tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOh What A Night Ch. 01

Oh What A Night Ch. 01


Author’s Note: This actually happened to me last night! I couldn’t wait to write about it because this was honestly, THE best sex I’ve EVER had! I hope you can enjoy it as much as I did.

I’d met him about three weeks ago. We did all the stupid things you ‘have’ to do when you meet someone and find them interesting and enjoyable enough to want to get to know them better. Talked on the phone, bought each other drinks at the bar, flirted, somewhat innocently. He had to go out of town for a few days, and it turned into two weeks and even so I’d just met him, I couldn’t get him out of my mind.

When he got back into town, I got to see him again at the same bar I’d met him at. When he walked in, it didn’t cause my heart to skip a beat, but it did cause a stirring…a tingling if you will…between my legs. Since it had been a few weeks since we saw each other, we had to back track and make up for lost time and do those stupid courtship rituals again. I knew that I wanted him, and hoped he felt the same, and all I really wanted to do was fuck him right then and there, but I also am new in this town and don’t need a rep. So I waited and fortunately didn’t have to wait long for my phone to ring. We made plans to get together that weekend – I would make dinner ( I love to cook but hate always cooking for one) he’d bring a movie and build a fire in my fireplace and we’d enjoy an evening together, alone at home.

Even so I wanted him badly, like I said, I’m new here and don’t need a rep. The bar I met him at is one I plan to continue going too and don’t need him spreading rumors. I guess in the end, I convinced myself that regardless of what happened, I had no control over what he’d tell the other guys at the bar, so I might as well have some fun.

He showed up right on time with his favorite movie in tow. I hated it, it was obviously a ‘guy’s flick’ but he laughed and I just enjoyed the company. Actually, first we ate, had a few beers and talked and talked and talked. I guess I had visions of him walking through my door, sharing a heated kiss and getting naked before the dead bolt was slid into position. When that didn’t happen I was disappointed and relived at the same time. Being new in town, it was nice to have someone familiar to talk to and spend an evening with, regardless of it’s outcome. There would be a huge ‘out cum’ later!

We continued to share niceties and got to know each other better. He grew up very different from me and so we had lots of questions instead of shared interests to share. But it was great and I found myself wanting him more and more. His down home personality combined with his southern hospitality and innocence was very attractive. He’d grown up poor and told me about the nights he slept under the stars simply because there wasn’t another place to sleep. I was so drawn to him. I just wanted to take him in my arms and cradle him saying it was all right now. But my attraction wasn’t a maternal one. I wanted to rock his world and give him something to be grateful for in this life.

We were both out of beer and on one of the many trips to the restroom, I offered him another while I was up. He’d had enough (we had quite a bit already) and asked for some water instead. As I poured him a glass in the kitchen, he joined me there. I handed him the water and he drank it slow as he stood next to the fridge. I didn’t know he was standing so close to me, and when I closed the door after putting the jug back in it’s place, he was standing there.

Normally I don’t make the first move. But literally hours, like five hours, had passed since he arrived and though I was now confident he was attracted to me, he wasn’t making a move. Him standing there in the dark kitchen with only the light over the range offering any sort of illumination I just watched his lips curve over the glass and that was enough to give me the courage I’d been lacking.

I moved even closer to him than we already were and I kissed him. For the first time in a long time I saw rocket ships and fireworks. This kiss was amazing! It started sweet and gentle and he responded with an ever-increasing intensity. Still holding the glass of water in his hand he caressed me with his other and I moved my hands behind his head, running my fingers through his hair. Tingles shot through my body and I was wet almost immediately. Which turned out to be good because he moved a lot faster once I’d made the first move.

As we continued to kiss, he was backing me into the bedroom. He’d shifted us around and he was now backing me up and though I knew we were moving, and even so we were in my house, it wasn’t until the back of my legs hit the bed that I realized what was happening. There weren’t any lights on but the blinds on the window were open and the street light outside provided enough light to be able to see each other’s silhouette.

He broke the kiss long enough to pull my shirt up over my head and then removed his own. With a bit of effort with my bra, (why do men have such a problem with those?) our bodies where now pressing against each other skin on skin as we began to kiss again. I remember mumbling something about not wanting to go so fast, that I wanted him, but wanted to wait but he wasn’t listening anymore. He had been licking and sucking my nipples into his mouth and as I spoke he moved down my body and pulled my pants and panties off at the same time.

