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Online Rendezvous Another Encounter

byDana Gallagher©

Okay, please forgive me if this first part is going to sound a little like a journal entry, but I wanted to write a little while the whole night was fresh in my mind. I’ve just gotten back from my night with Walter; he came to visit me this time. If you have no clue what I’m talking about please read my story “Online Rendezvous” that will clue you in some more. This story is a continuation of my ongoing relationship with Walter, I’m sorry to break up the stories, but when it’s true you can only write as it happens. I’m sitting here at the computer in the same clothes from last night, and I can still smell him on my clothes. Oh, god I already miss him, and I want him again, and again, and again. I will go in to detail later, but for now if I can describe our night together in one word it would be AMAZING! For now I must stop, I need to take a nap, I am exhausted but I will continue writing later.

As you may have read in the first installment of my ongoing friendship with Walter, Walter and I met online. We’ve already met once in person, this is the story of our second meeting.

Walter and I chatted online Friday night, the day before he was supposed to visit me. We ended up chatting all night talking about what he would have to expect when meeting my parents. Unlike some of my characters in my fictions stories, I have not been able as of yet to get my kids and myself out of my parent’s house. We are living here because I left my husband and I am going through a divorce that should be finish soon. I’m working on getting myself into a place of my own, and with hope that will happen soon as well.

Walter and I chatted mostly about his travel plans and when he would get here. Also I informed him that I had written a story about our last meeting. He read the story, he liked it, but of course he likes all my stories, truth or fiction. We talked about ways we could improve our next meeting, and various other things. I told him of my plans to give him a blowjob this time, and he told me of his plans to go down on me. I have to admit this chatting got me very horny, though what doesn’t these days.

I had masturbated once at the beginning of this week, but told myself I wouldn’t do it again, so that I would be ready, willing, and able when Walter arrived. After Walter and I finished chatting I ended up succumbing to my own horniness. We stopped chatting about 5 am. Afterwards I got in the shower, to wash and shave, the whole time I told myself I wouldn’t masturbate. My brain kept thinking about Walter and what we’d promised to do to each other when we got together again.

No matter how much I told myself I wouldn’t, eventually I found myself sitting in the bathtub, legs spread open and playing with myself. I tried to not carry the orgasm all the way, still wanted to have some major horniness left for Walter.

I swear I must have no self-control. Anyways, only half satisfied I got to bed around 7 am (Walter and I are both very much night owls sometimes me more than him). Walter wanted me to call him at 10 am; he didn’t think he’d wake up using only his alarm clock. I sat my own alarm for 9:55 am, didn’t want to be late calling. Well, I ended up calling him about 10:15 am; guess I hit the snooze button. He was very sleepy sounding when he picked up the phone.

“Walter its Melissa. I’m giving you, your wake up call.” I said.

“I’m getting up in just a second.” Mumbled Walter.

At least I think that’s what he said, can’t be sure. We hung up, I was afraid he might have gone back to sleep and told myself to call him back in a little bit. I ended up falling back to sleep. I slept until 1pm, I called Walter again, and no answer, guess he was on his way. Well, I took my time getting ready I didn’t expect him until 4pm. By 4pm I was all fixed up and ready, hair all fixed, a bit of make up, just lipstick, eyeliner and mascara. I wore my ropers and Justin boots that I had just gotten out of lay-away. Also, I had a dark blue tank top and a red checked button up over shirt, with tweety bird on the pocket.

I don’t know why I have chosen to go back to wearing western clothing, I used to dress like this all the time back in high school, but stopped somewhere along the way. There’s just something about wearing western jeans and boots that makes me feel sexy and a bit empowered. Though when I wore this back in high school there were rumors about my sexuality, that either I went both ways, or that I was just a lesbian. There’s rumors were just someone’s assumption; there was no truth to them.

Anyways, 4pm rolled around, no Walter. Then 4:30, 5 o’clock, 5:30 still no Walter.

“Maybe Walter fell back asleep after you called, and then just realized he wouldn’t be able to make the trip,” assumed my father.

“Walter is not like that Dad. If he couldn’t make it, he would have called.” I exclaimed at Dad.

“Yeah, you’re probably right.” Said my father.

