tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersOfficer Mercy at the Airport

Officer Mercy at the Airport


Johnny pressed his forehead against the cab window. His eyes glazed over, watching the light drizzle of evening rain setting in. This was a long drive. It was especially long because of the situation. Johnny was on the way to the airport. This would be his first time flying alone.

He had never flown alone before. His family had put him in the cab and he was on his way. Johnny was eighteen now so it was time for him to be independent. He had made this same flight before. To the school he'd be going to all year. His first semester of school was starting. This was the first of many firsts for Johnny. He gulped, butterflies in his stomach, and his head hurting.

There was a lot he had to remember. His family had sat with him to plan it out. He had to pay the cab driver, then check his baggage, redeem his ticket, make it through security, and then find his gate. His flight wasn't til 9:05 but it was barely 7:00 yet. This would give Johnny more time to get it all done.

"Fredole Airport. $44.34." The cabbie shouted to the back. Johnny snapped out of his trance and hurriedly pulled his wallet out. His hands shook as he counted out the money with a small tip. Johnny pulled both of his bags out. They easily weighed him down. Johnny wasn't very big or strong.

He pulled through the airport doors and got lost in the bustle of people. Johnny looked around, trying to figure out where the baggage desks were. There were so many people and so many heads blocking his view that he couldn't find it. He got lucky and followed a couple who also needed to check their bags.

His bags had been carefully weighed and came in under the weight limit. This wasn't so bad, Johnny thought. He could do this. He found his way to the ticket desk and slowly navigated the long line. When he finally got up to the desk, an old woman looked him up and down, "Traveling alone, are we?" She asked.

"Well.. yeah. I'm eighteen, miss... ma'am." He told her nervously, his face turning a little red. Normally his family handled the talking.

She handed him his ticket and pointed to his gate number, "Once you've made it through security, just go right until you see Gate 15. Turn there, keep walking and then you'll find your gate." She told him. He thanked her and went to go through security.

She had pointed him in that direction but he got lost. He went through a long corridor and started to get worried when he didn't see anyone. Johnny finally made it out of there and was so relieved when he saw the metal detectors. There were a number of rather long lines but only a few guys working there. He got in the shortest line.

"Take off your shoes and coats." A loudspeaker said. A man at the front pointed to a sign which listed all the things that couldn't be taken on a plane. Johnny got to the conveyer belt and pulled his sneakers off. He slipped off his coat and nearly tripped. He shoved everything into one tub and put it on the belt.

Johnny was getting pushed around because of the amount of people. A tall man motioned for him to walk through the metal detector. He looked over and saw the man across from him had failed the metal detector. They wanded him and were now checking his body. Johnny gulped. There must have been four-hundred eyeballs watching what was happening. Johnny didn't want that to happen to him.

He made it through without setting off the metal detector. Johnny smiled like a little kid when the school bell rings. He was ushered over to the next checkpoint.

"ID out." The next man said.

Johnny fished his wallet out of his pocket and put it on desk, handing his ID to the man. He gave it a look.

"Headed where?" The man asked impatiently.

Just then, Johnny spotted another official walk over. Johnny was amazed by her size as she got closer and closer, eventually stopping next to the man who was looking at his ID, she whispered something in his ear.

She dwarfed Johnny. The woman must have been over 6 feet tall. It wasn't just height either. She was thick too and had a very large presence. Johnny felt small at the sight of her and easily intimidated. After she finished whispering with the man, she looked at Johnny, but Johnny, feeling self-conscious, didn't look back.

He could feel her eyes on him. Johnny stood there, fidgeting nervously.

"I'm going to do a check on this guy. I don't like his body language." She told the man.

Johnny looked up and saw the man nod. He handed Johnny's ID card to her. It was loud in there, but Johnny could hear the female official clearly, "Alright. Hold your arms out." She told him.

Johnny was reluctant but did as told. She walked closer to him, his eyes still aimed at the floor, he could see her pull out a pair of gloves. Johnny looked up at the woman and shook his head. People behind him were getting antsy because of how long this was taking. This was too embarrassing.

"I... I passed the checkpoint. I don't have anything. Please... I need to catch my flight." He stammered, looking up into her piercing brown eyes for the first time.

The woman looked over the loud crowd behind him and then looked at Johnny, "You're holding up the line. We're going to have to do this in private. Come with me. Now." She picked his wallet up.

