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Our After Party


Foreword warning: This is a true story and in memory of a real relationship. Because it is true, the reader is seeing it strictly from my perspective as I could not crawl inside her head, therefore my apologies if it doesn't work for you individually, but I really wanted to put it out to the world. Oh and of course all names have been changed.

* * * * *

Ah, another typical dorm party, another night of dancing with you till early hours of the morning. When we got to the party the dj was playing my song, Sean Paul's "Get Busy." You knew how much I loved that song, especially since my name is in it. You were also aware that dancing gets me worked up within seconds of hitting the floor. We both already knew that I'd be soaked by the time we left for my room.

I grabbed your hand as we wove our way through the crowd until we found a spot on the wall that wasn't taken. You leaned against the wall and pulled my hips back against you. The impact of your pelvis hitting my ass sent a shock straight down to my clit. You knew it would since you held my hand the day I got pierced. The ring through my clitoral hood rested a small ball directly on my clit, managing to intensify any sensation. I jumped at the sudden sensation and then ground my ass back against you as we began to dance.

Even though I knew I wouldn't behave later, I was good when I picked my outfit for the night. You never liked me wearing more than 2 inch heels because it made my 5'6" too close to your height and causing my ass to rub against your lower stomach instead of your pelvis when we danced. The strappy black sandals I choose to wear were exactly 2", not to mention they went well with my short khaki skirt. I always loved that skirt. It showed off my shapely legs from many years of dance classes and my nice tan from summer. To finish the outfit, I picked a tight bell sleeved purple shirt which revealed the tops of my god-given 36DD breasts and the edge of the tan line from my bikini.

I straightened up and started shimmying my hips, one of many things I have learned from the gorgeous, half-naked women in rap videos. You always hate it when I shake my ass that fast though. I guess it's hard for you to feel it. Your solution to that problem was simple enough. You turned me around to kiss me and pulled our hips together. The darkness in the room was a good thing as your hands slid from my hips to under me skirt.

"Forget something, baby?" you asked, sending shivers down my spine as you whispered into my ear. I blushed, well by now you were used to me never wearing underwear. I didn't like it that much before I got pierced, but after that I couldn't wear it for a month and I got spoiled. You grabbed my ass to pull me closer against you. We danced like that for a while, grinding our hips together while your hands gently squeezed my ass.

Your continued glances over my shoulder had eventually caught my attention. I was ready for a change anyway so I turned around, shimmied my ass back against your pelvis and started doing little figures eights with my hips. You liked it as long as I leaned forward a bit so my long brown hair didn't get in your face. The movement alternately drove my hips back against you and away from you. Your hands strayed back and forth between my hips to under my skirt. Every time your long fingers drifted under my skirt, they stretched to the top of my mound and brushed the smooth skin. I had shaved my pussy clean before the party, just the way you liked it. "I knew I had left my underwear in their drawer for a good reason" I thought as your fingers made me melt inside.

After I enjoyed your wandering hands for a few minutes, my mind cleared and I began to think again. I looked around to see what you had been glancing at. What else could it possibly have been? You pointed them out to me, Erica and D in the middle of the floor grinding the hell out of each other. They were pretty much going at each other the same way they did in Erica's room. We had watched enough times to know. I honestly don't know how they did it without causing serious physical damage, but it never failed to make me want to join.

Erica was bent over with her hands on the ground, practically doing a split as D slammed her hips against Erica's ass. God what a hot little honey. With her gorgeous coco skin, petite but sexy body, stripper dance moves, and dirty mind, I still regret that I never got my hands on her, or her hands on me. She was definitely taken though, and beyond dancing and the naughty games we all played together in the early hours of the morning, I had no chance. I guess I didn't mind too much since she and D looked good together. They were both small with dark coco skin, but while Erica liked her tiny scraps of cloth barely covering anything, D looked like a typical, if skinny, ghetto thug. With her short hair, baggy t-shirt, and big jeans, half the campus thought she was a boy.

The dj changed songs and "Drop It Like It's Hot" came on. I've never been one to argue with song lyrics so I dropped my ass as my knees bent, only to straighten back up and push back against you just so I could do it all over again. I never really knew what would get your attention, but within two loops of the chorus that did. You grabbed my hips and pushed my top half forward so I ended up bent over. I knew I was in trouble then. You started slamming your pelvis against me so hard that if you did have a dick you would've broken the poor thing. Because of the way you had me bent over your pelvis kept hitting the bottom of my pussy and sending vibrations up to my ring and my clit. While half of me was concentrating on keeping my balance, the other half was trying to stay quiet. You were the one that finally persuaded me out of soundless orgasms, but unfortunately I now had a hard time keeping silent when I needed to. You grabbed my hair to pull me back up to you, only making me hotter, and whispered into my ear, "You ready to leave yet baby?" I nodded. The party was going to end in half an hour anyway. You caught my hand and led me to the door where Erica and D were waiting to leave.

