tagErotic CouplingsOffice Fuck Buddies Ch. 02

Office Fuck Buddies Ch. 02


"Have you got my pants with you?" Nicky asked with a slight grin.

We were standing in the staff room and whilst there were other people in there, no-one was close enough to hear.

"Sorry?" I replied, with a slightly quizzical look on my face.

I was really just playing for a bit of time as I'd thought she hadn't realised that I must have still had her nickers from when she'd removed them on the previous Friday afternoon.

It was the Wednesday after we'd first 'extended' our "special friendship," as Nicky had described it when we spoke on the 'phone over the week-end. We'd exchanged a few texts and then had a long conversation on the Sunday, and then again at work on the Monday morning, firstly with us both expressing no regrets and then with Nicky laying down a few rules. Because of that I deliberately hadn't pushed anything, thinking it was better for her to instigate when something would happen next so that she didn't feel at my "beck and call" (as she'd phrased it).

I had, however, on the Sunday 'relieved' myself whilst holding and smelling those silky, brief white panties and thinking of her; those big, so-heavy tits; her slight but toned body; her small but shapely arse; that cute face with the wide mouth and the alluring smile.

"You didn't give them back to me the other day...have you got them with you or are you intending to wear them yourself?" she grinned wider.

Nicky was standing closer than someone usually would, within what most people would term my personal space and so, whilst I was confident this would help no-one over-hear us, I was also concerned that her proximity coupled with the way she was looking up at me, let alone what we were talking about, would cause the blood to go rushing to my cock and become obvious to others!

"I don't think they'd fit me," I sort-of laughed, "and they certainly wouldn't look as good on me as they do on you."

"Oh, I don't know", she smirked, "...and anyway doesn't the thought of having your cock nestling against the same, soft, silky material that my pussy has been rubbing and nestling against excite you....?"

Having this small, slight but very busty, younger lady looking up at me from so close, in an almost coy, shy way, with her hands held behind her back, but whilst talking in such a dirty way made me tongue-tied and I merely nodded my head in agreement.

"Anyway," she continued, a seductive look on her face, "I suppose if you haven't got them with you I'll just have to stay commando then," and she turned and walked away from me.

As I gazed after her, I was sure she was walking slower than she normally would and in an exaggerated manner as if it to exemplify her arse, enabling me presumably longer to look and lust after her. Reaching the staff room door she turned and looked at me and seemed to take great enjoyment at the look on my face which, to her, would have been apparent was a mix of surprise, desire and slight resentment.

I clearly sighed, then smiled but also slightly shook my head, as if trying to say, 'that's just not fair!'

And it wasn't fair, I had several important things to (try to) concentrate on that morning and it proved to be a real struggle.

Fortunately, at least from a work point of view, the first couple of meetings I had that day were away from the office I shared with Nicky and a couple of other guys.

I did pass her in the corridor once and, and as there were other people around, just exchanged normal pleasantries but she did smile at me in a knowing sort of a way and I did manage, when I was sure knowing else was watching, to mouth the word 'cow'causing her to smile even broader.

It was late morning before I headed back to our office, looking forward to having some time with Nicky with no-one else around as the two guys we shared with weren't in that day.

I feared my hopes were going to be dashed, however, as I was joined down the corridor by Simon, our Financial Accountant, a nice enough guy but someone who had a distinct talent for making a 5 minute conversation drag on for (what seemed like) hours! My heart sank even further when he said he just needed to go over some cost analysis with me before going to see our Chief Executive and he promptly followed me into the office.

As I walked in Nicky flashed me a very pleasant smile in welcome but I was sure her face then dropped slightly as she saw Simon walking in behind me. They exchanged a few words, Nicky asked me about the meetings and I then sat down with Simon, intending to try and breeze through this as quickly as possible.

After about 15 minutes, however, Simon was still in full flow and seemed to want to go over everything several times and I had to stop myself from looking over at Nicky and letting my mind wonder.

Just then Simon's mobile rang and, apologising, he said it was a call he needed to take. Moments after I'd said, "no problem", my land-line rang.