I stood there, completely vulnerable, a bit unwilling, and horny as hell.

I began my protest again and he just pushed me back onto the bed. Though it wasn’t a long fall back, it took my breath away. It had been a long time, too long, since I’d had sex and even so I knew there was no turning back at this point, my morals took over and I continued my protest.

He wasn’t listening. He didn’t care. And as he laid himself on top of me, he spread my legs with his and slid his very hard cock into my extremely wet pussy. It felt SO good. I was certainly caught in the moment and all but forgot about my unwillingness. He shoved himself completely inside me and the feeling was complete and utter fullness. I hadn’t even seen or touched his cock yet, we were literally just getting started and so I was very pleasantly surprised by his length and more so his width. I felt like I was sitting on top of a telephone pole! As he pulled his cock in and out of me my body betrayed me and moans escaped from my mouth. I think I remember saying “oh fuck!” and suddenly my wits were about me again.

I pushed him off me, it took a few tries actually, his college football frame was still with him even so he hasn’t played a game in eight years. I got scared. I couldn’t get him off me, he was fucking me and yes, I’d protested but yes, I ultimately let him, but now I was thinking “is this rape? Am I about to become a statistic?” This was all I needed to better channel my energy and was finally able to push him far enough away that his cock couldn’t reach my pussy anymore.

I told him no. That I wanted to wait. He finally spoke and used every possible line any other guy would use in this situation. I told him I wanted to know him better. He told me to ask him anything I wanted. I explained that it was more than the correct answer to any question I might ask, it was getting to know him as a person and how he reacted in different situations that I wanted to know. Whether or not I was the new girl at the local bar and therefore a prize to claim or if he was genuinely interested in me for me. I went on to defend my reasons for stopping him. That I wasn’t on the pill, that I didn’t know who he’d been with and how I was concerned about pregnancy and STDs. All the while I was thinking in the back of my mind “Stupid fucking morals!!!”

He apparently had enough of listening to me and it seemed that he accepted it, for now and began an assault on my body that it hadn’t felt in such a long time. He kissed me and caressed my neck. He cupped my tits and squeezed my nipples. He licked and sucked them into his mouth. His hands were everywhere and where they weren’t his tongue was bathing me. He brought me to the edge of orgasm many times and then would move on to a new stimulant.

He was sucking between my legs. Eating and licking my very swollen pussy lips and bathing his face in my juices. As his tongue attacked my clit, his fingers were fucking me. With his other hand he was pinching my nipples and I had so many points of pleasure I didn’t know which area to focus my attention on. Then he added a new sensation for me to figure out. He slid his hand that had been playing with my tits down into my pussy too. With the finger, or two, or maybe even three fingers that were already in my pussy, and his tongue beating against my clit, he slid a finger into my ass.

He didn’t poke or probe or even rub it. He just slid a finger right into my very tight virgin ass. I bucked at the pain and surprise of his actions. I wiggled and writhed beneath him but with his arms wrapped around my legs there was no way I could move his face from my pussy. He continued to suck and occasionally bit my clit which was very hard and pulsing by now.

As he slid the finger in and out of my ass he increased the force with his other hand and began to moan causing an even greater sensation on my clit. I was at my wits end. No one had ever treated me to such ecstasy before. He again brought me to the brink of what I thought was going to be the most intense and wonderful orgasm of my life when he suddenly stopped! He stopped everything! He pulled himself up and away from me. Sat back on his haunches and looked at me. I was like what the fuck are you doing?!?! You don’t do that to a person! He said “so you want me to go on?” Gee…ya think??

I’m very comfortable with the fact that I masturbate frequently and though he couldn’t have known that, I wasn’t shy as I brought my own hands to my pussy to relieve all the stress he’d caused. He pulled my hands away and held them tightly at my side. He laid his body on top of mine again and I was trapped. He said in a very husky low voice, “I am going to get you off. You are not going to touch yourself unless I tell you to. You know that I am capable of giving you every pleasure you’ve dreamed of, but I will not let you cum tonight unless you let me fuck you.”