You kept your arm around me as we walked across the campus back to the dorm that Erica and I lived in. Your hand dropped a little bit as we went up the outside stairs to the door. Always the "southern gentleman" as you put it, you let me go up the stairs in front of you. But you had a reason, as I found out when your hand snuck up the back of my skirt and pinched my ass, hard. While we were still out in public, where any of the many drunken people around could have seen!

Finally, after making plans with Erica and D for the next night, we were alone in my room. I walked across the room to put my keys on my desk, but before I could turn around you were there behind me. You wrapped your arms around me, picked me up and tossed me onto the bed. Before you had a chance to jump on top of me though, I scooted to the side and hopped off the bed. You landed on the bed half a second after I moved, expecting me to be under you. You turned around and sat up on the edge of the bed to look up at me with your puppy dog eyes as if to ask why I moved. You should have known that I would want to draw it out at least a little longer.

I strutted over to stand in front of you, carefully accenting the sway of my hips as I walked. When I stopped, your hands reached for my hips but changed direction in mid-motion to dive under the hem of my skirt. Before I knew what was happening, one hand was holding my hip to keep me in place while the other hand went straight between my thighs. You casually skimmed the backs of your fingers across the smooth skin at the top of my mound. I bit off a whimper at the contact, wanting to draw it out longer and knowing that if I made a noise now it would be over quickly. You gave me a cocky grin, "Nice and smooth, I wonder if you're hinting at something?"

I just smiled and stepped away from you. I was quite intent on making you chase me as I knew you would with the right persuasion. Standing a few feet in front of you I undid the top button of my jacket, making sure your eyes were following my hands. You eyes lingered a bit of the deep V in the front of my shirt but eventually followed my fingers as the second and third buttons also fell victim to my fingertips. I slowly let my jacket fall to the floor. I ran my hands down the outside of my shirt, over my breasts and down to my sides where shirt ended a bit higher than the top of my skirt. I tugged my shirt down to make the neckline stretch even further down my breasts. You reached out to pull me onto the bed but I stepped further back way from you.

"Oh, that's how you want to play?" you said, smirking a little. We both already knew who would win this game, but it was still fun to play. I nodded, smiling apprehensively, as you stood up and started walking toward me. You backed me into the wall as your hands went to my waist, holding me in place as you kissed me. And kiss me you did, hard, making up for the teasing I had been doing all night long. My arms found their way around your neck to hold you closer. Your tongue forced its way into my mouth but pulled back as I tried to suck on it. You knew my tricks too well and pulled back instead to catch my lower lip between your teeth and gently bite it. You mouth drew away as your hands went under my shirt to pull it over my head. Leaving me in my bra and short skirt, you stepped back to admire the view.

I could feel the heat in your eyes as they roamed up and down my body taking in the lacey, demi cups of my purple bra as I practically spilled out of it and the true shortness of my skirt. Resting dangerously low on my hips, it barely stayed on and ended maybe a full inch below the bottom of my butt. You smirked at me and licked your lips. That single look letting me know that you thoroughly enjoyed the view and had plans for me. That look made me stop my teasing and give in to the need that had been growing inside of me.

Your war already won, you turned back to the bed and sat down, curling your finger to make me come to you, which I did willingly. Your hands reached out to pull me down as I straddled your lap. I leaned down to kiss you as I wrapped my arms around your neck. Your arms wound around my waist and pulled me closer as you kissed me back. We sat on the edge of the bed like that for a little while, exploring each other's mouths while my hips slowly rolled down to grind against yours, making my piercing rub lightly on my clit.

One of your hands went to my left breast and started teasing the nipple through the lace, gently rubbing along the uneven surface of the fabric making my nipple harden more. Your mouth deserted mine and trailed fire down my neck as you kissed toward my breasts. I knew you loved this bra because it's cut so low, it gave you plenty of skin to cover with kisses. But while you were kissing the tops of my breasts, you also busied yourself with unhooking the clasp. I felt the straps release and shrugged them off, leaving my breasts bare to your eyes, your hands, and your mouth.

You took advantage of that by grabbing the nipple you had been teasing and pinching it hard enough to make me gasp. Your mouth traced back up to my neck, sucking and nibbling lightly. Both hands went to my breasts to squeeze, you know I like it a little rough. Suddenly you bit my neck as your fingers pinched my nipples hard, making me arch my back and whine. My hips began to grind into your lap again and your hands pulled me down harder, pushing my ring firmly against my clit. Your tongue flicked out to gently brush my nipple, making me catch my breath. You slowly traced around the hard nub until my hands started pulling the back of your neck. You knew I wanted more, and didn't leave me waiting for long till your mouth closed around the nipple and sucked on it hard as I let out a quiet gasp.