My parents still have no clue that this was Walter’s and my second meeting. Anyways, I was getting very anxious just hanging around the house, waiting. Plus my father was about to drive me crazy. I told Dad that I was going to the smoke shop to get a carton, and if Walter called to tell him to call me on my cell phone. This was about 6pm.

I went and got my cigarettes and drove around town, just to avoid going home and waiting. Well, about 7 o’clock my cell phone rings, it also vibrates. I had the cell phone between my legs next to my crotch, I let it vibrate a bit longer I figured from the regular ring that it had to be Walter.

Walter told me he was here and told me what part of town he was in. I tried to tell him how to get to my house, but I’m not very good at giving directions. Since I wasn’t very far from him, I told him I would go get him and he could follow me to my parents’ house. He was sitting in his truck at a Texaco. I pulled up next to his truck and got out of the car and Walter got out of his truck. Walter was wearing another golf shirt this one with a kind of Midwest design (he likes his golf shirts and so do I) and some baggy jean shorts.

“Well, can I have a hug, since it will be hands off at your parents’ house.” Said Walter.

I gave him a quick hug, he explained that there had been an accident on the interstate and that’s why he wasn’t here when he had planned. I told him what my father had assumed. He asked for another hug, and we kissed briefly, just an open lip kiss no tongue. I used to be able to show open displays of affection, (making out in the middle of McDonalds) but that was a different time and a different person ago.

We got to my parents’ house and Walter had brought me a bike, and some old computers to see if he could fix up the old computer I had. We got inside the house and he met my father. I gave Walter a wooden mail holder that I had painted and carved his initials into.

“This is cool, but you forgot to put a hole in it, so I can hang it on the wall.” Said Walter.

“Well, you can buy a hanger for it at Wal-mart and put it on there,” I explained.

“But, that requires manual labor,” teased Walter, “I’ll just put on my desk.”

My mother walked in, and they greeted. Walter explained why he wasn’t here at the time he had planned, and told my father that he hadn’t fallen back asleep. Walter took a look at my father’s computer but couldn’t make anything out of my old computer he promised to send me one that worked. While he was there Walter took a look at our hall of horrors, full of pictures of my sister and me from birth all the way up.

“It’s only fair, you got to see pictures of me at my parents house.” Said Walter.

We all ordered sandwiches and ate them. Then Walter and me were off, away from my parents. We went to a movie theater called AMC20, I’ve always wanted to go there, but never have even though it’s a mile or less from my parents’ house. We got tickets for “Bruce Almighty” and got your normal movie munchies. We got in the theater. Walter cracked some jokes and I was laughing before the movie even started. The movie was hilarious, we were both laughing so hard. I had told Walter I wanted to see “Bruce Almighty” previously when we were chatting online.

We left the theater after a potty break. I took Walter on tour of Tulsa, showing him places where my friends and I got up to no good, when we were teenagers. Also, took him down Memorial Drive, the cruising spot, where my girlfriends and I spent many a weekend night, back then. I showed him different areas, saying stuff like…

“Krissy did that there…”

“Monica did this there…”

“I did this and that over there…”

Though I’m sure my misspent youth was a lot tamer than Walter’s teenage years. After a time of driving Walter looks around.

“I think you are leading me around in circles, so I won’t know where I am.” Teased Walter.

‘Yeah, that’s my plan,’ I thought, ‘to get you lost in the middle of Tulsa, so I can have my way with you.’

We finally started to look for a hotel. I pointed to a hotel that I’d been to for an after prom party and then an after grad. party. But, explained that it was $69 a night, Walter shook his head at this, we went in search for a Best Western. We found on and went inside to get a room; the price was about $55 a night. I hope Walter didn’t think I did this intentionally. I could have taken him to some really cheap hotels, but they are really nasty (the reason I know of these hotels is a story best left untold).

Anyways, I’m starting to think that Walter’s and my friendship is starting to cost him a fortune. If I can arrange a week or two with my ex-husband to take the kids for a week or two, then I can spend that time at Walter’s house, and hopefully it won’t cost him a thing. The only thing about that is I will have to figure out another mode of transportation, my 1985 LTD brougham is not doing well after my first trip to Missouri. It wasn’t doing very well before the trip; it’s really a miracle it made it out there at all.

After we got our room, we went in search for alcohol, not hard liquor, just beer for him and wine coolers for me. We got back to our room, and the minute we got there Walter turned to me.

