tagErotic CouplingsOpposite Ch. 02

Opposite Ch. 02


I half expected Tara to call and cancel my BJ appointment with her husband but Wednesday came with no change in plans. I kept track of how many miles it was to their house this time and decided it wasn't worth the wear on my car to drive three or more times a week. A nice relaxing limo or town car pick up would be enjoyable and since they offered, I'd take them up on it. I didn't give much thought to Tara's 'payment plan'; she obviously didn't realize how much I enjoy giving head. I would never consider it work.

She answered the doorbell again and let me in with a big smile and hug.

"Jake has been excited all day for you to come tonight. The best thing is, he didn't bug me once yesterday for sex. This plan is working perfectly!" she gushed.

"Great, but its only the second time Tara," I said, less encouraging.

"It's going to be grand, trust me. Jake is waiting for you in the den again. I already got you a towel so you should be set."

"You're joining us, right?" I asked, a little concerned.

"Do I need too? I was going to make some calls to arrange the party this weekend. I'm sure you two will be just fine without me."

I was stunned! She was planning on letting me be alone with her husband to suck his dick and pleasure him. She was more concerned about her big party and being a hostess than her husband alone with another woman. My mouth dropped partially open, dumbstruck for a few seconds.

"I trust you silly, just do your blowjob thing again and I'll be in later to see how it went," she said turning to leave.

I stood speechless in her foyer watching her walk away and trying to get a grip on reality because she sure the fuck didn't. I walked slowly toward the den, peeking around the corner to the sound of the TV. Jake was sitting on the sofa watching Sports Center and sipping some sort of amber liquid in ice. I viewed the towel Tara had left me resting on the chair I sat in last time. I stepped into the room hesitantly and cleared my throat.

"Hey, you're here!" Jake said hearing me.

He quickly turned off the TV and stood up. I folded my arms a little nervous and smiled at him.

"You okay Allison?" he asked.

"Yeah, I guess. It's just a little awkward without Tara here."

"She said she had things to do and gave me some 'rules' to follow," he said chuckling.

"Rules? Like what?"

"Basically sticking to what happened last time. I can't touch you or do anything other than let you do oral."

"I see... it still seems weird or wrong without her here."

"Wrong? As apposed to my wife watching you suck my dick?" he said laughing.

"Good point, I guess this whole thing is fucked up. What's making you stay Jake? I mean it's not the money, obviously not the sex, so why are you sticking with Tara?"

He drank the last portion of his liquor, set the glass down and looked at me in thought before saying, "Appearances I guess, which are twofold. One is obvious, Tara is gorgeous a 'trophy wife' they say and all my friends and dads friends think she is quite the prize. The second is keeping the appearance of a happy marriage. Divorce just doesn't happen in my family. It would crush my mother... bring dishonor on my family name."

"So do you feel trapped? You must be regretting the marriage. I mean... sure Tara is very beautiful but there are other beautiful women that actually like sex. I'm sure your family would survive if you divorced her."

"I don't want to find out. I did feel trapped until Tara suggested you help her out. My outlook took a major upswing, especially after what you did on Monday. I know she has rules now but I'm thinking after time she'll relax them."

"Umm, yeah about that. Are you suggesting you and I do more than just oral sex?" I asked.

"Not right now, she'd freak out, but maybe in a month or so. Why, are you opposed to that prospect?" he asked with a big smile.

Shit, he was so hot! I was definitely not opposed to the prospect. He could do me anytime, anywhere and in any hole..

"Not exactly, I just don't know what that will do to Tara," I said trying not to show too much desire.

"Good, so should we get started," he asked walking around the sofa toward me.

I didn't move. Something was bugging me and I couldn't quite figure it out. It had to be the way both of them were so nonchalant about this arrangement. Tara could care less about me pleasuring her husband alone. And Jake was all for anything I would do to him regardless of what Tara thought. Something had to give or blow up in their faces. I decided, against my natural tendencies, to not suck his dick tonight. It was a decision I quickly learned was one of the hardest to stick to in my life.

