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One Night In Waterdeep



This story is set in the D & D world of the Forgotten Realms. Please feel free to vote and leave feedback!!!!!


Waterdeep 20 Kythorn 1376 DR

The smells and sounds exuding from the multitude of booths was enough to make one's head spin as merchants hawked their wares that made up the busy Market. Spices, grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and livestock filled booths alongside others full of cloth, paper, metals, and weaponry. Colorful banners flapped in the gentle breeze.

As high noon peaked, Callia headed for the Market with her new friend, Verrshaun, accompanying her. She had decided to browse the various shops for anything interesting. It would be a relaxing change after the last few days of brutal workouts with her mentor, Master Yung Chen.

As she walked along with Verrshaun, her thoughts lingered back onto the days they'd spent together in Undermountain recovering an item for Silas Okilman and how she run afoul a few vampire spawn. How she hated the undead. The trip into Undermountain had become necessary to gather the focus components for the enhancement on her Mercurial Greatsword. And after that, she had found Master Chen. He had begun to train her once more after a two-year hiatus, which was due to Callia's death at the hands of a Red Wizard of Thay.

Callia was glad to be back among the living, despite the fact that a Waterdhavian Lord had been responsible her resurrection and not her family. Then again, nothing had really changed in regards to her family. They never seemed to be concerned with her welfare unless she was casting an ill light on the family name.

Her thoughts returned to the now and here. She let out a soft laugh as she glanced over at her Catfolk companion, Verrshaun. He had become very inquisitive as he crouched on a large barrel, beholding the sight of a burly human juggling four large Falchions. At the same tent, several kobolds's tumbled through hoops of fire and a contortionist bent his body into interesting shapes. She grasped his cloak and gave it a gentle tug, beckoning him to keep up. She flashed a wide smile and playful wink before heading to another long row of booths and tents.

As she perused a booth laden with exotic fruits from the Jungles of Chult, she caught a glimpse of someone she hadn't seen in over two years. What a small world, she thought to herself as her pulse began to race. It was her favorite lover, Nathan.

Moving down a few booths, Callia checked her appearance in a large full-length mirror. She felt her heart pound and her fatigue melt away in anticipation of being with her Nathan. As she pulled her hair loose from its braid and allowed it to fall down over her shoulders until it brushed her waist, she kept an eye on him. She knew he hadn't seen her yet. Leaning over to Verrshaun, she motioned toward Nathan and told him she would return then headed off in his direction. Her speed increased as adrenaline pumped through her veins.

Callia squealed Nathan's name as she pounced, throwing herself at him, and wrapping herself around his body. Her arms were tight around his neck as her legs wrapped around his narrow waist.

"Nathan!" Callia gleefully cried as she planted wet kisses all over his face and neck.

"Callia!" Nathan groaned in reply as he pulled back when his companion cleared her throat loudly.

"I'm so happy to see you!" Callia squealed with glee. She threaded her fingers through his hair and gazed up into his eyes.

Nathan chuckled. "As always, my dear, it is my pleasure."

"I've missed you, dear Nathan." Callia embraced him, wrapping her arms around him.

"It's been two years, Callia. I'll admit I looked for you, wondering where you went, but it was as if you had vanished from the face of Faerun."

"Unless you were on the Isle of Prespur, you would not have found me. I died, Nathan. For two years, my soul lingered in Kelemvor's Realm. It wasn't until several weeks ago that someone saw fit to have me resurrected."

"Your family?"

"No, my resurrection came at the bequest of one Lord Maskar Wands. He needed an item recovered. My family has their own problems. They rarely ever care what happens to me." Callia scoffed as a deep bitterness entered her normally chipper tone of voice. "Last I heard two years ago, the wild elves of the Moonwood had come under a massive attack from lycanthropes. I know not has become of Karowyn. I learned that Amakiir was in charge of the rest of our clan. There's no love loss between he and I. He hates me, always has. He wouldn't spare a thought about being dead or alive. I'm sure my death would make him happy."

"Sorry to hear that, Callia," he replied.

Callia shook her head, casting away all thoughts of back home. She plastered a smile on her face. "Life goes on. I'm going to be in Waterdeep for a while longer. I hope we can spend some time together. That's not too much to ask for, is it?"

"That's a definite possibility. Where are you staying?"

