Open Wide


"Turn your head slightly to the right," she told me.

I turned and my face bumped up against her left breast.

"Oops, don't you bite that now," she said.

"I wouldn't do that," I replied.

"You better not 'cause you'd make a hole and I'd fly backward around the office like a balloon until it deflated," She laughed.

"I don't know . . . they look pretty real to me," I ventured, hoping me might continue in the vein.

"Why, thank you, Bob," she said and leaned further over so that my face was engulfed between her breasts. "They don't feel phony either, do they?"

"No. They sure don't," I muttered, still pinned against her chest with her hard left nipple jabbing me in the cheek. Actually, they did feel a little too firm for their size.

This was pretty typical of all the appointments we'd had since Nicole became my oral hygienist the year before. She was a sensuous, earthy woman and regularly joked with me about sexual things while peppering her conversation with double entendre.

"Yep," she said, "they're just about as real as silicone can make them." and chuckled in her low throaty way.

She pulled away and went back to work on my mouth, scraping and digging away while she hummed Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

I recalled my last appointment a few months ago; when Nicole had told me that she needed to do some heavy cleaning on my remaining wisdom teeth and asked if I could hold my mouth open wide while she did that or whether I needed a rubber wedge. I told that I was fine and could hold my mouth open okay.

"How wide can you open?" she had asked.

"Pretty wide"

"Show me" she instructed.

I opened as much as I could.

"Wow! That's really wide. Does it hurt?"

"Not a bit," I didn't tell her that, as a kid, I used to win a lot of pocket money by betting I could pop a tennis ball into my mouth.

"Do you mind if I measure?" she asked and removed some sort of device from a nearby drawer.

"No, go ahead" I was kind of proud she was so impressed.

"That's amazing," she said after she'd measured. "In all my work, I've never had another patient that could open that wide"

I didn't know whether to say "Thank you" or what; so I didn't say anything.

"You know, with that gift, there are a lot of gay guys around the neighborhood who'd love to have you for a boyfriend," she said, smiling and squeezing my arm.

"I don't swing that way," I told her with a halfhearted laugh.

"Well, I wouldn't rule it out," she replied. "As Woody Allen said, 'it doubles your chances of scoring.'"

I remember wondering then if maybe she swung both ways.

The phone on the opposite wall buzzed and brought me back to the present. Nicole excused herself and answered the call.

Her distraction gave me a chance to admire her for a couple of minutes. She was a gorgeous gal, tall, probably 5' 10" or so, black shoulder length hair that hung straight and framed her attractive face, deep set brown eyes and high cheekbones that probably came from some Indian or Mexican influence in her bloodline. That heredity probably also contributed to her tan complexion which highlighted her porcelain white teeth. Her mouth was wide with dark red full lips and an expression that always seemed right on the verge of a smile . . . a smile that seemed to suggest that she was considering some inner humorous thought. She must have worked out regularly considering her sculpted, muscular physique.

She wore, as did all the girls in the office, a kind of Hawaiian floral uniform that fit her snuggly enough that not much of her figure was left to the imagination. Her chest was large and wide . . . she probably wasn't joking about the silicone. I'm not a good judge of women's bra sizes, but even on a gal as tall as Nicole, her breasts seemed generous, I would guess 38 to 40 and at least a D cup. Her waist was a little thick, but her hips flared out enough and her legs were so shapely that I bet that guys ran into phone poles on occasion trying to look behind them to get a glimpse of her butt. Her rear was also larger than the uniform designer allowed for, and clung to her firm, heart shaped derriere. She was certainly quite a beautiful and sexy package.

As I looked up from Nicole's butt, I found her looking at me. She winked, held up one finger, stuck her tongue out and continued talking softly on the phone.

"That's right," I overheard, "it's the red button on the left."

I looked around the office. We were on the eleventh floor of an older downtown office building. Although all the dental equipment was modern, including the flat screen monitor hanging in the corner, the area was probably originally designed as office space as this room had a locking door with a frosted glass window just like in the old movies where Humphrey Bogart ran his detective agency. There was a small window (sorely in need of a washing) overlooking an older, in some places, seedy area of the city. It was a popular community for GLBT's of all types.

". . . Okay. Uh huh. That's great. You're a love, Jackie." She finished and hung up the phone.

"I'm so sorry," Nicole said as she walked back over to the dental chair. "I had to take that call to make some arrangements."

