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Office Hours


They had eyed each other over the last year. He always dressed in grey pinstripes. She always dressed in a high-neck blouse over a dark midi skirt. They often arrived at the elevator together, going to work on different floors of the same high-rise. But they'd never talked, and it seemed they never would.

Deb was an aide in an HMO office. She had three kids from a failed marriage, but that was all behind her. She was just glad that she'd figured it all out before she had become an old maid! Now the kids were growing, and healthy, and she had a job she could rely on. She only wished (now & then) that she could catch some fellow's eye. Maybe not for a lifetime, nor for a year; but a dalliance for a week or two could surely be a pleasant way to spend a vacation.

Joe was a lawyer. He'd been with the firm for 4 years, long enough to become the leading candidate for 'full partner'. And he got an office to match that notoriety. It was glass-walled and drape-lined, with a fully automated control system and a built-in stereo. He thought that, even if a bomb went off inside his office, the outside world might not hear. He had sex when he wanted it. His lean body, chiseled looks, and expensive suit attracted enough women when he showed any interest. But he was busy, and the little time he had to pursue other interests made liaisons seem too few & far between.

They had eyed each other, but the effort needed to break the ice seemed to put years between them. Yet a scent developed as they rode the elevator together. It always confused Joe and the other riders; Deb was the one that blushed.

On a stormy Spring day, Deb got a phone call. It wasn't unexpected – her old Aunt had passed that morning, and she'd been named executor. She didn't know what that meant. When she called the fellow at the bank he seemed gruff, and preoccupied. She decided that, in her building, there must be someone who would know the ins & outs of her situation.

She called the operator and asked for the building directory. There was a law firm 3 stories up who had a specialist in estates. When Deb called the firm, the secretary was able to get her an appointment for just the next morning. His name was Joe Stoner. It seemed possible that all this might be over in just a few hours. She sighed with relief at the end of the day & headed home. Her manager told her she was, officially, on her 3 days leave, and she wouldn't need to be back to work until Monday.

When Deb woke up the next morning, she wanted to go in looking different. Her hair, usually styled up and pulled back from her face, made her look capable. Her glasses, a simple horn rimmed set, added to the "School Marm" look. She felt she needed to look more… vulnerable. So she moussed her hair, letting it set down on her shoulders, and used her contact lenses. They let her do more with her eyes, adding color & depth. When she was done & reviewed her appearance in the mirror, she was pleased. The face looking back at her was the apex of femininity, showing off all her best assets. Her clothes were fine, but she did pick out her best blouse & skirt 'for show'. Just for orneriness sake, she put on her crotchless underwear and wore her silk hose attached to a garter belt. When she went out like this (which wasn't often) she always felt more feminine. Today was no exception.

She arrived 10 minutes ahead of her appointed time and set in the office chair. When she glanced inside, she caught sight of Mr. Stoner - and nearly gasped. It was the same man she'd noticed in the elevator. The one that made her think of cool nights wrapped in satin sheets, lying close to a hot m…

The secretary stood just then, and informed her that Mr. Stoner was ready for her. She stood, cheeks flushed, and went in. Mr. Stoner was a gentleman, and offered her an overstuffed chair. Deb accepted, sat down, his stereo playing soft rock in the background.

It took Joe several glances over a question or two (the situation was extremely simple; there really wasn't any reason for Deb to have had to come to see him), before he finally tumbled to the reasons for her familiarity. Her appearance had changed (indeed for the better!) but her scent had not. The near shock made him smile widely, before he asked, "Aren't you the one I ride the elevator with? I'm sorry I've never said hello to you before!" Joe rose and came round the wide walnut desk and shook her hand for the second time. "It is a pleasure to finally meet you!" he beamed.

Deb had sat under his gaze for several minutes; her body had begun to betray her. When he touched her hand, a slight tremble slid up her spine, and moisture began to collect between her labia. She stood as she took his hand, smiled sheepishly, and tried to speak. Unfortunately all that came out was a series of rough coughs.

Joe ran to the water fountain quickly & brought back some water for her. As she drank it gratefully, he admired her athletic figure, trying to think of some way to ask her out. But Deb had other thoughts.

The heat from her cheeks had already worked down to the points of her hips as he recognized her. When he crossed the room and their hands met, her quick gasp of delight had caused the coughs. Meanwhile the blood began to work into the center of her body, flooding and swelling the gentle tissues there. Joe was so gallant at retrieving the water, she made up her mind immediately. He would be hers before she left the office.

When he reached to pat her shoulder, she stepped inside the curve of his arm. She watched his face closely, and when his eyebrows lifted, she blushed. But Deb didn't back down; she tiptoed, bringing her lips close to his. She nearly lost her breath as she whispered, "Take me, Joel Stoner. I want you!"

Her scent was, at last, clearly in Joe's nostrils, and he recognized it for what it was… the same scent in the elevator for the last 3 months… the scent of a woman who knew what she wanted and was ready for it.

