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Only You


I know you want me.

You know you want me.

We all know you want me.

We can all see how you look at me, even when you try to hide it. I sit here in the front row of your classroom in my semi-transparent white blouse that is open just a bit further than is allowed, in my little plaid, pleated skirt that I have had tailored so short that you can see flashes of my lacy white panties when I walk. Or sit. Or do anything other than stand perfectly still with my hands at my sides, which you know I only would ever do to tease you.

I love dressing so far from the dress code that if everybody didn't like staring at my big, perky tits, slim long legs, and cute little ass that I'd be expelled in a second. Or I'd be sent to the Dean's office a little more often than I already am, since he likes so much to have me alone. He knows all I need to do to get out of "trouble" is to lean over his desk and let him stare down my shirt. But he doesn't know that all he'll ever get to do is look, because this hot little body belongs to someone else.

And that someone else is you.

Which is why I'm here, now, alone in your room with you after class. You have me in here for being "disruptive", for sitting in the front row with my legs spread, giving you the perfect view up my skirt to where you can see just how wet my panties are getting just by being here with you. And, of course, I was getting wet knowing that everyone was staring at my bare legs and wanted them wrapped around some part of them, even the girls. I know how much you want to keep me in here with one of them and just sit and watch as we lick and suck and caress each others' bodies, or have all of the guys give me a cum bath and make me a sticky mess.

But right now you want me all to yourself, and that's how I want you, too. Right now you have me writing lines on the board, and I'm making sure you're getting a good show. Before, I was stretching to reach up high, the bottom of my wet, white panties visible below the hem of my short, plaid skirt while my tits were heaving out of my bra and half-open blouse. Now I'm bending over to write lower on the board, and I may as well not be wearing a skirt as all its doing is framing that cute little ass you love staring at.

I can hear you walking up behind me, pausing and reaching out to almost touch me, hesitant, before you step to my side. I half-turn to give you a questioning look, but actually show you how my tits have spilled completely out of my bra and are close to escaping my blouse. As you blatantly stare, I assess that huge cock that is making your pants seem several sizes too small as it swells to impressive levels.

My tits sway as I move to stand, my nipples now sticking out hard against my shirt, but I never get that far. Your patience has finally run out. You grab my hair as you growl out that I'm a tease, not really forcing me to my knees as I have no intention of resisting. We nearly burst your pants getting them open before I start licking the head of your gorgeous cock. I take some short, light licks and a few long slurps and then I start sucking it in. My mouth is stretched wide as I lick and suck and moan, bobbing deeper and deeper, your strong hands twisted in my hair as you fuck my face. You hit the back of my throat, but we both know you can go deeper, and I relax it for you, and soon we're going full throttle with your balls swinging against my chin and my nose pressing against your flesh.

I have one hand keeping a good grip of that great ass of yours while the other massages those balls that are beginning to tighten up. You were so horny already, and you had been planning this for a while so you haven't cum yet today. You're pistoning in and out of me so hard and fast that it startles me when you suddenly stop, the head of your cock just barely inside my wet mouth. I have no time to brace myself as you release a jet of hot cum into me, but I swallow as fast as I can. It apparently isn't enough, as the last few drops drip from my lips.

I lick them off quickly, but I see the look that you give me and I know I was a naughty girl for not swallowing all of your precious cum. Your hands are still twined in my hair and you now use that grip to pull me to standing before bending me over your desk. You let go, but I know enough not to move, not to disobey you tonight. Not that I would anyway, I am loving this too much. I sigh as you finally touch me, really touch me, stroking my bared ass through my lacy panties that are completely soaked through from the sheer pleasure of pleasuring you.

You touch lower, feeling how the cloth is clinging to my sensitive skin, shaved this morning just for you. Your fingers graze my lips, engorged and ready to take you in full, and then they stroke again, a little deeper. Just inside that soft slit the wetness is incredible, as if it would be dripping down my legs if left unrestrained. Just a little lower and you brush against my clit, relishing in my gasp as you tease me in return, causing me to melt all over your strong hands.

I whimper as you pull back, but you reach up and slide my panties down my ass, unsticking them from my aroused pussy, leaving them just around my knees, partially pinning me there. I continue making noises of submission as you spread me with your hands, watching my wetness grow and seep, your breath on my hot skin making me quiver.

Again unprepared, I jump as a stinging smack lands across my ass. You chuckle and spank the other cheek. Ten times on each side, each time a small moan passes my lips, and now that which you like so much is bright red. You didn't hold back and it hurts so good, the scent of my arousal has gotten your cock back up to full mast. Spreading me again, you slide it deep into my wet slit, not actually inside my body but rubbing against the drenched flesh and my hard clit with every pass. I didn't think I could get any hornier, but your pace quickens and suddenly, unexpectedly, I cum, sending my juices almost splashing over your thick rod.

