tagRomanceOffice Affairs Ch. 2

Office Affairs Ch. 2


Patrick and Kathleen had been experimenting with other things in their sex life to keep it fresh. One evening she called him at work and began to tell him what she was doing to herself while they spoke over the phone. His first encounters of phone sex, but he wasn't the one having it. It became too much for him to sit and listen to his lady over the phone having all the fun while he was busy running business. Finally, she told him he would have to hire someone today and if he didn't she would be sent someone over to fill in until he hired someone.

Patrick finally gave into Kathleen and allowed her to make the arrangement to send over an assistant until things slowed. Kathleen had contact within her work an acquaintance she met at her last job. Not only was Janet very attractive, she was very intelligent. This was the perfect choice for Kathleen. She had become very close to Janet and even attended several conferences together. Kathleen was anything but intimidated by Janet in fact it was the opposite.

Janet was a beautiful tall legged blonde. She was from the south and spoke with an accent that was very enduring. When she walked into the room, it stopped everyone from working as their stares hit her. Janet asked the receptionist where Patrick's office was and to let him know his fill in assistant was here. As the receptionist stared, paging Patrick and telling him to come up front his new assistant was here.

Patrick was welcoming the thought of an assistant even if it was temporary. As he walked up to the lobby, there was only one hot blonde sitting there. She stood up as he approached. He couldn't stop starring at her breasts, and after his early morning phone encounter with Kathleen. He found that he was becoming aroused, and had to look away. He walked over the receptionist at first to ask her to hold his calls for the next two hours. He would be in training with the temporary assistant his wife sent over. Just to make sure to let everyone in the office know who sent this hot blonde to help him out. After telling her he turned and approached with his hand extended. "Hi, I'm Patrick and you are Janet, correct? He said. "Yes, nice to meet you Patrick, Kathleen has told me so much about you. Replied Janet with a grin. They shook hands and her skin was so soft it melted in his hand.

Directing her to his office with his hand behind her back as they walked. They were talking small talk, about Kathleen and how she was doing. Patrick couldn't resist Janet's perfume, he told her how wonderful it smelled and what was it called. He often asked the women in the office so he'd know what to buy Kathleen when he ravaged her with his mouth. Again, just by her smell he was thinking of bending this woman over in his office and fucking her lights out. Why on earth would his lady send over such a temptation like her? He was dumbfounded.

He had to focus tearing his thoughts from this gorgeous woman and back to work otherwise he'd never get home so he could tear his wife up in bed and everywhere in the house. Where on earth were these thoughts coming from. Probably the night Kathleen seduced him, it made him very aware of the privacy in his office and her sexual prowl ness.

While giving Janet instructions on the computer and the programs and what to do with each file. Finally, his intellect was taking over and it was all business. He gave Janet files to work on and a desk outside his office. Throughout the day Janet would walk in his office and every time it stopped him and he'd stare at her with fantasies running through his mind. Finding the she was very intelligent and swift, was a plus. Kathleen was right, he was very happy with Janet. Plus she was very pleasing to look at, but didn't Kathleen think about this? Didn't she think her friend would be too much of a distraction? Was this a test for him? As long as he kept his mind on business he wouldn't have to worry about those things.

A call came through for Patrick, it was Kathleen. "Hi, honey how is Janet working out?" she asked. Oh, I'm so glad you sent her over, she is a wiz. I can't believe I've let it go this far without help, Patrick replied. Good, I'll let you go and hopefully I'll see you tonight before I fall to sleep, I love you," Kathleen said. Patrick hung the phone up and resumed his work. The piles of work were disappearing. The more that Janet came into his office the more files would disappear. Most of the office personnel had left for home, without notice from either Janet or Patrick. Janet was a workaholic too. The two were the only ones left, she began to get a bit hungry and walked into Patrick's office. As she sat down with a humph, she asked, doesn't anyone eat around here? Patrick had already thought about food, but did nothing about it. He said, yes, I'm rather hungry myself. I was so enthralled in my work I didn't even think about it until now. Well, can we get a bit and resume working? she asked. Of course, any requests? He asked. Doesn't matter anything will do, she said? Okay, he called in an order for Chinese shueine take out, is chicken broccoli okay and vegetable noodles? Yes fine, she replied.

As they waited for the food, Janet sat very relaxed in the chair across from him. Her cleavage was more so, with her blouse opened up he could see her entire breasts. The blouse only covered her nipples, he the skirt was raised as she sat slouched in the chair. He followed her long lucius legs all the way to the dark spot between her legs. He saw himself starring between them trying to decide whether she was wearing panties. Feeling his member rising he massaged it trying to escape those feelings again. A good thing the Chinese restaurant was only around the corner and delivered to him often. Before he knew it, the bell rang that someone was outside the office door. He had softened now and was able to stand and walked to the door while Janet stayed in the chair. Walking back into his office, he moved to the couch and table. Janet stood up and pulled her skirt down and asked he, do you sleep here often? He said actually I've never slept here, but I've sure thought about it. They sat and filled their plates, then ate with much satisfaction. After they were done, they both sat back side by side on the couch. Saying, they had eaten too much.

