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"How are you doing Nadia?"

She looked up from the papers she had been working on and gazed into the face of the most gorgeous man Nadia had ever laid eyes upon: her boss, the Senior CEO of Heartland Global Technology. "Wonderful, now that you're here," she responded, while her body responded the same way that it always did since the first day she met him. Instantly wet and ready.

"Such a tease."

"Only for you, Mr. Tanis." If only he'd feel the same way about her. Nadia knew that he found her attractive. There weren't many men who didn't. Tall and athletically thin, with blond hair cut into a cheeky bob that accentuated the sleek lines of her exquisite face, she was, what her old high school flame had called, any man's walking wet dream.

Everyone, it seemed, except for Brian Tanis. The 42-year-old executive was perfect for her. He just didn't know it yet.

He was taller than her 5 foot 9 inch frame by about a half a foot. That in itself was a huge turn on for Nadia, who usually found herself towering over most men. His hair was an ordinary shade of brown indoors, but had mahogany highlights in the sunlight. His eyes were sharp, contrasting their warm chocolaty shade. He took a light lunch three days a week while on a treadmill, and worked out at a gym on the other four days. The silk, Armani suits he preferred showcased his long legs, narrow hips, and bulging muscles.

And while on the subject of "bulging," Nadia could tell from the always constant and very noticeable bulge in his pants, that the man had quite the package on him. In other words, Brian Tanis was a grade A, utterly fuckable hunk.

"Are those new shoes?" His gaze roamed unhurriedly, taking in her white silk blouse that was sheer enough to hint at her hourglass curves, the not-quite-regulation short skirt, the long expanse of her shapely legs, and down to her sexy, three-inch high shoes. His eyes lingered for a moment on the outline of her tiny white bra that pushed up her small - yet perky! - Breasts, then came back up again to meet her crystal green eyes.

Completely delighted that her outfit had the desired effect, she bubbled, "Oh yes! Do you like them?" She stuck out a pointed foot and turned to the side - in that way only women can do - to show off her shoe, and the profile of her perfectly toned leg. In this position, the hem of her skirt inched up a little, drawing the eye to her firm backside.

Frustrated with tiptoeing around their obvious chemistry with light flirting, and tired of waiting for him to eschew his holier than thou, don't-mix-business-with-pleasure morals, Nadia had decided to take matters into her own, very capable, hands. Tongue-tying him with her sexy little outfit was only a small taste for what she had planned for the evening.

Brian's jaw visibly clenched at the sight. For a moment he didn't say anything, then, with his voice harsh and deep, said, "They're nice, Nadia." He turned away from her and began striding towards his office, and threw over his shoulder, "Could you make sure and get me the info on the Donovan account? And some coffee? I think I'll be up late again tonight."

"Sure thing," Nadia answered aloud. Inwardly she was thinking, Oh yes, I think we're going to be up all night long.


Jesus! He moaned inwardly.

Brian usually prided himself on his iron clad work ethics, but when Nadia Meyers was transferred to his office, he had to constantly remind himself that ripping off his executive assistant's clothes, stretching her naked over her tiny desk so that he could pound all his desires into her tight little cunt, probably wasn't the smartest idea in the world. His dick, however, disagreed with him each and every time he saw her.

It sprang up with a life and mind of its own, needing only one thing. To be buried deep inside Nadia. Regardless of where he was or who he was with - like, say, his boss - when she came into the room, he instantly became so turned on that jacking off in his private bathroom didn't work.

She wasn't helping any, flouncing around the office wearing those sexy little shoes that, with her tight little skirts that put even Ally McBeal to shame, made her legs look so fucking good.

Fuck! He just couldn't get her out of his head. Therefore, he decided to do the only thing that helped: he was going to drown himself in work. He would work so hard, so long, that when he got home he would pass out in bed before he could remember that with but a mere look, her nipples puckered so tightly that they showed through her bra and shirt.

As he pushed open his door, he shook the erotic image from his head and prepared for the long evening of paperwork ahead of him. Brian took one step inside and stopped dead.

There, lounging in his chair, with one leg draped over the arm and the other hiked up on the desk, was a woman. She was dressed in some black leather getup that he had seen once in the window of a hard core porn and lingerie shop. The skirt she was wearing would have barely concealed her completely shaved pussy had she not been sitting so lewdly, and the bra (if that is what you could call it) was nothing more than a few straps of leather circling her high full breasts, with thin chains crisscrossing over her nipples. Around her neck was a choker with a leash attached that she was swinging in lazy arcs. At her feet was a pair of strappy, ice pick shoes, identical to the ones Nadia had been wearing.

"Brian Tanis, I presume?" She spoke to him in her sultry voice imperiously, as if this was her office and he was some lowly assistant there to beg a raise. She looked him up and down, much in the same way he had with Nadia only minutes earlier.

He wasn't amused. In fact, already six weeks sex deprived and hard as a rock from his little talk with Nadia, walking into his office to find this had completely snapped his patience.

Brian slammed the office door shut behind him. "Who the fuck are you, and what are you doing in my office?"

