tagNonHumanOnly One For Them Ch. 06

Only One For Them Ch. 06


Hello readers. I read all your comments both good and bad. The constructive criticism has been noted and I will apply it to my story. I apologize for taking so long, one of my editors took long to respond with the edited copy so I had to change to my other editor but a few days had already gone by delaying the process of editing. Thank you Felicia for the work you did with this part.

Warning: this chapter contains some graphic acts of violence that may be disturbing to my more sensitive readers. You can skip the first part and start from the line you will see on wards.

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The calm sky cracked as the clouds split up. A hole began to form in the sky disrupting the night sky. The circle became bigger, yellow and black light swirled in the portal, a low pounding sound could be heard coming from the circle as it touched the ground finally.

A man dressed in dark grey robes stepped out of the circle, a smile crept up his handsome face. He walked forward scanning his surroundings taking in the lights, the smells, the strange shaped buildings.

Another man came out of the circle a few seconds later; he looked behind him and then proceeded to stand behind the first man, he raised his hand towards the circle.

Almost immediately, hundreds of people dressed in simple clothes with chains on their feet stepped out, some larger than the rest. They filed out of the spinning portal to stand on the left side of the man who still raised his hand in silence. As soon as the last person stepped out, he raised his hand slowly, he began to chant an incantation softly, the spinning portal shrank closed as though there had never been one.

"This is it Kazith?" the first man to come out asked kicking a loose rock laying on the ground in the forest clearing.

"Yes Lord Anouk," Kazith(Stan) said bowing his head low.

"I am glad we arrived earlier than expected, I was getting tired of torturing the slaves. Make sure the warriors are well rested today, we begin the hunt tomorrow. But first, my pets are hungry and need nourishment," he smiled as his first in command went to watch the warriors, he laughed when Stan shocked a young sleeping woman awake burning her hair.

Lord Anouk lifted the sleeve of his robe, revealing a tube containing black liquid. He walked off a distance and poured the liquid out, absently he noticed a house in the distance, 'that will do nicely'. The sweet smell of decaying flesh reached his nose as the liquid seeped into the soil; he stepped back from the melting ground.

The clouds began to bleed droplets of blood around the area he stood hitting his pale face. Lightning and thunder could be heard for miles, but what could not be heard was the low growling and rattling noise coming from the earth.

As the thunder got louder so did the rattling. A sound of cracking began to be heard, an eerie fog formed that seemed to come out of nowhere.

At the exact moment that another lightening flash struck the sky a hand burst from the earth, it was not a human hand. It was a mutant hand that had scales, parts of flesh and bones stuck out of the wrist. Another hand came seconds later scratching the ground as though trying to get leverage, a few minutes of scratching before the creature caught onto a large boulder. Once it had hold of the boulder, the back covered in scales and humps came out followed by feet that were covered in scales. But looked like the hind legs of a lion that had broken its legs at the ankles, the legs bent away from the body.

As the last parts of its legs were coming out, it pushed forward landing on its belly.

Looking at it, one might say the creature had mated with a crocodile and lion, the body was infused with a crocodile and the short fur of a lion.

It walked on hands and feet pulling itself forward leaving a trail of black liquid that disintegrated the soil, it sniffed the air and turned around.

It started digging, throwing dirt over its deformed shoulder, finally it caught something with its sharp teeth and pulled, a deafening growl came from below, it pulled hard with its teeth, another croc creature came flying out of the ground. When it landed, it launched itself at the other creature; they landed against the side of the house.

Lord Anouk walked toward the creatures still fighting; he touched each one causing them to stop fighting.

"Now play nice my pets, you must be hungry," he paused as the creatures growled showing sharp teeth, as they clawed at the ground.

"Good, your food is in this building my pets, go on," Lord Anouk said motioning with his long hands.

The creatures stared at each other; one of the creatures nudged the other in the belly with its nose. They turned black eyes at the building; the croc creatures got on their hind legs and held onto the wall with their glue like palms.

