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One Wild Night


As Yolanda looked at her naked body in the mirror she was satisfied with what she saw. At 32 years old she was still a very attractive black woman. Her 40d tits were round and firm. And her ass was very plump. She was preparing for her friend Gail to come over.

Her Husband was working the swing shift and wouldn't be home until about 2A.M. so Yolanda and Gail decided to hang out and watch some videos. The doorbell rang and Yolanda gave Gail a hug and lead her to the kitchen where they started mixing drinks. So what have you been up to girl asked Yolanda. Oh the same old stuff, Gail said.

As the two sat in the den Gail started looking for a video for them to watch. What's this one Gail asked and then started to giggle. That goddamn Kevin left one of his porno's out Yolanda thought. Girl, I'm so embarrassed I told him to put that shit up.

Oh its cool girl, let's watch one! said Gail.

Gail slid the tape in and sat down and said girl Jeffrey and I watch them all the time before we fuck. Really said Yolanda?

Yep Gail replied. As the video started rolling the first scene was of two black woman. Yolanda was about to fast forward through it when Gail said lets watch it. I have to be honest Yolanda the girl on girl scenes turn me on. As the drinks started to kick in and the scene on the screen got steamier Yolanda was reminded of her fantasy of being with a woman. She had long since given up on it.

But here she was wet as hell becoming very turned on by Gail. She looked at Gail's 38dd's and thought, how she would love to suck on them. As she looked up Gail was staring at the screen saying now that's how you eat a bitch's pussy. Look at her she is all up in there. At that point Gail walked over to Yolanda and sat next to her.

Can I eat you like that Gail asked. Yolanda wanted to say no but her body betrayed her. The two woman locked into a very passionate kiss. Gail was very good with her tongue. As Gail Frenched kissed Yolanda she very slowly started to caress her breasts. Then she started licking Yolanda's neck while she fingered her clit.

Yolanda was moaning with delight. Gail then Pulled off Yolanda's panties and started tickling her clit with her tongue. Then all at once Gail started circling and fucking Yolanda with her tongue. Are you ready you cum yet Gail asked her?

Yes Gail suck me off please Yolanda moaned back. With that Gail started sucking her clit and finger fucking her at the same time. As Yolanda's orgasms started to build Gail started to rub her G-Spot. Yolanda started cumming violently. She came so hard until she started screaming out, oh yes suck it baby.

To Be Continued...

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