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Once Bitten


There are some things you should know before proceeding with this tale. Most of the stuff you see in movies about Vampires is strictly fantasy. Screenwriters don’t know the first thing about these creatures of the night. Having been a Vampire only a short time myself I am still learning.

The thing about Vampires is that we are as different as the humans we once were. The Vampire strain only brings out the characteristics you had when you were human. If you were a gentle soul then you would be a gentle Vampire. A ruthless human makes for a ruthless Vampire. A slut is a slut whether human or Vampire. You get the idea.

I was 36 when my maker bit me and turned me into the creature spinning this tale today. He was very promiscuous, even by Vampire standards and didn’t even realize he had left me still alive. I haven’t seen him since so maybe he still doesn’t know. I have encountered others of our sect and I think it was best that I never really knew him.

I always had an insatiable sexual appetite. I suppose that’s what attracted him to me. It was not uncommon for me to go out on the weekends “hunting” for a new partner. My friends told me I had an eclectic taste and would surely burn in hell for being such a slut. Little did they know how close to the truth they really were.

His was the type I liked most. He had long coal black hair. His eyes were smoldering dark pools. With his good looks and muscular build he had me wet from the moment I saw him. I’m still not sure who seduced whom. He sat alone in a corner of the dark bar. I was very outgoing and had no problem talking to a man I was interested in. As I sauntered by our eyes met and I was hooked.

The next thing I knew we were in a room. I was lying back on the bed with him on top of me, nibbling on my neck. My pussy was dripping wet, my clit throbbing. Our clothes seemed to disappear as if by magic. His body was smooth and pale. I had never seen anyone so white in all my life. I didn’t think too much about that though because his hard cock was against my leg, seemingly burning a hole into my skin. I wrapped my fingers in his hair as he slid down my chest to envelope my hard nipples with his powerful lips. Had I not been so enthralled I might have noticed the fangs. Even when they scraped along my stomach on his way to my honey pot I didn’t register the difference. He tweaked my nipples as he teased my clit with his experienced tongue.

The fingers of one hand slid easily into my dripping snatch as he continued feasting on my sweet juices. I thought I was in heaven. My hips thrust towards his eager mouth as my orgasm neared. Screaming, I flooded his face. He lapped up every drop then crawled his way back to my face. He kissed me deeply as his hard shaft sunk in to the hilt with the first stroke. I licked my juice from his mouth and tongue enjoying the feel of his rock hard 10-inch cock splitting me in two.

He fucked me forcefully for a good long time before slowing his strokes. He pulled himself to his elbows and I opened my eyes to look at him. That was when I noticed the fangs. It was too late. As his cock exploded inside my convulsing pussy he bite into my jugular. He drank my blood as my pussy drank in his hot creamy cum. My orgasm was so exquisite that I lost consciousness. I’m sure that’s what saved my “life”. Feeling my body go limp he must have thought I was dead. He pulled his softening cock from my cunt and left.

I awoke several hours later feeling a powerful thirst. One like I had never experienced before. My pussy was on fire. I needed a hard cock like never before. I had no idea where I was nor did I care. My only concern was to find a man and satisfy this thirst.

That was 75 years ago. I have been hunting every since. Every night I set out to find a man, and these days even a woman, to satisfy my thirst. As with my maker I bed them first, reveling in the feel of their human forms. I feel no regret for taking them. I give them the utmost pleasure before ending their lives. Unlike my maker however, I do make sure I end their lives. No sense in having more bastard Vampires on the loose...

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