tagGroup SexOff At College Ch. 07

Off At College Ch. 07


Chapter 7 – Toga Party

During my first semester in college I did everything hard: I studied hard during the week and I partied hard on Friday and Saturday nights. At my school the Greek letter fraternities usually had the best weekend parties and I often found myself being asked to attend one of them by various guys, especially the guys that belonged to the Gamma Delta Iota house.

For one of the fall weekends, the Gamma Delts planned a toga party. One of the brothers that I had never dated, Jesse, a third year student, invited me to be his date for the party. Jesse told me that he was going to dress as a Roman soldier. I decided to dress as a young peasant maiden. I bought some inexpensive fabric and made a woman's tunica that flowed from my shoulders down to just below my knees before I clinched it under my breasts. Since I was dressing as a lower class girl, I opted not to wear anything under or over garments with my tunica.

When Jesse buzzed my room to pick me up, I was still naked except for my sandals. I slipped my tunica over my head and then girdled it under my pert breasts. Since I had no pockets on my outfit, I stuffed my college i.d., my room key and, on a lark, four or five condoms in my clutch purse. After one last glance in the mirror on the door, I headed down to the lobby to meet Jesse. With what had become a ritual with me, I leaned in and gave Jesse a light peck on the cheek to greet him. Then I added, "You look sharp."

Jesse took my hand and replied, "And, you look hot. I'm not sure that I can keep the guys away from you."

With that we walked out of the dorm hand in hand chatting about school and ourselves. After a few minutes, I began to shiver since the fall air had a definite chill in it. Jesse pulled me closer to him for some warmth. Jesse instinctively began to rub my shoulder as we approached the Gamma Delt house. "You're cold. Too bad one of us didn't bring a jacket."

"And, ruin the costume? You can just warm me up when we get inside," I breathed into his ear with a mischievous grin on my face.

After we got into the house, I turned to Jesse and cooed, "Want to warm me up now?" With that I turned and planted a full kiss on his surprised lips. Jesse responded by slipping his hand down to my ass and pulling me tight against him. My stiff nipples pushed into his chest and my tunica covered mound rubbed against his rapidly swelling manhood. Jesse returned my kiss with a probing tongue.

Because of our location, we soon broke our lip lock. Jesse replied, "Jenny, you're as hot as the guys say."

"Thanks for warming me up, soldier," I responded. Then I added with a grin, "I have a little surprise for you later."

"Wanta tell me now?" Jesse replied squeezing my ass cheek.

"Later, soldier!" I snapped. As I reached to take his hand, the backside of my hand brushed against his swollen cock.

Jesse led me downstairs to the party. Releasing my hand, Jesse started walking to the make shift bar in the corner before saying, "Jenny, what do you want to drink?"

Glancing around, I noticed that most people were drinking red wine. Since I had never had any wine I replied, "Whatever you are drinking, Jesse."

He returned with two glasses of wine and handed me one. "Here you go; I hope that you like it." Before I could take a sip, he continued, "Let's go sit down." With that he guided me over to an overstuffed chair.

I sat down in the chair and Jesse sat on the arm. I took a sip of my wine as Hank and Sandy wandered over. Jesse spoke first, "Hi Sandy. Hank, how's the party going?" Then before Hank could answer, Jesse continued, "Sandy, do you know Jenny?"

I piped in, "I'm responsible for these two love birds being together."

"W e were two of the Smith Sluts," Sandy followed up. Then she leaned over and whispered in my ear, "I hear Jesse is a stud."

"I know." Then in a normal voice I asked, "Been here long?"

Sandy replied, "We just got here. Hank, could you get me a beer?"

As Hank headed to the bar, he replied, "Babe, I think we're only serving wine at the party. Alright?"

"Sure." Then turning to Jesse and myself, she continued, "anything that will get me a good buzz. I sure need something after the game today."

I took another sip of my wine and said to Jesse, "this is better than beer." Just then Hank returned and handed Sandy a glass of wine.

The four of us talked for a few minutes before Hank gave Sandy a look and she said, "Let's go dance." With that the two of them left for the dance floor.

Jesse and I continued to talk and sip our wine. I did notice that from his position, Jesse was looking down my tunica at my twin mounds. I wondered if he could tell that I was not wearing a bra. After we both finished our wine, he stood up, took my hand and pulled me up and out of the chair. "Let's see who is here?"

