Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 08


The male himself was becoming more aggressive. He bounced her up and down on his cock before bending her against his chest. The other male went behind her and with little difficultly pushed his cock up into her ass. They moved together, sandwiching her between their two fat cocks. Fingers stroked her breasts, crawled leisurely on her calves, lips sucked skin.

Oh yes.

Yes, there. Everywhere. She wanted it. Yes!

Wait no.

No! She had to...ahhh.

She was limp with her perpetual orgasm loosening her up as they raped her. The world spun and she was on the floor. She was straddled on the males' cock, a female pulled a cock out of her slit and took a turn in her butt, a hot cock entered her mouth.

She tried to remember her name. Her nipples were squeezed.

She came again.

She did not remember, and she did not care. __________________________________________________

Hanto tried to ignore what was happening to Enui. He knew his arousal was a tool being used against him. Even so, he was so pent up from Zyra's refusal of him. His first release had been a godsend despite its untimely arrival. Now, they were coaxing him into premature hardness, painfully trying to force him into mindlessness.

He could hear from Enui's crazed shouts that she was already gone. The blue she creature slung her weightless body over him and with her magic was able to suck his flaccid penis into her pussy. She wasn't warm, but wasn't cold and she felt like a woman.

Slowly she ran dainty fingers over his shoulders. The one riding him stopped giggling, her blue eyes glittering happily. Then she leant over to him and began whisper words he could understand.

"Hanto don't you love me?"

Love her? He gritted his teeth as she ground him in her pussy. "No. Get off of me. How did you know my name?"

She pouted childishly. "But I love you. Why? You like it don't you?"

She swung her long bark like tresses behind her and tightened her lower muscles. He hissed as she slowly lifted up and down on his now hard shaft.

He wanted to lie, he wanted to throw her off, but he grunted, "Yes."

"I know," she said grinning. "You are so handsome."

She touched his face gently.

"Love me Hanto. Stay with me. I like you. You don't have to go anywhere else."

Hanto shivered as one of them sucked his balls while another arched his back by forcing his hands further behind him.

"We can have all the fun you like."

He shook his head. "I...I can't."

"Why?" the she creature asked, sounding irritated. "Because of frigid little Zyra?"

He stiffened in confusion. How did...

"You wanted to fuck her didn't you?"

She moaned sexily and called out his name breathily while the creature holding his arms bucked his hips forward, making him thrust into her.

"Hanto...oh God Hanto yes, please more!"

He let out a strangled cry as blood coursed through his groin. When she stopped he was just on the brink of release.

"You wanted her to sound like that?" she asked softly. "I can sound like that."

Sighing ,she licked his earlobe and nibbled it gently. "Can I tell you a secret?"she whispered. He watched her unfocusedly as the one beneath him stroked the base of his shaft.

"Zyra made those sounds for Rell."

He froze in shock before spitting on her. It landed on her cheek and he hissed angrily.


She appeared to be aroused at his abuse. She clenched him as she wiped her face. She stuck out a blue tongue and licked her spit covered palm before extending it to him.

"Want to see?"

He frowned at her disgusting depravity and looked at her blue hand. Suddenly he could see Rell kissing that brown headed girl village girl in a tent. Zyra appeared all of sudden in all her hunter finery. Slowly he watched as she lay down, Rell coming to kneel beside her. The brown haired girl came up behind him.

"Zyra is a virgin Rell. Isn't she beautiful?"

He watched his brother take in Zyra with lust filled eyes.


Rell was her first? She had chosen Rell over him? No, impossible, he was the strongest, he was the most handsome. Rell could not compare to him. He was deserving of the best females.

"See? She doesn't want you," the creature said closing her palm. She rubbed her breasts against his chest purring. "But I do. Let's..."

"Show me more."


"Show me more!"

The creature took in Hanto's rage and opened her palm.

Zyra was touching Rell with an innocent experimentation. Her fingers rubbed Rell's cock and Hanto shook. His brother hadn't even told him. Gently, they kissed with soft sensuality.

Was this an illusion? Maybe it was, but he could not look away. His breath grew heavy as Rell removed Zyra's top.

Surely this was an illusion. How could any virgin look so deliciously enticing? How could any woman be so perfectly formed for his own body? She would fit him like a glove. His loins twitched at the prospect and the creature moaned.

