tagSci-Fi & FantasyOnyx Dreams Ch. 32

Onyx Dreams Ch. 32


Authors' Note: We want to thank everyone for their patience as we continue to write Kennice and Cyrus' story.


Deep within the forest Rhys panted with exhaustion, sweat and blood dripping from his body from cuts and bruises. The battering Nyelene had been giving him as part of his training was wearing him down rapidly. He had at first tried to block one of the swipes from her mighty tail, but found out the hard way that it was a foolish idea. The blow had knocked him through six trees and broken one of his arms.

Since then he had been practically running for his life, attacking when he thought he had found an opening, but every time he was foiled. According to her, this training was enabling her to feel his wants better so she would be more in tune with him in battle. All he could see right now was an angry Hydra hunting him.

"Again!" Her tail swung toward his legs.

He dived out of the way sprinting through the trees and focusing his will out in front of him, the shadows lighting up with fire as a line streaked through the night air. He concentrated and repeated the target of where he wanted it to land on her. If it worked she would block it easily.

"You're getting slow, priest!" she mocked and neatly dodged the fire attacks.

He cursed to himself and skidded to a halt, closing his eyes and rapidly chanting. The air around him sizzled and shimmered as he drew in the heat around him. Frost began to form on his clothes as the ball in front of him warped and shimmered constantly. Suddenly his eyes flew open and the ball hurled forward with incredible speed, slicing through trees and stone, leaving only burned and melted debris in its wake.

Nyelene was caught by surprise at the power behind it and wasn't able to fully avoid the blast which singed her tail. So the puny mortal can learn, she thought before launching a fresh attack against him.

He ducked and dived again and again, focusing now on the singed area of her tail. If her hide was a thick as she made out, then he would have to focus on one spot until he broke through.

She continued her same tactic of dodging but even so every fourth hit of his found its mark on her tail until it broke through the hide and hit the tender muscle underneath. She roared and then snapped at him. "Enough!"

He skidded to a halt, his body still tense, ready to dodge once more in case this was some form of ruse. He winced for a moment, his broken arm throbbing painfully as it hung useless by his side.

"Very good priest. You have learned an important lesson today."

He panted hard, the sweat dripping off his body as his vision blurred at the edges. "And what lesson would that be?"

"That patience can be rewarded."

A small smirk can to his lips. "Indeed, it is a wise lesson." He swayed for a moment, struggling to find the strength in his legs to keep himself upright.

"Come, it is time for you to rest. Your battle with the usurper will happen sooner than I anticipated. Your skills and power keep increasing."

He nodded slowly, staggering over to her before collapsing to his knees. His vision was darkening. "Is it sunset already?" His question was punctuated by the impact of his face landing in the dirt.

Nyelene rolled her eyes and scooped him up in her claw. She headed back to the cave that was their temporary living space.

The cave was dark and damp and devoid of any regular life, nothing dared come near it while the hydra lurked there. As she drew near the back of the cave, a spot on the floor shook as if it were made of sludge. Slowly a cowled form began to rise from it. Not a full form, merely the upper body of it. Slowly it extended its bony hand and pointed at Rhys, its voice dry as a tomb and wheezed though ancient dry lungs of dust. "The time draws closer, is he ready?"

"As ready as such a pitiful mortal can be. I would rather sacrifice the current High Priest. At least he possesses power that could actually give the new Overlord a challenge."

"That is not possible and you know that Nyelene. He would not fight him no matter what we did to him. This one does not need to fight well, only well enough to force the Overlord to use his blood powers."

"He is such a waste. However, he did demonstrate a fire technique that might enrage the Overlord enough to use what our master seeks."

"Indeed, they have been rivals for many years now. Their first clash was a wake up call to the master, he went down far too easily in front of the Overlord and he was not even at full strength! I will leave you with a final reminder of what will happen should you fail in your task Nyelene..." For a brief moment the air before her writhed as it was wrenched open, a doorway into the void beyond realms visible. "Wandering forever...unable to escape..." The creature laughed softly as it descended back into the stone floor, the doorway closing as it left.