With that we wandered over to the bar for refills and then began to stroll around the basement. I noticed that there were more guys at the party than women as it was obvious that not every Gamma Delt had a date. As I surveyed the room I wondered how many of the females at the party were going to end up on their backs as I expected to. I continued sipping wine as we chatted with various Gamma Delta brothers and their dates. Occasionally, Jesse would let his free hand wander over my lower back and down my tunica covered ass.

As we wandered over to the game room, we ran into Jim and his date. Jim was the guy that I had picked up the night that I had made my reputation as one of the three Smith Sluts. Jim and Jesse struck up a frat brother conversation while Jim's date, Shelley, pulled me aside. "Can I ask you a couple of personal questions?"

Thinking back to my first week-end on campus, I knew where this conversation was heading, but I answered anyway, "Sure."

"Thanks. I've been out with Jimmy a couple of times now and I…" Taking a gulp of wine she continued, "…Have you ever been out with Jimmy?"

"I've never really been out with Jim before, but he picked me up one night at a party here at the Gamma Delt house."

Gulping the rest of her wine she asked, "I don't mean to be nosy, but did the two of you sleep together?"

"Shel, I don't mind you asking because every girl should know a guy's history. From what I hear, if you've been out with Jimmy a couple of times already and he hasn't gotten you in bed yet, you are one of the few women on this campus that has denied him." I took another sip of my wine and eyed Jesse before resuming my answer. "To be truthful, Jimmy and I have never slept together but then I have never slept with a guy."

Shelley interrupted me, "You're still a virg…"

"I didn't say that, sweetie. All I said was that I have never slept with a guy. I've done it with a number of guys including Jimmy. The night that Jimmy picked me up we went back to my room and we did it a couple of times."

"How was it?" She quietly replied.

"As I recall I had a couple O's and he was a fanatic about using a condom. No condom, no Jimmy! Other than that I don't remember too much." With that I drained my wine glass. "By the way, Shelley, mind if I ask you a question?"

"Thanks and no."

"You're not a virgin are you? I don't think that Jimmy is the type of guy that should be a girl's first."

"Of course not!" Shelley retorted.

Looking at my empty glass and Shelley's nearly empty glass I quietly said to her, "Let's go it some re-fills." Then turning to Jesse I added, "Soldier, Shel and I are getting some more wine, would you like another?"

"Sure, Jen." With that we made our way over to the bar area to get more wine.

After we returned with the refills, we paired off again with Jimmy slipping his arm around Shelley's waist and Jesse easing his hand down to my buns. He rubbed my ass and pulled me up against his body. He nibbled on my ear lobe and then whispered in my ear, "Jim tells me you are one hot bro … girl."

I blushed and wiggled my buns against Jesse's hand. At the same time I noticed Shelley whispering something that I could not quite hear into Jim's ear. Both Jesse and I took a long sip out of our wine glasses and then Jesse said, "Jenny, you want to dance?"

Listening to the slow tune that was being played, I replied, "Why not, sweetie." With that Jesse led me to the next room where the dance floor was set up. As we entered the dance floor, he pulled me tight against him. Since I was only a couple of inches shorter than Jesse, all our parts meshed as we swayed to the oldie's beat. What was different about slow dancing with Jesse was that when we were pressed together, his cock bulge was pressed against my barely covered mound rather than my stomach.

As we danced Jesse let his hands slip down my back until they were both cupping my rear cheeks. With his hands down there he pulled my groin even tighter against his groin. With me pulling my chest against his, I am sure that you could not have slipped a piece of paper between the two of us.

By the third dance, my nipples were rock hard and fully distended. I also sensed that my pussy was lubricating in anticipation of receiving Jesse's stiff manhood in it. The third dance ended and the band announced that it was going on break.

Without letting go of me Jesse nibbled on my left ear and then murmured, "Wanta go find a couch?"

Twisting my head I planted a wet kiss on his lips before cooing, "What ever you want, soldier. I'm yours for the evening."

A broad smile broke across his face. "Let's sit down for a little while. I need to cool off for a few minutes."

"Cool off? I'm trying to get you hotter." I replied as a pout came across of my face. "Sweetie, could you get me another drink while I go pee? I'll meet you back here in a couple of minutes." With that I sauntered over to the bathroom and as I did I gave my ass a wiggle for Jesse.

