Observing Christmas Traditions


"You know why." She pulled back, blinking back the tears that were gathering in her lashes. Impulsively, she reached out to touch his face. Was he real? Was this happening? She felt his whiskers, a feeling new to her since they'd last been here.

"I need a shave."

"I like it," she said.

And then she was kissing him.

And then he was kissing her.

For Charlie, the kiss changed his conception of what a kiss could be. With Maggie, it had been wet and sexy and full of promise, like biting into a ripe peach. But to compare this kiss with something as earthly as fruit would have been unfair.

For Claudia, it was the kiss she had been waiting her entire life for. She just didn't realize it until now.

Charlie felt Claudia's fist tighten in the loose hairs at the base of his neck. They tilted their heads and the kiss deepened. He placed a hand on her hip, tracing the glossy satin of her maroon gown. Even through the bodice, he could feel her hot body.


"Yeah. Wow..."

Claudia nuzzled her forehead along Charlie's, twisting his wavy hair between her fingers. Slowly, she opened her eyes. He was right there, watching her. Staring at her. She shivered.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have—" Charlie began. Claudia cut him off with the shake of her head.

"Yes, you should have. You should have a long time ago." She raked her nails across his scalp. "Besides, I kissed you."

"I don't think so."

Claudia giggled. And then they were kissing again. This time, she made sure to be the one to initiate it. If their first kiss was the smoke billowing from the lip of the volcano, the second was the eruption. Lips and tongues crashed as their hands pulled and explored. The trapped heat beneath her dress was suddenly unbearable.

"I want you," she hissed, reaching back and releasing her hair from its elastic. It pooled around her bare shoulders in loose ringlets.

"Claudia..." Charlie warned as she crossed her arms over her chest and took hold of the off-the-shoulder neckline.

"Yes?" she asked, batting her lashes demurely. With a push, the gown fell from her body, catching on the lace of her strapless red bra. "Why don't you get that fire going? I have a feeling I'm going to get cold in a moment."

Charlie shook his head, clearing it of those last few reservations. He'd been waiting for this moment for so long, he was having a hard time accepting it. But this wasn't a dream, and he realized that she wasn't going anywhere.

By the time he had the kindling blazing, the dress was completely gone. Shutting the pocket doors of the library behind her, she watched him from the shadows. The light of the flames flickered across her bare skin, casting it in deep orange, highlighted with dancing yellow.

"You're so beautiful."

It was an understatement. In the red lacy bra and panties, coupled with the firelight, she crossed the room like a lingerie model. Charlie didn't know where to focus. Had her hips always been that wide? That feminine? Had her breasts always been so round?

He removed his sweater before she reached him, feeling overdressed. She sank to her knees and their lips met again. "You're not so bad yourself," Claudia whispered, touching the peaks of his hard muscles through his tight t-shirt. Together, they pulled it off. Where had all these muscles come from, she thought, still deeply tanned from his months in Africa. "Definitely not bad at all..."

He loved the way her flush spread up her neck, reaching the summits of her high cheekbones. He cradled her face in his hand. She nuzzled it as he left butterfly kisses down her neck.

Charlie pulled her back to him, feeling the soft lace of her bra against him. He wanted more. Kissing her neck, he found its clasp and twisted it open. Involuntarily, Claudia rolled her shoulders back, letting it pop free.

God, Charlie had grown since she'd last seen him, but she still felt like she was back in high school again. "Ohhh..." she moaned, feeling his whiskered mouth close around her nipple. She threaded her fingers through his hair, pulling him tighter to her.

He laid her back onto the shag rug, already warmed by the raging fire. His mouth founds hers again, reminding her just how good a kiss could be. She felt him press against her, hard and tempting. Her body ached for it.

Claudia stretched back as Charlie once again began kissing down her body. This time, he didn't stop at her breasts. This time, his kisses worked across her stomach until he was settled between her toned thighs. This was luxury, she thought, staring at the fire as her one-time crush peeled her lacy thong over her hips.

Charlie feasted on her clean-shaven sex, glistening in the romantic lighting. He finished his journey, capturing her tender essence with the flourish of his tongue. She arched and groaned softly above him. Encouraged, he did it again, zig-zagging across her clit before veering away. He'd been waiting so long for this. A few more teasing moments wouldn't hurt.

