tagLoving WivesObedient Yet Naughty

Obedient Yet Naughty


My wife Jill and I were out to dinner one evening, and she was lavishing me with her usual loving tenderness that she always did -- stroking my arm, kissing my cheek, holding my hand. We were sitting at a booth in the restaurant, and Jill was sitting beside me. She had on a lovely floral dress that showed off her small but perky tits. Occasionally I noticed that her nipples would get hard, and she had gorgeous nipples that turned into jutting little bullets at the end of her tits. They would poke out against the material, obvious to everyone that she did not have a bra on. For that matter, I knew that she only had on thigh high stockings with a lace border at the top of them on underneath her dress, and nothing else, as I had instructed her to wear no panties. She did as I asked of her, and was an obedient wife, but she also like to feel naughty.

We sitting there chatting about nothing in general, when her hand began moving up my thigh. I had shorts on that were quite loose in the legs, and I too, had not worn anything under my shorts. I felt her hand start to slide up the inside of my thigh as she leaned over and nibbled on my ear. The thought that someone might see her hand up my shorts, along with the nibbling and sucking on my ear, made my cock spring to attention instantly. As I looked around, I noticed a guy sitting at the bar watching us. He gave me smile, and I quickly looked away. Jill continued to kiss me on my neck and ear, and her hand slid further up my shorts and brushed against my now straining cock. I felt my cock jerk as her finger lightly brushed the smooth skin on the side. She ran her finger lightly up the side, and paused at the top to swirl her finger around the now purple tip. Precum was oozing out of my cock, and her finger rubbed the slick juice around the head several times. My cock was so hard that I was sure that I would cum right then. Jill continued playing with my cock through the rest of dinner, and as we were leaving the restaurant, I noticed that man at the bar also leaving.

He followed us out to our car, and said "Excuse me, but I could not help noticing your wife's beautiful little tits with those fantastic nipples, and how she stroked your cock under the table. I have been divorced for several years now, and have longed for someone to pay me that kind of attention. You are indeed a very lucky man!" I replied to him that I indeed was, and we chatted for a few more minutes. He seemed to get increasingly nervous while we were chatting, and finally said "I just have to see and touch those beautiful tits! Would you be offended if I asked you to let me squeeze and suck on your wife's tits? I know that am being bold, but right now I have such a hard-on from watching you two at dinner." I looked at Jill, and looked back at the man, and then introduced ourselves so that we could feel like we were on a more personal level. He said that his name was Brad.

Now Jill is an obedient wife when it comes to sex, and if I tell her to suck my cock, she instantly drops to her knees, takes my cock out, and begins the most fantastic blow job. She knows how to use her mouth, tongue, and hands while sucking me off. The thought that a stranger wanted to suck her tits, and more I was sure, suddenly turned me on. I never wanted to share Jill before, but the spur of the moment caught me off guard. I said, "I know a quiet place by a lake we can go if you really want to suck my wife's tits and pull on her nipples. She loves that you know." Brad responded that he thought that she would like to have her nipples pulled by the way that they jutted out. Jill just watched as we talked.

We decided that this quiet spot would be just the thing, and Brad followed our car to the lake. We stopped at a secluded spot, and then proceeded to get a blanket out of the back of the car and spread it on the ground. I then looked at Jill and told her to go over and kiss Brad on the mouth. Since she obeys my sexual commands without question, she walked over and began kissing Brad on the mouth. I saw his tongue spread her lips open and begin exploring her mouth. Just watching them kiss was already making my cock spring to attention. I wanted to see more! I next told my wife to pull the top of her dress down over her tits so that he could suck them. When he saw her beautiful tits in the sunlight, he let out a moan. It was slightly cool and the breeze made her nipples immediately stand at attention. He reached his hand out and tweaked her left nipple between his thumb and forefinger, and then rolled her nipple back and forth. Jill let out a groan. He then leaned down and took her right nipple gently in his teeth, and pulled until it popped out of his mouth. I couldn't believe how turned on I was watching Brad suck, squeeze and pinch my wife's beautiful tits, and her letting him because I told her too. I looked down and saw that Brad's cock was straining against his pants. I told Jill to take Brad's cock out.