She repositioned herself on her stool and leaned over me. "Let's see, where were we? Oh yes, I was about to clean your molars. Now show me how wide you can open that jaw. Quite huge as I remember."

I opened my mouth as wide as I could.

"That's great. I bet you could swallow a Polish sausage without scratching the skin," she joked.

As she was finishing up, Nicole put the tube in my mouth that sucks out excess saliva. She was missing some near the back of my mouth, so I closed my lips around the tube to increase the suction.

"You like sucking on that, Bob?" she joked . . . I think.

"I was just trying to get some more suction"

"I see. Let's try something. I'm going to turn the machine off, and you see if you can suck the rest of the water out of it"

"Why?" I asked.

"To please me," Nicole said in a matter of fact way.

I heard the pump go off and I sucked on the tube hard enough to get out a stream of water.

"That's really good, Bob. Hang on just a sec"

She got off her little stool and walked over to the office door. I was facing away, but I heard the door snap closed, then the click of a lock. Nicole came back over to her stool, sat down, reached out and grasping my face and firmly turned it toward her.

She looked down into my eyes and in her Peggy Lee voice said, "Bobby, do you suck cock?"

"Whoa", I thought, "Where the hell did this come from?"

"Are you serious?" I demanded. "I'm a married man. I'm not gay."

"No, no, no", she soothed. "I don't mean you're gay, and I didn't mean now. I meant when you were young. I know how it goes with young men . . . they experiment. They go on campouts or sleepovers and start talking about sex things and pretty soon they're playing with themselves and each other. Then someone suggests they jack off or put their mouth on each other and things progress. I'm sure you probably did something like that when you were young didn't you, Bob? Almost all boys do."

"Well, I guess . . . kind of," I found myself saying.

"With who?"

"Just a neighbor kid."

"What was his name, Bobby?"

"Jesse James Jones" popped out of my mouth unwilled.

"Really, didn't take long to recall that name, did it?" she grinned, "And what did you and Jesse do?"

"Just kind of played with each other . . . nothing real serious", I couldn't believe I was saying these things. I'd never told anyone about any of this.

"Did you put your mouth on his penis?"

"Yeah, I guess I did."

"Did you suck on it?"

"Kind of"

"Did he ejaculate?"

"Maybe . . . I guess so."

"In your mouth?"


"Did you swallow it?"

"I don't know"

"Did you spit it out?"


"Well, than, I guess you swallowed it, didn't you, Bobbie?"

"Yeah . . . I guess I did." This was getting surreal.

"Did he tell you to do that; to swallow his cum?"


"Did you like it?"

"No . . . I don't know . . . maybe. I mean we were kids. It was exciting. I don't think I really thought about it."

"Did you do it again?"

"Yeah, maybe a couple more times." I was astounded that I was saying these things . . . and to someone I hardly knew.

"How'd that happen?"

"Jesse made me"

"He made you. How'd he do that? Twist your arm? Beat you up?" She queried.

"He just made me . . . he ordered me to and he said he would tell everybody in school I was a queer if I didn't."

"Where'd you do that?"

"Once in the boy's locker room at high school and two or three times at his Aunt's house."

Nicole got this kind of strange smile on her face and said, "So, what does that make you, Baby?"

"I don't know, what?"

"A cum swallowing cocksucker," She laughed hardily and punched me in the shoulder.

"No, no . . . that was it. I never did it again," I said, trying to defend myself and trying to wipe a couple more college experiences out of my mind.

"Never . . . are you sure, Bobbie? You know what they say, 'Once a cocksucker always a . . . '" she let her sentence trail off.

A minute or two passed with Nicole staring down at me from her stool with a knowing smirk. I was stunned at the way this whole conversation was going.

"You miss it, don't you, Baby?"

"Miss what?" I questioned, knowing full well what she meant. Amazingly, I felt my dick getting harder in my pants just talking about it.

"Sucking dick, eating cum, being told what to do . . . I think you love being somebody's pet. I think you like to please your friends." She said as she laid her right hand on my crotch. Although I'm not very well endowed, I was sure she could feel my erection through my pants.

"It appears your dickie thinks you miss pleasing your friends too."

This was so weird, I almost felt like I was having a daydream or something and would wake up in a second. It was just so strange; I came here to get my teeth cleaned, like I have dozens of times before, and somehow the world went wild and I end up involved in this crazy encounter with a dental assistant turned psychologist.