Slowly, they scaled the wall grabbing the window; one creature pushed itself inwards and crawled down, jumping to the floor with a barely audible thud which was a fit for such bulky monsters, the other followed close behind.

Sleeping peacefully on a large bed was an older couple. The husband had his arm around his wife; she had her hand on his shoulder snoring slightly.

One creature approached the couple moving lightly on all four sniffing the air. The other creature followed twisting its neck left then right.

When they reached the bed they stood on either side of the bed and looked down at the couple still soundly asleep, the one standing near the wife leaned forward and sniffed her.

It touched her graying hair with its claw, the soft strands slipped through its rotting claw, it growled loudly grabbing a fistful of hair, the woman woke up screaming in pain as her hair was pulled.

The husband woke up immediately, the other creature grabbed him by the neck piercing through his skin, blood gushed out of the wound profusely. He yelled as he was dragged out of bed, the creature sunk its sharp hind legs in his stomach, causing blood to pour out hitting the wall close by. The creature tore through his arm removing flesh from his arm chewing and swallowing as it held him down with its weight.

"Argh!!" he yelled struggling with the creature.

The other creature jumped on the bed holding the wife down with its body, it clawed at her pajama cover thigh with its claws, she screamed on top of her lungs as the creature tore through her legs. Their bed was covered in blood as she bled, she cried as it tore into her flesh removing a large chunk of her muscle above her knee.

"Help! Somebody help us!! Please!" she screamed as she was eaten alive. The creature turned its head to look at her terrified face before returning to its meal.

She hit its fur covered back with all her might as she felt excruciating pain, she looked over at her husband, his chest was torn open by the other creature that was currently eating his liver on the side. His face was partially torn from the cheek down to his jaw blood covered his lifeless body.

She screamed turning her face away from his broken form in despair and sorrow; she saw a man in the corner of the room lurking in the shadows relief flooded her.

"Please help me!" she screamed at him. She screamed louder, tears falling freely as the creature broke her knee splitting her knee bone with its sharp claws.

The man stepped forward his dark coat moving to reveal his glove covered hand; he stood by her head smiling down at her.

"Now why would I do that my pretty?" he asked grinning at her.

He removed a thin blade from his sleeve, he touched her cheek softly watching her teary blue eyes look up him in horror when she realized he wasn't here to help her. The next second he sliced through her throat as blood hit his chest.

Lord Anouk watched as life left her eyes, he removed his glove touching her forehead, a blue light came out of his hand as he pulled her life force from her body, his eyes turned deep red as the energy entered his body the pure joy that entered his body was un-describable.

He pulled his hand away finally, he petting the fur of the creature still eating her flesh; he walked out of the house wiping the blood from his coat with a cloth from his pocket, this planet might be more fun than he thought.

Lytta woke up screaming in bed, her heart beating fast in her chest. Sean and Michael sat up, their claws elongated as they moved her behind them. Sean's eyes turned black as his wolf got ready to fight, Michael growled as his wolf surfaced as well, his eyes turning silver. When no threat was detected a few seconds later, they turned to Lytta who sat holding her knees to her chest looking at both of them warily.

"What is the matter Lytta?" Michael asked as he pushed his wolf down, Sean moved to sit on the side of the bed holding her hand.

"I think I just had a vision, a horrible vision," she said rocking back and forth.

"A vision, are you sure Lytta? The letters said nothing of you having visions, what was in the vision?" Sean asked hating the look of pure terror on her face.

Lytta got up from the bed suddenly, she ran out of the room, Sean and Michael looked at each other for a second before chasing after her.

"Lytta! Wait what is the matter?!" Sean called; he called his wolf forward as he got closer. In seconds he was running side by side with her, he held her waist pulling her off her feet.

Sean lost his footing on the rug in his hast to stop her. He crashed into the wall turning as they fell so that his side hit the floor, Lytta safely secured in his arms.

Sean sat up holding her tightly, Michael knelt next to them.

"What is going on Lytta?" Michael asked his voice sounding worried.

Lytta who was struggling out of Sean's arms looked up to answer him.