She reached down and undid his belt, and then the button to his pants. As she unzipped his pants, his cock sprang out. Jill gasped in surprise as she wasn't expecting that he wasn't wearing any underwear either, and his hard cock jutted out from his unzipped pants. I told Jill to take his pants off, and she slid them down his legs and he stepped out of them. I then told Jill to get on her knees and suck his cock. She slid to her knees, and took her tongue and ran it up the underside of his hard cock. Brad let out a moan. This encouraged her, and when she got to the swollen head, she twirled her tongue around it, licking off the drop of precum that was glistening in the sunlight. Then without warning she quickly took his entire cock into her mouth until her lips were resting on his balls. She started sliding her mouth up and down his cock slowly, and she lightly stroked his balls with her left hand as she tickled his tight asshole with her finger. I saw her reach under her dress and dip her finger into her now dripping pussy, coating it with her sweet juices. She then used her pussy juice to lube up Brads tight little hole. I thought that my cock would surely burst seeing this, and judging by the moans that Brad was making, I thought that he was not going to last much longer. Jill was slurping and sucking his swollen cock for all that she was worth.

The sight of her mouth bobbing up and down another man's cock turned me on more than I could ever imagine! Then I was surprised when Brad asked if he could taste her pussy. He knew that she was dripping in excitement form sucking him. I told Jill to take off her dress. She unzipped the back of it and let it fall to the ground. I heard Brad let out a gasp when he saw her beautiful shaved pussy. Her clit was pierced, and that seemed to really turn Brad on and he reached out and began flicking the piercing back and forth. Jill moaned. Brad saw my wife's pussy glistening in the sunlight from her juices dripping out, and knelt down in front of her and lightly flicked her clit with his tongue. Jill groaned with pleasure. He then traced the outside of her pussy with his tongue, delighting in the sweet taste of her. He began eagerly lapping away at my wife's pussy. She then lay out on the blanket and spread her legs. Brad immediately got between her legs and began darting his tongue in and out of her pussy while he flicked her clit with his finger. I watched my beautiful wife come with another man's tongue in her pussy, and suddenly felt a little bit jealous that he tasted her as she came.

I couldn't take it anymore, and I took my pulsing swollen cock out and knelt over Jill's face, and shoved my cock in her mouth. I thought that I was going to lose my load right then knowing that another man was now sliding his cock into my wife's wet cunt. I knew that one of her fantasies was having two men at once, and I was delighting in the fact that I was making this happen for her. I pumped my wife's face while Brad pumped her pussy. I could hear the juices slurping as he slid in and out, slow and methodical at first, but then picking up a frenzied pace. I heard Brad moan loudly and knew that he had just lost his load in my wife's pussy. I immediately took my cock out of Jill's mouth and got between her legs. I saw white cum starting to ooze out of her swollen pussy lips, and I had to get my cock in there now! I had to feel how slick and wet she was with another man's cum inside of her. As I slid my cock in, I could not believe how fantastic it felt and how turned on I was knowing that I was sliding in and out of a pussy lubed with Brad's cum. Brad had now gone around to Jill's mouth and slid his limp cock into her mouth. She began licking her juices off of his soft cock, and to my surprise it started to get hard again. This got me going and I pumped harder and faster. Just as I was on the verge of coming, Brad took his cock out of her mouth, and shot another load on her tits and face! I could not believe that he came again! That drove me over the edge, watching his cum shooting out of his hard swollen cock onto my wife's tits and face. I lost it right then and shot my shot load into her drenched pussy. I then lay down on the blanket and told my wife to sit on my face. She obeyed, as always, and put her pussy right over my waiting mouth! I could feel the warm liquid begin to drip out of her pussy onto my tongue, and I was incredibly turned on again knowing that it was my cum, Brad's cum, and my wife's juices all mixed together. I slurped, licked and sucked my wife clean.

I did not notice that Brad had vanished. I don't know if we will ever see Brad again, but my obedient wife loved that she got to be naughty out in the daylight by the lake, knowing that we might get caught, and I had done a good deed by giving a lonely man a taste of my loving wife! We may do that again one day!

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