"Guess what I'm doing?", I instantly recognised Nicky's voice, breathing quietly and huskily from the ear-piece.

Looking across at her, our desks were approximately 20 yards apart from each other on the angle, I could see she was holding her phone with one hand but the other hand was down below her desk and it seemed apparent was between her legs.

Although Simon seemed to be heavily engrossed in his conversation, I dared not say anything in response and just looked at her, the slightest smile appearing on my face as I also very gently shook my head as if, once more, saying 'that's just not fair'!

"God, I'm so wet," she continued, "...I frigged myself silly thinking about you last night," followed by a very quiet, yet deep, throaty groan.

"Get rid of him as soon as you can. The key to the downstairs document library is in your top right drawer. You go ahead, just sit on the chair and leave the key in the lock on the inside."

"OK," I replied, desperately trying to think of an easy and plausible way to bring my discussions with Simon to a very quick end.

He, however, did this for me by then ending his call and saying that it had been our boss on the phone and he had to go and see him right now.

I, seemingly, graciously accepted his apologies and reassured him that we could pick up on this again sometime tomorrow but still had to rise and help coerce him out towards the door otherwise I think it would have still taken ages for him to go. Whilst he was still talking I'd opened my desk drawer as Nicky had ventured and pocketed the key which was there. As I followed him out of the door, virtually pushing him on his way, I turned to look quickly at Nicky and she held up one finger, I assume to tell me that she'd be following in literally one minute.

As Simon carried along the passageway, I said my goodbyes and quickly descended down the stairs to the lower level, which mainly housed store rooms, the mainframe computer area and the document room which Nicky had mentioned.

One advantage of working for a company with just over 40 staff was that everyone got to know each other and who did what. It also meant that there was a lot of shared responsibility and Nicky was the only person who had a key to this room with the exception of another lady who was away on annual leave. We were also quite spread out over 3 levels and so you weren't on top of each other, with lots of prying eyes all over the place. I was grinning as I unlocked the door at the realisation of how much obvious thought Nicky had put into this.

Turning on the light I saw that the only chair which was usually in the room had been placed in the centre, rather than behind the sole desk and I quickly placed the key in the lock and sat down. For some reason, I just had to remove my tie and was glad I did so as moments later Nicky quietly entered the room and turned to lock the door.

My prick was now quite clearly straining against my suit trousers, thrusting rock-solid straight upwards.

"We haven't got that long," she said, looking quite serious as she walked towards me, "so I want you to get that cock straight out."

She obviously wanted to be in full control and it was a real kick to have this younger, attractive lady who I found so sexy obviously feeling horny for me too.

Nicky walked behind me and, as I unzipped my trousers and with some difficulty reached in and released my prick from my boxers, she leant down to whisper to me; "I'm going to straddle you and ride your cock, but there's not going to be any touching or kissing or groping...I just want to concentrate on that big, hard, cock, filling my tight, warm pussy."

I could smell her senseous perfume and feel her breath on my neck and what with her words could have quite easily shot my load right there and then. My prick had twitched and jerked in excitement and anticipation as she'd spoken and did so once more as she moved her right hand around in front of my face and presented her middle finger below my nose.

"Smell how turned on I am," Nicky whispered, and I breathed in to fully enjoy the musty, distinctive aroma that I recognised from the other day.

"Taste how turned on I am," she continued, presenting her finger to my lips and sighing as I lightly licked at it, before rolling my tongue around the tip and then slowly sucking back and forth several times. As with her smell, she had a certain taste to her, one that I thoroughly enjoyed and one that only added to the way that everything about her seemed to turn me on.

Nicky seemed to be breathing very heavily now and, as she walked back round in front of me, virtually demanded, "lower the chair right down, pull your dick away from you and hold it straight for me."

As I did so she reached down to slightly pull up her long, smart skirt from the bottom, meaning that she could step across my lap and straddle me.

Nicky then let her skirt drop once more and it fell down covering my lap and thighs. There was something highly erotic about having this almost fully-clothed woman standing over me but knowing that my rock-solid erection was only a few inches from her naked, ready and oh-so-willing entrance.

