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Open Invitiation


Silhouetted against the rising light,
Hers for the offering,
His for the taking,
Tied for her pleasure, to his delight.

He knows her every want, her every need
Yet keeps her waiting,
Her imagination flying free.

He lets her see his every intention,
Silenced, she cries
Through pleading eyes
For a release to the unbearable tension.

Bound rope to metal, body pulled tight,
Her body quivers
As he delivers
The first caressing leather bite.

She urges him on with her silence,
She made his role clear,
A scream he could hear,
She needs his lovingly given violence

He tests her limits, her body shaking,
Monitoring her cries,
Each little high,
Until he knows she’s close to breaking.

Exhausted she rests in his arms,
His voice soothing,
Easing the bruising,
Stroking her body gently calm.

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