Joe quartered away from Deb for only a moment, and picked up the remote control. Two pushes of the switches closed the curtains and dimmed the lights. Joe silently thanked the designer for planning ahead.

Deb thought she'd lost him when he turned his head & stretched for the remote. But watching him work and listening to the motors hum, she smiled, glad for his resourcefulness.

Her body melted into his and his arms surrounded her. Joe sent his hands round her head as they kissed, lips pursed, then open with need. He cradled her head as he kissed across her face, cheeks, ears, then slid those hands down her back. They paused at her bra strap, sensing, feeling, before going down to lodge on the cheeks of her butt.

Deb loved his hands on her, strong, yet gentle. The added sense of his fingertips at the upper edge of her garter strap increased her need. She wrapped her legs around his leg and began to move her pelvis up and down on him. Her hands closed in on the wad of fabric that made up the knot of material that made up his tie, and she pulled it loose before starting on his shirt buttons.

Joe admired her determination, and gladly let her take off his tie. As she worked, he began to raise the fabric of her skirt. As it rose above the level of her garter strap, he pushed her down against his desk. The cold, wooden top contacted the bare thigh, and she gasped, and he lifted her up and set her tailbone down on the desktop.

Deb pushed the shirt down off his shoulders, impressed by the tone of his body. As she sat on the desktop, she gasped again, momentarily losing his leg from between hers. When she did, he deftly stepped between them.

Joe bent forward, kneeling, and pulled the hem of her skirt upwards. When his knee met the floor, his lips were knee-high on her and he began kissing first one knee, then the other, all the while working the skirt further up her thighs. When the hem of the skirt reached her torso, he was amazed by the view that greeted him, and began to kiss quicker. And higher! His lips parted and his tongue came out, leaving large, damp wet spots on the inside of her thighs.

He kissed higher yet, and Deb's body had a quick spasm. She couldn't resist his tender caring, and spread her thighs wider, allowing him in. As his tongue came nearer, she began fumbling with her blouse's buttons, hurrying as fast as her shaky hands could. When his tongue finally contacted her labia, she went rigid, beginning to fall back onto the ice-cold desktop. Her face contorted, though with pain or joy it was difficult to tell, and she wove her fingers into his hair, begging for more. Her shivers were both from the cold desktop and from anticipation.

Joe's tongue had finally met Deb's labia. Her willingness to enjoy cunnilingus didn't surprise him, but her utter need for it did. She reclined on the cold desk & stiffened just as his tongue began to slide up her outer lips. He made the motion as slow as he could, trying to resist the pressure from her hands in his hair. And he didn't QUITE get to her clit before he moved the opposite direction all the way to her vagina. Her scent filled his body with longing and he began to react to it. Her body was so needy that beads of dew moistened her pubic hair. As he licked up and down the crease of her lower body, he paused to collect the dampness spread there.

Deb's essence was swelling with his tender touch. His hot tongue and warm breath were bringer her to the cusp of joy. But she wanted more of it, and began to force his face upwards…

Joe knew her longing before he felt her hands directing him, and moved with her willingly. When his tongue moved to the top of her labia, he allowed it to touch her clit – but only barely. She gasped at the contact, and froze… but he let his tongue move slowly against her clit, forcing it into a series of slow, small circles.

Deb's body inched closer to explosion, wanting the release, needing it. She pulled his hair just a bit more, and his mouth closed over her clit. His exhalations teased at her pubic hairs, moving them against the base of her clit. She wanted his mouth just there.

Joe opened his mouth and fully engulfed her clit. Sucking it into his mouth, he allowed his tongue to continue pressing the tip of it in small, slow circles. But with her fingers guiding him, he let his upper teeth's hard edge come down onto the tender skin at the top of her clit, and rubbed the skin there as well. Up and down its length his teeth traveled, as his tongue moved the tip of her clit in circles, round and round. Up and round and round and down he moved, her hips finding their rhythm with his ministrations. Round and up and down and round he moved, as her breathing became short, ragged.

Deb's gasps became ever shorter as her hips moved in time with his mouth. But the time was past for her to fight the sensations, and soon her rhythm began to fail. Her breaths became shorter. Her hips began to thrust in random patterns. As the bubble in her clit and pussy began to burst, she began to moan a long, loud sound.

Joe waited for just the right moment. When it seemed Deb had completely lost control, he slid his hand around her buttocks and found her vagina. As she began to moan, he slid a thumb into her hot pussy and quickly found her g-spot. As her body began to buck, he moved that thumb, pressed firmly against the mass of hot flesh just inside her body, back and forth as he add new pressure with his teeth and tongue.

Deb felt all of it at once, yet none of it at all. She felt her body build up pressure suddenly and then release it, and lost all control. Her voice, quiet until just before her body's tension was vented, was released, and the sound went out loud & long, and built to a scream of passion. No word was needed or used as she cascaded, her body rocking as his mouth and fingers rode her into oblivion and back.