Rell's white hand encircling her breast only served to infuriated him. It looked so alien, so unnatural and undeserving to be there. It was an intruder, Rell was an intruder.

The creature began moving again, this time slowly and he watched the scene continue to unfold.

Rell dove his lips to Zyra's breasts and she whimpered arching at his touch. She was enjoying herself, enjoying Rell when she had made it so clear she wanted nothing to do with him.

Watching her body coil excited him as much as it appalled him. His desire attached to the creature he was inside of and he began thrusting back at her. She let out a surprised squeal before gladly rubbing against him.

The brown haired girl had a nice form as well. She wrapped her naked body around Rell, sandwiching him between both women. He had been the recipient of such attentions before. More women as well, all leaving pleasured and sated. The village girl made sense but Zyra?

How, why? Rell was no hunter, he wasn't even a fighter. He had protected his weak brother all his life! This was how he repaid him?

Suddenly he was on his back. The vines dragged him to the floor and the creature went into a more comfortable position.

Taking unspoken direction Rell dipped his fingers into Zyra and began rubbing her clit with his thumb. She began to wiggle and moan as his palm caressed the opening of her pussy.

"No!" Hanto's mind and body quarreled as he thrust viciously into the mewling she creature.

He thrust into her hot squirming body until he watched Zyra freeze and cum on his brother's fingers.

"No...no." He shook his head. "This...this isn't real."

Rell pulled away from her and with the brunette's approval parted her legs. She was so wet, sopping in fact. How could Rell make her so wet? Her round creamy thighs were glistening with sweat and cum.

Then he saw Rell position his manhood against her. He pounded faster into the creature, who shouted his name reverently, but he did not care. He watched Rell rub up and down her soaked slit.

"I won't hurt you Zyra," he lulled softly. "Relax, and I'll make you feel good."

She arched and looked in space, but occupying that space was Hanto. She was looking right at him. Seeing her watching him as Rell thrust forward was his undoing.

He came hard into the shrieking creature and she closed her palm, focusing on milking his strength.

He let her, he had no fight left.

"You'll be happy," she cooed. "You'll see."

She twisted her body and slowly contorted her shape. Wider hips, a few curves here and there. Hanto noticed the difference. The creature was changing into a blue version of Zyra.

"Be mine Hanto," she giggled in a strange version of Zyra's voice. "I can be all you need."

He tried not to listen, but his bruised ego and weak body could not stand the strain of her promises.

"Yes," he said. "Yes."


Zyra could hear the giggles ahead of her and knew it was trouble. When she was close she peered through the brush to see what was happening. The sight before her made her quake in anger. Enui was glassy eyed, spitted between two of the creatures pricks. Several others fondled her and themselves fervently. Hanto was beneath a pile of blue bodies, one in particular riding him. In horror she saw the creature wearing her face.

She backed up in shock. Those blue creatures were obviously sex driven. She was unsure what vices Enui could have that compared her to Hanto, but decided to ignore it. How could she defeat these creatures? They outnumbered her and as far as she could tell, they were nature based. Perhaps Enui had not fought, but Hanto had tried brute force and it had failed him. So she couldn't fight them. The blue water like creatures seemed to be controlling a tree and causing its vines to hold them down.

She crouched to the ground trying to ignore the heat burning through her back. The sun was climbing with a vengeance. At any moment she might catch on fire.




Falling to the ground she cut off a large section of brush with her knife. She scrambled on the ground and found a stone. Thanks to the sun it was hot. Striking her precious knife against the stone she directed the sparks to the brush. It caught fire quickly and she blew it to fruition. Then she creeped over to the tree that the creatures controlled.

With a grunt she threw the brush high into the tree's limbs. For a tree it seemed incredibly brittle and dry. It burst into flames almost immediately and she heard an inhuman shriek that made her head ring. The creatures stopped their revelry and ran towards the tree.It's vines recoiled and in the chaos Zyra ran to her friend.

"Enui!" Zyra shouted charging towards the abandoned girl.

Enui looked at her with a silly smile that did not fit the situation and tilted her head.

"Z-zyra? Oh how nice, are you ready for the celebration? Mm...I feel so hot."

