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Older Woman & Stockings


My first sexual stocking experience happened when I was 18 years old. I was visiting my Grandparent's home in Canton, Ohio. There were a few petting experiences that I had with girls my own age in the past, where the girls would let me stroke their legs to the tops of their stockings but that was about it.

That summer in Canton, my mother's friend, Irene was always coming to the house when we were there. She was 38 years old, with long red hair and very attractive to me. The major attraction was her stockings and heels. Irene always wore spiked sandals with reinforced heel and toe nylons. They were always black or taupe. I always had to lie on my stomach when she was there, so I could look at her legs and at the same time hide my erection.

She used to catch me all the time looking at her feet and legs and I got the impression that she liked it because she would sometimes smooth out her nylons all the way to the garter when we were in the room alone.

The year was 1967, Irene drove a 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air, and it was maroon and had a stick shift. God I loved that car. Having just gotten a driver’s license, Irene offered me an opportunity to drive her car. My mother didn't want me to drive it but Irene was insistent.

There was a large park not far from the house, which everyone thought would be the best place to drive. The ride from the house, in which Irene drove, she would keep letting her dress ride up to the tops of her black nylons as she shifted gears and I couldn't take my eyes off her legs. As we entered the park, there was a small dirt road off the main road of the park, which went back through the trees. I really got excited when she stopped about 40 yards back. She slid her legs around toward me and said, "You like my legs don't you, would you like to touch them."

My face must have dropped a foot and I told her yes. I started to stroke her feet and calves. She told me to rub higher, up to her thighs, as I did her placed her foot in the crotch of my shorts. As soon as felt her foot I came in my pants. I was so embarrassed. She immediately leaned over and kissed me, placing her tongue in my mouth. She asked me to touch her between her legs but I was hesitant, she took my hand and placed on her crotch, she pressed my hand hard and made me push on her. We continued to kiss and she started to moan. I thought the whole world was going to hear us. She directed me to get into the back seat of the car to be more comfortable. We settled in and continued to kiss as my hand explored her legs and wet pussy.

Irene told me to take off her panties; her panties were over her garterbelt like a true stocking girl. It was the first time I had ever seen a real vagina. Irene gently pushed my head down between her legs and told me to kiss her. She was so wet and kept pushing my head so harder to the point that I could hardly breathe. She starting to scream "Put your tongue inside me", as it did I could feel a flood of her juices all over my face and she was bucking up and down, then she tensed and relaxed. She looked down at me and told how wonderful that was.

She wanted me to continue to stroke her stockings while she rested. After a few minutes, she asked me if I would lick her again, only this slower and gentler. As I made love to her, she constantly directed all my activities and had another three orgasms. My face was dripping wet but my hands never left those silky stockings. After a few minutes, Irene asked me if I ever had anyone put his or her mouth on me. I replied no.

She leaned over and unzipped my shorts, which were still damp from before. She placed her mouth directly over my cock and wrapped her hand around the base of my shaft. Her mouth and hand worked as a single motion for all of about one minute until I came in her mouth. Not one drop escaped her mouth as she continued to suck me. Then she sat up, moved into the front seat, started the car and drove to one of the park rest rooms. I was still mesmerized in the back seat, She told me to go in and wash my face and clean myself up. When I came back to the car she was not there, I must have waited for her for twenty minutes but when she came out the rest room she looked fresh as a daisy.

The ride back to the house was the strangest part of the whole evening. Irene told me that she only could have sex with young boys and she would never let them fuck her. Irene told me that she had never been married because when she was young she had been raped by her brother-in-law who was about 10 years older that her.

She also stated that no man would ever enter her again. That young boys would allow her to have complete control over them. She also told me that there were three other young men in her apartment building, which she had, sex with on a regular basis.

She also told me that she did not want to have sex with me because of her relationship with my mother but could not help herself. The last thing she told me was about the power of nylon stockings and high heels. She said she knew how much it turned men on. Especially the men in her office, she used it as a tease but would never go out with any of the men and how it would drive them crazy. Irene said if I did not say anything to anyone about the evening that we could do it again, which was enough incentive for me to keep quiet.

I never did see Irene after that summer, she moved to Michigan and used to write my mother and asked how we all her children, especially me. That night had changed me forever in more way than one. It is ironic that Irene had a fetish for young boys and that for a long time in my life that I had one for older women in garter belts, stockings and heels but that will be another story.

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