tagBDSMOn The Farm with Camille

On The Farm with Camille



This is a Maledom tale with a bit of deception-by-omission thrown in at the beginning to spice things up just a bit. None the less, the watchwords here are still 'Safe', 'Sane' and 'Consensual'.

The first chapter sets things up and just for the record...I have had the privilege of knowing several women who have exhibited the courage, strength and integrity of Camille.

The second chapter starts with the naughty bits.

Chapter One – Tease

Camille and Amanda were the best of friends and had been for the better part of twenty years since both had met in high school. Each knew the others secrets, had seen each other through good times and bad.

There were only two major differences between them. One was that Amanda was an out and out dominant lesbian where Camille was an out and out submissive heterosexual. The other was that Camille was an outrageous flirt and very much enjoyed teasing others.

Neither was willing to threaten their long and close friendship with any attempt at sexual congress but each knew where the other stood.

When Amanda had been dumped by a sweet little thing she had fallen hard for, it was to Camille that she had turned for support. The same had been true of Camille when she would become too involved with some guy.

Amanda fondly remembered her friend the tease. She remembered the night that Camille had shown up at Amanda's home dressed in a nearly nude string bikini and teased Amanda's then lover. After Camille had left, the woman had thrown herself at Amanda.

And Camille had known! She told Amanda later that she had known!

Now it was Camille who had just dumped a long term lover. The fact that this guy had been an abusive and immature creep had not made its effect felt yet. He had been one sweet charmer. His lies had hit home with Camille.

He had two years to work his abuse on her before she was finally able to see the light.

He claimed to be a dominant alpha in his views but he was no more that than he was a submissive. He was just a lying abusive creep.

The final straw came when Amanda had gone to pick up her friend for a morning of shopping and girl talk. He got angry, again and when he tried to strike Amanda, Camille had snapped and kicked the man between the legs.

Camille and Amanda had left him in a prone ball on the floor of his apartment.

Still Camille seemed completely devastated and just could not shake it off. The man had made her feel unlovable and unloved. The tease was nowhere to be found.

Amanda was more than a bit worried when she saw none of the signs of her friend moving beyond this. Amanda finally asked a very unhappy Camille if she really trusted her close friend.

"Of course...Anything you want babe." Camille gave her the somewhat despondent reply.

So Amanda devised a plan...

Amanda had Camille sign a paper but Camille never even bothered to read it!

Next, Amanda got Camille mildly drunk. After, she took her friend out to 'The Farm'.

They were laughing and joking as the limousine pulled up to the barn. The alcohol had worked at distracting Camille.

Amanda got out when it stopped. Camille, not paying attention, followed. There were two very large men in coveralls standing with grim expressions on their faces.

Camille turned to her friend and asked, "What's going on?"

Amanda replied, "I have decided to give you a present, my love. That paper you signed was a release form and these men are here today to fulfil your dream of having two men drive you crazy in bed before they go away."

Amanda smiled at her friends shocked expression but reminded her, "You always said that your deepest and darkest fantasy was to be forced into very naught behaviour because of your teasing."

She added, "You have teased me mercilessly over the years. I'm not angry with you but I know what you like and now, so do these men."

Amanda followed her true confession by adding, "Unless you want this to end now, I'll see you up at the farm house tomorrow afternoon."

Camille said nothing but turned to the two large men who eyed her like hungry carnivores with a piece of fresh meat.

She turned back to her friend and asked, "Have I really been that out of it?"

Amanda nodded; not trusting her voice, as emotion welled up inside her.

Camille stepped forward and embraced her friend before whispering in her ear, "Okay, I'm going to trust you on this"

Amanda stepped back and ordered the two large men, "Take her and use her! You know what is to be done!"

Camille turned to look at the two men as they advanced quickly on her. Her breath was shallow and she could feel a flutter of anticipation building in her stomach yet there was also an unreasoning fear there too.

Camille turned to look at her friend but Amanda was already walking away, her head held high and stiff as though she did not want to see what was occurring.

One of the big men said, "Your safe words are 'Yellow' for slow down and 'Red' for stop completely."