She went to reach between her legs and frowning, Zyra slapped her hand away.

Looking behind her she saw the creatures were jumping into the tree. As each creature entered it the tree looked younger, more alive and the fire would abate as the fresh wood became harder to burn. Soon only one creature remained, the one riding Hanto. She seemed determined to keep him down.

Running with her knife Zyra slashed her in the back. The cut was like slashing a pond and did not even leave a mark. The creature simply looked at her with annoyance, then recognition, and then jealously.

It was strange to see these emotions on a blue body that was her own. In fact, it was incredibly strange. Nightmare strange.

Hanto's eyes were closed and his body was limp. Zyra grabbed the creature's shoulders and using all her strength wrenched her off. The creature fought her, but her moistness had been her undoing.There was a loud squelch as she surged off. Turning on all fours the creature hissed angrily.

"Try me," Zyra growled. "It will be the last thing you attempt." She didn't know how to kill her, but she would find a way.

The creature could see her deadly intent and instead ran to the tree. Sparing a glance at them she turned back into her slender and pretty self, giving Hanto a seemingly sad look. Then she disappeared.

Kneeling beside the naked Hanto she shook him trying to make him wake. his manhood was erect and pointing at her. She tried to ignore it. Putting an ear on his chest she checked for his heart beat. It was erratic, but it was there.

"Hanto...Hanto!" she shouted.

He moaned and turned his head seeming in protest.

"Hanto you fuckta! Don't waste my time!" Zyra snarled.

He eased his head back and opened his eyes. They were glossy with unshed tears as he took her in.

"Hanto we have to get up," she said gentler trying to help him, but he was dead weight.

He simply looked at her with a pitiful expression. Looking behind her Enui was humping the creature's tree.

"For the love of...Enui stop!"

Running over she pulled her away lest she summon them and reluctantly let her revel on another tree.

"Hanto, we have to go!" she shouted. "Now, before they come back out."

She wasn't sure if they would, but she knew that she didn't want to be there if they did. He abruptly grabbed her wrist and she fought the urge to throw him off. Everything in her said to lift up Enui, and leave him here to play with his sick twisted version of her. Still, she had made a promise and she could not allow herself to break it.

"Tell me..."

She looked down at his dry lips. He was dehydrated. She pulled out her water skin and put it to his lips. He turned his head in refusal.

"Tell me...why you do not like me."

She resisted rolling her eyes. "Hanto please, we must go..."

"No!" he growled. "I'm not leaving unless you tell me!"

There was madness in his eyes and Zyra looked at him harder. Madness, the creatures had made them mad. It had preyed on his mental insecurities and overloaded Enui's physical senses.

"Hanto listen to me," she cooed holding a hand over the one that held her. "It is not that I dislike you, simply that I cannot focus on other things when..."

"Will you want me when this is over?"

She didn't want to lie, but maybe a lie was necessary. If she lied maybe he would come with her for now.

"Yes, if you are brave."

His eyes narrowed. "You are lying. You'll want Rell."

He said his brother's name with such hatred that Zyra feared for Rell's safety. The hand on her wrist was starting to clench painfully and she gritted her teeth.

"What would make you say that Hanto?"

"Do not act coy Zyra," he said, directing his anger to her. "I know. I have seen—"

"It was bewitchment Hanto," Zyra protested flexing her wrist in his grip. "Let go, you're hurting me."

His face registered pain and he released her immediately. "I am...I'm sorry. It's just...I think I've fallen in love with you."

The statement gave her pause and she put a hand on his head. No fever.

He took her gesture as a sign of affection and continued to talk.

"I know you are supposed to be the mother of my sons, that you would be brave and loyal in our time apart."

Zyra looked at him with wide eyes. Hanto really had lost his mind, but she had no time to fight with him.

"Hanto we have no future if we don't get out of here."

The use of we seemed to wake him up. She needed to use that. Gently she put a hand on his face mustering up all of her feminine wiles.

"You have to help me Hanto. I need you, the others are headed to the clearing and Nima's running out of time. Please get up Hanto. I need your help. I..."

Am about to lie.

"I cannot do this without you."

