tagErotic Poetryone bad woman

one bad woman


from the sexy to the sleezy
i do everything
anal sex, shemales
and couples who swing
i've been fucked in every position
that is known to man
you might think you're impotent
but i can get your dick to stand
from nice to naughty
and everything in between
people who know me
know i'm the internet queen
from docile to dominant
i can play any role
i can let you have the power
or be the mistress who's in control
i'm very flexible
i can go with the flow
don't waste your time on other chicks
i'm the one you need to know
i get dicks hard
i make cunts wet
if there's competition out there
i haven't seen it yet
take a look at my pictures
read my poems too
i'll have you having wet dreams
with the shit that i do
and to the other chicks out there
please don't try to compete
take it from me
you'd only face defeat

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