"The Dancing Jug." Callia smiled. "I'm also training with my mentor. After a hard day with him, I wouldn't mind the right kind of hard night."

"I think I could arrange that," he replied with a smile.

With an impish grin, Callia looked back at her companion, Verrshaun. "I'll be looking forward to it, dear Nathan."

Nathan smiled. "As will I."

"This has been a very good day. I'm glad I ran into you today."

"I heard you were in town."


"Through someone I am currently working for. They said they saw you compete at the Tymorian Games. I'm glad you haven't changed, my sweet. I'm glad you have no great expectations of us."

"To an extent." Callia replied, "I know if we're in the same town together, we'll spend at least one night together. We're good together. Plus, I have a completely brand new body. To go where no man has gone before you. How can you turn down that? All that on top of the fact I won't expect eternal commitment and I'm still the same freak I've always been."

"Knowing that about any one else would make me run for it, but being that's it is you, I can honestly say I'm intrigued."

"Good. Now run along. I'll see you soon." Callia replied as she leaned in close to whisper something naughty in his ear before bestowing upon him a steamy kiss.

Pulling away, she fluffed her hair and began to walk away.

"He's all mine once again." Callia smirked to no one in particular as she smacked his ass before bounding off in the direction she came. Returning to Verrshaun, she found him back at the tent with the jugglers and hoop-jumping kobolds.

"Fascinating, isn't it?" she said as she tugged on his cloak.

"Quite so. If you don't mind me asking, who was that?"

"Nathan Orvista. I met him a few years ago. Though I hadn't seen in over two years."

Verrshaun nodded.

"Let's go. I think a good meal is in order."

"Sounds good to me."


25 Kythorn 1376

Five days of intense training followed. Callia felt she was getting immensely better at wielding her hefty 17-lb mercurial greatsword. Master Chen had even taught her a few tricks, which she had mastered quite well. As a reward to herself, she bought a day of pampering at an exclusive day spa that catered to the wealthy of Waterdeep, as well as well off adventurers with the means to pay.

After her day of pampering, she returned to the Dancing Jug feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. As she entered the common room of the inn, a familiar sight caught her eye. At the bar stood Nathan quaffing ale and talking to another one of the guests, a half-elven female. Ever the playboy, she muttered under her breath as she strutted over to him and smacked him on the ass.

"Callia," he murmured as he turned to face her. "I'm glad you're here."

She cocked an eyebrow at him and smiled. "Look what the pussy dragged in," she teased as she turned to the bartender an ordered a glass of elven wine. Placing a coin on the bar, she picked up her glass and pushed away from the bar. Looking back at him, she quipped, "Coming?"

Nathan grabbed his mug and followed her, enjoying the view of her shapely backside. He followed her to the rear of the common room, where she sat down at the table with her back to the wall. Coyly Callia took a sip of her wine, and licked her lips. "I'm glad you've come."

"Did you miss me?" Nathan asked as he leaned in close to her.

"No," she quipped with a provocative smile as she tossed her hair over her shoulder, loving the feel of its weight sliding over her back.

He chuckled as he shook his head. "Aloof as ever. You don't fool me, Callia. I know you too well. I can smell your excitement."

She smiled at him, groaning lowly in her throat, utterly contented to have him with her. "I'm not trying to fool you. I just didn't have time to miss you. Master Chen has been quite brutal in his training. I had to stay focused."

Nathan nodded and finished his ale, staring deeply into her blue eyes. "I have to admit I missed you. I've thought about you more than I care to admit over the past few days. I miss your independence. Slavish devotion bores me and someone fawning over me turns me off."

Callia shook her head. "Ahh, you must be bored with one of your pretty play toys? Who is she this time?"

"Valaria is her name. She is quite the competent druid."

"Oh, a tree-hugger. What's a druid doing in Waterdeep? Doesn't she have a grove to frolic in?" Callia sneered. "Does she know you're tired of her?"


"How did that go?"

"Not well. I told her how I am and thought she understood, but when it came time for me to go, she wasn't so understanding. I should've known better, though. I need to learn to stay away from spellcasters."

"Good idea. That's a lesson I've learned all too well." Callia agreed. "I do believe if I have to tangle with a spellcaster, I'd prefer it be a druid over a wizard. Wizards are not fun when you get on their bad side. I met my last death at the hands of a Red Wizard of Thay. I tell you, lightning bolts really hurt."

