tagRomanceOnline Encounters Chapter 1

Online Encounters Chapter 1


Part 1

Rebecca never considered herself a prude, but she didn't want to be thought of as easy, or worse yet desperate enough to try an online dating site. She had heard the stories about the people on these sites. Fake photos, fake ages, fake status; you can bet when they say separated, the other person probably thinks they're still married! Besides why should she try one of those sites, she was quite content with being single. She was only 47 and doing well after her divorce 2 years ago. She had been on a few dates, although most were "setup double dates" with her friends in attendance. Definitely nothing sexual had occurred, which she had to admit she was missing quite a bit actually. So online dating never occurred to her, until her daughters got involved.

Her three daughters, Sarah, Julie, and Tina, cornered her one day with a plan she couldn't refuse.

"Mom, we need to show you something," her oldest Sarah said.

"Show me what?" Rebecca asked.

Tina, the youngest picked up the laptop and brought over to the couch where Rebecca was sitting. "It's your profile on a dating site for people 40 years and older" Tina said.

"It's my what?" Rebecca exclaimed. "How do I have a profile on a dating site?"

The three girls sheepishly looked at each other, and all began talking at the same time.

"It was Sarah's idea," Julie said.

"What!" Sarah screamed. "You were the one who was bragging about all the dates you've met online. Besides, Tina paid for it."

"Wait a minute," Rebecca said. "What's this all about? Why are you making a profile for me on a dating site?"

"Well, Mom we've been worried about you," Julie said. "You really haven't been out since you and Dad divorced, and we know that you get lonely since we've all moved out."

"Besides, Dad has been going out and trust us we haven't been too happy with some of the "young things" he's been hanging out with," Tina said.

"Why can't you go out and have fun as well," Julie said.

Rebecca just looked at her three offspring, unsure of how to respond.

"First of all, I don't care who your Father is seeing," Rebecca said. Well that was a lie, but she wasn't going to let her girls know that.

"Second, I think I'm doing well. I date and have male friends that I go out with and have fun," Rebecca continued.

"Come on Mom," Sarah said, "when's the last time you had a really good relationship?"

"On the top of that, when was the last time you had sex?" Tina asked seriously.

"Tina Marie!" Rebecca exclaimed.

"Tina might not have put it the right way," Julie said, looking disapprovingly at her little sister. "But she's right. You're a very attractive woman; still have a great body, for someone you're age, and with no sexual release in the last two years, who knows what's going on with your body."

"I'm flabbergasted that you three have come up with this," Rebecca said eyeing each girl. "I'm doing fine on my own, both in my relationships and my sex life. I appreciate your concern, but don't think I need an online dating site to help me."

"Sorry, Mom," all three said together.

"We thought we could maybe help you find some happiness," Sarah said.

"Yea, maybe we didn't think it through enough," Julie said.

"Screw that," Tina exclaimed. "I paid for a full month on that site and someone's going to damn well use it! Here's your username and password. You have a really great profile set up, and you've already got some responses." Tina pushed a piece of paper over to Rebecca and walked quickly out of the room.

"We're going as well Mom," Sarah said looking sheepishly at Julie. "We just want you to be happy."

Both girls got up and gave their Mom a kiss on the cheek and left the room.

Rebecca knew she should be upset with them, but she had to smile about all the trouble they had gone through. She had to admit she had been a bit lonely, but she could do better than an online site, couldn't she? She glanced over at the laptop and then at the slip of paper in her hand. Well it is paid for, what would it hurt to take a look she thought as she sat down in front of the laptop.

Part 2

"Over 40 and Ready to Live" the profile title jumped out at her as she opened up the website.

"My word, what have those girls gotten me into," she whispered to herself as she began reading the profile description.

"I am a very attractive, divorced, 40+ years old, and ready to take on new adventures in life. Mother of three gorgeous young women no longer at home I'm looking for someone to share the next chapters of my life. I'm outgoing with many different things I'm interested. I'm a sports nut, who loves going to a good baseball game or even hanging out at a sports bar. I also love a good movie, especially a good comedy and if you're up to, a romantic comedy, as well. I may not come across as a girly-girl, but I do need a bit of culture, like going to the museum or the theater. I'm also a reader of most any type of book and enjoy discussing it with someone close to me. Although going out dancing is not a must, I would like to enjoy the occasional night out on the town.

As for the type of person I'm looking to meet. You should have similar interests and values, but more important must be willing to go on new adventures. Looking for someone to reawaken the woman I always wanted to be. That special someone that rekindle and stir the passions in my life that I've yet to experience. If you're ready to start a new adventure with me and able to open my eyes to all that life provides, I hope you'll give us a chance."

"My word," Rebecca whispered. Do the girls really think I'm this person, she thought as she finished reading the rest of the profile.

They had posted three pictures of Rebecca, one in a very slim fitting cocktail dress that accentuated her curves. A second close up shot, catching her with a broad smile. And a third, which shocked her most of all, in a very revealing two piece bikini lounging near a pool. She initially gasped, but couldn't stifle a smile that came across her face, because each of the pictures was actually quite flattering.