"Gah! Char... ahhh..."

Twisting and bobbing his head, he waited until she was bucking against his mouth before slicing two fingers into her. All it took was one more twist and she was coming. He'd listened to the familiar sounds through the bathroom door in the past—although she didn't know it—but hearing it at his own hand was so much hotter.

"Very impressive," she gasped when he finally drew away. She thought of her soak in the tub earlier; this was better than the fantasy. "I've been dreaming of feeling that for so many years."

Unbuckling his pants and pulling them off as he climbed over, he said, "Hope I lived up to it."

He felt her hand on his cock, mapping it, squeezing it. "Oh yeah," she whispered, placing him against her smooth folds.

"Claudia?" he asked, staring deep into her eyes.


"I love you."

"I love you, tooooo... ughh..." He sank in. Cinderella's slipper didn't fit this well.

She fought off her orgasm as long as she could, but as he swelled inside her, she didn't last long. He propped himself up on either side of her, the thick muscles of his arms straining. His bronzed skin was shiny and hot. She raised her head and he kissed her. Hard. Her climax surged through her—another lava burst rising, desperate for escape. Charlie held her tightly as she came, fighting to keep up until she bit down on his lip.

"Ow!" he cried, pulling away. He tongued his mouth, tasting the metallic tang of blood.

"Oh, God, I'm so sorry..." Claudia apologized, worry furrowing her brow. She reached out to touch it. Charlie flinched.

"I didn't realize you liked it rough."

"It's not that—" she started to say, but Charlie was already rising onto his knees, cradling her ass in his hands. She squealed at the feeling of being so easily manipulated, picked up and positioned like a doll. She stretched away from him, throwing her arms back to support her like a suspension bridge grown taut.

"I can show you rough," Charlie said with a grin, flaring his eyes, sucking air in through his nostrils. Drawing her butt up off the ground, he held her pelvis against him and started to swing his hips into her.

"Ohhhh, Char..." she gasped as they began rocking their hips. He felt her muscles shift and contract beneath his fingers as they worked together. She bowed out, splaying her nudity for his hungry gaze. His adrenaline surged. He squeezed her butt hard. Claudia only moaned more, reaching up to follow his flexing biceps with her fingertips.

"Claudie, baby, you feel so good," he breathed as he took complete control of her. She felt feather-light as he lifted her into him with each hard drive. His arms screamed at him, burning with exertion. He ignored it, fucking her harder. Manhandling her. Sliding her up and down his cock like a rag doll.

She pincered his body with her legs, helping him. Helping her. She undulated her hips each time he thrust. The angle had him slithering across her g-spot; had her orgasm once again crawling up the insides of her skin. Digging her heels into his back and doing everything in her power to keep her cries at a minimum, she let herself be fucked until the world went red.

In the fog of her orgasm, she felt Charlie release himself inside her. One orgasm tumbled into the next. Merging. Overwhelming. Become so much fucking stronger. Charlie dug into her ass cheeks, burying himself inside this beautiful, amazing, wonderful, fantastic creature. He saw stars as he finally reached the end of this long, long race—a marathon run at a sprint's pace.

Collapsing in a breathless heap, his sweaty brow resting on her sweaty shoulder, they floated down from their lofty high together. Claudia held Charlie as they caught their breath, their damp bodies warmed by the still burning fire. The record player had long run its course, filling the room with its skipping static.

"What just happened?" Charlie asked, finding his voice at last.

"Whatever it was, I don't want it to be over."

"Me either."

"Hold that thought," Claudia said, jumping up. "Get this fire going. We're not going to sleep just yet."


Claudia pulled on her dress without bothering with her underwear and slipped back into the hallway, tip-toeing to her room. It was late enough that most of the family members were asleep. A combination of getting up early, eating too much, and drinking to excess tended to have that effect.

Unfortunately, she ran into her sister on her way to collect provisions for their "camp out."


"Hey, Claud. Everything OK?" She didn't like that knowing smile on her sister's face.

"Robert say anything?"

"Like what?" Maggie batted her eyelashes.

"Shit, you know."

"Hey said goodbye before he left." She shrugged. "It was kind of awkward..."

"Mom and Dad...?" Robert was the perfect match for her... in the eyes of her family. She may have realized that he wasn't perfect for her, but how could her family know?