While I hesitated, Jake was undoing his belt and pants. My body reacted with a jolt as he dropped his pants and pulled his boxers over his semi hard penis. I almost gave in then and there and fell to my knees to engulf his delicious cock. I resisted, moving forward toward the chair with the towel. Unfolding it I laid it on the leather seat and turned back around to Jake. His dick was quickly growing and I caught a whiff of his musty aroma, making my plan even harder. I didn't remove my shirt or even kneel in front of him. Instead I stood up and made my way behind him, pushing him toward the chair and towel.

He was about to comment on the situation, since I was sure he expected the same thing as last time but he shut his mouth as I grabbed his hard member from behind him, stroking it up and down a few times. He felt incredible in my hand and I wanted more than anything to abandon my plan and suck him to climax. I had to prove a point though, especially to him. I stroked, bending his cock horizontal to increase the friction, holding the skin tight so only it moved.

Soon I felt a cool drip of pre-cum hit my hand as his cock oozed from the stimulation. He never said a word, enjoying the stroking I was giving him. After about five minutes I felt his legs and butt tighten up against my body and I knew he was close to orgasm. He didn't warn me, since there was no reason too. I felt his cock spasm in my hand as a burst of white semen shot out onto the towel, followed by several other impressive spurts. All of which made me salivate and wish they were in my mouth or at least all over my boobs. I stroked him to completion while he moaned and bucked in my hand. When he was finished I let go of his member and moved forward to wipe my hand off on the towel, fighting the urge to lick my fingers.

"Well that was different," I heard Tara say from the doorway.

I never saw her watching and had no idea when she showed up.. "Yeah, well I decided to try a hand job today and not get undressed," I said handing Jake the towel so he could wipe his dick off.

It was still rock hard and had a trail of thick white semen oozing down the shaft. Fuck, I wanted to suck it off! I had just punished myself in proving a point I didn't even know if Jake caught. I mean shit; he still got off and enjoyed it immensely. So why did I even bother?

"Oh, well okay. You didn't have to do that 'cause I wasn't present," Tara said seeming worried.

"I didn't. I just thought I'd change things up," I lied..

"Cool, well thanks for coming over. I'll walk you out."

I said goodbye to Jake who was fishing his wonderful half hard cock back into his pants and walked to the door with Tara.

"So we'll see you again on Friday, Right?" she asked.

"Sure thing. Hey I think I'll take you up on the offer to pick me up for now on. That drive is long.."

"Okay, sure. I'll send a car around seven to get you. And here's some money for gas you have used," she said opening a small box on a wall table next to the door. She handed me three hundred dollars and put the rest back.

"That's way too much, Tara," I said caught off guard by the amount and the fact that she had cash lying around the house.

"Don't be silly, go shopping or something," she smiled.

I took the money, knowing she wasn't going to let me give it back and walked out to my car. The drive home was full of thought. I decided I wasn't going to punish myself to prove anything anymore because I felt very unfulfilled and kicked myself for not sucking his dick. I also figured I'd get the most out of this situation and enjoy it as much as possible. Hell, maybe Jake was right and Tara would let us do other things soon. That thought made me think of being pounded by Jake, it continued the rest of the drive home.


The arrangement went smoothly from then on for about three weeks. The car picked me up and drove me to their house and I pleasured Jake with my mouth every time. Tara occasionally joined us and watched the festivities but was absent most the time. The 'rules' continued and Jake was good about following them. He never once tried to touch my breasts or anything. I went topless every time and swallowed his load when Tara wasn't in the room and took his spunk on my boobs when she was. I'll admit, when she wasn't present I went all out and sucked Jake the best I knew how, eating every drop he offered and trying to get more out each time.

He grew accustomed to my talent and after three weeks of blowjobs every other day he learned how to last pretty well against my gifts for sucking. Tara never called for me to come up on the weekends so I assumed she was letting him have sex with her the one time a week he asked for. I'm sure she hated even that much. I was surprised it lasted that long.

The call came on Sunday. Tara seemed upset, but at least she wasn't crying.

"Jake said he's getting bored with our arrangement. I can't believe him! It's like nothing's good enough for him. I mean really, you make him orgasm three times a week and I let him have sex with me on the weekend. What more could he want?"

"I don't know Tara, what did he say?"