Johnny knew he didn't have a choice. To prove the point, the woman grabbed his arm and pulled him with her. She was much stronger than Johnny, who felt like he was being dragged to the principal's office. A sea of people watched him struggle to keep up with the big woman's stride.

She took him across the way to an office. They stepped inside and she shut the door behind her. Noise from the busy airport was suddenly silenced. Inside the office was a desk and a couple chairs. A nameplate, "Officer Mercy," sat on the desk.

The woman, who Johnny presumed was Officer Mercy, motioned for him to take a seat. She sat down across from him in the plush desk chair. Her attention was on Johnny's wallet. She sifted through it while Johnny sat nervously.

He really looked at her for the first time. She was probably in her forties. The official uniform she wore couldn't hide her extremely large breasts. Officer Mercy had curly reddish brown hair which went down below her shoulders. Sensing him looking at her, Officer Mercy's eyes suddenly darted to his. He turned his eyes away.

"What's your name?"

"Johnny... Johnny Hitcher, ma'am." He told her, wondering to himself how long this was going to take.

"Interesting," She looked back down, "Your ID says John Hitcher." She stared back at him, Johnny blinked nervously. He was just so intimidated by her.

"And..." She pointed toward the "Officer" part of her nameplate with her painted nails.

"I... I'm sorry, ma'a - - Officer."

"Where are you headed, Johnny?"

"Sea... Seattle. School... I've got school there." He sputtered.

"Well," She tossed his wallet onto her desk, "I think we've got a problem, Johnny." She sighed.

"A... a problem... Officer?"

"That's right. I believe from your answers that you're being deceptive with me."

"No... no. I'm just nervous. This... this is my first time flying. I'm sorry, Officer."

"That isn't true!" She roared, leaning over the table toward him, "According to our records, you've flown with us three other times!"

Johnny sunk lower in his chair. "I... I meant... alone. I'm alone here."

"I want you to stand up and lift your arms." She told him.

Johnny was so that afraid that he couldn't disobey. He did as she commanded. Officer Mercy stood up, looming over him, she pulled a pair of gloves out of her pocket and slipped them on. Johnny cringed as they snapped into place.

"Let's hope you're not lying to me, Johnny."

Johnny clenched his eyes closed as tightly as he could when he felt her hands. They started off, sliding over his arms. He felt the large hands coldly grope him. They patted down his chest and slid down his legs. She cupped his crotch area, Johnny turned red, they squeezed the area again. Then Officer Mercy circled around him and did the same thing from the backside. Starting with his arms and then patting down his back, sliding down his legs, squeezing his thighs.

Then, Johnny was startled when Officer Mercy's hands started aggressively patting down his butt, through his pants. Her fingers dug in. Officer Mercy's palms pressed and patted his butt for the longest minute of Johnny's life. She stood up and walked around him. His face was completely flush from the incident.

"May... may I please go now, Officer?" Johnny opened one eye and looked up at her. She looked a little flush too. Officer Mercy stood behind her desk.

"It's not that simple, Johnny. I'm not satisfied here. I don't feel you're being straight with me. We're going to need to do a cavity search."

Johnny had only ever heard that term on an episode of Cops. He knew it wasn't good. No, this had to be over. Johnny worked up the courage to tell her "I can't do that. No. I can't do that. Let me go. I've... I've submitted to the search. I'm done."

Officer Mercy's eyes fixed on his and her expression changed. She didn't look angry but she didn't look happy either. Officer Mercy flipped the gloves off her hands and tossed them in her trash. "That'll be fine. You can sit back down. I'm going to place a phone call and the police are going to come. They're going to handcuff you and carry you out of here. You won't be on your flight tonight, Johnny. I'm sorry it had to be this way."

The air settled in Officer Mercy's office for a moment.

"Wait! Wait! I didn't mean that. I can't do that! I have to go. Please... please. You can do that thing. Please. I'm not.. I'm not bad. Just do what you were going to do. Please!" Johnny exclaimed.

Officer Mercy looked toward the trash, "I already threw out my gloves. I don't have another pair here. We can do it without them or we go out there and do what we have to do with gloves in front of the entire airport. Which do you prefer?"

Johnny looked down, "Here." He blushed.

"Okay. Then it's going to be natural I check your mouth first so we have some lubricant for the second part of the search. Sit back in the chair and I'll pull mine over there." She told me authoritatively.