The woman smiled at his tightly constrained temper, knowing that fucking this man would be wild and delightfully dirty. She couldn't wait. It wasn't every day she got to play with such a Man.

Aware that his control was barely tethered, she dragged a red tipped finger down her flat stomach to her exposed femininity. She hesitated for a fraction of a second, making sure that his eyes were hungrily following, then the red disappeared into her soft folds.

Stroking herself, she finally answered, "My name is Lilith, and I think it's fairly obvious what I'm doing here." She accentuated that last statement by spreading her lips with her free hand and manipulating her clit with the other.

Lilith smile evilly. It was clear the man was panicked; his lusts fighting against morals that were valiantly making a stand.

Morals, for Christ's sake. How the man had made it as far as he had with morals was beyond her. Usually, CEO's had shed that burden about ten steps back on the ladder of success. Unchaining him was going to be fun.

Before he could pull his mind far enough out of the gutter to remember that he could leave the room, Lilith stood and sauntered over in front of him. She ran a hand over the bulge in his pants.

"Mmmm, a big boy, huh?" Her husky purr was his undoing. Without warning, he grabbed her by the shoulders and crushed his mouth against her in a bruising kiss. He plunged his tongue between her teeth and he sucked the very air from her lungs before releasing her as abruptly as he had begun. His hand still on her shoulder, he pushed her forcefully on her knees before him, and Lilith needed no more prompting.

With experienced speed, she had his pants around his ankles. She gazed up at him in awe; the heavy weight of his balls hanging low, and his proud cock thrust high in the air. A thick vein ran from the base up and under the thick mushroomed head. She took the tip of it into her mouth, sucking and running her tongue over the sensitive skin. Usually she would have teased him longer, drawn out the anticipation, but she wanted more.

So she deep throated him in one, smooth action, and he groaned in pleasure at the feel of her throat muscles fighting to stay open for him. She withdrew and then went back down, back and forth quickly a few times, before slowly withdrawing again, sucking as hard as she could all the way up. She tickled the crevice at the top with the tip of her tongue, took it into her mouth and rolled her tongue around it.

His breath exploded out when she cupped his balls, massaging and kneading them with a firm, yet gentle hand. Her mouth explored his dick eagerly, running her expert tongue every nook and cranny.

Slowly, she pushed him backwards until he landed with a heavy thump in a chair. He let his head drop back and his eyes close, enjoying the feel of the woman's mouth on him, then her hand jacking him off. He felt her teeth nip at him and then her tongue sooth him with a languid caress while she continued to pump him with her hand. He jerked suddenly when he felt the exquisite sensation of two mouths attempting to devour him.

His eyes blinked in surprise at the sight of two bobbing heads; one black as midnight, the other, angelic blond.

It was Nadia. She was looking directly into his eyes while her dainty little mouth circled his thick head. She sucked on it, released it, grazed her teeth over it, and then sucked it again. Then she pulled more of him into her mouth, slow inch by slow inch, until he could feel her breath tickle his thick hair at the root.

Just below was Lilith. She was running her tongue up and down the throbbing vein while Nadia captured the top. When Nadia took his entire length into her throat, Lilith dropped down to suckle on his balls. Then they both came up, running their tongues along opposite sides of his dick. Their lips and tongues swirled over the small expanse of skin available.

Frequently, he could feel both of their tongues mingling, and it was the most erotic sight he ever saw: both women, one fair and one dark, mouths close together, their tongues caressing him and each other. It was too much. He came with a violent jerk, his cum spewing white over their pretty faces.

Nadia looked surprised for a moment, and let out a little snort of laughter at the sight of Lilith. Lilith, in turn, sniggered at Nadia. Brian just sat there, chest heaving from the intensity of his release, watching the two giggle like little girls. Then his body clenched in renewed lust when Nadia - his sweet, sexy Nadia - shyly licked a glob of his cum off the corner of Lilith's lush mouth.

Their lithe bodies pressed black leather and chain clad breast to white lacy bra breast, they quickly tongued each other clean, giggling the whole time. Then, to Brian's everlasting delight, Lilith cradled Nadia's face in her hands and gently kissed her lips. Nadia's instinctively parted, and he suppressed a groan to see Lilith's tongue slip into the other woman's mouth. Nadia's trepidation vanished after the first slide of tongue on tongue, and the kiss turned wild.

Small, feminine hands glided over soft, feminine skin. They touched and caressed each other into wicked abandon. Lilith, yet more evidence of her skill, tugged at Nadia's bra until her breasts tumbled out. Brian watched, amazed at the scene before him, as Nadia gasped at the feel of a woman's mouth on her breast. Her hands floundered for a moment, then, when Lilith bit her nipple none so gently, Nadia grabbed fistfuls of her black hair and pressed her more firmly to her chest. Lilith pushed the less experienced woman to the floor, her mouth still fastened on the nipple Brian had been envisioning sucking on not too long ago.