Camille nodded timidly as two men advanced on her.

Then one stopped and said calmly, "Look, we know that you are a survivor of abuse. The real question is what kind of survivor do you want to be?"

Camille looked at him questioningly and he continued in a patient voice.

"There are those who are heroic survivors. They struggle to rise above what they have endured." He said.

"There are also those 'victims' of abuse who never rise above what happened to them." He stated.

"So I'll ask again; what kind of survivor do you want to be?"He asked her calmly, as though he had all the time and patience in the world.

"If you're a 'victim', this can end right now. We can have you in a registered therapist's office within the hour." The big man said, "Or we can test you..."

He let the question hang.

For Camille, there was simply no question at all, she had to try and be a heroic survivor.

"If I try and fail, at least I have tried!" She said to herself.

She nodded to herself and said, "I'm ready!"

"This test is in three parts." The big man explained, "After we arouse you and are sure of your limits, we will reenact your two greatest sexual experiences."

He paused to gauge her reaction before continuing, "As I said, your safe words are 'Yellow' for slow down and 'Red' for stop completely."

When she did not respond immediately, he waited before asking, "Are you absolutely sure?"

The big man had a lot of experience with damaged subs and he had seen many quail when pushed too far too fast. He had learned that they had to step forward of their own volition; freely and confidently (or not at all).

Camille looked straight at him and with a look of fear in her eyes said in a tremulous voice, "I'll do my best."

Despite what he and Amanda had agreed to; the man withheld a sigh and seriously debated calling the whole thing off. He could see that despite her words, this woman was right on the edge of panic. That was always a bad sign.

Then Camille did something to convince him. She stripped naked before him and knelt at his feet, her hands going behind her head in a gesture of obedience.

It wasn't the most erotic thing he'd ever seen but it did show him that she was, indeed, ready to try.

He nodded and turning to his associate raised his eyebrows, as if to indicate that this was a good sign on her part. The other man smiled.

And so it began...

Chapter Two – Arousal

The two men tied her standing in the middle of the barn. Her arms were shackled together in leather cuffs and raised high above her head by rope and pulley. Her legs were also shackled together. One of the big men pulled on the rope until a nude Camille was standing on tip toe.

Camille finally got a good look at the two men. The bigger of the two was wearing a set of blue overalls. The slightly smaller one was wearing brown overalls. Both had brush cuts and a solid dependable look to them.

She asked, "What should I call you?"

The big man in blue answered without looking at her as he fingered a thick belt that had been lying over a stall in the barn.

"Master...And don't talk unless you're told to." He said not unkindly.

Camille was silent for all of thirty seconds before asking, "I hate to be a bother but what do I call him?"

She tilted her head toward the big man in brown.

Blue tilted his head at her and said, "Obviously I have not made myself clear."

He smiled and Camille knew that he had been expecting her to break his rules...Had counted on it, in fact.

Blue walked behind her, smiling and whipping the belt through the air, this way and that.

Brown laughed then and gave a rebel yell, "Yee-ha! Ain't nothing like a well whipped woman!"

Camille felt her heart begin to race. She was now unable to see either man.

She could hear though and she heard the belt whistle through the air before landing with a wet splat on her shapely posterior.

She gasped and flinched although the strike wasn't that hard. There had been a time when she would have laughed at the lightness of the strike. The last two years with 'His Highness' had taken a lot of her confidence away.

The belt landed again beside the first strike and it was a little harder.

She gasped and jerked again; remembering how she had told 'him' how she liked to be dominated. At first he had been very attentive and consistent. Then little by little he had gradually started sneering at her and her desires.

Nasty unpleasant comments that cut her in ways that were just not right. By the end, she had not been intimate with him in months; not even in a vanilla way.

Now, as these two men whipped her nude and bound body, Camille began to realize just how much that cowardly bastard had taken from her in the name of love.

The belt landed again and then a fourth time. The strikes were no harder than the second one but Camille could feel them. When she tried to be stoic, the big man in blue spoke.

"We'll have none of that now! I want to see all your reactions Camille." He said commandingly.