Again Patrick found himself starring at Janet. Janet again slumping on the couch but this time she was only an arm length away. He found himself going from her knees up her thigh, again her skirt was bunched up even further than when she sat in the chair. He was trying to dismiss the thought of that dark spot he saw earlier. It was too late, his cock began to stiffen. Janet wasn't looking at him though she raised her arms over her head and stretched. While she did this, he could see her entire breast again through her blouse that was opened. He watched as she smoothed her hands down and cupped them then down her stomach and to her legs. He couldn't control his rising no matter how much he figited. Since his cock was large, it was obvious she had aroused him. Janet turned to him smiled as asked, well, are you ready to go back to work? As she said this to him she at once noticed his huge cock stiff for her. He looked at her with embarrassment and said, I'm so sorry, I just haven't been with Kathleen as often as I'd like. Smiling at him again, she asked, Are you ready for your fortune cookie? Now she opened her blouse with one touch he can see that she had on a black laced bra, he was right it was only covering her nipples. Her breasts were beautiful. He moved his hands forward to them cupping them and following them came his mouth pressing against them kissing them. She moved her hand behind her back unstrapping the bra for him, he began to take the erect nipples which were pink and had been piercing in them. Never had he experienced a woman with pierced nipples. How much fun he had been playing with his tongue inside his mouth sucking on them too. While Patrick sucked and played with her nipples Janet smoothed her hand between her legs feeling her wetness first then smoothing it all over her clit then back. Patrick could feel her moving with a rhythm, she was moaning in pleasure. He quickly moved his hand down to himself and began to rub. He removed his pants with one hand and his cock fell out of his boxers. He needed to stroke it and it was apparent that Janet was going to do herself as he continued to suck on her nipples. Finally, she layed back onto the couch exposing that dark spot. Her skirt was up around her waist it was evident that she didn't have on any panties. A patrick-found spot he was searching for between her legs, he kissed his way down her breasts and stomach to her legs. Her legs opened automatically as he began to kiss them, she was beckoning him to her sweetness. Honey was dripping from her sweet pot as he began to kiss and taste her, he used his fingers in spreading it all over from her clit and all over the lips that protected that sweet honey nectar. While Patrick was eating the honey flicking her clit while enjoying he looked up and saw Janet pulling and playing with her breasts. It even went as far when he would flick her clit with his tongue she would do the same to her nipples. The rings on them were standing at attention excited and very erotic.

The two of them were enjoying the moment that found them in that position. Neither had heard the door unlock and close. It was Kathleen, she found Patrick between her best friends legs. This moment was what she expected from the two of them. Smiling she leaned against the wall and got a great view of Janet with her legs spread and could only see Patrick hair and tongue. Janet saw Kathleen and smiled back, Kathleen became so aroused by watching the two of them. There was no more controlling herself, she moved her hands over her breasts cupping them and pinching the nipples through her blouse. She was so glad she didn't wear a bra or panties, she kept one hand on her breasts caressing them and the other hand found its way down between her legs. All she could think of was Patrick being between her legs she was dripping wet and began to insert her finger inside the wetness. Tearing at her clothing now opening up her blouse and pulling her skirt down. You could see her move toward Janet.

Janet was near orgasm and Patrick could feel the waves come to his lips while he worked her with his tongue and fingers. He moved one of his fingertips and inserted it into her anus, making Janet orgasm hit quickly and hard. Her body began to tremble and thrust up and down the faster she did this the harder he held on and pushed his finger inside her ass. He was no longer looking at Janet but feeling her waves and trying to make it happen again. He could hear noises above, but paid no attention to them.

Kathleen walked over to the edge of the couch and propped up a leg over Janet's head and Janet grabbed and pulled her on top of her face. Burying her lips and sucking on Kathleen's clit, she took her finger and began to fuck her with one at first then slipping in another, then another till it was finally four fingers inside her pussy whole. Kathleen began to moan feeling Janet sucking on her clit and pounding her with almost her entire fist. Watching Patrick sucks on Janet, she wanted to suck the cum from Janet and Patrick.

Patrick ate all of Janet honey from her, finally pulling out his fingers from her pussy and anus. He had heard the noises, but wasn't aware of what was really happening. Until he saw Kathleen standing there with her clothes barely on, one leg propped up with Janet fucking her with her hand. He thought it was a dream, he'd alway fantasized having two women. Had he been so overworked that he was asleep in his office dreaming this? No, it was not a dream, Kathleen opened her eyes and smiled at Patrick. Patrick's hard cock was large and ready to cum, he wanted to cum inside Janet's pussy. Now with Kathleen watching him it excited him even more. He took his stiff cock that was purple in color now and took the head and slowly pressed it against her clit making her juices flow again. He moved the head up and down the slit moving the satin all over her, pressing the head inside her pussy. It was ecstacy all at once, he was ready to release inside her, but held off. Pumping in and out picking up her ass while he pumped. Watching Kathleen getting fucked by someone elses hand and her enjoying it was keeping him from cumming. He wanted to cum the same time she did. Holding off and watching her the entire time. Finally he could see Kathleen close her eyes and moan even louder, knowing that she was cumming and Janet pressed her entire and inside her then thrusting it almost lifting her in the air sucking and flicking her clit. Patrick couldn't hold out he began to cum inside Janet but only had one stream then pulled out and came all over her chest.