The burst of wetness is what you had been waiting for, and without warning you withdraw and plunge your now well-lubricated cock into my ass. I'm too surprised to scream and you grab my hips and start to pound into me, the slickness from my pussy enough to keep most of the pain away, but I'm not accustomed to having something so huge inside of me. My ass is so tight around you, and I try to relax but with each thrust you slam into my reddened flesh, the mix of pain and pleasure sending me into another orgasm. I grip the edges of your desk and try to move with you, my cum dripping down my legs and my sweat making my blouse even more transparent, though you can only see my back though it.

While still thrusting, you reach up the back of my shirt and unhook my bra, then lift me up a bit so I'm not pressed down, but now my tits are swinging and rubbing against your desk. You push the fabric to my shoulders and tweak my nipples before leaving them to rub bare across the rough wood.

It seems you think the spanking you gave me wasn't quite enough, as you're now alternating fucking my ass and swatting it until the stinging is more than it was before. Between that and my nipples, I can't tell which is more raw or which is making me hornier, and I feel like I can't stop cumming.

Once again you reach up the front of my shirt, but you palm my tits firmly, using your hold on them to guide though your last few sharp thrusts before filling my ass with your cum. Taking some deep breaths, you pull out with a wet plop, but leave one hand on the small of my back to keep me bent over. With the other, you drag my panties the rest of the way down my legs and I obediently step out of them.

You tell me to stand and remove my bra, but to leave my shirt on. I know I am covered in sweat and cum and I can feel entire body dripping. I stand before you now in just my transparent blouse, short pleated skirt, socks and shoes. Pulling my shirt back down to where it should be, you order me to go to the ladies' room and get some wet paper towels for you. I am not to clean myself off at all, and to act completely natural while I am in the hallway. I am to go there and come straight back, but not to be insubordinate or rude if I encounter any other member of the faculty.

I nod and go. It's late, so there won't be many other people around, but the ladies' room is a long ways away and I can already feel your cum seeping out of my ass as it continues to gape from being held open so long. I make it there without seeing anyone, and as I glance in the mirror I realize that it's a good thing I didn't. My makeup is smeared and my hair is sweaty and tangled from your fingers. My blouse is still as open as it has been all day, but now you can see my tits straight though it and it is plastered to my skin. You told me to walk normal, so my bare ass and pussy are flashing as I walk, and I don't clean up, like you said. I grab some wet paper towels and head back.

On the return trip, I'm not so lucky. Some random meeting lets out just as I pass by the room, and one of the men "accidentally" trips me, and another grabs me to keep me from falling. They're faculty, so I can't be rude to them, but they continue to hold me there while they check me over for "injuries", and the one who caught me did so by my tits and seems reluctant to let go. By the time they let me return to you, every one of them has grabbed either my tits or my ass and for the first time tonight, I feel truly dirty, because nobody is supposed to touch me there but you.

I tell you this when I get back, but you just nod and use the towels to clean yourself off. You ask me what I think he should do about them, but I can't come up with an answer, and you have me sit on the edge of your desk. You unbutton my blouse the rest of the way, push it off my shoulders, and cup my tits in your hands.

You ask me, if the others make me feel so wrong when they touch me here, then do you make me feel wrong, too? I tell you no, you only make me feel right. With that, you begin to lick the sweat off my tits, kneading and suckling and nibbling as I squirm under your hands.

You unzip my skirt, lifting my ass from your desk to remove it and set it aside before taking the still-pink flesh and squeezing it. Again, you ask me, if the others make me feel so wrong when they touch me here, then do you make me feel wrong, too? And again, I tell you no, that you feel so incredibly right. Those that just groped me, those were not real men, because real men don't have to cop a cheap feel, and the only real man I've seen tonight is sitting right in front on me.

When your lips touch me, I nearly collapse. Still squeezing my ass, you use your thumbs to open me for you to kiss, slurp, and nip as you clean all my cum from my pussy and thighs. Your tongue on my clit is making me drip all over again, but you make no move to clean it up.

I fail to notice you pushing your own pants further down, but I cannot miss you picking up my naked body and pulling me onto your lap. Rousing myself, I wrap my legs around your waist as you position my pussy over that massive pole of yours that I'm about to ride.

You slowly push in, and once again I can feel my lips stretching to accommodate you, though it is a different set. And once again, you hit a barrier a few inches in, but this time you don't just push right thought it. As a matter of fact, you pause, and you look downright confused.

I had said that this body belongs only to you.

You give me a smile that borders on touched before lifting me so that you're just barely inside, then driving yourself to the hilt with a single thrust.

Holding me there until my teeth dislodged from your neck, you begin moving us slowly but have picked up a decent momentum before long. Once we get to the point where I am literally bouncing on top of you, I hit a chain of orgasms that seemed to have no intention of ending, even when you lay me back down on your desk or when you hold me against the wall.

It is only after you cum inside of me yet again do I stop cumming myself. By now it's very late, though neither of us intends to get up in the morning. After another breather, you tell me to get dressed, but you take my bra and panties and throw them in the trash outside the room. Then we head down to your car.

This is going to be such a fun night.

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