"I need to open the last letter....crucial...time is up....must open... let me go Sean, we don't have enough time left!" Lytta yelled as she was finally released reluctantly.

She walked quickly to the living room, Sean and Michael followed close behind.

The anxiety they had felt after the last two letters were opened increased. They were still trying to come to terms with what had been said in those letters. Both of them still in denial that their precious Lytta could do what her parents said she could do.

Lytta reached her bag; she rampaged through it, when she found the last letter she sat on the floor holding it as it glowed in her hands. She looked at Michael and Sean as they came to sit beside her.

"My vision was that Lord Anouk has arrived on Earth, it shifted to him unleashing these horrible looking creatures on an older couple, he mentioned something about a hunt but I am not sure what they are looking for yet.

I know it's only been two days since we opened the first two letters but we need to open the last one. I didn't see his face clearly but the man is pure evil, he watched as the elderly couple where eaten alive by these creatures! We need help and we need it fast," she said.

"Okay then Lytta, open the letter," Michael said running his hand through his dark hair, not comfortable with opening the last letter so soon, there was still so much they hadn't discussed concerning the letters that they had opened.

Lytta nodded fully aware of how uncomfortable they were with opening the last letter so soon but it had to be done.

She looked at the back of the letter that read 'Open this one last Lytta it will all begin to make sense' taking a deep breath she opened the last letter. The yellow glow came as it did with the last letter, it vibrated in her hand flying out her hand.

She watched as it hit the walls, before floating in front of her, a blue light came from the letter as it blinded her with its light. It scanned her body before the hologram formed; slowly her parents began to appear.

Her father wore a dark blue suit with colorless buttons running down the front; he wore black shoes on his feet. Lytta gasped when she looked at his face, his skin was no longer a dark brown like hers. His skin was...was that silver?! A strange symbol covered the left side of his face; his eyes were white with a black slit running through the middle, his lips were a light green, he still had his black goatee which looked weird on his face now.

She looked at her mother in her blue dress, her skin silver as well, she had no symbol on her face however, her eyes black instead of white, a red slit run through her eye. Her lips were an odd purple as opposed to the red they had been before. Her former dark hair was now a bright yellow with stripes of black all over her hair.

Her father smiled down at her on the floor, he sat up on the sofa clearing his throat.

"Hello Lytta my angel I hope you are well on Earth. I know we look strange to you Lytta, but we wanted you to see our true form. We can manipulate the way we appear, as can you Lytta, it is something we can all do as Trivians." Her father paused letting it sink in.

"We will not speak much in this letter as we did in the other two letters. You must have wondered why we did not run away with you. The reason is that it would have drawn too much attention, we are royalty after all, if we had, we would have been tracked down and killed in the first few years of your life by Lord Anouk and his army, this was the only way that we were sure you would survive.

We both knew that we could not send you to Earth with the risk of facing Lord Anouk without knowing how to use your powers. I am able to invent different things, so I began ponder on what to build that could help you in your journey of discovery.

After a year of reading ancient text I found that an incantation existed that could bring forth a creature that might help you. But the creature was flawed when I spoke the words that brought it forth, it did not have the right abilities needed to train you.

It was also very dependent on blood to keep it alive when I worked with it making it dangerous." Her father paused; he looked at her mother who smiled in encouragement for him to go on.

"I got my inspiration from the creature however; I created my own creature with the help from a wise man that knew the spells needed to bring it to life. I programmed it with all our history and both our memories.

He is very intelligent and quick to learn and adapt, he will help you through your training and fight with you when needed. Do you trust me Lytta?" her father asked.

Lytta nodded but remembered that her father could not see her, suddenly the blue light hit her eyes again, and she felt a probing of her mind before it stopped just as quickly. Lytta shook her head at the strange numbing feeling she felt. She watched as her father nodded smiling at her.

"That feeling was my program scanning your brain for your response since I cannot see you; the program let me know your response. This message was recorded with different responses based on what answer it found on your mind. We would have still moved forward if you had been unsure, I would have convinced you that you can trust me.