Officer Mercy pulled her chair over. Johnny fidgeted uneasily in his chair, if he hadn't been so nervous, he would've noticed the massive bulge tenting out of Officer Mercy's uniform.

"Now, I'm only going to tell you these things once. You give me lip and we can let the police sort it out. Understand?"

Johnny nodded his head.

Officer Mercy scooted closer in her chair, "Open your mouth for me."

Johnny opened his mouth wide like he was at the dentist. Officer Mercy responded by shoving two large fingers in his mouth. He choked back on them but didn't dare try to pull away. Her fingers twisted around his tongue and swabbed over the insides of his cheeks. She pushed the long, chubby fingers over his tongue, deep in his mouth, and activated Johnny's gag reflex. His eyes watered.

Officer Mercy pulled her fingers out of his mouth and brushed them across the fullness of his lips. Her brow was furrowed. She seemed to be concentrated intently. Johnny tried to regain his composure. He shut his eyes tightly until he had staved off the tears. She stuffed the fingers back into his mouth and added another one.

"Close your lips around them." She ordered.

Johnny complied, closing his lips until he had captured her fingers in his mouth.

"Now suck them. I want to make sure you aren't hiding anything, remember."

Johnny opened his mouth to try to speak but her fingers tripped him up. They dug deeper into his mouth and pressed against his throat. "I said I'm only going to say it once, damn it!" She shouted.

Johnny, scared by the outburst very much, closed his mouth around her fingers. He applied suction to and pursed his tongue around them. Officer Mercy forced her last finger into his mouth. The big fingers took up his entire oral cavity. Johnny fought back choking again and tried his best to suck them as she told him.

She pulled her fingers out of his mouth with a pop. Johnny ran his tongue all around his mouth, which wasn't accustomed to being empty yet.

"This is the second part of the exam. You're going to do exactly what I say or it's one phone call. Remember that."

Johnny nodded.

"It's very simple, Johnny. We won't make this worse than it has to be, right?" She asked him knowingly. He nodded his head again.

"I want you to take your pants off. Actually, you better take your shirt off too. Strip everything off and I'll tell you what to do next."

There was no question in Johnny's mind that he'd do what this imposing woman said. He knew what would happen if he didn't. Johnny was a little lightheaded but managed to pull his shirt over his head. Officer Mercy supervised, her giant boner now hidden by the back of the chair. He unzipped his pants and pulled them off too. Now all that was left on his nearly hairless body was his boxers.

Officer Mercy rubbed her erection against the back of the chair. Johnny slid his boxers off, his modest-sized cock bouncing out. Being naked was difficult in front of Officer Mercy. She was so clothed and he was so naked. His body was flush and he was very embarrassed. What if she thought he had a small cock?

"Good, Johnny. I'm starting to believe you're telling the truth. Do exactly as I say and this will be over before you know it. I want to turn around and lift one of your legs up over my desk. Do you understand what I want you to do?"

"Ye... yes, Officer."

"Then I'm going to use the fingers I had in your mouth to check your anal cavity. Do what I said now, Johnny." There was a hint of excitement in her voice.

Johnny turned, revealing his naked butt to Officer Mercy's hungry eyes for the first time. The two cheeks of his butt were round and just a little bubbly. They looked good enough to eat. Johnny followed her last order and looped one of his legs over her desk. That put him in an uncomfortable position and spread his butt cheeks, a perfect combination for Officer Mercy.

His asshole was pink and hairless. A real beauty, Officer Mercy though, as she pulled up behind him, taking great care not to hit him with her boner.

"Here goes..." She whispered under her breath. Her spit sticky fingers slid between his butt cheeks. Officer Mercy could see Johnny wince at the first touch. It was warm. The supple skin of Johnny's crack gave with each roll of her fingers. Her fingers finally settled on his little asshole. They circled around the pink rim. This gave Johnny goosebumps. His cock had become hard against Officer Mercy's desk.

"Okay. I'm ready. Take a deep breath, Johnny. Try to relax while I do this. It'll make it easier." Officer Mercy told him in a soothing voice he hadn't heard before.

Her pointer finger pressed against his tight hole. Johnny grimaced. She pressed through his sphincter. The smooth walls clung to her chubby finger. Johnny grunted, struggling to stay upright as her finger reached the knuckle inside him. Officer Mercy sensed this and used her other hand to bend his body down against the desk. The slick, tight hole throbbed around her finger. Officer Mercy shuffled around, her raging boner struggling to break free of her uniform.