Kathleen moved her leg down and walked over to Patrick taking his face and kissing it with Janet's honey all over it. Licking his face and moving her hand over his softening cock. From her touch he could feel his cock react to her. Knowing that she planned this for him, she knew this is what he always fantasized about. Kathleen went down on her knees and took Patrick cock into her mouth. Sucking the head and pumping the shaft inside her mouth while cupping his balls in her other hand. Patrick watched Janet begin to play with herself while she watched the two of them go at it. Patrick was hard again in no time, just then Kathleen took his cock out and moved over to Janet and began to suck on her pussy. Putting her ass in front of Patrick motioning him to take her, he was stroking his cock against her. He could see the juices dripping from her pussy he moved down with his cock and spread them all over her toward her ass. Yes, he wanted to press his huge cock into her ass. Now was the moment he needed.

Kathleen was into sucking his and Janet's cum accepting each drop into her mouth. Playing with Janets clit and stuffing her fingers inside of Janet. Wanting to fuck her with her fist, fitting all of it inside of her. Kathleen hands were small and Janet was so wet with juices that Kathleen had no problem getting inside of her. Kathleen could feel Patrick moving her juices all over and back to her anus. She could feel him penetrate her vagina as soon as he put the entire shaft in her he would pull it out and move the head all over. He continued this for quite a while, Kathleen by this time wanted to be fucked so bad her ass was moving trying to keep his cock inside her. She could feel him press the tip of head inside her tight ass. Just as she was ready for him to press harder inside her ass he would pull out. He more he did this to her the harder she would fuck Janet with her fist. Janet was moaning and he breasts were fumbling all over the place from Kathleen relentless lifting her fist inside of Janet pussy. Kathleen grabbed hold of Janet clit with the tip of her teeth and sucked on it. Finally, she could feel Patrick press further and further inside her ass. By now she desperately needed him to fuck her ass and moved her ass onto his cock pressing its entirety inside her. All most at once Kathleen began to cum Patrick knowing that movement moved his and to Kathleen pussy, while pressed all the way inside her ass. He flicked his fingers all over her clit and pussy. Janet too, was having another orgasm while Kathleen bit on her clit. Janet was shaking and sweating dripping from all the sex. Kathleen's orgasm continued while Patrick picked her up and sat her ass on his cock.

Janet moved up while Kathleen was sitting on Patrick lap. she had full view of Kathleen clit and pussy, she got down on her stomach and began to eat Kathleen cum from her dripping pussy while sucking on Patrick fingers. Patrick still had not cum inside Kathleen ass, but could feel Janet begin to suck on his fingers. Kathleen was still in an orgasm, this was the longest one had ever lasted with her. Janet continued her pursuit of Kathleen once again, moving her hand all over her clit and pussy, fitting in only three of her fingers inside Kathleen tight pussy. The more she tried to fit more inside her by stretching the more Patrick would fuck Kathleen. Both Janet and Patrick could feel each other while inside of Kathleen. Working her over while she had the climax of her life. Finally, Patrick succumb to the feeling of Janet hand inside of Kathleen while he to was fucking her tight ass, shooting his hot cum inside her. Kathleen was still in her orgasm that lasted almost 20 minutes.

After Patrick shoots a huge load inside of Kathleen ass he pulled out and layed on the floor next to the two women. Janet fucking Kathleen with her hands and Kathleen on her knees still enjoying the sex. Janet moved under Kathleen now licking the cum out of her ass while fucking her with her fingers still. It was like Janet had done it with her before and knew exactly what Kathleen liked. Patrick layed back and enjoyed watching Kathleen gets pounded by a woman, it began to arouse him yet again. It was beyond his imagination that this was happening, but went along with it all. After Janet sucked all the cum out of Kathleen ass she saw Patrick laying there with his cock in his hand again. Janet wanted to suck his cock and moved over between his legs first taking one of his scrotums inside her mouth and playing with her tongue. Patrick still had his shaft inside his hand while she sucked his balls. Kathleen was dripping with sweat and was glowing in the lighting in his office. She saw Janet sucking on his balls and moved down onto his cock and kissed the head and moving it inside her mouth.

Janet continued to move her tongue all over Patrick balls and down to his ass. Taking the juices from Kathleen, who was laying next to Patrick sucking his cock and moving them all over Patrick ass. Continuing to move Kathleen juices all over Patrick and her fist then inserting her fingertips first then had no mercy for him and continued to try to fit more fingers until she could press the same fingers inside his tight ass that she did with Kathleens pussy. Patrick could feel the two women onto of his pleasures. It was an unreal experience they both worked him for almost over an hour until he came.

Kathleen's surprise and office help was one of many more late nights at the office. The unreal experience was mutual for the threesome. They laid in their juices and smells of sex filled the office. There would be no more paperwork for the evening, only the workings of each other pleasures.


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