He nodded, seemingly mystified by her sudden helplessness. Either way it was effective. He leant towards her with sudden elation before rising unsteadily to his feet. Silently he wrapped the remains of what were his pants around his waist as Zyra clothed Enui the best she could. Without a word he picked Enui up and together they began to run to the clearing.


Etaceh watched as the last victims of her tests escaped and headed toward her domain. Despite herself she was strangely pleased at how things had turned out. That human, Zyra would be very useful to them indeed. She had proven to be strong, intelligent, diplomatic, and have a lovely way with words. It didn't hurt that she was easy on the eyes either. Another factor that she had not expected came out from the one named Rell.

Based on her information she had though he would be the weakest link. He had surprised her by not only saving himself but finding the others unaided.


A sky witch by the name of Juno motioned to her erratically.

"The humans are approaching! We have widened the field and raised the sun but they continue on. What should we do?"

Etaceh grinned. "Leave them."

She eyed her newest prizes like a dragon mesmerized with gold.

"Let them come."

Juno nodded and relayed the message to the other lesser witches.

Caligula drifted in from the darkness his purple eyes studying the situation.

"You've done quite a number on them haven't you?" he clucked.

He studied the nymph jinxed girl and her friend who respectfully bound her groping hands. The blonde female walked nervously with an arm wrapped around Zyra and a hand on the jinxed girl, as though they might be separated by another gust of wind at any moment. The blonde boy had awoken and seemed somber instead of his normally cheerful self. Perhaps the violence he had committed had affected him personally. What a pity.

The only one who seemed fine was the other male.

In fact, he seemed rather joyous. Humans were strange creatures indeed.

Zyra, Hanto, and Enui had met Gharla and Rell resting underneath a tree. After they had met one another, they finished their roots and water before speaking in hushed tones.

"The sun should have set already," Gharla said pointing at the shadows that stretched right beyond them.

"I've been counting, it's been highest sun for several hours now."

Zyra nodded not putting it past them. "Then it is night. Or perhaps next day. We still need to get to the tree."

"We'll never make it in our condition," Rell said pessimistically. Then he looked at Zyra with suspicion.

This gave her pause. Rell of all people?

"You seem best off of us Zyra," he said in a measured tone. "You know what they did to us, what did they do to you?"

Zyra felt her heart pound with panic but kept it at bay the best she could. She couldn't afford to lose her head, not now. If she did all would be lost.

She would not run off to the Tree and leave her friends behind. She would not scream and cry the whole way there. She would not curl up in a ball and wish to die.

"They showed me where you were," she answered.

Rell's blue eyes seemed to be searching her mind. "That's all? No torture?"

Gharla narrowed her eyes as she held a sleeping Enui. They had knocked her out for her own good.

"What are you implying Ursie? Do you dare question your leader? I carried you here you wretch! And she just saved your brother!" Gharla spat.

"Maybe," Rell stated. "Or maybe we are still in an illusion and the real Zyra is being tortured while we sit here."

Gharla looked uneasy and then turned quietly to Zyra."How did you know where we were?"

Zyra's eyes widened. "It was a basin, she showed me a vision of you being..."

"She?" Hanto interjected dangerously. "You never mentioned a she. You said they."

"She was one of them,"Zyra spat. "We don't have time for this!"

"What did she say to you?" Gharla asked.

Zyra stood up and clenched her fists. She did not choose their lives for this.

"We have to save Nima," she shouted. "We have to go!"

"We're not going anywhere until you tell us what was said," Rell shouted back.

He stood stomping towards her. His trial had hurt him badly.

"I was nearly drowned by a girl who told me my mother died because of me. Gharla nearly burned to death and Hanto and Enui were fucked out of their minds. What did she do to you!"


Zyra held her head, reliving the agony that she was trying to keep at bay. The fresh hell that opened its doors every time she thought about living in that village without them.

"Chose what?" Rell asked softly.

She looked at his miserably. "Who lived."

They grew quiet and watched her in disbelief.

Gharla stood up her eyes filling with tears.

"But...but we're all here right? All of us are alive so..."

Zyra turned her back on them.

"She said...I had to choose whether you die or...Nima dies."

She heard feet when she suddenly collided with the ground. Gharla stood over her with balled fists. Zyra stumbled back to stand.

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