She hissed her displeasure once the creature was gone. To be reduced to this was humiliating but the master had wiped out all others of her kind. She had no choice if she wished to live. She glared at Rhys' unconscious form. "You'd better not make me look bad." She grumbled once again before settling down to sleep.

* * *

Erykia stared at the ceiling from her bed. The covers were strewn across the room, her nude body coated in a thin sheen of sweat. The insides of her thighs were drenched from the experience she had been forced to endure, she hadn't expected Cyrus' powers to flow along hers to strike at her core. The reaction had been immediate, her body had taken over and within seconds she was wracked with countless shudders of ecstasy as she peaked time and time again for what seemed like an eternity, but had only been a mere hour. That boy was growing dangerously close to being unstoppable now.

A quick rap on the door and it opened to reveal a scowling Anthony. "Erykia, we have a problem." He froze, his breath caught in his throat. He had forgotten that she had that affect on him. The bond between High Priestess and High Priest was an intimate one. Many times more intimate than the one a husband and wife shared. It was why the High Priestess and her High Priest counterpart were encouraged to marry.

Anthony was one of ten High Priests in the Order's long illustrious history that had been married to someone other than the High Priestess. That of course did not stop the attraction they had to and for each other. It was part of the magic of their position. "Um. Rhys has been spotted in the lands south of here. He is not alone. One report says that he travels with a dragon."

The shock was clear on her face as she struggled to sit up, barely managing to reach her elbows, which only served to give Anthony a better look at her slender body, the thin coating of sweat glinting in the moonlight. "What? That's impossible! I would have foreseen such an event as him bonding with a dragon. What does that fool think he is up to?" She glared at Anthony, her own attraction to him momentarily smothered by her outrage at Rhys going off on his own like this. "Well, don't just stand there Anthony! Help me up already!"

"Of course." He grabbed a robe and handed it to her first before assisting her to her feet. "What happened to you? You're drained, I can sense it."

"It seems our little Overlord has learned a new trick. Tell your troops, especially your females to strength their mental blocks and to have everything go through their dragons from now on." She shrugged on the robe and let him take her weight as they walked out of her room to the meeting hall nearby.

"Why? What has he learned, Erykia? And don't shut me out," he snapped as he saw that look in her eyes. "I don't desire any deaths over YOUR secrets."

"He has learned nothing from me. That I can guarantee. He has...regrettably, somehow learned how to penetrate our defenses by following our mind links with others. We must be on our guard from now on. He may be doing such things with any prisoners he takes."

"That is indeed, unfortunate. However, it gives us a possible tactical advantage as well."

As they entered the meeting hall, she sagged down into her chair at the head of the table. She still had barely enough energy to stand. "At the moment, Anthony, I fail to see how having an Overlord assault your mind can be of any advantage at all. As you can see it has rendered even me completely helpless for the time being."

"That's because you aren't thinking like a telepath. If he invades a mind that means he is looking for something specific. We can set a false trail, leave false information that will lead him to us."

"In theory, Anthony, that would be an exceptional plan, if he were a natural telepath. However, he is not. He is using brute strength to follow the link and smash his way into another person. He was not looking for information from me...he simply wanted a response." She fell silent for a moment and whispered, a tear coming to her eye as she spoke, "He was raping a spy I had sent into his midst to try and kill him from within. He used that energy against me. I had no way to counter its sheer...ecstasy."

Her eyes glazed over a little and she felt herself become aroused once again. Snapping out of the daze she shifted irritably, annoyed that it still affected her.

Anthony smelled her womanly scent and his knees nearly buckled. Erykia hadn't given off that scent in decades, at least not since he had married Elizabeth. "High Priestess, get control. The others are coming," he warned, hoping his formal words would snap her out of it.

She shivered for a moment as the memories brought her to a minor climax once more. She shook her head to defog her mind and rolled her shoulders. "I apologize, Anthony, you're right. I need to be stronger than this and not give in to my...desires so easily."

"It's understandable. And here come the elders." He moved to her left and stood there patiently as they filed in.

She tightened her robe about herself and did what she could to smooth out her clothes as they filed in, strange looks crossing their face as they noted the High Priestess was not dressed in her usual regal garb. "Elders, I am glad you were able to come so swiftly, we have much to discuss."