When Nadia was withering in ecstasy beneath her, Lilith pulled away. She stared down at the angelic beauty lying on the floor between her legs. She leaned down and rubbed her body against the other woman's, taking a moment to grind her cliterous against Nadia's, before sliding slowly down her body. Lilith heard the sound of Brian moaning when her face was directly in front of Nadia's lace covered mound. Her scantily covered ass was thrust up in the air, giving the man an unrestricted view of her leaking cunt, and he could see from between her wide spread legs everything that she was about to do to sweet little Nadia.

She slipped the pathetic excuse for panties off the prone woman, and pushed her legs as wide as they could go. Then she spread open Nadia's lips with her hands, rubbing the taunt little nub with a finger, and then ran an eager tongue over it. Nadia screamed at the sensation, the knowledge that a woman was licking and sucking on her. She watched Lilith lap at her clit with long, loving strokes, and then torment it with sharp nips of her teeth.

Lilith broke away again, moving only far enough to reach for a black satin bag Brian had not noticed before. From it, she pulled a huge dildo. She settled herself before Nadia again, and began rubbing the sex toy against the woman until her hips were lifting in encouragement. Coated with her wetness, it slid easily into Nadia. Both Lilith and Brian watched, fascinated, as the skin surrounding the toy stretched taunt. Nadia was moaning in agonized delight, the toy pushing into her, filling her to capacity and then beyond. When it was pressed in the whole way, Lilith pulled it out again, slowly.

Then, without warning, she slammed it back into the woman. Nadia screamed from the pleasure she got from the excruciating pain of her sudden orgasm. Brian, who had been stroking himself while they played, almost came again from the violence Lilith revealed. Again and again, Lilith slammed the toy into Nadia until she was crying out "yes!" with each thrust.

Unable to merely watch any longer, Brian got up from his chair and circled the women. They both were aware of him, but were too busy pleasuring themselves to care. Then, showing the same violence that Lilith showed for Nadia, Brian shoved Lilith away. He bent over Nadia, completely ignoring the other woman, and began to kiss and nibble all over her sweet body, giving a bit of tenderness where Lilith was cruel, until he felt her body shudder in release.

Then he turned to Lilith. Evidently not caring how he had treated her, the dark haired woman was splayed on her back, fondling herself while watching Brian give Nadia pleasure. He gestured for her to come closer, and silently indicated that she should lie down again on the floor. He maneuvered a complacent Nadia so that she was straddling Lilith's face who immediately pulled the blond woman closer so that she could bury her face in between her thighs.

After a moment's hesitation of looking down at Lilith's clean shaven cunt, Nadia bent over the woman to take her first taste of female heat. It was hot and salty, and Nadia found that she enjoyed the feel of the sensitive little nub beneath her tongue. She pulled it into her mouth and suckled it, pulling little erotic mewling sounds from Lilith. Then a gush of wet saturated her face, and Lilith bucked from the intensity of her orgasm. Nadia was delighted to have been able to give the woman such pleasure that she was unable to move for a moment. Soon however, with the stamina of the paid companion, Lilith continued to work Nadia's clit.

A moan escaped Nadia when she felt the head of the dildo pressing against her sensitive folds. She glanced around to see Brian watching as he pushed it further into her cavern, watching Lilith nibbling and tonguing Nadia around the toy. He pumped it a few times, then withdrew it, rubbed it against her lips, and Nadia bucked slightly when he move it up between her ass cheeks. Brian held her still with one hand, with the other, pierced her sweet little pucker with the tip of the huge tool.

Slowly, he forced it into her ass, and Nadia squirmed in discomfort as her body fought to adjust around the object. When it was in to the hilt, she had gotten used to the size, and even began to enjoy the slight pain it caused. Lilith continued to work her clit with her expert tongue, so Nadia was more aroused now than she ever imagined she could be. Her cunt was dripping with juice, waiting to lubricate whatever entered the heavenly well.

Brian admired wicked scene before him: the sex goddess lying on the floor lapping away at Nadia while she pinched and twisted her own nipples; sweet, angelic Nadia straddling the darker woman, her tongue thrust deep in the prone woman's cunt, and her ass filled with the dildo. It was the sexiest, most debauched 69 he had ever witnessed. To complete his handy work, Brian pressed himself against Nadia's backside, rubbing his cock against her wetness. Then he thrust inside her, and nearly came as her tight cunt clenched around him in release. The dildo created a new pressure that further excited Brian, and his control completely snapped.

He slammed his dick into the woman as hard as he could, pounding and pounding all his pent up cravings and lusts for this woman. When he felt the sensation of Lilith's clever mouth licking and sucking on his heavy balls, his body spasmed, and he collapsed forward as his world burned away in the fire of his orgasm.

Nadia screamed when his huge cock pulsed, the pressure of both her entries crammed full of dick and Lilith's wild manipulations sent her into another mind-blowing orgasm.

They all fell to the floor in puddles of sated desire, their legs and arms entwined.

"Holy fuck!" Brian managed, after a few minutes of trying to catch his breath. "That was unbelievable."

Lilith began to giggle and Nadia joined in. "Who had a good idea?" Nadia asked before thrusting her hand into the air, "ME!"

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