"They're cool with it." She leaned in. "Honestly, I think they've always hoped you'd end up with..." She trailed off, glancing at the closed library doors. Claudia blushed. "Was he good?"


The younger brunette rolled her eyes. "OK, OK. But I'm like super jealous of you."

Claudia shook her head, changing the subject. "So they're not mad? Or disappointed? Or... I don't know... going to kick me out? Dad seemed to really like Robert."

Maggie shook her head. "They're weird, you know? But seriously, sis, they just want you to be happy." She smiled mischievously before adding, "He wasn't your type, anyway."

"I thought he was."

"That's because, for such a smart girl, you can be pretty dumb sometimes."


"Always a pleasure." Maggie curtsied. When she glanced at the closed library doors, she said slyly, "Well, I don't want to keep you from... tradition." And with that, Maggie walked down the hall, laughing all the way.

In her bedroom, Claudia made quick work of her dress, sliding into her much more comfortable pajama pants and top. Then she pulled her comforter cover off and dragged it through the shared bathroom into Charlie's room. Folding his blanket atop it, she added their pillows and tossed his own pajamas in before folding it up at the corners. She dragged it along the floor, Santa Claus with a sack of plush toes. It barely fit through the doorframe.

Charlie was still in the library when she returned. She hadn't realized how scared she was that he'd be gone until she found that he wasn't. The Christmas music was back, this time a Frank Sinatra record that had seen a lot of play. His back was to her and he was facing the fire. At first, she thought that he was thinking. Then, she saw the photo albums spread out around him.

"I brought provisions," she said, dragging the contents of the comforters before the fire.

He looked up at her, the warm firelight outlining his face and neck. "Look, you did help cook one time," he said, holding up the album he was on. She remembered that Christmas. She was seven and had gotten into the pantry to "help" them cook. Flour was everywhere. Her mother, behind her out just out of focus, looked furious. Young Claudia didn't care, though. She had that smile that lit up the room, just like the one she wore now.

"Oh, Charlie," she said, practically sobbing as she crouched down beside him.

Charlie's faced darkened. The book fell at his side. "If you want to go back to him, I understand," Charlie said quietly, misinterpreting the raw emotion in her face.

Her laugh tore through her wetly. Boys can be such idiots some time. "No. I don't. I'm just realizing how huge a mistake I almost made. I... Charlie, I love you." A tear formed on at the corner of her eye and skirted its way along her lashes. "I'm such an idiot for not waiting." She nuzzled into his hand as he touched her cheek, brushing it away.

"I love you, too, Claudia." She felt his soft lips on hers. She returned the kiss with equal tenderness. She wrapped her arms around his neck and drew him closer, deeper. They weren't volcanic explosions of emotion like they'd shared before, but these seemed to touch her more. She felt warm between her legs as she drew up to a kneel and nudged her nose against his.

They spread out the blankets in front of the fiery hearth, creating a bed of down pillows and heavy duvets. Claudia checked that the library doors were locked as Charlie sprawled out on their make shift bed and watched her. He'd never seen flannel PJs so sexy. The top was held shut by only a couple of buttons, and when she slipped the pants off, his breath caught. The outfit was just modest enough to tantalize.

"Soft touch, right?" she asked as she crawled down between her legs.


"In the kitchen. You said you like a soft touch." She reached into his jeans. His belt clanked as she opened it.

"Right..." Charlie's heart raced. He lifted his hips up as Claudia dragged his jeans and boxer-briefs down his legs. Her hand was warm as it wrapped around his firm flesh. Raking the fingers of her left hand up his muscular upper body, she steadied his cock with the other, bent forward, and drew her tongue from base to crown. Every muscle in Charlie's body tightened. He arched back, groaning as she did it again. Her slick, warm mouth closed around him, swiftly bobbing along the length once before settling into a much more teasing stroke.

Claudia had never done this before: go down on a lover after they'd already had sex. She could taste the salty-tangy mixture from earlier and wasn't sure what she thought about it. And then Charlie groaned above her and she stopped analyzing. She wasn't one of those girls who necessarily loved giving blowjobs. What she did love was the effect they had on the guy. Hearing the groans and feeling the little throbs against her tongue sent zips of electricity through her body. Hearing Charlie—her Charlie—make those sounds ratcheted up the voltage ten fold. She traced the tight knots of his abdominal muscles up to his impressive pecs. Not the boy she knew at all...