Anthony frowned as the elders ogled Erykia. It bothered him, their disrespect. He straightened and scowled. The men caught themselves and hastily looked away. "We have new information about the Overlord. I suggest we move to a more appropriate setting that is more protected."

"Of course, High Priest. The inner sanctum is warded and we can speak freely there."

She waited until the Elders had all filed in before getting Anthony to help her up, fussing over herself more to make herself look more presentable. When they entered and he had seated her, she looked over the elders, leaning upon the table and closing her eyes for a moment to calm herself. "First off our common enemy, the overlord, has empowered himself once more. Somehow he has gained knowledge of tracing a person back through their mental links. I suspect that he is using the common link all riders have to force his way into other links he would normally not have access to."

The elders murmured in surprise and fear. Many of them had ties to riders and none wanted their inner secrets exposed.

"What can we do, High Priestess? How can we counter that attack?"

"Right now, until we think up a more effective defense, we need to have all our riders put their thoughts through their dragon. This would mean all your secrets would be exposed to them. It is better that they know than our enemy." She steepled her fingers, looking at the elders one by one.

Angry grumbling began as the twelve men debated the merits of her suggestion.

Anthony leaned in and whispered in her ear, "They will never go for this. Not if they knew how much power we both would gain from their assent."

She turned and practically hissed venom at him, "And what else would you suggest we do, Anthony? Unless you haven't noticed there is nothing else that CAN be done to counteract this. If we do not do this we may as well surrender ourselves right now!"

Anthony sighed and noted that they had attracted attention. ~Be at ease, my High Priestess. There is one other way, but you won't like it.~

"My friends, we shall give you a day to consider the High Priestess' proposal. Until then, be at ease, we will solve our dilemma. Good day to you," Anthony added, clearly dismissing the now intrigued elders.

She glared at him, her temperament still short and irritable. ~Then tell me, I am in no mood for fanciful ideas that might work when we have a guaranteed defense in front of us.~

Anthony stood and bowed to the elders who complained as they filed from the sanctum.

~We need Kennice. King Hayden will have to bring her back. And we need Rhys. The two of them together can disrupt Cyrus. We can do this as a three-pronged attack. Kennice will draw his ire, Rhys can physically combat him and we shall strike him mentally.~

She nodded as she listened to the proposal finding it to have merit. ~Very well your plan seems solid. However, for it to work we will first need to retrieve that fool Rhys from whichever idiotic venture he has embarked upon.~

~Yes, no one has seen him for days, but that won't stop the hound from locating him. We have to get Kennice here first in order for this to work.~

~Indeed, we shall make contact with King Hayden and when he is on his way we shall go out and search for Rhys.~

~I shall do it right now. Do you want me to find one of the young men in the village to come relieve you?~

~A young man? In the state I am right now? Don't be foolish Anthony, if I was tempted by such a thing at the moment I'd give that poor man a permanent smile. Send in one of the hand maidens instead.~

~As you wish.~ He turned to her and placed a gentle kiss on her lips, pulling some of the lingering aftereffects of Cyrus' power from her. ~Enjoy the maiden.~

The hint of a smile came to her lips, her eyes filling with a desire she had not felt in a long time. It had been a while since she had enjoyed the soft touch of a woman. ~I believe I shall...~

~Make sure you don't scare the poor girl~ he joked before leaving the sanctum.

She could only smirk as he left before letting her robe fall open so she could burn off the edge of her desire, she didn't want to wear the maiden out too soon...

There was a timid knock on the door.

She knew who it would be and called out for her to enter, leaving her legs spread wide open as she slowly stroked up and down the moist lips of her entrance, letting her scent grow thick upon the air.

A slender young blonde walked in, eyes demurely lowered, her maiden robe parted to reveal the swell of her bosom. "Milord Davenport said you had need of us?"

Erykia raised an eyebrow at the last part, thinking she heard wrong. "Us?"

"My name is Lee and I do mean us," the blonde's voice grew deeper and she parted her robe and let it slide to the floor, exposing her entire body to Erykia's view.

