tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOfficer Amanda Skills

Officer Amanda Skills


The car sped down the lonesome road. It was running at least ten miles an hour over and driving reckless. She clocked it and proceeded to pull it over. Amanda was the newest addition to the small police department and the hottest cop there was. She received the highest honors and credits from the academy but wanted to stay in her home town. This night was her first real night alone, speed trap, but at least she was doing something besides sitting at a desk.

She had the lights and sirens on as the car finally slowed down and pulled over. She ran the plates as they realized it was the young rookie babe. One crawled out the window and waited to get her with the needle. He hid watching her as she got out in her tight uniform. She walked up as her tits bounced with the steps. He smiled as he crept around. She had her flashlight shining into the car as the driver looked up at her.

"License and registration." She demanded as he looked.

He handed it to her as he saw his buddy in the rearview mirror. He was laying low behind the trunk. She checked it and shined the light on him.

"You were running almost seventy. Is there a fire?" She asked as his buddy crept behind the sexy officer.

"No officer, I'm sorry. I'll keep my speed down." He smiled as she decided to hand him back his papers.

"Okay. I'm going to let you go." She said smiling.

Then he grabbed her around the neck as she let out a startled scream. He held her nice tit as she struggled. He pulled her back as the driver got out smiling at the young cop. He took the needle from his buddy and injected her in the neck. Her eyes widened as she felt it enter her bloodstream. She looked in terror as the two men laughed and felt her young body up.

"See officer, we ain't gonna let that blonde ass go. Not till we fuck the shit out of your now stoned ass!" He said tearing her uniform top open and revealing a black bra. "Nice cleavage.." He said removing the bra. "There they are, nice fuckin' tits officer." He said sucking them as she tried to struggle.

They removed her belt and tossed it into the car. The officer looked around as the drugs made her trip something fierce. She felt her pants fall down and looked as they tore her thong off. Amanda's nice pussy was exposed. She was in trouble now; she should've let this speeder go on.

They took her in front of her police car and bent her over. She looked as the driver shoved his cock deep into her throat forcing her to suck. Then she felt the passenger shove into her tight pussy and begin to fuck her as she got it. They had her where they wanted her. They remembered her from high school, always sexy and a tease. They were paying her back as her body got raped by the two men.

After swallowing a mouthful of cum, they switched and did it in reverse. She choked as the passenger forced her head down onto his cock. The driver spanked her firm ass cheek as he pounded her tightness. Amanda was theirs, they had won. She was getting off as her orgasm hit. She moaned and tightened her pussy lips around his cock as he gripped her hips and really dug into her. She had cum dripping to the road as they fucked her police pussy.

Amanda was getting disgraced as the dash cam on her police cruiser videotaped her rape. She sucked the cock as the other pounded her harder and deeper. She felt herself give in and her cum flowed once more. She swallowed more cum as they fucking her. They pulled out and she fell to the road and laid there staring up at her attackers. They smiled at her as she was stoned out of her mind.

"We shot your tight ass up with some good shit. Have fun on your trip baby." The driver said reaching down and pulling her up by her hair. "We should just off you here." He said as the passenger put her gun to her head. "I have a better idea." He said taking the gun. "Get her cuffs bro." He grinned at her push bar on her cruiser.

Amanda was handcuffed to the push bar as they fucked her face again. The driver kicked her legs open and used her own pistol on her as a tool. She looked wide eyed as the cold barrel fucked her. They laughed as she closed her eyes and moaned. The gun slid in and out easy with her wet pussy. Amanda felt another round of cum and moaned as it spurted around the barrel. He pulled it out and aimed at the road as her cum dripped from it. She looked down as she realized the shame she had.

"Well honey, we gotta go now. I will leave you the gun and your clothes, the key also. It'll be on the hood. So pass out now you bitch." The driver said punching her face a few times.

The car sped off as Amanda sat on the road naked, fucked and handcuffed to her car. She was knocked out and still drugged. She sat until a fellow officer showed up two hours later and rescued her. Amanda was taken to the hospital and treated as they searched for the two attackers. She never ran their plate and they were waiting on the results of the video. Amanda was just a rookie and taken by surprise. She woke up the next day as her Captain walked in.

"Amanda, do you remember anything?" He asked.

"Everything sir and I want to get them." She said with angry. "I'll catch them and deal with them." She said sitting up.

"Well, we are trying to do that." He said. "We just need your help."

"Sorry sir, I never got there plate number and I can't remember their names on the paper work." She said as he nodded and left.

Amanda was released a week later and was back on the job. She still worked at the small town office, but she was on a mission, revenge. She was going to pay them back and they wouldn't like it.

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