When Joe found he was free to move, he began to feel his own needs more acutely. He stood up and unhooked his slacks. He moved them and his shorts down his narrow waist, exposing his manhood. As Deb's head cleared, she looked into his eyes dreamily, and said, "You're fantastic. Come here and give me the rest of your body." He moved to her, his engorged cock sliding along the inside of her right thigh. But before he entered her, he kissed up across her tummy and along the center of her torso. When he got even with her breasts, he made a detour, his tongue flicking along the curvature of her breast. When he'd made a full circle, he slid his tongue across to her areola, and licked its perimeter. He saw the fullness of her nipple stretching its skin tight across its width, and at last opened his mouth to take in the rough skin there. His tongue immediately began to caress her nipple. The action of inhaling and exhaling allowed his teeth to move firmly across her areola.

The motion renewed her body's need. Deb wrapped her legs around his hot body, and coaxed and begged yet another part of him to have contact with her. When his mouth finally slipped to her neck, she arched her back and brought his cock into contact with the petals of her vagina. She needed him again, and her lips closed on his ear, biting his lobe.

Joe felt her teeth bite at his ear lobe, yet that was in the far distance of sensations exciting him. His cock, throbbing of its own accord, bounced erratically against her vagina, begging entry. Yet Joe had one last thought to act on. He remembered a string of beads bought for extreme delight, and reached into his top drawer, searching for them…

Deb felt Joe's distraction, and waited. She began to become impatient, finally asking, "What are you looking for?" She was interested, however, when his hand emerged with a string of 7 beads. They seemed to be 2 centimeters across, and tied about that far apart. "What are you going to do with them?" she asked coyly.

Joe knew what he wanted to do… but only hoped she would comply. "Turn around, Deb… bend over, onto the desk. I'll show you."

Deb smiled mischievously, and rolled over. Her front was flat against the desk where her back had been. Her feet reached the floor easily. The temperature wasn't too bad, but she still wondered what he was going to do with the beads. Her curiosity was peaking, and her body was still needy. She let him have his way.

Joe was delighted with her choice. As he positioned himself behind her, he moistened each of the beads with his tongue. He began to enter her. She accepted him readily. Then he placed the end bead against the gentle petal of her anus. She didn't mind him spreading her cheeks. Then he pressed inward.

As the bead entered her, Deb gasped. The sensation was enormous. The sense of having two parts of her body entered at the same time drove her body wild. At first she tensed; waiting, hoping, needing more of the same.

Joe felt her tension, watching her muscles become rigid both inside and out. When the first bead was taken, he moved his body fluidly against her resistance. Entering her with his cock felt good. Exiting her vagina felt even better, the slick juices bringing the joy of penetration out with them. He positioned the next bead & pushed.

Deb felt she would explode! The bead was sized to ride against a sensitive spot inside her she hadn't realized was even there. The sensation of being entered twice was exquisite. She began to relax & flow with the wonderful feelings generated in her pussy and anus.

Joe knew she was sold by her relaxation. He pressed in a third, then a fourth, before feeling the pressure build on top of his cock. Each time Deb moaned. Then he began, slowly, to slide into and out of her. When he pressed forward, she arched her back. When he withdrew, she shuddered as she inhaled. Five, ten, then fifteen thrusts followed, and she began to move with him. He knew it was time to increase the pace.

Deb felt the heat flow inside her thighs, causing her pussy to swell. Her clit was pulsed by the gentle 'slap slap' of his balls. Combined with the agonizingly wonderful fullness in her anus, she was nearing a second climax. She started swaying with his movements, and her breath got ragged. Her legs began to straighten with pre-orgasmic delight when he began to withdraw the beads. As the first one went past her sphincter, she shuddered almost too much to remain standing, and the orgasm went down her legs. When the second one slipped out, her knees began to collapse. She screamed in agony – or ecstasy. She was beyond caring.

When Joe pulled the third bead out, his cock betrayed him, and he began to spew semen into her. An old song started in the background, barely audible above their own sounds. He wanted to use the last bead to prolong her orgasm. He was dizzy and pumping, and losing track of everything as he came. Yet he remembered to use short tugs on the bead, bouncing the last bead off the inside of her sphincter muscles.

The two of them stood there, pumping the semen from one to the other, and then the song was done. When he was drained, he pulled the last bead out of her, almost viciously, and she came again, the inside of her pussy walls massaging his quickly deflating cock. He threw the beads into the waist can. Joe collapsed onto Deb's back, and Deb, spent, cared not a whit. Joe's head, on Deb's heaving rib cage, rocked back and forth. Deb's body, on the walnut desk top, had heated it and was no longer chilled at its touch.

When he had recovered, Joe pushed himself upright and stepped back, taking a moment to enjoy the view. When Deb began to stand, he helped her up. She turned to him, eyes shyly downcast. He put his finger under her chin and raised it to him. Their eyes met, a sense of surprise and latent bashfulness lingering. Joe asked, "Want to go out for dinner?"

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