"A Red Wizard? How in the hell did you run afoul a Red Wizard?" he asked.

"Oh, he had an item we were under geas to retrieve for Cormyr. We decided to take it by force. That's one mistake I won't soon make, if ever. I think that's why I've decided not to challenge Amakiir for leadership of clan Blackhawk. He'd have way too much time to prepare. I think it's better if I stay away. There are too many innocent people I'd rather not see suffer at his hands if they helped me. But maybe someday I'll be able to gather an army of allies and then we'll see how it goes." Callia replied as she stared blankly at nothing in particular.

"Callia...," Nathan spoke up, drawing her attention back to him. She looked over at him, drinking in the sight of his handsome face. "Don't linger on it. It will only bring you down. Come now. Show me that beautiful smile. You know there are happier subjects for us to explore. Like that brand new body of yours I'm longing to explore."

Callia let out a soft moan as she felt her body flush with excitement. "Shall we?" she asked after downing the remainder of her wine and extending her hand to Nathan.

She took his hand, leading him to her suite and thanked her lucky stars that she had had the insight to get Verrshaun his own room. She surely didn't want her companion interrupting her fun with Nathan. Once she reached the room, she unlocked the door and let Nathan inside. Entering behind him, she promptly locked it and lit a candle.

Callia began to undress, freeing her lithe and supple body from her clothing. She watched as Nathan's eyes feasted upon her creamy coppery brown flesh. "That's much better," she purred in a low seductive tone. "You've missed my body, haven't you?"

Nathan let out a groan as he felt his cock stiffen. She hadn't changed at all and for that, he was thankful. He responded by drawing her into his arms, savoring the feel of her large breasts that pressed against his chest. "Callia," he groaned as he cupped her buttocks and pressed her wet hairless mound against the turgid hardness of his ever-hardening cock. He captured her lips, bestowing upon her a stunning kiss, wild in its intensity, hot, heady and thoroughly demanding. Callia reveled in its savageness as her nails dug into his back. Lifting her up, he pressed her against the wall and fit his hips into the cradle of her thighs.

"Nathan...," she moaned as his fingers invaded the slick folds of her pussy. He felt her tightness as he slipped a finger inside, then adding another.

"Damn, you're so tight...," he whispered into her ear. "You feel better than anyone I've ever had. So hot...so wet...oh so tight. Callia baby, open for me. I need you now. I need to be inside of you."

She pushed against him and whispered. "Not yet. Not here. Take me to the bed."

He groaned in protest as he withdrew his fingers from her wet snatch and carried her to the bed. Placing her in the middle, he quickly stripped off his own clothing and joined her. They both moaned as Callia grasped his large hardened cock. She stroked it as she nibbled and suckled at his ears and nipples.

Yet she didn't end her teasing torture. The night was far too young to allow him to have her this early. No, he would have to work for her pussy. Drawing him fully into her mouth, Callia began to suck and lick the hard shaft. Her tongue whirled around the tip as her teeth lightly grazed the sensitive underside and her fingers gently fondled his balls. Nathan let out a whimper as she licked her tongue repeatedly over the underside. His breathing became more erratic and he gasped as she drew his sensitive sacs into her mouth to suckle each. Her warm teasing breathe blew across him, sending shimmers of sensation racing through him. He called her name and bucked his hips as she took his full length down her throat. He begged. Begged for more. Begged for release. Yet Callia teased him relentlessly, bringing him to the very brink of satisfaction then pulling away and changing her speed. She could hear his moans of pleasure that soon turned to protest as she held his hips down to the bed and concentrated only on the head of his cock. Her tongue probed the tip and flicked over the sensitive underside.

"Ahhhhohhhhh, you're killing me," Nathan groaned with a devilish look in his eyes that told her how much he enjoyed what she was doing to him.

Callia matched his look with one of her own. She wasn't even close to being done with him. "Is your heart ready to explode?"

"Amongst other things, quite so," he replied, as he raised himself up on his elbows. "You haven't lost your wicked touch, have you?"

With a chuckle, she pulled away from him. "I told you I'm still the same freak I've always been."

"People like you and me, we never change." Nathan pulled himself to his knees and knelt before her. Placing his hands on her waist, he pulled her towards him, bringing her flush with his body. His cock stood out, utterly hard and erect, from the brown thatch of curls. It brushed her thighs, eliciting a throaty moan from him. Callia parted her legs a fraction, allowing the long shaft to slip between them. He rocked his hips, sliding his hardness through the wetness dripping from her pussy. He ground his pelvis into hers while his cock created a delicious friction that only made her wetter.

