tagGroup SexOpen Relationship Ch. 02

Open Relationship Ch. 02


Angela was really cool when I told her about Miranda.

'How was it?' she asked me excitedly.

'It was hot; I'm not going to lie.'

'Awesome!' she said without a hint of jealously.

Angela had huge, hanging natural knockers. She'd wear carefully chosen push-up bras which made her melons look absolutely fucking amazing, filling up her shirt to the max, pert, perfectly round and huge; two massive flesh-cannonballs slung precariously upon her chest in whatever shirt she was wearing.

She had big, pink nipples. They were like watermelon jube-jubes atop her milk-pudding man-destroyers.

Her butt was medium-sized, and totally fucking perfect. Her pale brown asshole, the crown-jewel of her masterpiece, hidden in the crevasse between its cheeks, was perfectly waxed-smooth, as was her entire pussy.

Her skin was pale as milk. And her hair was golden-white. Everything about her was pale and milky. The inside of her pussy was a pale pink, her eyes a pale gray-blue, and the lips of her mouth a pale pinkish-brown.

Her pussy always welcomed my cock, and its lips were ever-so-slightly fleshy and plump, and self-parting when she spread her long, lovely legs open for me.

The eighteen year old babe was my faithful girlfriend, my willing whore, my three-holed fuck-doll.

Angela and I had been together for over a year, and recently made our relationship 'open,' meaning we could each fuck other people as long as we were open about it and no one got jealous. I had just had my first fuck with a different girl at a party the night before.

One day, after our 'open relationship' had been going on successfully for a few months, I voiced a fantasy that I'd been feeling for a little while to her.

'Baby, I've got somewhat of a strange request.'


'Would you wear an Alice in Wonderland costume for me in the bedroom sometime?'

My girlfriend smiled sunnily and nodded. 'Of course, baby!'

'Great! In fact, I already picked one up on my way home today.'

She hesitated, then added, 'Considering this new 'open' relationship of ours, how would it be if we found another cock, so you guys could double-up on me in the Alice costume? How about Raul, maybe? We both get along with him, and I've always found him kinda hot...'

'I could do that for you, sure babe!'

So we called up Raul. He came over, and we told him to chill in the bedroom while we had a little private time in the bathroom together first, and that we'd join him in a bit. He popped a porno into the player in our room and was going to be jerking off, waiting for us on the bed. Everything was set.

In the bathroom, I got naked and Angela put on the sexy Alice in wonderland costume I'd got for her earlier. Fuck, she was hot! She turned herself around a few times modeling the outfit for me. It was a short white dress with thong shoulder straps. It was so short that I could see the lower part of her smooth pussy lips underneath its front (as she wasn't wearing any panties) and the lower half of her ass beneath the back. The trim on the skirt was frilly white, with a sky blue material covering much of the front of the dress. It had short, white puffy sleeves and a low cut front, giving a beautiful view of her massive cleavage. There were the four playing card suit symbols stitched in read and black respectively on the front of her skirt: hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs. The costume included thigh-high white fencenet stockings, knee-high schoolgirl white socks which were frilly at the top, and a white frilly garter which she wore high on her left thigh. Angela had on some shiny black platform schoolgirl shoes with buckles. She looked just like the adult version of my childhood fantasy of Alice. My cock was quickly hardening at the sight of her.

'Anything special you'd like me to do for you, honey?' she asked me sensuously waggling her ample behind.

'Kiss me, baby.'

She melted into me and we kissed passionately, my dick quickly reaching full-hardness. I reached around behind her and cupped her soft, shapely ass as we tongued each other's mouths. She reached down and began jerking off my cock-shaft as we kissed. Her boobs pressed into my chest through her sexy costume.

'I want you to sit on the toilet and blow me, 'Alice.''

'Seat cover up or down?'


My girlfriend sat down on the toilet seat like she was taking a piss and began generously sucking on my love-log.

After five or ten minutes of amazing head, I told her, 'I gotta piss, baby. Can I piss on you?'

'Go for it, lover!'

So I stood over her sitting on the toilet like that and just let it flow. I soaked her whole head, hair, face, boobs, costume, everything! She even opened up her mouth and took the stream of pee right into her mouth, and surprised the shit outta me by even clamping her lips around my cock as I was pissing and drinking it all down her throat! I pissed and pissed warm gushing pee down her throat and she drank it all down. I'd been drinking loads of water all day, so luckily my piss was completely odorless and clear.

