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One Wet Night


I slowly sipped my cranberry and vodka, danced in the chair to the upbeat music and tried not to be so turned on by the girls on the stage. The air conditioner behind me was chilling my wet skin, giving me goosebumps. The rain lingered in my hair, and on the plentiful curves at the tops of my breasts, but I didn't wipe them off. I was getting checked out my the men at the bar, and a couple of the girls on stage. The sudden attention was a complete but almost shameful turn on. So I kept to myself and my drink, occasionally turning to talk to my friend and her boyfriend if they talked to me. This was only my 2nd or 3rd trip to the topless bar with them. They are very comfortable in their relationship and her bi status, so they go pretty often and they know the girls there.

Most of the girls were real petite with no real curves or anything. But this one girl, I can't remember her name anymore, but she was one of the most beautiful girls I've ever met. Natural breasts, maybe a D cup, nice and perky. Little bit of a belly and plenty of ass. And an incredibly sexy huge tattoo running down the side of her rib cage to her hip bone. When it was her turn to wander around the bar for tips, she had absolutely no issue with letting the females touch or smack her ass, and she would even take our dollar bills from our lips with her own. Whenever she was on stage I felt drawn to her, I couldn't look away. And she noticed. She would always catch my eye and smile even if she was on the other end of the bar where most of the young attractive guys were sitting.

At one point, my friend leaned over to shout over the music. "Do you want a lap dance?" She asked me "Tony will pay for it if you do" I was incredibly nervous but I thought about it and nodded. I had to decide between my girl and another one, a pretty mix of some kind, had the black kinky hair, but light skin and eyes. But she was a little more reserved on stage. If I was going to do it, I was going to do it right. So I asked for Sofie. . So when she was done making her tip rounds, she came over, took my hand and led me to the little room. And of course every single man in bar watched me follow her in there. That was such an incredible rush to know they were interested in what was going on with me and Sofie. She sat me down in this comfy chair, it was just the 2 of us in there even though there were 3 other chairs.

She started off by spreading my legs with one of her knees, and straddling one of my legs between her own. She grinded me and left her pussy juices on the leg of my jeans as she took her top off and leaned in to suck on my ear and neck.

"Touch my breasts baby," she whispered, and I did. I felt her jump because my hands were cold, but the temperature made her nipples hard in my hands. "MMMM what kind of perfume do you have on?" she asked me. I thought a minute. Damn if I couldn't remember what I was wearing.

"I don't remember," I muttered. She giggled. Apparently this surprised her. My brain was so overwhelmed at that point I probably couldn't have remembered my name right then if she asked me.

She put one of her feet on the back of my chair and brought her pussy within inches of my face. I kissed and licked and nibbled the inside of her thighs, getting more and more turned on by her moaning, but was too nervous to do much more. Then she started kissing my neck again and started moving down my body. She bit at my nipples through my shirt, but that didn't stop any of the sensation. She had her hands in my lap, at that place where my leg joins my lower belly...right in that crease and she was rubbing and squeezing from my hips almost down to my clit. Now I was the one who was moaning. For some reason that crease is more of a turn on than it should be. Then she got on her knees in front of me and ran her nose and tongue up and down my pussy on top of my pants, with her hands holding my legs up out of the way. I could smell my wetness from up in the chair, so with her face in my crotch I know she could too. By this time, my little lace thong was completely drenched with my own juices. I heard her moan in appreciation and that almost took me over the edge.

A few minutes later, a man getting his own lap dance came into the room, and was completely shocked to see me in there. "Wow, now that right there is sexy," I heard him mumble. As he was getting his private dance, I caught both him and his dancer glancing at me and mine. The Sofie climbed up and straddled both my hips and began to grind her pelvis into mine, her hands on my breasts. With her grinding into me, my clit was getting rubbed with my lacy thong and hers was getting the sensation of my rough jeans. She rode me for the whole two minutes it took for us to both cum all over me. Good timing, since my dance was up.

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