As I held my cock at it's base, Nicky looked at me as she so slowly began to lower herself. Not being able to see how close she was getting to my prick just added to the whole excitement and my prick was now literally aching, straining for the first touch. Finally, we both gasped at the sensation of her soft, delicate cunt lips lightly meeting the tip of my massively enlarged helmet.

I then sighed out loud as she lowered herself slightly further and I could feel her entrance slipping around the head of my prick until Nicky held herself there, looking straight at me, just impaled on the very head of my cock.

I took my hand away and, to stop myself from grasping her and pulling her to me, firmly gripped the underside of the chair with both hands.

Having removed my hand from the base of my cock Nicky, or rather the entrance to her pussy, was now the only thing supporting and keeping my cock straight and the sensation as my helmet strained against her was tantalising.

Nicky half-smiled as she could see the mix of emotions on my face; the sheer pleasure at such a glorious feeling but also trying to control the desire to urge her to ram herself fully down onto me and not to reach out and grope at her slender body and fabulous tits.

As if taking pity on me, and just before I think I would have succumbed to one or the other or more likely both, she began to slide herself down my shaft, again looking me straight in the eyes as she did so.

Although she was wet, her pussy still felt nicely tight and snug and I could distinctly feel her pussy lips firmly slipping all the way down the outside of my prick.

We both let out loud groans as she finally just sat on my lap, all her weight now pushing down and further emphasising the sensation of her being impaled on me. Nicky arched her head back and closed her eyes, before opening them again and looking at me once more. "Fuck this is so much better than my fingers...or my dildo," she breathed, wiggling on my lap very slightly and causing me to moan once more.

I could then feel Nicky squeezing her pussy muscles, clamping herself against me, then releasing once more. "Ohhh, that's good...so good," I urged, resulting in her doing it a few more times and grinning quite broadly, obviously enjoying her control over me.

"Well, I want to...," and she reached behind me to hold the back of the chair, "....no, change that to 'need to' ride this big dick" and she slowly started to ease herself back up.

When the head of my cock was near to slipping out of her snatch, she then slowly eased herself all the way back down again.

I let out a long groan, but Nicky just closed her eyes and kept them shut as she did this several more times, gradually building up the speed and force that she was sliding up and down me and seeming to want to concentrate just on that sensation.

As her juices began to flow and made a slurping noise with each of her motions she intermitidly opened her eyes to look at me and started to swear and moan in pleasure; "fuck yes....fuck yes......oh, yes....oh, yes." Those big, heavy tits were bouncing up and down so tantalizingly close but, somehow, I managed to just sit there and let her fuck herself on me.

Now she was really ramming up and down, banging down onto me and getting more and more frantic. Fortunately, the large shredding machine was going in one of the nearby rooms so even if anyone had passed by there was no chance they would have heard us.

As Nicky then groaned, "god, so good....so good.....so fucking goooood," she stopped moving up and down and simply ground herself against me in small wiggling movements, first backwards and forwards and then around and around.

"I'm gonna...I'm gonna...I'm going to cooooome," she now wailed and then, breaking her own rule, she fell forward to clamp her mouth on mine. Her tongue initially darting in and out of my mouth and then, as her orgasm obviously hit, probing deeper and harder into my mouth, whilst she pulled me onto her by the back of my head.

Those glorious tits were now nicely digging into my chest and I could feel her juices flowing down onto me. Nicky was letting out a deep, throaty groan as she continued to snog me and grind herself downwards, riding out her orgasm for as long as she could. I'd moved my hands up to lightly hold her hips, enjoying the sensation of feeling how hard and firmly she was pushing herself against me, virtually rutting herself on my cock.

As her orgasm finally seemed to subside and her movements slowed right down, her kissing became much less urgent but changed to a long, lingering, deep type smooch.

I now reached underneath her and pushed her up slightly by her arse. As she was so light it was easy for me to support her this way and this meant that I could start to gradually bang up into her. As my thrusts became more firm and pronounced she grunted in time with them, encouraging in my ear, "fuck me...fuck me....that's it, that's good...fuck me...oh yea, fuck me."