She continued scanning the profile, reviewing the statistics the girls had entered:

Relationship: Divorced
Age: 47
Height: 5'7"
Body Size: Athletic and toned
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian

The rest of the profile was basic, mundane information about her location, occupation, etc. that Rebecca quickly read through. She then looked at "Who Viewed Me" link and noticed that 10 people had at looked at her profile. Her hand began to move instinctively toward the link, but hesitated as she thought, "Wait a minute! I don't know these people. They could be gigolos, or liars, or worse yet my ex-husband!" Then she rolled her eyes and thought, "Nope wouldn't be him, women on these sites are probably too old for him."

She moved the cursor to the link and clicked on it, opening to the next page. Ten pictures came up with pictures of each of the men who had visited her profile. She quickly glanced at each one and immediately dismissed four. First of all they were much too young, ranging in ages from 25 to 30. Her first thought that came to mind was a slang term she had heard the kids say, "She's a MILF – Mothers I Love to Fuck." No way was she going to be one of those! She then dismissed another two that had no profile picture, thinking that they were not attractive enough to post a picture or just too lazy to make the effort. She then took a look at the remaining four; three which were White and one Black. She opened up the first picture of one of the White guys and immediately closed it after seeing the relationship status that said Separated remembering her concerns from before about separated guys. The next white guy she clicked on initially piqued her interest. He was good looking, divorced, lived relatively close and at least had a job. But as she read more into his profile she became a bit wary when she noticed in his profile that he was looking for, "someone able to take care of my needs and my three kids when they come to visit." "Oh no," she thought, "I already raised three kids of my own that have gotten me into this mess and I'm not going to raise somebody else's!"

Her choices were the remaining White guy and the one Black one. The White guy actually looked pretty nice in his thumbnail picture. Nice smile, lightly grey hair, well groomed beard, with a very nice looking face. He had chosen a slightly nondescript profile handle of "weekender50" which got her interested a little bit.

She then turned her attention to the Black guy's profile. She had never dated a Black man before and was first interested in why he had viewed her profile, and second what it would be like to go out with a Black man. His profile handle also caught her attention, "dreambeliever", which she thought could open up to numerous possibilities. The thumbnail picture showed him standing in a nice charcoal suit with his arms crossed against his chest. His face was turned towards the camera with a very inviting smile on his face. His head was shaved and she giggled a bit as she thought, "At least he has a nice looking skull." He was also well groomed with a nicely trimmed goatee that had little specks of grey. Her curiosity was up and she wanted to know more as she moved the cursor over the picture and clicked on his profile. Her interest grew as she intently read his profile description:

I've always had a hard time wondering what to write about myself in these profile descriptions, so I thought I would change things up and write what I will bring into a relationship with you. First of all, I will be committed to our relationship and only to you. Ours will be a relationship based on trust, open communication, and new adventures at every turn. We'll have a relationship that others will envy; just by the way they look at our body language towards each other. When you go out with your friends and they are talking about their husband or significant other, you'll be able to sit with them and smile because you'll know you're in much better relationship than they are.

I'll bring that spontaneity into our relationship that you probably missed in others. And finally, I'll make sure that ours is a relationship of shared passions, both physically and mentally. We'll have a relationship that explores all essences of our bodies, minds, and souls.

So if you believe this is all too good to be true, why don't you take a chance and believe that your dreams can come true.

Part 3

Rebecca sat back slightly and moved her hands to her lips whispering slightly to herself, "Oh my, is this guy for real?" Even so, his profile had piqued her interest. She was intrigued that his profile was so much different than the others she had read. He hadn't written about his physical attributes or how much he had accomplished in life. No, had written about what he could bring to a relationship, the type of she herself had always longed for. No, he was definitely different, not only was that he black, but that his words actually seemed to have a sense of truth to them. The type of truth she had been looking for in a relationship and had actually given up ever having again since her divorce.

She moved back to the laptop and noticed another link that said Dreambeliever has sent you a message. She blinked twice, believing it was a mistake, but the link was still there. She moved the cursor over the link thinking, "I truly hope he hasn't sent me some crappy message that bursts this high I'm feeling right now." She clicked on the link and began to read:

Hi Over 40,

I hope you don't mind me sending you a message, but after reading your profile I feel that we could have the type of relationship that we both are looking for. I too have many varied interests in culture, movies, and of course being a guy in sports. I'm also looking for those adventures in life that two can share, that not only strengthens their relationship, but also makes them search for more things to do together. I sense that you may have missed things in your life in raising your three girls, although not selfishly, but lovingly and with great care. But now that they're grown you're ready to not only to explore those these missed opportunities but to take on as you said rekindling those passions in life that you've yet to experience.

I'm not going to regale you with that much information about myself now, hopefully we can learn more about each other later. But what I will say is that my interest in you is truthful, not only emotionally from the feelings you put into your profile, but have to say physically as well from your pictures. You are truly a very beautiful woman, definitely not one that should have "Over 40 and Ready to Live" as their profile header!

I look forward to hearing from you and most importantly possibly the opportunity for us to begin our adventures together.

Yours truly,


Rebecca once again sat back on the couch and was flushed with heat rising from her stomach, causing her skin to tingle and goose bumps to break out on her arms. She hadn't felt this sense of passion or sexual urgings in a long while. This feeling of being wanted by someone, especially by someone she had never met. The words he wrote touched her someplace deep inside and she immediately knew that this man; this man of color she only knew from an online profile description, picture, and email was the one man that could stir those passions she longed for.

She sat back up, hit the reply link on the message he had sent and begin typing, Hi Dreambeliever...

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