I was already pissed off that he’d brought me to the edge and stopped so suddenly. It would have taken only a flick of one of my fingers over my clit to send me into orbit. When he took my wrists into his hands I thought he was going to finish what he’d started. When he held them firmly at my sides and then covered me with his own weight I got scared. I was struggling beneath him. Trying desperately to free a hand to smack or scratch him so that he’d move enough for me to move further away from him. He enjoyed my fight and smirked at me when he said “sorta sucks when someone tells you to stop doesn’t it? Isn’t really a lot of fun when the shoes on the other foot. Now listen to me, you can be a cock tease and get what you deserve or I’m giving you the chance to let you be a good girl and give you what you want instead.”

I was so scared. But I was also mad. Me stopping him was very early into it, there was no way he was on the edge of the most incredible orgasm he’d ever known when I started my protest. I wasn’t a cock tease! All I’d done was kiss him up to that point. I told him to fuck off. He tightened his grip and told me how bad I wanted it. That I’d been waiting for this for a long time and it might have never been him that I was thinking about till this night, but I’d been waiting for a man to take me. Take control of me like this for a long time.

I was silent. He was right.

“I’ll leave right now” he said, “if you want me to. But I don’t think you do.” “No.” I said, “I don’t want you to leave. “Are you going to be a good girl?” I took a minute with my thoughts. What the fuck was going on? He’s right. I have wanted this for a long time, but those fucking morals started kicking in again. They were lost as he sucked my tongue into his mouth and began kissing me again. He kept a tight hold on my wrists but slid his body down mine and his face was in front of my pussy again. I could feel his hot breath on it. He darted his tongue around and my clit stirred. “I’m waiting,” he said. I didn’t reply. He continued taking my lack or a reply as no answer, not a no, and not a yes. He continued to lick and suck my clit till I finally subsided. My hips rocking towards his face. “Say it,” he said. “Please” was the only word I could think of to say. He finally released my wrists and I took them into my hands each in turn. They felt like they’d been in cuffs. He moved his hands back to my pussy, sopping wet again and lubed up his fingers again. His attack was faster and more furious this time and it wasn’t long at all before his long thick finger was back in my ass. As before, he didn’t poke or probe, he just dove right in. With fingers in my pussy, one in my ass and his mouth locked onto my clit he pulled his head up and told me to rub my clit. I did so without question and with abandonment. I was crazy. I was desperate to cum. Within just a few fast, hard flicks I was cumming and he gulped it all from my pussy.

Before my orgasm had subsided he was over me, he pulled my legs up over his shoulders and pressed his cock against my ass. “Spread ‘em” he said. “NO!!!” I replied. “Not this again,” he said. “No you don’t understand, I’ve never had anal sex before. You cannot fuck me there. You are way to huge and there is no way I will ever be able to take you in my ass.” I said. He rolled his eyes at me. He didn’t move except for his left arm which he moved to my throat and held me down firmly. I gasped as he tightened his grip around my neck. “Listen, I’ve already given you one chance to make this night up to me. Now you’re pushing it. I’m going to fuck your ass, and there really isn’t anything you can do about it, so I’d suggest you spread your fucking ass cheeks and make this as accommodating as possible.” I was puling at the hand that was now crushing my windpipe and gasping for air. “Spread ‘em” he said again. A whispered ‘no’ was all that I could muster up. “Do it.!” he said as I kept trying to release his grip from around my neck.

He started to press his very hard, very thick, and very long cock against my puckered ass. He didn’t penetrate me, he was just pushing himself against me. “Wow, you are gonna be so tight,” he said. With tears in my eyes, I watched him pull his body back and I thought he was going to shove his entire dick into my very tight, very virgin ass. With his hand still tight around my throat he slammed his body into mine. I thought I was going to pass out!

But then I realized that he wasn’t in my ass, he was in my pussy. Did he even know? I opened my eyes wide and looked at him, he was smiling. It was all a game to him. He knew what he was doing. This guy actually knew that the best organ to use during sex is your brain! He released his grip on my neck and used his arms to pull my legs further behind his head, and rolled me up as he fucked my pussy harder than anyone ever had before.

Between thrusts I was able to catch a breath of air and said “Oh” “My” “God” in between his thrusts.

I don’t really know how to describe how fast, hard and how deep he was up inside me. No one had ever fucked me like this. It was as if he was bouncing on top me, gaining air and speed with each thrust back inside me.

I rotated my hips towards him to see if there was anywhere even deeper for him to go.

“Yea, that’s my good girl,” he said.

