tagMatureOld Man's Disease Ch. 02

Old Man's Disease Ch. 02


"So why didn't you and Mom ever...you know..get together?" Janice asked me.

It came right out of the clear blue sky, caught me a bit by surprise. Of course, if you knew Janice like I do nothing should ever be a surprise.

She is my next door neighbor, barely 22 now. The best description I can come up with is a raven haired beauty that belongs on the pages of magazines.

Now if I was younger and had my health, as the saying goes? But I am in my sixties, doing my best to deal with all the issues that come with the later stages of life.

Janice works her way through nursing school by doing massage therapy. One day she caught me taking a leak in the bushes in my back yard and she was simply curious as to why it was such a strain.

You older males will know what I mean, a Prostate gland the size of an Apple. It just robs a person of energy, it is a pain in the ass needing to take a leak every 10 minutes or so and managing a dribble.

I knew Janice's Mom Carol very well, I was the one who took her to the hospital when Janice was born. I practically lived over there after that. I powdered her bottom and changed her diapers, watched her grow up skinning her knees and raising all sorts of hell. Then one day she filled out and became..well, she became simply...WOW!

Me? I was just "Uncle Dan."

But Janice studied on the subject, one day I somehow ended up on her table, she put on latex gloves and went right in there massaging my Prostate, and reached underneath and pulled on my 7" medium firm erection until I spasmed.

It beats the hell out of me how she learned to do that but it worked pretty well and I have to say I was grateful.

With the feeling of being empty, I suddenly had more energy, got to doing more things. With that came some weight loss, my 46" midsection dropped to 40" over a period of a couple of years. With the weight loss, my Prostate didn't bother me nearly as much, either.

Funny how that all works hand in hand.

Janice even nagged me until I finally gave up my pack a day bad habit. Next thing I knew she was out in my garden at planting time, some of my Corn and Potato plants got changed to Spinach and beets, green beans.

Darned if I didn't develop a taste for that stuff, too.

And once a week I would be on her table, regular as clockwork. Janice never showed even the slightest sign of being bashful, after awhile I got over it, too.

It was during one of those massage sessions that she hit me with that question.

The funny thing is Janice's Mom and I were..friends? I can't really think of a single time I ever even thought of her as anything more. I knew I sorely missed her Mom, that was a rough time a few years earlier when I had knocked on her door. Getting no answer, I stepped in to find her on the couch, gone from us.

Janice had been away at class, a good thing I guess.

"I don't know, honey. It just never came up, we were always just good friends."

"I think Mom was always in love with you." Janice blurted out.

I didn't have an answer, like I said, it was something that just never came up. I never really even thought about it.

"Did you..do you ever have any..girlfriends?

That was another surprise.

"Not really."

There had been a couple over the years, I never brought any of them home though. I didn't even remember their names, with one woman we actually ended up in bed but it was uneventful, I guess that is the proper word.

It is probably tough to understand, but my sex life was mostly solo, and had been for nearly 40 years. I had no interest at all in a prostitute. Dealing with women and all the dating and dinners, dancing, all the things that go along with that just wasn't really in the picture.

By the time I reached the age where I took my Social Security and began to draw on savings a bit, it was just far too late.

"You are a good looking man, you should find a nice woman, go out and do things."

"Oh, sure, I can just see myself trying to woo some gray haired old lady!" I laughed.

"You could attract some younger ones if you just tried to." Her hands rubbing my back suddenly seemed softer, I detected a bit of a catch in her voice.

"What about you?" I asked her. I realized I had never seen her with a boyfriend.

"Oh, with school and work and all I just don't have time."

"You should make time."

"I suppose, but school is expensive, and with the household bills and everything, I need as many clients as I can get."

I understood that, I did my own shopping, it seemed to get harder to cover everything every year.

Janice propped up my hips, reached over and got a pair of latex gloves out. I allowed myself to relax, I knew what was coming.

She dabbed on some ointment, spread my cheeks and rubbed a dollop across my opening, then slid her index finger inside. I felt her finger begin to work, then she withdrew.

"You are really doing very well, you feel almost normal."

I felt a little disappointed but if there was no real need, I understood. It was for healing, of course.

Janice stepped to her sink and removed the gloves. Then she washed her hands as I rolled up to a sitting position, the top sheet wrapped around my waist.

She looked back at me, her eyes dropped to the sheet where my obvious erection was making a bit of a tent.

"Uncle Dan....?"

"What, honey?"

"Do you..you need..?"

"Lay back down." I was almost an order, Janice tended to be firm with her instructions.

I started to roll over face down like always.

"No, on your back."

I blinked, but obeyed. She had never had me lay on my back before.

She stepped to the head to the table and worked on my arms and chest, then her hands went in circles across my stomach.

"Your belly is really firm!"

I was a little proud of that, I was in pretty good shape for an old man and working around the house helped me stay that way.