Officer Mercy pulled her finger out until only the tip was left inside him, "I'm going to stick another finger in now too. Just stay calm, Johnny. You're doing great."

He mumbled something but didn't have long before Officer Mercy had two fingers shoved up his ass. She jammed them in and out of his little hole to a chorus of groans from Johnny. She continued probing.

Finally, Officer Mercy withdrew her fingers. Johnny stayed in that position until she told him, "It's okay. You can rest."

Johnny moved to get up and then remembered his hard cock. What would she think of that? He didn't want to do anything to embarrass himself or upset her.

"What's wrong?" She asked, easily lifting him off the desk herself. She saw that he was hard. Johnny blushed and looked away. Officer Mercy hid her own erection behind the desk again.

"So... is that it? I can go now?" He asked.

"Well, unforunately, not exactly." She told him frankly.

"Wha... What? I thought..."

She cut him off, "These searches only go so far. I'm sorry. You've raised enough suspicion that my hands are tied. I need to call the police so that they can look into this matter."

"No...! Wait. You told me I could get on my flight and you wouldn't call the cops after this. Please. Can't you just look into it so that I can catch my flight."

A small smile flashed across Officer Mercy's face, "I don't have the equipment for that. I'm sorry."

"Please! I'll cooperate. Whatever it takes so I can get out of here!"

"Well... hmm... I guess it might be possible. I don't have any of their fancy equipment. Your cavities need to be more extensively searched. My fingers won't do the trick. I can think of something that might though..."

"Please...! Anything it takes."

Officer Mercy stepped away from her desk for the first time. Johnny's eyes zeroed on the humungous bulge in her uniform. He had never seen anything like that before. She had a dick?! A massive fucking dick?!

"This instrument would get the job done like my fingers can't." Office Mercy's hand rubbed over the bulge, "Or should we get the police here instead?"

"No! If... if you think... that will work..."

"We'll start with your mouth like last time. I'm going to need to check your throat." Officer Mercy surprised Johnny by taking the top of her uniform off. Her huge tits spilled out and Johnny's cock got another surge. She smiled again. Officer Mercy pulled the rest of her uniform off, including her panties, in one motion.

Her giant cock sprang free. It must have been ten inches and thick. Her big hunk of meat throbbed out in the open. It made Johnny's cock look so small. He felt very humiliated.

Officer Mercy walked over to Johnny, her cock throbbing with anticipation. "Open your mouth." She commanded.

Johnny opened his little mouth as wide as he could. Officer Mercy grabbed the base of her cock and slid it into Johnny's mouth. The wet warmth of his mouth bathed her cock like it had her fingers earlier.

"Mmmmhmm.. mmmphhmm," Johnny struggled to take the thick penis deep in his mouth.

Officer Mercy grabbed Johnny's head with both hands and eased the inches of her big cock in his mouth. His warm mouth and soft lips felt wonderful around her cock.

"Start sucking like you did with my fingers. Do it now or I'll haul your ass out of this office and we'll do this in front of everyone." She warned him.

Johnny swirled his tongue around the thick shaft and sucked hard on it. Officer Mercy held his head tightly as he sucked, pushing more and more of her meat inside his mouth. The horny shemale hit Johnny's gag reflex but didn't stop. He pushed back against her as he struggled not to choke on the huge piece of meat. Officer Mercy snapped her hips forward until she felt her cock head graze the opening of his throat.

"Relax your jaw and your throat. I have to make sure nothing is hidden down here," The pleasure showed on her face.

Johnny's lips were tightly sealed around her shaft, with a few inches left at the base of her cock. Officer Mercy pushed deeper into his mouth, entering his tight throat. Her big cock head forced its way deeper in.

"That's it. Suck that cock, Johnny. This exam will be done before you know it. That's good..." She loudly moaned. Officer Mercy was now pushing her cock in and out of little Johnny's mouth. The sensation from his sweet mouth shot through her cock.

Johnny's hand stopped pushing against the big woman. They had climbed up her body and found her tits. He squeezed and kneaded the soft flesh as her cock invaded his mouth. His fingers twisted and pulled on her nipples. Officer Mercy's face-fucking became more intense. She abused his throat until the chair Johnny was sitting in almost tipped over. She grabbed it in time and laughed.

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