“Okay now you better give me a real kiss,” said Walter.

We kissed, a good kiss tongues went exploring, and I bit his lip a little. After kissing Walter takes off his shirt as he did the last time. The whole night Walter had been having problems with his shorts staying up, he’d forgotten to wear a belt, he looked like he was saggin’, with the band of his underwear stick out of the waist of his shorts. I sat on the bed; no matter how I try shy girl won’t go away, no matter how much I want her to go and let the horny side of me loose.

“You’re going to have to learn to relax,” said Walter.

Walter goes over and starts unbuttoning my over shirt with tweety bird on it.

“I appreciate the solidarity of the tweety bird shirt, but now it can go,” said Walter as he takes it the rest of the way off of me.

Guess he thought I wore the shirt because of his tattoo that says tweety bird, but I like things like tweety bird, pooh bear, and Mickey mouse. I’m just weird like that, or I’ve just been spending too much time with my children. Walter proceeds to untie and take off my boots, one foot then the other. Walter refers to my western jeans as “goat ropers,” oh well I call my boots “shit kickers.”

We lay on the bed together cuddling; we order a movie on the TV. Stephen King’s “Dream catcher,” we both like to read Stephen King and Dean Koontz, but I’m a bigger fan of King and he is a bigger fan of Koontz. I'm also trying to get him to read a James Patterson book.

While we were watching the movie I was playing with his chest hair, I just couldn’t keep my hands off of him. A few times he would hold my hand down and run his own hand up my arm. Every time I would sit up to smoke a cigarette he would rub my back. Sometimes my back can be very ticklish; it also can be very arousing when I get a back rub. My best spots are my hair I love it when someone runs their hand through my hair. Also, nothing will get me wet faster than getting the back of my neck gently touched, well with the exception of the obvious places.

I lay back down beside Walter, and there was just something about the area just above the top of his underwear that I couldn’t keep my hands off. Plus there was just something about his hipbones that I couldn’t help but run my hands over. Sometime during the movie my bra began to piss me off. I have heard it said that when a woman takes off her bra by unhooking it and then sliding the straps down her arms, and then boom it’s out from under her shirt, is a turn on for men to watch. I don’t know if this turned on Walter or not, at that point I was not trying to be sexy, I was just tired of the under wire digging into my tit.

Well, I lay back down beside Walter; he did pull me closer to him. I wasn’t that much into the movie at that point, I really wanted to seduce Walter and begin my plans for a blowjob. But, I figured that Walter was either enjoying the movie or that he wouldn’t want to waste the money spent on ordering it. Walter made a few little moans while I was running my hands over his chest and stomach about that time he had to grab my arm and roaming hand.

Finally the movie ended. The minute the credits rolled we started making out. We kissed urgently, my hands roamed his body, some more, and his hands roamed my body. He put his hands up my tank top and started rubbing my tits, but in favor of a better plan he just took my tank top off of me. Once the tank top was off Walter started rubbing and sucking my tits, at first it was mostly my right tit, but I think he remembered my left one was the more sensitive one, but that was kind of trapped between our bodies. My hands dove for his shorts and underwear and the hard on trapped underneath. Quickly Walter got himself out of his shorts and underwear and I was able to take proper hold of his erect cock. I kissed him and ran my hands up his inner thighs, up his balls, and then took a hold of his cock.

Walter took a brief moment from kissing my lips, to suck on my tits. Walter’s hand went to the crotch of my jeans and began to rub there. Then he put his hands inside my jeans and pushed my panties to the side, and began to rub my clit; all the while I was still rubbing and squeezing my hand up and down his long cock. Walter’s rubs on my clit began to get a bit too eager.

“It’s a little too hard,” I told him.

Walter stopped rubbing my clit and attacked my jeans, trying to pull them off of me. Some how I struggled out of my jeans and Walter helped me out of my panties. Then Walter was there with his head between my legs, but he was licking me from above instead of below. I went in search of Walter’s cock and found it and wrapped my hand around it, then he moved his body and his cock was dangling right in front of my face. I latched my lips around it, and began to suck on his cock.

This was very interesting I have never done the 69 position with the man on top, though I didn’t mind it. I have never liked being the one on top in this position, cause I feel like I’ve got my asshole in the guy’s face. Plus, I haven’t done the 69 position since my cumming ability was discovered so it probably wouldn’t have been wise for me to be on top. I wouldn’t want to drown Walter. Plus Walter’s asshole wasn’t in my face, just his cock waiting to be sucked.