As she worked my stomach, her hands bumped gently against my erection through the sheet, I was willing it to go down to no avail.

Janice moved down to my legs, and stroked first one, then the other for awhile. This was new, and nice. I liked it, started to relax even more.

"Uncle Dan?" Janice said. Her hands came to a stop.

I opened my eyes, looked at her. Her face was flushed, hesitant. This was new, too, Janice always seemed to exude total confidence.

"I..I need...I trust you. Will you..maybe?" I recognized the tone of voice, it was the same one she used when she wanted to get into my candy jar as a little girl.

"Will I?...Will I what?" I wondered.


It hit me. Talk about being a little slow.

Her face was close to mine, then closer. I leaned up as she leaned down, our lips met. I had kissed her many times over the years, on the cheek, on the top of the head.

Never like this, her lips met mine and the room started to swim. Then she leaned back, her eyes dark and fathomless. She reached out and took my hand. I sat up.

"Come on!"

I just obeyed, followed her out the door and down the short hall, clutching the sheet around my waist. She pushed the door to her bedroom open, led me to the bed. She gave me a little push, I sat down.

Then with that smile, she reached over her shoulders and pulled the smock over her head. She wore a simple white bra. I expected her to unsnap it but she reached down and stripped off her nurse's slacks, taking the simple white panties with them in one motion. The dark mass of pubic hair came almost to the darker line of the skin above.

She was trimmed just enough to stay in a bikini, I just sat and stared. She stood still for a moment checking my reaction, then reached back and tripped the snaps on her Bra. Her breasts swung free, dazzlingly white in contrast to the rest of her skin. Her nipples were easily the size of silver dollars, coming to a point at the tip with a small invert in the center.

She stood there naked as I stared.

"Honey, I am 45 years older than......"

"Hush!" She stepped to me, pushed me back on the bed.

"I don't have a condom."

"Hush!! I am on the pill and I know you don't...."

"Have you ever.....?"

"Just once, now...HUSH!"

Then she was pressed against me, kissing my face, my neck, my shoulders, eager. My hands came up, found the silky smooth flesh of her breasts, heavy and firm. We rolled over on the bed, then rolled again, Janice ending up on top. Her hands came down, found me, felt me. She had felt me many times, always as I lay on my stomach. This was different.

Completely different.

"You got bigger." she gasped. Then she lifted one knee, settled astride me. Holding me with one hand, she reached down with the other and spread herself. Then she lowered down onto me.

I felt her slippery insides part, the flesh give way as she settled until my full length was completely inside. Her lungs emptied with a gasp as she did.

Then she was moving up and down, each time she settled, she rotated her hips forward and rubbed herself against my pubic bone. Her eyes rolled back, her mouth came open and she groaned as the first wave hit her. Each time it did, her vagina clamped down on me, I struggled to keep from just blasting off.

"My...God...My God...Uncle...." she uttered, I could no longer stop myself. I felt the first blast, then the second one, if anything I got harder, bigger, firmer.

Never in my life had I felt anything like this!

Finally we collapsed, staying enjoined. I don't know how long we lay together like that, neither one of us said a word.

I felt myself begin to harden again without ever withdrawing, so I rolled her over on her back and we did it again. Slower, sweetly this time, I felt her outer lips grasp at me, then release. Then Janice let out a little squeal and finally relaxed again.

"Thank you, Uncle Dan! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"Honey, thank you! It has been so long."

Our relationship certainly took a change that day, over the next few weeks Janice would finish her work and then come over and spend the evening with me. Sometimes I would make dinner, sometimes she would. Then she would share my bed.

I was so lucky, how many men my age get to bed a beautiful young woman that actually enjoys it every bit as much as they do? I had more sexual activity in a few short weeks than I had had in the previous 45 plus years.

The real oddity is even at my age everything was up and working like a damn teenager. Of course I knew it couldn't last, one day she would find a young man she liked and it would all end.

But I was determined to make the most of it while I could, and make the most of it I did.

I suppose it was around two months or so, Janice got home from college and came in.

"Hi, Honey! I have some steaks ready to go onto the grill."

She didn't answer, just stood there for a moment.

"Is something wrong?" I felt a sudden chill, was this it? Had she found a boyfriend?

"I have something to tell you, Dan."

I waited, just looking at her.

"What is it, Hon?" I asked, finally.

"The pills?...They didn't work. I am pregnant."

I reached out and took her in my arms.

"What do you feel about that?" I asked her.

"I want it." She had tears in her eyes, I knew she was scared about my reaction.

"Wonderful, this is fine with me!"

"Dan? Can we...get married?"

Married? Something else I never thought of.

"You know we won't have a lot of time?"

"I know."

I hugged her, laughing.

"Married it is, there is nothing I would like better!"

That evening, after making sweet love, Janice was snuggled up next to me.

"Bet we have time to make two of them." she giggled.

"Yep, bet we do!"

I will just bet we do, too.

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