"He went off on the restrictions I place on him when you are here. He said it is torture for him to not touch and that you want him to touch you too.. Is that true Allison? Did you tell him that?"

I quickly recalled our last session. Tara wasn't in the room so I was going hog wild on his cock, making a serious mess of his shaft and balls. Saliva and pre-cum were dripping all over my breasts because Jake was lasting a good amount of time since he was getting even more accustomed to me. I don't know what came over me but I might have risen up a little too high and used my tits to finish him off and swallow his load. It wasn't long, maybe a few seconds before he shot, but long enough, I guess. I remembered him commenting on how good it felt and I said something to the effect of how it would be nice if Tara would ease up and let him fuck my tits at least. That must be what he meant by telling her I wanted him to touch me. What the hell was I going to tell her?

"Well... is it true?" she asked again when I went silent.

"Not exactly in those words. Look Tara, last Friday I might have ran his penis in-between my boobs a couple of times and told him it was nice when he commented on how much he liked it. Maybe that's what he took as me wanting him to touch me."

"I see, so that's all that happened? You just used your boobs a little?"

"Yeah, that's it."

"Oh well that's okay I guess. You can do that if you want," she said like the problem had been solved.

"Well okay, but that's not going to fix this Tara. He's still going to want to do more with me eventually. Are you ready for that? You had to know it would happen."

She didn't respond immediately, "I did, just not this quick. The man is insufferable! He would more than gladly have you come up everyday if I'd let you. It's like his penis never gets satisfied. He's hard in bed when we snuggle, I can feel his boner on my back and between my legs all the time. Even after you make him climax he still gets hard the same day in bed."

"Tara, he's only twenty-four what do you expect? Guys do that; you should feel flattered he's hard when he holds you."

"No I don't, it's just annoying. Okay so what do you suggest? Do you want to come up everyday or what else could we do?"

"Showing up everyday will just make it worse. He'll for sure want to do more then."

"Right, well crap, I don't know how to make him happy. I'm sure you don't want to have sex with him... do you?"

Fuck! Now what was I going to say? Lie and tell her no way or tell her the truth that I've wanted Jake to fuck the hell out of me since we met and especially now since I have his cock in my mouth three times a week. She figured the truth out due to my silence again.

"You do! Wow, really you'd let him do you?" she asked.

"I'll do what you want me to do Tara. But I'm not opposed to the idea," I said quietly.

"Umm, right okay, let me think about this for a minute."

She had to draw the line here. She had too. I mean, a blowjob is one thing but letting her husband fuck another woman in her house had to be too much.

"I did say I might be open for more the first time you came over. I guess I have to honor that. I just didn't think it would be this soon. This is all Jake's fault he's such a pig, always wanting to get off..."

"You're getting sidetracked again Tara," I said before she could go off more on her perfect husband.

"Sorry, he just makes me so mad sometimes. I guess I have no choice; tomorrow I'll let you two have sex when you come over. I'll tell Jake tonight, I know he'll be ecstatic. Thanks again Allison you're a really good friend."

I was wrong, again! She apparently had no chalk to draw a line for hell sakes. She hung up before I could say anything. I dropped my phone, contemplating what I had just heard. Jake, the perfect man, was going to do me tomorrow night. I didn't think I was going to get to sleep at all that night, too excited for my gift.


I paced back and forth in my apartment waiting for the car to pick me up. I had dressed sexier than normal and put my most expensive perfume on for Jake. I was so excited I could hardly sit still. It finally showed up about five minutes late, five minutes of anxious torture. The drive only made matters worse. I had to sit on my hands so I wouldn't play in the back seat but I knew I was wet anyway. Finally we arrived and I let myself out before the driver could open my door.

"Jake's beyond excited. He's like a kid getting his first bike for Christmas in there. I don't know if I should be offended or happy for him."

"Really? You don't know? Judas Tara what should really happen is you should go in there and fuck his brains out, not let me do it!" I blurted without thinking.

I think I pissed her off because she folded her arms under her very impressive rack and glared at me with her beautiful eyes. Slowly her glare turned to a small smile and her posture eased up.

"Nah, I don't want too. I just had my hair done, can you tell?" she asked.

"Ahuh, it looks great Tara," I said shaking my head in frustration. "Are you going to join us this evening?" I asked.