I flipped on the light and closed the door before I pulled up my tunica and sat down on the toilet. As I peed I rubbed the moisture on my inner thighs where my female lubrication had leaked during our dancing. After I was done with my business I wiped myself like a good girl and then eased a finger between my lower lips to determine if I was still moist where it counted for when the time came. My finger slid in easily and I stroked it in and out of my channel a couple of times before standing up, washing my hands and leaving the bathroom.

Sashaying back to the couch I found Jesse already sitting down holding a glass of wine in his hand for me. Standing in front of him I bent over at the waist knowing that I was giving Jesse a clear view of my dangling breasts. I quickly gave him a kiss on the check and took the glass of wine from him.

Although I heard him comment, "Nice rack, Jenny," the look in his eyes really said everything, Jesse was physically interested in me.

Draining the wine from the glass, I turned around to face away from the couch in order to set my glass down on the coffee table in front of the couch. Again, I bent over at the waist with my thighs intentionally separated. In doing this I knew that this would give Jesse a good view of the backs of my thighs before I sat down. As I stood there I felt his hands running up the backs of my thighs towards my panty less lower cheeks.

I sighed, "Oh, shit that feels good. Don't stop, soldier." All of a sudden I sensed myself being pulled backwards onto Jesse's lap. As I sat on his lap, I felt his fully aroused manhood pressed in the crack of my ass.

I slid off his lap onto the couch as he grasped one of my protruding breasts. I turned my head and received a sloppy kiss on the lips from Jesse causing me to open my mouth to accept his probing tongue in my mouth. I slipped my arms around his back and returned the kiss as he groped my breast through my tunica. As we played tonsil hockey Jesse eased his hand onto my leg and began gliding it up my leg under my tunica. In response, I spread my legs to allow his hand to have freer access to my lower body.

The more we petted and kissed the more turned on I got. My pussy continued to lubricate my opening in anticipation of Jesse inserting some part of his body into my female opening. Finally, I broke the kiss and whispered in his ear, "Soldier, do you know a private place where I can get to know you better?" I then nibbled on his ear lobe and stroked his bare leg.

Squeezing one of my tits, Jesse mumbled, "Girl, let's go upstairs. I'm sure that Nick is down here." We untangled our legs and Jesse pulled me to my feet and into his arms. With a quick hug we both groped the others ass and then we staggered up four flights of stairs to the top floor of the house. Opening a door, he guided me into his room.

As Jesse closed the door, I rubbed my bosom against his chest and causally said, "Hey, soldier, wanna know my secret?" Then without pausing I added, "I'm a very bad peasant girl. I'm not wearing any panties."

"I kinda guessed that," Jesse responded, slipping his hands under my tunica to fondle my buns. Then he added, "And, what does that mean? Does the peasant want to get fucked?"

"You guessed it soldier. I kinda figured that the big bad soldier might expect to have his way with the peasant girl." With that I loosened the girdle under my tits and opened my purse to pluck a condom for Jesse's throbbing cock. Handing the package to Jesse I murmured, "Here you go sweetie, I remembered them this evening."

With that I reached down and pulled the hem of my tunica above my breasts exposing both my pussy and tits to Jesse's lustful gaze. "You like?" I mumbled.

Staring at my curly brunette pelt, he replied, "Nice snatch". As his eyes shifted upward, he added, "And nice jugs." Simultaneously he reached under his uniform to pull his briefs down causing his fully engorged cock to spring into view.

Before he could make any remark I purred, "Like the sword you got there soldier."

He simply ripped open the condom package and rolled the contents over his menacing weapon. I backed up to one of the beds and collapsed on it spreading my legs as wide as I could in anticipation of receiving Jesse's manhood in my leaking pussy. Stepping between my splayed legs he guided the tip of his cock to the slit between my thighs. There he stopped, not penetrating my waiting sex channel. "Seriously, Jen, you want me to fuck you right now?"

In the state that I was in all I could respond with was a weak, "Hell yes, sweetie."

With that he rammed his cock straight into my pussy without any further foreplay. I was so turned on though that my interior walls expanded to accept the welcome intruder. I moaned as his pelvic bone slammed into my mound. At that moment he reversed course and began to slowly withdraw his manhood from my pussy allowing my pussy to close behind him. Then as he slid it fully back into me, Jesse bent over me and lowered his mouth to my standing breast. "That's it, suck my tits sweetie while you fuck my pus – cu -- cunt."

