tagErotic CouplingsOral Delights

Oral Delights

byP. B. Walker©

Smiling, she slid to her knees between his spread knees, eyeing him like a hungry wench while gripping his penis in her small, soft hands. His ass muscles clenched on the soft bed quilt as he sat looking down at her, anxious for more. Keeping steady eye contact, she leaned down to lick his stiff, throbbing shaft slowly, applying a new coat of spit. His mind filled with pure lust as he watched her talented lips and tongue engulf his aching prick. She was practically drooling on his manhood, slathering fresh saliva on it repeatedly as no woman had before.

He reached out slowly to place his hand on her head, lacing his fingers through her hair. At first it was to help and then, maybe, to force just a bit. A groan reverberated in his mind watching this woman perform on him. Bracing himself with his other hand on the bed behind him, he rocked forward a bit harder into her, knowing she would handle it with no problems. Aside from a half choke, she accommodated him easily, his thick cockhead penetrating her throat. She dug her nails into the flesh of his muscled thighs before running them down to his knees, making him wince in pain. Her left hand slid back up his inner thigh to cup his hanging nut sack, tickling and teasing him softly while her other hand slid downward out of sight. His eyes widened when he saw the muscles on her arm bunching and rolling in that unmistakable rhythm of self-pleasure. She shut her eyes tightly and moaned into his raging stiffness, sending shivers rippling through his entire pelvic region.

Wanting more, he reached down and cupped his hands under her arms, pausing her in mid-suck. With her lips still tightly sealed around his bloated shaft, she looked into his eyes questioningly. He pulled her upward and leaned backward as she regained her feet. She knew from experience what he had in mind. Her nimble body quickly rotated as she climbed onto him, one leg lifting over his torso before settling her body down on him. He sucked in a quick breath, feeling her slight weight descend on his shoulders as she straddled her wet sex over his face. She exhaled a soft, sensual moan as his warm, wet tongue first grazed her puffy, moist lips. She gripped him roughly at the base of his penis, pulling the soft skin downward, extending him to full length. The veins on his prick stood out proudly, bulging and raging. Her warm, drooling mouth returned to its task, lovingly ministering to him in an indescribable way.

His large hands roughly gripped her soft ass cheeks, pulling and twisting them as he moved her around on his probing tongue. His manhandling elicited a womanly giggle from her as she settled fully on him. His nostrils filled with her sweet, hot, musky scent. He breathed deeply through his nose as her dripping womanhood encompassed his mouth. His fingers joined his powerful tongue, parting her slit easily, dipping in to massage and tickle her favorite parts. Her hips began to grind downward uncontrollably, helping him, urging him to go deeper and harder. She opened her mouth to moan around his cock, not quite taking it all the way out. He felt the humid air graze across the fat head. Pulling back, she rubbed her face all over his extended staff, taking him up one side of her face and down the other, spreading her own salvia and his flowing precum across her cheeks, chin, and lips. His hips jerked spastically as her squeezing hand started pumping him slowly. Her other hand cupped and squeezed his tightening sack, spreading her wet spit across his smooth balls. He took a deep breath and held it, shutting his eyes tightly, reveling in unbelievable sensations shooting through his cock.

Unable to hold his breath any longer, he blew it out in a huff against her hard, throbbing clitoris, and then sucked it into his mouth, flicking it softly with his tongue. He slowly dipped the finger of his other hand down inside her ass crack, gently teasing her puckered opening. Using her own juices, he lubed her anus before slowly parting it with his thick thumb. He heard her suck in a quick breath and hold it, pausing for a long count, before letting it go out with a whoosh as she thrust back into him, taking his thumb inside her ass. Her hips quivered uncontrollably as she felt him ass-fuck her with his thumb. Working his mouth and hands in unison he quickened his pace to match hers, knowing he would not last much longer.

A deep-throated growl escaped from her with each thrust from his fingers as she skillfully worked his throbbing tool with her hand and mouth. Faster and harder they went, approaching the point of no return. Together they moved in an unplanned, unpracticed harmony. Instinct alone guided them as they pulsed and throbbed from the pleasure, not thinking or knowing what to do next, only knowing they did not want it to stop, ever. The room filled with the smell of sweat, sex, and the unmistakable wet smacking sounds of oral sex.

Still struggling to hold back just a bit longer, he felt himself expand in her sucking mouth and the cum begin to flow from deep inside him. He felt the tight undeniable waves begin to ripple from deep within his pelvis, radiating powerfully outward as they spread across his body. He drew in one last desperate gulp of air before his orgasm totally engulfed him. Breath held tight and face beet red, he roared loudly against her drooling, engorged labia, and forcefully blasted his seed inside her mouth. She felt the first thick spurt of cum hit the back of her mouth before pulling back to swallow it down, not caring as more ropes of his hot cum hit her chin and neck.

Just the feeling of his spurting cum racing through the stiff cock she held in her hands caused her orgasm to peak. Her wail of pleasure pierced the room as the waves of her intense orgasm crash through her body and mind. She barely noticed the spurts of semen hitting her lips and nose. He felt her spasming pussy walls grip his fingers tightly, milking them in a strange fashion, drawing them inward and holding them in a lust-induced grip. Her sweet, tasty cum coated his lips, tongue, and face. He licked and sucked it reflexively, loving the taste of her precious offerings.

Their sweaty bodies lay together in a hot embrace as both gasped desperately for breath. Ignoring the throbbing of burning muscles, they took full pleasure in the orgasmic buzz as they gently floated down from ecstasy. Their lips and tongues kissed and licked salty skin softly as they held each other closely. Both were content not moving, only breathing together as one, enjoying the drunken feeling of afterglow.

--- §§§ ---

I awoke with a start, my eyes shooting open and immediately slamming shut again as the bright rays of sunlight hurt my eyes. I felt hot and sticky. My heart pounded fiercely in my chest and I sucked in air desperately. The images of the erotic coupling raced through my brain as I recalled the dream. I slid my hand down my sweaty chest to my stomach and felt the thick, gooey liquid coating my lower stomach. I groaned and plopped back on the pillow, strangely content and embarrassed at the same time. I laid there for several minutes basking in the warm sunlight. What a way to start the day, too bad I had to go to work.

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