So saying, he whipped her again but it was not a hard strike.

She groaned and jerked, like a person who has been asleep for a long time and was now just awakening.

The whipping progressed and Camille began to jerk and groan with more enthusiasm. As she did so, the intensity of the strikes increased. Finally, the big man was whipping Camille hard and not withholding its power.

He'd whip her and she'd yell and flinch.

The big man in blue coveralls reared back the heavy leather belt and let it sing through the air before landing with cruel intent upon her nude and helpless body yet again.

The speed of the strike lent it power and Camille pulled hard on her restraints and cried out. Tears sprang from tightly shut eyes and her mouth was opened in a round 'o' but no safe word came from her lips.

The big man in brown finally walked until he was standing in front of her close enough for him to lick. He smiled and gazed at her bare breasts as she heaved this way and that.

Blue continued to whip her butt and now Brown reached for her. Brown's hand reached down between her tightly held together thighs and found her swollen cunt.

She opened her eyes and looked at Brown in shock and surprise. It had been a long time since anyone had touched her there.

Brown looked round her nude and bound body to speak to Blue.

"She's sopping!" He said with real enthusiasm.

Blue's belt landed again while Brown's hand was inside Camille's cunt. She moaned erotically.

She hadn't meant to; it just slipped out.

Brown smiled and Camille heard Blue speak.

"That's what we want to hear!" He said encouragingly.

Then Blue said to Brown, "You're right, ain't nothing like a well whipped woman! Just keep your hand there and let's see how she likes that!"

Brown grunted his reply and Blue lashed the helpless woman yet again.

This time the results were two fold. The belt stung where it landed but Brown's hand made a world of difference and Camille couldn't help but grind against it.

So Blue lashed her yet again!

As the belt continued to land, Brown began to work his hand inside her sopping wet cunt.

Camille ground against the hand and away from the belt. The pleasing erotic sensations began to escalate at an unbelievable rate.

Neither Blue nor Brown did much more than they had been doing yet both could see that a powerful orgasm was well on its way.

Suddenly, as Blue whipped her and Brown fingered her, Camille came, yelling and pulling against her cruel restraints.

Brown didn't look up until it was apparent that she had finished coming. Then Blue stopped fingering her and Brown stepped back; his eyes going to meet hers.

"Well done Camille!" He said with a smile.

They untied her only to retie her hands behind her back. They forced her to her knees and she watched as the two men undressed.

The bigger of the two was also the one with the bigger cock. When he offered it to her, she obediently opened her mouth and took as much as she could.

Blue pulled out his now hard cock and slowly pushed it back in. The huge bulbous head slipped by her willing lips. She felt its veins and ridges with her lips as he pushed his large heavy cock deep into her throat.

He pulled all the way out then and it was Brown's turn. He was every bit as hard. His erection was thick and full as well, a bit of precum adding taste where there had been none before.

As she sucked both hard cocks, Camille realized just how much she had missed this particular endeavour.

She remembered the time she had a contest with another girl at a party to see who could make their guy come the quickest. The loser was to be ass fucked by everyone that the winner said.

Camille had won but victory had tasted a bit salty that evening.

As the two big men in the barn fed her cock; she sighed and went at her task with renewed sense of urgency.

Blue and Brown exchanged glances at her enthusiasm. This was most unusual. Mostly those who had been abused over a couple of years took some time before they began to enjoy themselves to this degree...With anything sexual!

It was just too intense but not, it seemed, for Camille.

"It's time for the first experience." Blue said enigmatically.

Chapter Three – Erotic Denial

"Now we have almost a full day before your friend returns." Blue said calmly, "So we are going to divide it into two parts."

Brown asked, "Do you remember the second most powerful thing you have ever been through?"

Camille, bound nude and on her knees began to shake her head in protest. A flutter ran through her belly in anticipation of what she knew was coming.

Brown smiled at her and then looked at Blue before stating, "Oh, I think we can call that a 'yes'."

Blue nodded and looked down at the nude woman before answering, "That is definitely my feeling about this too."