Callia's nipples grew harder still, pebbling into hard taut nubs as they rubbed against his chest. He cupped her buttocks and sought out her luscious lips. "Callia...," he murmured before closing in for another kiss. Once more, he lifted her up, and pressed his fingers into her pussy. She quivered as one slid in and groaned as a second stretched her.

And just as he thought he had her, he lowered her to the bed and moved to cover her with his body. Yet Callia had other things in mind. As quick as can be, Callia rolled away and climbed off the bed.

"You can fuck me when you love me," she teased.

Nathan let out a groan, nearly unable to withstand the ache she had caused. Yet Callia let out a giggle as she strutted across the room and sat down in a wing back chair. Resting one leg on the arm and spreading wide, she dropped one of her hands into the hairless folds of her pussy. She dipped a finger or two in, moaning as she stroked her own clit. She closed her eyes and gave herself over to the moment, finding pleasure in stroking herself.

She reopened her eyes, hazy with unreleased need, and settled her gaze upon Nathan. She noted the enthralled look on his handsome face, the flushed appearance of his skin and the erection that had to have grown even larger. Her other leg soon made its way over the other arm of the chair, spreading her legs even wider apart. She focused on her clit, swollen and sticking out from its hood. Little gasps and moans escaped her throat. With one finger, she probed the wetness of her slit, slipping one finger then two in and out. She felt herself stretching as she added the tip of a third. With a groan, she pushed and let out a gasp.

She was very tight. And extremely wet. Her fingers came back out dripping with her juices. With a sexy throaty moan, she brought her fingers to her lips, licking away the pungent wetness.

Nathan groaned and bounded from the bed. He really didn't know how much more of her teasing he could withstand without throwing her on the bed and taking what he wanted.

He fell to his knees before her, pushed her legs as wide as they would part and dove his face in. His tongue attacked her juicy wetness, bringing low, deep moans from her throat. He mauled her clit as he drew it between his lips and sucked hard.

A loud squeal escaped her lips as her orgasm built within her and gushed out to soak his face. He lapped at her slit, his tongue dipping in and out, as it slashed back and forth. Her second orgasm hit on the heels of her first, hitting her hard and fast. She screamed her pleasure and panted hotly, raking her nails across his shoulders.

Then he lifted her from the chair and once again pressed her up against the wall. Her legs automatically wrapped around his waist as he moved into position. He had her where he wanted her. Nathan gripped his cock and slid it back and forth along her pussy lips, priming her for his invasion. He groaned and fought back the urge to slam it home. She was wet enough. She could take him. She'd always been able to take a rough fucking and beg for more. Yet he had felt her maiden barrier as he'd probed her pussy with his fingers and tongue. He couldn't just slam it home, no matter how badly he throbbed and ached to fuck her. He had to go easy on her, no matter how fiercely he wanted to be inside of her.

"Callia...my sweet...," he whispered as he nipped her ear. "Are you ready for me?"

With his cock now pressing against her pussy, he knew he could join their bodies with one swift, solid thrust of his hips. Stilling her, he gave a gentle nudge against her pussy with the head of his cock and felt it sink into her.

"No," she cried, as she tried to push him away. "I told you, you can fuck me when you love me."

"Sweetness, I do love you," he cooed with a sexy grin gracing his face and flexed his hips once more, sending the tip sliding in another inch.

Callia groaned as he stretched her. "Yeah, me and every other girl," she whispered as she attempted to wiggle out of his grasp.

"But you've known that from the very beginning."

"Yes, I know." She pushed at him again, trying to dislodge him from her. "Let me go."


"Now, Nathan, let me go."

"My sweet, I give you what I can. You know how I am," he coaxed, stroking her body. "I do love you. You are special to me. Now let me love you. Let me show you."

"You only say that because you want to fuck me. You want to push the rest of your cock into me and fuck me," she charged hotly. "You love fucking me, but you don't really know me. The sex is great, but you have no clue who I really am. I know you move from place to place and there's always a woman. It makes me wonder if I'm the only one who you've repeatedly gone back to. So you can see why I question you when you say I'm special to you and you love me."

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