"Am I your friend, Bobbie?" She asked.

"Well, sure. I guess so," I replied with some hesitation, not sure where this was going.

"Would you please me, Baby, if I told you to . . . as a friend?" she asked with kind of a Cheshire cat smile while she squeezed my enflamed penis.

"What does that mean?" I thought. "'Please her' about what? What pleasing could she want?" I found that, as I thought about it, I did want to please her. I wanted her to be my friend. I liked her taking charge and hoped she'd kind of help me along with whatever she had in mind.

"Sure, I think I would try." I said softly with a doubtful smile.

"I'll be back in a sec," she said as she got up and walked behind the little office partition that they stand behind when they do x-rays. I could hear fabric rustling and, once, a sound like elastic being snapped. She walked back out, and if I had expected her to be naked or something, I would have been disappointed. She looked exactly the same as when she got up to leave . . . beautiful.

She walked over to my left side and produced a padded 2" nylon strap which was apparently attached underneath the chair's armrest near where the wrist would lie. She wrapped it around my wrist and attached the industrial Velcro ends together.

As she walked around my right side she commented, "We use these when we administer Sodium Pentothal to our patients so they don't hurt themselves . . . or us," she chuckled and secured my right wrist.

"Am I going to get Sodium Pentothal?" I naively inquired.

"Oh, no, no, you're going to get something better, much better."

She picked up a wired remote control and said, "Hang on. We're going to go for a little ride." I felt my chair's back going down. It kept humming away until the back was totally reclined and the chair was about parallel to the floor and a couple of feet above it. She set the remote back down and immediately swung her leg over my chest like she was mounting a horse and sat down hard on my chest almost knocking the wind out of me.

She wiggled around on my chest getting more comfortable, gave me a wicked smile, and asked, "Do you like surprises?"

"Sometimes," I answered hesitantly.

"Well, this better be THE 'sometime', sweetie,"she pronounced, "because here comes the surprise." and lifted the hem of her skirt to her chest.

I wasn't very surprised. This fit in well with the psychedelic wet dream I was obviously having, because attached to her body where her female parts were supposed to be was the biggest, fattest uncircumcised cock I had ever seen. No, sorry, it wasn't the biggest. It wasn't really very long, but, boy was it fat. It was only about six inches in length, but it was probably three inches in diameter. It looked to be about the size of a Coca Cola can and, although firm, I had a hunch it wasn't even fully erect. She reached down and hefted it with both hands. One hand obviously wouldn't come close to circling it.

"Like it?" she asked.

Now, just because I sucked a few cocks years ago, I don't think of myself as gay. I'm really not attracted to guys sexually. I'm happily married. I work out, play sports, ride dirt bikes and flirt with girls. I'm a normal, well-adjusted guy, but watching this gorgeous woman (I just couldn't think of her as a man) play with her huge cock was the biggest sexual turn-on of my life.

"Yes, I do . . . I sure do," I managed to mumble; still not convinced I wasn't going to wake up any second.

"Want to suck it?" she asked.

"Yes, I do," I can't believe I said that. My will was not my own. I was totally absorbed in this strange encounter. "But I can't. That's impossible. It's just way too big."

"Oh, yes, you can. I know you can," She was now stroking her cock a little and, to my amazement, it grew even larger before my eyes. She pulled the foreskin back as a large drop of pre-cum oozed out the tip and slid down the head. I was enthralled.

"I've been looking for you all my life," she related, "you're the reason I went into the dental business, it was the only way I could think of to find someone with a mouth large enough to handle my penis. I've never met anyone, man or woman, that could get my dick in their mouth and some of them tried very hard."

"What makes you think I can?"

"Oh, I know you can; I've measured your mouth opening. It'll be a little tight, and, maybe stretch your lips a little at first, but you can do it. I'm convinced that soon, with a little practice and training, you'll even be able to take me down your throat."

As she massaged her prick she was holding back the foreskin and the pre-cum had coated her cockhead and was dripping on my shirt. It was better than the most pornographic clip I had ever seen on the internet . . . man strapped helpless in a dentist's chair, a beautiful shemale with a huge cock sitting on his chest leaking pre coital fluids onto his body. It would have to be a 5-Star rating. At this point I was so absorbed in the scene that I was lost in my lust. I could have been hogtied on the Thanksgiving table with all my relatives sitting around and I would have been oblivious to anything but Nicole and Nicole's amazing cock.

