"Oh don't worry, dear. I'm sure we won't have more than forty or fifty men a week. And I'll make sure to test them all for diseases first. And provide you with plenty of birth control."

Cynthia wanted to cry. There was nothing she could do. She was now Dr. James' official sex slave. To be used by him and his friends, and as many patients as would be willing to pay for her pussy. And the worst thing about it all was that Cynthia could already feel her cunt tingling with desire for what was to become of her.

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