Your teeth gently held my nipple captive in your mouth as your tongue rapidly flicked across it, making me jump the first time and then arch into your mouth. With a final lick you deserted that nipple and caught the other in your mouth to nibble on. I moaned softly as I felt your teeth catch my nipple. "Yes" I hissed as you bit down harder and your fingers came up to pinch the other nipple. My hands pulled your head harder against my breast, silently pleading for you to keep going as I felt a rush of wetness between my thighs. Suddenly you bit down hard as your fingers pinched and twisted the other nipple hard. "Oh god" I whimpered at the pleasure as my pussy contracted and my back arched automatically, causing a harder pull on my nipples. My nails dug into your neck and shoulders as I moaned and squirmed in your lap.

You kissed me gently and laid down with your arms wrapped around me, making me fall on top of you. You rolled us over, and pushed yourself up on your hands and knees over me. With one last peck on my nose and searing kiss on my lips you began your journey. I sighed and tilted my head to give you room as your mouth passed down my neck pausing nip at the sensitive skin at the base of my neck in response to my invitation. You proceeded downwards to lick one of my nipples and bite the other, feeling my body arch and writhe beneath you. Down my rib cage to my navel, your tongue flicked into my belly button and made me giggle. Finally you caught your fingers in the top of my skirt to pull it off, slowly wiggling it past my hips and down my legs to the floor. Your mouth resumed its leisurely trek down my body; stopping to kiss my hips and slowly planting light kisses down my smooth mound. I was ready to scream in frustration. Exactly at that moment I felt your hands pushing my thighs further apart as you settled yourself between my legs.

All of a sudden your mouth jumped to my inner thighs. Your mouth started kissing my right thigh about half way to my knee and working its way towards my pussy. Light little kisses along my thigh making me melt. As soon as you felt me relax, you bit me, sucking on the skin hard making sure you left a mark. I shrieked as my whole body tensed in pain while another tell tale gush of wetness leaked from my pussy.

One finger slid down and up my slit, collecting a little of the dampness you had been creating all night to bring it up to your mouth for a taste. You used one hand to spread my lips as your tongue just brushed my ring and clit for a millisecond, making me jump, on its way down to my opening. Ever so gently you licked around the opening in a circle avoiding my clit and kissing the little beauty mark on my right labia. Eventually you stuck out your tongue and pushed it in, trying to make your tongue longer as you fucked me. My hips moved in response to get your tongue further into me and then I whined as the tip of your nose brushed against my ring. You tongue deserted its project and returned to my clit in one long lick, making me whimper as you flicked my ring upside-down and out of your way. Slow licks around my clit picked up speed a tiny bit as two of your fingers began to play around my opening. "Please" I whined as my hips jerked towards your fingers, trying to get them into me.

"Please what?" you asked, torturing me with your fingers and tongue.

"Fuck me" I pleaded, desperate to come.

"Anything you say baby" you replied, shoving your fingers into me.

I gasped at the forceful attack. "Yes" I moaned as your fingers curved to find that magical spot only you can find. You sucked my clit into your mouth and nibbled on it gently as your fingers thrust in and out ever so slowly. I whimpered at the feel of your teeth as they sent a shockwave through my body and my pussy contracted to grip your fingers tighter. You released my clit from your mouth and began to flick it. Your tongue picked up speed and stared quick lashes from side to side as your fingers sped up, carefully making sure you kept hitting my g-spot on every thrust. My breath caught and I released it on a sigh as you added another finger and slid all three as deep as possible.

You slowed your tongue on my clit and just curled your fingers deep in my pussy, creating a whole different range of sensations. You took your time, letting me become accustomed to the stretched and full feeling before you began to fuck me again. Your tongue started flicking across my clit again and your fingers quickly picked up speed to match. Making sure to hit as deep as possible on every thrust you started pushing harder, slamming your fingers into me and making my moans jump an octave. "Please. Oh fuck. Please Jen." I whimpered you could hear my voice getting higher; you knew I was on the edge orgasm. Abruptly your tongue stopped flicking at my clit and your teeth grabbed my ring. You fingers drove into me fast and deep as you tugged on my ring hard.

It only took a millisecond of that wonderful pain to make me scream in pleasure as all the tension form the night escalated into a mind-blowing climax of mixed pleasure and pain. My hips rose off the bed to your mouth and my inner muscles contracted on your fingers, as my whole body shook. You held your fingers motionless, deep inside of me pressing against my g-spot as you held my ring in your teeth and pulled it lightly, intensifying the contractions that rippled over my clit and through my inner muscles. As my contractions slowed and my body relaxed you crawled back up my body to kiss me gently, "Takes a bit to make you behave doesn't it?" Too exhausted to speak, I snuggled into you as your arms came around me and we both fell asleep.

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