"Claudia..." he groaned as she pinched a nipple. His eyes were closed and he was pushing his head into the back of the chair. Was he close? She twisted her mouth up and off his beautiful cock, criss-crossing her tongue one last time along the soft skin.

"Yes, dear?" she asked sweetly, stroking his with her free hand.

"You feel so... good..."

"Mmm..." she thanked him, humming along his length as she swallowed him to the root. Charlie felt him enter her throat. He would have lost it were this not round two, and even still, he felt his balls tighten. He looked at the beautiful girl, her cheeks caving around his cock, her sky-blue eyes watching him through heavy lids.

"Claudia, I need you," he grunted.

She slurped free and smiled. "I'll never grow tired of hearing that."

Straddling him, she held his hot and hard flesh against her and lowered. "Ahh..." the sighed together, reuniting. This was right. This felt so right.

Charlie watched her above him. Her hair was loose, cascading around her shoulders and lit up by the fire. He undid the two, over-sized buttons that held her pajama top in place. She knew the effect her ripe breasts had on Charlie, particularly when she slid the top off her shoulders and thrust forward. She posed like that for him, running her fingers through her hair as she rocked along his prone form. He touched her softly: up her hip, across the gentle ripples of her rib cage, tickling across her nipples. Never lingering long. Never clutching. It was maddening.

"Oh, Claudie..." Charlie groaned. She leaned back further, grasping his meaty thighs for support as she rode him. The sight of her splayed out like that was nearly enough. Her fire-tinged skin glistened as she undulated. He traced his hands down her sides, feeling her abs tighten under his thumbs. He circled his right hand inward, dancing across her smooth rise. As soon as he tickled her clit, she folded forward, curling against him. It was like flipping a switch. She retracted until they were face to face once again.

They kissed. Harder than before. A little more out of breath. A little more desperate.

The slow ride grew faster. Charlie helped her, collecting her hips in his hands. She rose and fell along his cock harder. Somehow, they maintained the kiss. Even as Charlie pushed up onto his hands, straining to get his ass higher. She braced herself on his shoulders and really started to ride him. He thrust up as she grinded down, her warmth rocking his world. They broke into a gallop.

"Claudia, I'm close," he grunted.

She didn't even reply. Throwing her head back, she squeezed her eyes shut and came. He felt her pussy contract around his girth, urging him to join her. He let himself be urged.

"Yes, honey... yesss..." he whisper-shouted as he emptied himself inside his love for the second time in his life. "I... I... love you so much, Clau--DEEE!!!"

Charlie collapsed onto the make shift bed, and Claudia collapsed on him. It felt like every muscle in his body had been soaked in gasoline and lit on fire, but it was a good kind of burn. The kind you love to complain about. He held Claudia's body close, feeling her heart pitter-patter against his bare chest. Sinatra's crooning voice launched into a string-filled "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas."

Charlie looked around the room, thinking of all the memories it held. "Remember when we were little and imagined turning this room into the master bedroom?"

Claudia giggled softly. "Yeah. We were going to put a four poster bed over there, so it faced the fireplace..."

"...and I think you wanted to turn my room into a walk-in closet?"

Charlie laughed as he watched Claudia's face darken in the fading gloom of the fire. "It's the best way to get access to the bath!"

"I see you've worked it all out."

"Charlie, I've spent so long planning a future with you." She brushed a hand through her silky hair. "I can't believe I almost gave it all up."

"Well, stop fretting. And stop planning. I think that we can start experiencing that future. Together this time." They stared at one another in silence before Charlie added, "Did that sound as cheesy as I think it did?"

Claudia tittered. "I wasn't going to say anything."

"Well, my point is, I love you, Claudia, and I want to spend my life with you."

"You're not proposing, are you?"

"I figure we'd try dating first." They laughed, kissing.

"Sounds reasonable. But do me a favor. If and when it comes time... Don't do it in front of our families!"

"If and when, I promise that no family members will be present."

They snuggled together in the final moments of the hearth, watching the glowing embers fade. "You know, I usually fall asleep on Christmas night wishing to do it all over again. But tonight, I'm glad tomorrow will be a new day."

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