Erykia's eyes slid down Lee's body, drinking in her breasts. She moved down her stomach and gasped as she took in the glorious sight before her. Between Lee's legs was not what she expected, not a tight, virginal opening, but instead, a long, thick shaft. She felt herself growing even wetter than before, "Oh my...come here my..."

She paused, unsure whether to call her boy or girl, instead she settled for something neutral, "My maiden."

Lee smiled and glided to her. "My female part is below my manhood. I can love you both ways, my priestess."

"Mm perfect. Then come here and let me explore you." She held her hand out towards her maiden, eager to feel his length in her palm.

Lee came to a stop in front of Erykia, his penis, rock hard and ready. "I am here to please you, my priestess."

Her hand slowly wrapped around the hard throbbing shaft, slowly stroking it up and down, purring softly as she brought the tip to her soft, moist lips.

Lee hissed, his eyes closing. Some precum dripped from his shaft. "My lady," Lee whispered.

Her tongue darted out, licking up the droplet of precum, savoring its taste before she opened her lips and took him inside her hot wet mouth. She sucked softly to tease him, feeling herself get a little wetter at each twitch.

"How can I please you, my mistress?" Lee's fingers tangled in Erykia's hair.

She lifted her head from his tip for a moment only to whisper, "For now my pet you can just stand there and enjoy..." Her head returned to his hard shaft, taking him deeper this time, dragging her lips and tongue up and down him.

Lee moaned and rocked his hips. "More, please."

She took a deep breath and relaxed her throat as she leaned forward. She knew how to please any man, and Lee was a man in the most important place. With practiced ease she slid down until her nose rested in his pubic hair, taking him into her throat, swallowing around him.

Lee clutched her hair, his eyes rolling back in his head. The things he had heard about the High Priestess were all true. He was going to cum soon if she kept this up.

Sliding her head up once more to breath, she hummed around his shaft, sending vibrations through it. She lifted her hand up from her wet pussy to the inside of his thigh, sliding upwards, seeking out the wet entrance he had told her he possessed.

Lee spread his legs to stay balance as her very feminine scent teased his nose. He knew what she was seeking. "Yes, my lady, it is ready for you." And it was, both his pussy and penis were wet and ready to take Erykia anyway she chose.

Her fingers brushed his moist lips and she moaned once more at this rare hand maiden. Slowly she slide her fingers inside, feeling the tight entrance squeeze her fingers as she delved ever deeper until they were fully embedded within him. She curled her fingers forward stroking for the familiar spongy flesh of a gspot and was pleased when she found it. She sucked harder, descending fully upon his shaft once more, teasing him, eager to experience his orgasm.

His hips bucked and he let out a hoarse shout as his body tightened, balls hard and his pussy pulsing from the dual stimulation. There were whispers among the other maidens about the High Priestess's bed play. Lee had often longed for it himself. And now, in a rare moment, he was experiencing it. He felt so privileged.

She continued to bop up and down his shaft, fingers still stroking that magic spot inside him, drinking down his hot sticky seed, milking out every drop from him.

Lee didn't know how much longer he could last. He wanted to give her pleasure too. "Mistress," he panted. "Let me fill your pussy, give you pleasure," he pleaded.

She slowly raised her head from the still hard shaft, licking her lips to make sure she got all his seed. "It seems you are a mind reader as well Lee...I was just thinking that." She stroked his shaft once more as she leaned back and spread her legs, lining him up with her soaked entrance. "Take me pet, make your mistress scream."

He gave a pleased growl and without delay slid his throbbing member into her pussy. He easily found a rhythm that would both build her pleasure and please her. That was his true talent, adapting his lovemaking to give his partner maximum pleasure.

She wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him closer to her aching body. Her hand slid to his back, digging her nails into his flesh, marking him. "Mm, yes, just like that pet. Take me hard."

"As my mistress wishes." Lee was only too happy to oblige. He leaned forward and grasped a nipple in his mouth. He thrust hard and sucked greedily on her nipple.

Sparks flew before her eyes as she felt the earth shift beneath her. It had been quite some time since she had indulged such lusts. Her grip tightened against him as she heard herself begin to wail in ecstasy as she was satisfied totally by this eager young handmaiden.

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