And then he put a hand over my face. Blocking my nose and my mouth at the same time with his huge palm. My eyes went wide again and I stared directly into his. I had heard how a lack of oxygen could increase the effects of an orgasm but I’d never tried it. I am also unfortunately one of those women who rarely cums from anything but clitoral stimulation. For some strange reason I trusted him at this point. I don’t know why. I feared rape from him most of this night already, but I figured he was depriving me of oxygen to better my orgasm, and hell, you can’t blame a guy for trying.

Thinking it wouldn’t be possible for him to stimulate me enough to cum with is thrusts I relaxed as best I could and enjoyed the pounding my pussy was getting. Even so I don’t usually cum from getting fucked, I still completely enjoy it!

My screams of pleasure where muffled under his hand and I closed my eyes, tight, in disbelief as I felt my orgasm brewing. “Cum on my dick,” he said. “Do it, NOW!” and that was all the encouragement I needed. I came all over his hard, thick cock. He released his hand from my face to let me catch my breath and I panted thank you’s, oh my gods, and holy fuck’s between my gasps for precious air.

He still hadn’t cum! I was beginning to think he wasn’t a man at all but a machine built to please only me. He roughly pulled out and turned me over onto my stomach. I thought he was going to attempt to fuck my ass again in this very revealing position but that card had already been played. He didn’t say a word this time as he lined up his cock with my dripping pussy and fucked me even harder than before.

I bucked against him and slammed my ass against his stomach as we fucked. He reached for my hair and pulled on it hard arching my back. When he let go he reached around the front of my head and put his hand over my face again. I turned my head to the side to try to see his face in my peripheral vision. He released his grip and started to smack my ass, my back and I was on the verge of yet another orgasm. We picked up on each other’s rhythm and the result was pure mind blowing! Speaking of blowing, I still hadn’t seen his cock yet! I knew it was huge from the raping it was giving me, but I needed to touch it, feel it, take it in my mouth and worship it. Without any time reference, and who the fuck really cares how long it took, but after several long minutes, he pulled out and fell on the bed beside me on his back. I knew he hadn’t cum still and I knew his invitation was for me to get on top of him.

I moved over him and instead of sitting on his cock, I moved it into my open mouth. He rolled his head back on his neck and enjoyed the bath he was getting. It was thickly coated with my juices and I enjoyed the taste of my joy. His cock wasn’t really as long as it had felt inside me. It was better than average, but just the right size for me to suck and deep throat. Maybe seven or eight inches. Like I said, it was still wonderful, but it felt like he had a foot long inside me. It was as thick as it had felt though and my mouth strained over it as I went to town on this wonderful tool that had been bringing me so much joy.

He told me to get up and sit on his dick but I told him I liked sucking cock. He said “you do?” I said “Yes. I do” “Well then by all means,” he said as he laid back and enjoyed me doing all the work for a while.

I am one of the odd women on this planet who do sincerely enjoy giving head. And I was especially anxious to please this particular cock since it was the first one in a long time that had brought me such unknown pleasures. He let me suck, nibble lick and explore his cock. Then he did something no other man has ever done. He told me to lick his balls. Sure, a lot of guys like that, but no one has ever vocalized that to me. I eagerly licked and sucked his balls, each in their own time into my mouth as I jerked his cock. Then he did something even more shocking. He bent his legs and pulled them towards his chest, revealing his asshole to me. “Lick it,” he said. “What?” I asked, thinking I must not have heard him correctly because no man had EVER told me to do that before. “Lick my ass,” he said. “Really?” I asked innocently. “Do it!” he demanded and I reluctantly pressed my face between his cheeks and stuck out my tongue. I had heard about men liking their ass getting attention, but had never experienced this before. I was completely turned on by his confidence his ability to tell me what he wanted. He moaned his pleasure and that encouraged me to go on. I really started kissing and licking his ass. Then I drew a finger in front of my face and gently pressed behind his balls. His moaning increased and I gained even more confidence in what I was doing and slid my finger closer and closer to his asshole. As my finger replaced my tongue’s spot I gradually increased my pressure and actually slid my finger into his ass. He let me know that he was enjoying my actions and it was more than I could handle. I was so fucking turned on by this! As my finger went further into his ass, I returned my mouth to his balls and licked and sucked them again. “Oh my God!!!” he said and I thought he was cuming. I was wrong. He quickly moved his body and was on top of me again, pleasing and pounding my pussy with even more energy and depth than he had previously.

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