It didn't take long for my balls to feel like they were going to explode and, as I continued to smack up into her, for my cock to then spurt torrent after torrent of come deep inside her.

I let out a long, long groan at the final release of all my pent-up desire and Nicky leant forward to lightly kiss all along my exposed throat and then fell onto my welcoming mouth once more as I lowered my face back down to her.

We kissed for a while, with Nicky still sat on my lap and still seeming to enjoy the sensation of being impaled on me, even though my prick was now well and truely spent. I lightly ran my hands up and down her sides, then reached up under her skirt to feel her cute bare

arse. Nicky gently played with my firm chest and ran little circles around my nipples, which felt very sensual through the light material of my business shirt.

"God...I needed that...thanks,"she grinned, in-between kisses.

"You're very...welcome," I laughed, "but I hope...you realise...how bloody hard it was...NOT to grope you...to kiss your breasts...Oh, how I wanted to fondle these magnificent breasts" and I very lightly kissed at her left nipple through her smart, white blouse.

I could feel my prick slightly stirring and Nicky could obviously feel it too as she giggled and wiggled on me, causing my cock to stir even further. I moved across to again very lightly kiss at her right nipple making my prick react even more and prompting Nicky to grin, "stop it, we haven't got time."

"Oh, speed needn't be a problem where you're concerned," I laughed, "you're such a bloody turn-on that holding on can be VERY difficult, but if you want me to come quickly, now that I don't think would be a problem at all!" Nicky grinned even broader, highlighting that lovely wide mouth that I found so attractive.

"Why thank you, I'll take that as a great compliment."

She was still very slightly and slowly moving around on me and breathed, "god, it does feel good feeling you grow inside me," which only caused my dick to expand even further, "...BUT I've got that audit meeting soon and I can't go into it looking all disheveled."

She paused for a moment, looking like she was thinking or considering something.

"Can you," she continued, attempting to look as coy as she could whilst still sat on me, "pop round to my place straight from work? Then you can grope..and kiss..and suck..and play with my tits, in fact we'll do anything you want to do..."

"Anything...?" I grinned, letting the question trail off.

"Anything," she grinned, kissing me and then saying, "although within the bounds of relative,commonly accepted, 'dirtyness,' of course," she laughed.

I paused for a moment, and then once more lowered my mouth to lightly kiss at her right nipple, saying "I'll see you later", and then did the same to her left one.

"Good," she grinned, now I better go before I change my mind" and she quickly reached behind her to grab a box of tissues that she'd obviously placed on the desk earlier. Handing me a couple she then stood up, causing my prick to reluctantly slip out of her. As I wiped myself down, I watched Nicky lift her skirt up and saw that the pubic hair all around her slit was glistening and matted.

"I really must get those pants back," she laughed as she finished tidying herself up and then let her skirt drop back down.

She bent down to me saying, "I'll see you," then lightly kissed me, "....and you," letting her hand then fall briefly onto my cock, "...later too."

The touch of her long, slender fingers encircling the base of my shaft and then lightly running up and down me in a wanking motion caused me to sigh. Nicky did this several times, seeming to enjoy the sight and feel of my prick growing in her hand. She was breathing quite heavily again as we both watched my dick grow and harden at her touch, the veins clearly appearing down the sides.

She then quite suddenly just stopped, as if bringing herself to her senses and simple said again, "later," before crossing to the door, unlocking it and slipping out without virtually a backward glance.

I waited for a few minutes and then, after catching up on a few phone calls and emails, I slipped across to the gym to have a shower and freshen up properly. Whilst washing myself I tried not to think of her, her smile and her lythe body as it was a communial changing area and I was concerned that I might start to get an erection in front of anyone else who was there! Fortunately, I had a pretty full on afternoon scheduled and gathering my thoughts about the forthcoming work helped to do the trick.

The afternoon went quite quickly and I genuinely hadn't thought too much about Nicky until I was walking back to the office and saw her approaching from the other direction.

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