At the same time I started to thrust my ass upward to meet his downward thrusts. "Yes, y – es! Fuck my c – unt," I moaned. However, it was not very many strokes until I felt his encased cock swell in preparation to filling the condom with his spunk. His lips had barely begun suctioning my heaving right tit when his cum began filling the condom. As the last of his cum pumped out of his cock, he reached down between our bodies and gripped the open end of the cover and pulled his shriveling cock from my still unsatisfied pussy.

"Gawd, your cunt's tight, Jen."

My breathing remained rather shallow as I was still hornier than a bitch in heat. Lowering himself back down, Jesse resumed nibbling on my engorged nipple. "That's OK, soldier," I choked out. "As long as you came," I added trying to put the best face on the situation.

I lowered my knees to the bed and Jesse rolled off me. I reached over and slid the spent condom off his deflated cock. Although I knew that Jesse would get stiff enough to satisfy my needs again, I was still very unsatisfied and edgy. As I lay next to him, I reached over and began playing with his manhood – having just removed his cock jacket, Jesse's cock had a film of cum on it. It was not very long until my stroking began to pay dividends as far as I was concerned.

With his cock firming up, I rolled out of bed to find another condom. As my feet hit the floor, he murmured "Where is that sweet cunt off to? You're not leaving me now are you Jenny?"

Rummaging under my discarded tunica I found my purse. ‘Sweetie, I'm too fuckin' horny to leave – especially with that cock of yours nice an' stiff. I'm just looking for another jacket." Opening the snap, I located the condom package and said, "Found it, sweetie." I waltzed back to the bed and crawled on to the bed and knelt between Jesse's legs. Bending over, my breasts swung free and I tongued the buds that were his nipples as his damp cock pushed into my belly button smearing cum on my belly.

As Jesse moaned, I released his now erect nipple and cooed, "Feel good, soldier? Jenny's got some more tricks inside her."

Tearing the package open, I rolled the condom down his cock. Then with a single motion I raised my ass above his erect cock while moving to straddle his hips. Reaching between my split thighs, I grabbed his cock and steadied it so that my dripping love hole could impale itself on Jesse. At the same time, Jesse reached up and grasped my tits to bring them to his waiting mouth.

His tongue snaked out and stroked my extended nipple. This did nothing to cool my ardor for having Jesse's cock buried in my pussy. "Sh – ese your tongue feels great." With that I lowered my crotch towards Jesse's proud manhood; my pussy lips brushed against his jacketed head. Then I pushed down and felt his cock push past my lips and begin to fill my waiting pussy. As my pelvis made contact with his groin I felt Jesse nip my nipple. Jesse slipped his teasing fingers from my bouncing tit down to my hips.

"Your cunt is so hot. Ride my cock."

"I will! I will!" I pulled my hips up before Jesse pulled me back down. "That's it, sweetie, suck my tits," I moaned. I stayed bent over as I rode up and down his stiff manhood and Jesse continued to tongue my swaying tits. The sensations flowing out of my pussy and my tits were straining my already taut nerves. "I'm getting close. I'mmm almost there." We both continued to fuck and my mind was so focused on Jesse's mouth sucking my tits and his cock implanted in my pussy that I did not hear the bedroom door open or Nick, Jesse's roommate, come into the room.

With Jesse having cum within the half hour, his stamina greatly increased. The longer we kept at it, the faster I bounced up and down Jesse's rigid pole. This forced me to straighten up which deprived me of his tongue and lips on my mammaries. My hands seemingly involuntarily came up to my jiggling tits and began stroking my spit-covered nipples. "That's it, Jenny, play with your boobs. Your boobs ..."

"… I'm almost there," I said as I stared at Jesse's roommate without consciously seeing him. After another down stroke, I moaned, "I'm cum … ming. Hold me, sweetie, I'm cumming." As my entire body shook, I felt my pussy flood with more of my juices. "Cum for me, sweetie. Jenny wants to feel you cum too." Instead, Jesse tightened his grip on my hips and forced me to continue to ride him.

My orgasm was beginning to fade when it hit again; the sparks flying outward from my pounding pussy. "Cum for … my gawd, I'm cumming again. I'm …"

"That's it Jenny, just let it flow. Play with your boobies."

As Jesse continued to rock my body, I fondled both tits, stretching my already engorged nipples. This caused more jolts to flood my nerves. "Keep fucking me, sweetie. I'm still cumming," I moaned.

Somewhere in my subconscious I heard Nick say, "This is one hot bitch." However, I was not conscious of his presence in the room at the time.

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