Now back to the matter at hand, I made my own.....you could call it a spell for my creature to come forth. I want you to focus only on my voice and repeat after me. Trust that I have you best interest at heart my angel." He said.

Lytta looked at both Sean and Michael, they paused uncertain before nodding their heads. They held each of her hands in one of theirs.

"Let us begin, speak the words as clearly as you can Lytta. I Lytta, daughter of Hasen and Remi call forth Filius." Her father said. The light probing came again in her head came again.

"I Lytta, daughter of Hasen and Remi call forth Filius," Lytta repeated clearly.

"Filius I bind you body, spirit and soul to me. Come forth and do my bidding as I see fit. Your purpose is to train me on how to use my powers." Her father said. Lytta repeated the words he said with more confidence.

"Raise from your slumber Filius and fulfill your purpose. With this I seal our bond with my blood," he said.

Lytta's heart beat faster as the letter began to vibrate but her parent's image remained the same.

"Raise from your slumber Filius and fulfill your purpose. With this I seal our bond with my blood," Lytta said finally.

As the last word left her mouth, a purple light came from the letter engulfing her body with its light. Lytta began to panic as she felt herself being raised from the floor. She went higher she tried to move but realized that she was paralyzed, unable to move her panic increased tenfold.

"Lytta!" Sean yelled getting up from the floor to bring her back down. Michael stood as well together they touched the purple light at the same time.

A sizzling spark came from the light a second before they were thrown three feet from the purple cocoon Lytta was in.

They hit the wall hard nearly breaking it with the force from the explosion, Michael groaned from the pain at the back of his neck.

Lytta waited for something to happen hoping for the best having seen Michael and Sean being sent flying from her.

A sharp pain came from her hand; she felt as though her palm was being sliced by an invisible weapon.

She could not move her head to check to see how deep it was. She silently freaked out as she watched her blood twirl in front of her eyes suddenly a few seconds. An upside down symbol in red formed from her blood fusing with a blue orb.

A sudden blast color sent her flying across the room hitting the wall, the light kept her safe from the impact however. Lytta felt herself being lowered to the ground once more, the light still covered her body but she could move.

A few feet away from her the blue orb melted to the ground. A deafening ring filled the room, Lytta groaned as she covered her ears.

She watched the blue liquid lift from the ground; a shape began to form in the centre. It grew taller as a body began to form, long legs formed, it had a large torso, the face still unrecognizable.

Its skin turned metallic silver, she watched as the face began to form, starling crystal blue eyes looked at her now. It had a square jaw as well as purple full lips set in a thin line; in the centre of its face was a nose like hers but larger more masculine.

She glanced at his head as he grew hair. Instead of having strands of black, blonde or any color of hair, its hair was a clear blue of flowing water that did not drip to the floor as it should have. Somehow it was held in place as the water moved like a continuous waterfall on its head; the strange 'hair' reached its shoulders.

She glanced at the hard chest, correction the strange hair reached his shoulders. His waist down was covered by strange black pants with a blue symbol on the side, the 'pants' reached his ankles, his feet remained bare touching the floor.

She watched as Michael and Sean approached behind the creature, their faces just as shocked and wary as hers was, she looked back at it when she felt it move.

Lytta shrank back into the wall as much as she could when it stretched out its hand toward her. He touched her bare arm lightly, his skin felt strangely warm to her touch.

Electricity pulsed through her from the touch, she felt as though he was pulling something from her body. She watched as his eyes closed, his flowing hair turned green for a few seconds, it was almost hypnotic watching his hair move. Finally, he opened his eyes; he regarded her before kneeling on one knee, his left hand on the floor palm down. He looked up at her finally; she jumped at the deep voice that spoke next,

"I am called Filius a name given to me by my creator. Daughter of Hasen and Remi I am here to serve you."

Lytta looked at the top of the head with its strange hair that was currently bowed in front of her. How she wished she was dreaming right now, it was harder to deny something she had felt as real when it had touched her.

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