When I was finished she asked sexily, 'Would you like me to return the favor, honey?'

'Go for it, babe,' I told her.

We switched positions and she straddled my cock as I sat on the toilet. Then she started pissing on my hard cock. I jerked my cock slowly beneath the hot stream of her piss from her shaved cunt below her short Alice costume skirt.

'Enough pissing, I want you inside of me,' she said and lowered her smooth pussy onto my dick, slowly sheathing it to the hilt. My cock slid up into the hot, wet depths of her womb and she began rocking her hips back and forth in my lap, fucking my cock.

'Fuck yeah, Alice!' I emphasized quietly and slid the top of her dress down, her arms coming out of the sleeves, her massive tits flopping free for me to squeeze and suck. I was overwhelmed by fucking 'girl' on all fronts: her cunt, boobs, thighs, lips, ass, nipples, the costume... I was in heaven! I fucked her with much fervor.

After a few minutes she told me she wanted it up her ass. She stood up with her hands against the tiled wall and arched her back, thrusting out her gorgeous pooper for me to penetrate. I grabbed some baby-oil from the cabinet and applied it all over her body as I prepared to fuck her ass. First I slid a finger up her asshole, then two, three, and finally four.

'Fuck, I love you when you're all oiled up like this, baby...' I said, and pressed my cock inch by inch up her hot, tight bum.

She was glistening from head to toe, totally slippery, sexy and soft. I gripped her tits as I began fucking her ass from behind underneath the Alice in Wonderland costume skirt. Occasionally my cock would produce a fart from up her ass as I hit an air pocket which only made me hornier and fuck her harder.

Finally she whimpered, 'I'm gonna cum! Don't stop! Fuck my ass!'

I rammed my meat into her shit-hole harder and deeper than ever, bringing her over the edge, and she shook, moaned, gushed and came hard.

'Let's wash up before meeting Raul,' I suggested, as she was still soaked in piss.

So she took off the outfit and we climbed into the shower for a quick rinse. She got down amidst the hot streaming water of the shower and sucked my dick clean before standing up and taking it up her cunt from behind.

'Oooh, fuck me, baby!' she cooed, and after a while said, 'I just can't seem to get enough cock! I wanna see what it's like to be double-stuffed...'

So we hopped out of the shower, quickly toweled, and went into the bedroom where Raul was waiting and leisurely jerking-off to a porno of three blonde teen-whores with clean-shaven pussies getting fucked up their asses by some lucky bastard.

'You just tell me where to stick it,' our buddy said to us as we entered.

Raul lay down on his back, and my girlfriend straddled him, taking his hard dick up her cunt.

'Ooooh, fuck!' she moaned, and Raul didn't look too upset, either.

I came up behind her and slid my dick back up her asshole, double-stuffing her fuck-holes just like she had wanted.

I grabbed her tits and Raul grabbed her ass and we both fucked her hard and fast.

'Oooooooooh! Fuck yes!' she was yelling in ecstasy.

At some point, I broke out the baby oil and poured it all over our gorgeous fucking sex-toy, Angela. It was fucking hot to double-stuff her like that, and I imagined how hot it must have felt for her.

We changed positions several time before Raul finally came a huge load in her mouth, which she swallowed all down her throat.

She knelt in front of me and held her tits together for me to fuck them. She was still completely oiled up, and looked sexy as all hell, as usual, and her tits were so deliciously smooth, soft and fuckable... I slid my cock up into their cleavage and fucked them fast. It felt amazing.

'I wanna cum in your ass, baby,' I said desperately after a while.

She got on all fours, let me shove my cock back up her arse, and fuck her hard. The sexy fucking image in my mind of her in the Alice in Wonderland costume drove me crazy, and I soon came deep, long and hard up her hot, tight butt-hole. It was indescribably fucking awesome.

The three of us went out for dinner afterwards, my wife arm-in-arm with both of us on either side of her. I fucked her in the ladies washroom before we left, and then Raul and I (both) fucked her in the car in the parking lot. She sucked my dick as we dropped Raul off and drove home. Our 'open' relationship has been going well for over a year now, and we're thinking of hosting some orgies, or even getting married sometime soon. I fucking love her.

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