They picked Camille up and carried her into a stall within the barn. She struggled helplessly but she was no match for these two powerful men.

In a few moments, they had her bound spread-eagled and face up to an old iron framed single bed. The thing was comfortable enough; it had to be with what they were going to do to her. She was going to be here a while.

Camille knew what her two tormentors had in mind and just the thought was enough to arouse her.

Blue looked down at her nude struggling body and smiled before he said, "That's right; we are going to bring you to the edge of orgasm without allowing you to come and we are going to keep you there!"

Brown added, "We know that you are multi-orgasmic, as well. So you know what the second experience is going to be too."

Camille groaned with rising passion at just the thought of being the plaything of these two knowledgeable tormentors. The fact that they were there, specifically just to torment her gave her some power, though.

As though reading her mind, Blue said, "When we become aroused...Don't you worry, we'll just avail ourselves of your tight pussy."

He smiled and Camille became even wetter at the image of him fucking her nude bound body while she protested helplessly (but not too much)!

With that, Blue pulled an electric wand from a shelf beneath the bed. He pushed the switch and with a buzz, it came to life.

Brown laughed and said, "You are going to put on a real good show tonight!"

Blue started by merely resting the head of the powerful electric vibrator on her clitoris.

Camille groaned and squirmed.

Brown smiled and reaching down grabbed her bare nipple with an expertise born of long years of training and began to knead and roll the sensitive flesh.

Blue, watching as Camille responded to the vibrator; turned it this way and that so that the head was always touching some exposed area of the clit.

At one point, Blue spread Camille's labia wide apart so he could better reach her most sensitive parts.

She gasped and her head shot up as she felt an impending orgasm.

"I'm going to come!" She gasped.

Both men stopped touching her altogether and the feeling subsided.

Blue said, "I'm pleased by both your awareness and by you telling us before you came."

Then he smiled cruelly and continued, "As a reward, I'm only going to give you six strokes with the riding crop on your bare cunt!"

Camille gasped in shock and said without thinking but very sarcastically, "Gee thanks! And here I was...Worried that you were going to punish me for reaching an orgasm without permission!"

Blue laughed and said right back at her, "You were right to be worried. I have in mind the figure of twenty four on the bare cunt for orgasms without permission."

Camille looked at him suspiciously and when she was sure he was not being sarcastic said, "Maybe I'll just shut my big mouth before I get into trouble."

Both Blue and Brown looked at her then and nodded as though saying, "Yes, that's a good idea!"

Blue pulled out a riding crop from beneath the bed and raised it high above his head.

Camille watched it with horrified fascination. It descended with speed and landed on her bare pussy with a wet sound.

She shrieked and bucked before Blue raised the crop up and brought it down again.

This time she arched up to meet the fiery kiss of the riding crop. Still she cried out in a mixture of agony and passion as it hit home.

Four more times, Blue lashed the bound nude woman where it counted most. Although she cried in pain and passion; not once did she try and get away.

The men returned to their respective tasks and within a couple of minutes, Camille was once again, approaching climax.

"Oh God, please take it off!" She gasped with wide eyes, "I'm going to come!"

"No you will not!" Snapped Blue without looking up or removing the wand, "You will not come until I say so!"

Brown grabbed both her bare breasts and gently but firmly pulled and squeezed the nipples.

Camille groaned and yelled, "Oh god, I can't hold on! I'm going to come!"

At the last moment, both men stopped touching her again.

Over the next several hours the two men tormented Camille. Just as she'd be about to climax, they'd stop.

Every time Camille approached climax, Blue and Brown would murmur encouraging words. Every time she told them she was going to come, they complimented her.

"It has been a long time!" She thought to herself, "It has been a long time since I have felt this good about myself."

Sometimes one or the other would lash her cunt or her breasts when she was about to achieve orgasm. Sometimes they would merely wait until she had calmed down.

After hour number ten had past and in utter frustration, she began to beg to come. She promised them anything; if she could just come.

It must have been very erotic. First Blue mounted her then Brown. They were very quick and Camille realized that it had been deliberately so. She remained just on the edge.

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