"Come on, sweetie, give it a try," she pleaded as she slid her bottom up my chest so that her giant cockhead was resting on my lower lip.

It was fully erect now. Another dollop of pre-cum slid out of her cock slit and, after a second of mental deliberation, I stuck out my tongue and licked it off. It tasted smooth, creamy and wonderful. My own small cock was now hard as a rod and my libido was in overdrive. I was just kind of floating along in my own sexual subspace.

"Open wide, baby. You can do it," Nicole instructed.

I opened my mouth as wide as I could and Nicole started pushing her prick against my lips.

It wouldn't fit. I knew it wouldn't fit. I was open as wide as possible and Nicole was shoving hard, but it wasn't working. The mushroom head of her dick was just too big.

"Come on, sweetie, just a little wider" she begged. "You can do it".

I tried to stretch even wider, but I was at my maximum. I could feel her shoving very forcefully now; my lips were being mashed against my teeth. It just wasn't working.

Suddenly Nicole burst into tears, let out a mournful cry and sat back on my chest sobbing. Her penis softened and her whole body seemed to wilt.

"God, how I wanted that," she cried. "I was sure it would work. I was convinced it would." She sniffled and snorted before she went on. " It's the only thing I've really wanted since I was seventeen and heard all the guys bragging about how great it was to get 'some head'. As I grew older and heard more stories, I wanted it more than anything else. I've gone my whole life without anyone able to please me in that most intimate of all ways and now I'll never know that joy."

I felt terrible and hated to see her cry, but could think of no solution to her problem. "Maybe you can just keep on looking and find somebody else." I suggested even though I hated the thought of losing her.

"No" she sniffled. "I've been looking too long as it is. I don't really like this job that well and in all these years you're the only person I've found that even came close . . . plus I like you, you're a very nice guy. It looked like it was going to be the perfect match for me. I'm so disappointed . . . this is the worst day of my life."

Now I really felt bad. I was slowly coming out of my sexual trance and had an idea.

"What if you weren't hard?" I questioned.

"What do you mean?" she sniffled.

"What if you didn't have an erection when you put it in my mouth?"

"Then what happens when I get hard?" she questioned.

"Well, I guess that the worst that could happen would be that you'd choke me and I'd die of suffocation," I half joked.

"You'd do that for me?" She asked me looking all doe eyed. "You'd risk your life to give me pleasure."

I really didn't think that there was much chance of me dying from cock choking so I replied "I'm willing to give it a try, since it means so much to you."

"You are such a sweet guy; I'll try to be real gentle," she said while she scooted back up near my face.

Seeing that her dick was still semi-soft, I said, "Try it now."

I opened wide and she grabbed her cock at the base, aimed it toward my mouth and guided it to a position between my lips. She gave one hard thrust with her pelvis and the huge head slipped past my lips and into my mouth.

"Oh God, Oh God, we've done it," she cried. "Oh, I love you, baby."

"What HAVE I done?" I thought fearfully. This thing was so huge soft that it almost totally filled my mouth and it was starting to get bigger. I was sure that her dick was probably greater in diameter than the tennis balls I used to insert in my mouth and they were always harder to get out than in, and they never grew once inside me like I could feel her prick now doing. I knew my teeth must be digging into her expanding cock, but she didn't seem to notice. I could feel my lips stretching and hurting at the corners. "How the hell am I ever going to get this monster back out?" I wondered.

"Oh, Oh, Oh, Suck it, Baby. Suck it for Mommy"

Nicole was rocking gently back and forth causing her dick to slide an inch or two in and out of my mouth. She was moaning softly and the rhythm was escalating as her dick grew and filled every portion of my mouth and part of my throat. I was finding it more difficult to get enough oxygen.

"I just might die right here," I thought. My hands were strapped down, she was sitting on my chest restricting my breathing and my windpipe was being cut off by a growing cock. Suddenly it dawned on me what I had to do. It went in soft; it had to come out soft. I had to quickly become the best cocksucker in the world to make her cum before I suffocated. I frantically started trying to work my tongue around in the confined space I had left in my mouth. I started using my cheek and throat muscles like I was swallowing to further stimulate her dick.

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