I pressed my lips around his cock and moved my mouth up and down it with my tongue pressed hard against one side of his cock. I don’t think I was able to give him a proper blowjob in this position, but I did my damnedest.

Walter was at my pussy, his fingers enter in and out of me, and I’m not sure how many fingers, it seemed like quite a few and his tongue working at my clit. Orgasms started ripping through me one on top of the other, and I started cumming big time. I was moaning with Walter’s cock in my mouth, it might have been a total scream of pleasure if not for his cock in m mouth. I pressed my lips harder around his cock and sucked it as hard as I could and moved my mouth up and down it as fast as I could. All the while Walter is still working vigorously at my pussy. My body is shaking violently, but subdued a bit with Walter’s body on top of me.

At this point I’m having too many orgasms to count on after another. My juices are pouring out of my hole around Walter’s fingers going in and out of me. I am making an increasingly larger wet spot on the bedspread under my butt. I think I came untold amounts of juices. Liters? Gallons? Possibly.

I got a bit lax on my blowjob performance; guess I got too caught up in my own orgasms. Walter helped me out by moving his hips back and forth. I remembered what I was doing and pressed my lips tight around his cock and then sucked as hard as I can and moved my mouth in sync with his hip movements. I’m still going through torrents of orgasms. At one point during Walter’s stimulation of my pussy, I came when he was only pushing his fingers in and out of me; he had given his tongue a rest, that’s new never been able to cum like that.

Finally we stopped eating each other, I didn’t think I had the strength for any more activities, and had given my last final orgasm. But, Walter hadn’t cum yet; at this point I had done all the cumming. Walter repositioned himself so that he was now between my legs, and his cock entered into me smoothly. With all the juices that had poured out of me, I didn’t think I had enough wetness, but apparently I was still quite wet.

My mind was very fussy at this point, so I can’t tell you if I wrapped my legs around Walter’s waist or if my feet were just planted on the bed. As Walter pushed himself deeper inside of me, my hips pushed up into him, pushing him deeper inside of me. I wanted to kiss him, I didn’t care that he’d just been down in my pussy, I don’t know if he minded that his cock had just been in my mouth, but I got him to kiss me anyway. I ran my hands up and down his arms, then I pushed my hips upwards and then it hit, another orgasm ripped through my body. I felt my inner muscles tighten around Walter’s cock, but still moving my hips. Then Walter pulls out of me and cums a little on my stomach.

“I want more,” said Walter.

He enters me once more and thrust himself deep inside of me and I thrust back up into him. Finally he cums, the full amount, then he collapses on top of me. We kiss and he kisses my tits, and pulls each of my nipples into his mouth. Then Walter pulls out of me and we both lie like a heap on the bed. Both exhausted. We reach for each other, hold on, and just wrapped our bodies together.

I didn’t do it, but I was greatly tempted to scream out.

“Oh my god! Holy shit! WOW!” I wanted to say, but didn’t.

With this lovemaking session Walter gets high marks for oral presentation (hey my friends always used to say I looked like a teacher, though I don’t think I did much teaching this time around). I’m not just writing this because I know Walter will read this, it is the honest fucking truth! So, how ya like them apples! And no Walter I’m not the Ebert and Roper (two thumbs up) of sexual intercourse.

Anyways, soon after I have to get up and wipe myself off, my thighs, my butt crack, and of course my pussy were all slick with my poured juices. While I was cleaning up my legs kept shaking, I couldn’t make them stop. After I finished cleaning I put my panties back on then Walter and I turned off the lights and got under the covers. I still ended up sleeping in the wet spot, cause I had apparently soaked the bedspread, the blanket, and the sheets underneath it all. The wet spot wasn’t that bad though, just a bit damp.

Walter and I lay down wrapped up together and fell asleep. This time I was fully satisfied, unlike the day before in my shower. I loved that this time Walter was able to stay the whole night with me, instead of having to leave like last time. Walter slept like the dead; I fell asleep but kept waking up. I don’t know why I kept waking up, I guess I’ve just gotten used to sleeping alone, even when I was still with my ex-husband it was like sleeping alone.

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