"I think that would be best since this is opening a whole new chapter."

"Yes... so where is he today?" I asked because for the last few weeks we had changed venues a few times.

"Bedroom, where else?" she asked looking at me weird like it was obviously the only place you can possibly have sex.

"Of course, what was I thinking?"

I followed her up the large staircase and down the hall to their room. It was my first time actually and I discovered, when I looked in, it was very nice. Jake was sitting on the edge of the bed in a robe, already naked underneath, I was sure. I smiled at him and felt more juices fall from my insides.

"Okay you two, I'm going to supervise, this being the first time and all. We should also redo the schedule if this is going to be a regular thing now. From the way Jake has been acting, since I told him, I'm pretty sure it will be," she said with a slight sneer.

"Sounds good," he said looking at my outfit, ignoring her voice.

"Right, I know its Monday and all but I think we should plan the 'Full Meal Deal' on Wednesday that way its spread out between our FMD on the weekends. What do you think?" she asked using her euphemism for sex.

"Just once a week?" Jake blurted, realizing immediately what he had done.

If looks could kill Jake would be dead and buried twice over. She obviously wore the pants in this relationship and he was just taking what he could get, which was a surprisingly large, considering the arrangement. Tara most surely didn't want to give up her new life but still controlled him.

"Sweetie, we'll negotiate more later," she said between clenched teeth.

He didn't respond and actually put his head down like a wounded animal. She smiled and continued.

"Good that's settled then. Wednesdays it is, until further notice. Okay with you Allison?"

I had decided not to be shocked by her anymore and just nodded.

"Wonderful, well okay then, have fun you two, I'll be watching over here," she said, taking a seat in an antique chair against the wall.

I was too excited to hesitate, or wait for her to change her mind. I quickly crossed the room and dropped to my knees fully dressed, undoing the tie around Jake's waste. He had recently showered because he smelled clean and fresh. His dick lurched to life, in my hand, growing very rapidly as I took it in my mouth before it was fully hard.

"Wait? What's going on? I thought you were having sex tonight?" Tara asked from behind me. "Why are you giving him a blowjob?"

I slowly took his dick from my mouth, not believing she was being serious. I turned my head to look at her with Jake's stiff dick in my hand. She had actually stood up from the chair with her arms folded looking confused. She was serious. I guess sex was sex and no foreplay preceded the deed to her.

"I'm just having some fun before hand Tara and getting Jake ready," I said.

"Well... umm... that's weird to me, Jake never needs to be made ready with me," she said confused.

"It's called foreplay Tara, I'm sure you've heard of it," I said wanting to get back to the throbbing cock in my hand.

"Oh I'm sure Allison!" she snipped, "I just wasn't expecting this and sex together, I don't know if I like it."

What the hell? Has she finally found a line to draw? Sex and oral can't be combined? To me they are like synonymous with all things sex but to her it was the final straw she couldn't take.

I was hot and bothered, ready to go and her annoying pestering was really getting to me. Jake never said a word, which only solidified my knowledge of Tara ruling the relationship.

"You don't know if you like it? What the hell does that mean Tara?" I said letting go of Jake's dick and standing back up. "What were you expecting? For me to undress, lie on my back and let Jake 'do his thing' for five minutes, like you do?!"

Her face turned red, Jake groaned behind me, and I knew I had crossed the line. She was at the point of either crying or about to yell like I've never heard her before.

"Get out! This arrangement is over!" she finally screamed as loud as she could.

"Fine!" I yelled back, quickly moving to the open door.

Screw her! I was doing her a favor and she can be damned if she doesn't like the way I do it. This was inevitable it just took longer than I thought it would. I stormed out the door and down the hall to the stairs. Outside my driver was smoking next to the car. He wasn't surprised to see me this quickly because sometimes the blowjobs don't take that long. He did notice that I wasn't my normal bubbly self.

"Everything all right Miss?" he asked, opening the door for me.

"No! Madam Tara is a fucking bitch!" I screamed and sat down.

He laughed a little, shut my door and drove me home. I was so pissed off for two reasons. One was obviously Tara and the other was I missed my chance to fuck Jake. I doubted I'd ever get the chance again.

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