tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOur Dirty Weekend Ch. 01

Our Dirty Weekend Ch. 01


Author's Note: This story is inspired by a fan who wishes to remain anonymous. Please read "Our Mid-Morning Tryst" for background info.


We decide to spend a dirty weekend together, out of town. You tell your aunty that you will be visiting a friend on the weekend. My wife is away visiting her parents -- her father is unwell. My grown up kids are studying abroad.

One midweek afternoon, we meet at a shopping mall -- I want to buy you something sexy that you could wear on the weekend. We stroll in & out of shops stacked with ladies' clothes. You select a nice pair of hip & thigh hugging low rise jeans. We then look for a top. You finally pick a short--short figure hugging kurti made of thin translucent muslin. The neck is rounded & deep but not immodestly so -- just deep enough to reveal the tops of your plump breasts & the delicious dark valley between them. An intricate design in shiny sequins surrounds the neck. The hem just about covers your navel. The shop assistant suggests a brief slip to be worn underneath; you ignore her suggestion.

I hang around just outside the trial room while you try on the clothes. After a while the door of the trial room opens a crack & you beckon me. As soon as you've caught my attention, you open the door fully & do a quick turn to show off your new clothes. They fit perfectly. You've taken off your bra before slipping on the kurti & I get a clear glimpse of your breasts under the thin fabric of the kurti. I also see your panties peek out above the waistline of the low rise jeans. My throat runs dry & my cock stiffens. You quickly close the door before anyone else sees you & emerge a few minutes later, after changing back into your street clothes. Your face is flushed & eyes shine brightly...

We then go to a lingerie shop & you choose sexy pink thongs & a matching wispy, lacy push up bra. I of course don't see you wearing those but my imagination runs wild... Actually, the clothes we've bought are more suited for an evening out in a disco, rather than an outdoors trip, but you like them & you want them, so we buy them. I assume that you'll wear them in the privacy of our little cottage. But perhaps you have different ideas...

I want to buy you a nice chain. You insist that it shouldn't be something too expensive -- you don't want your hubby or other prying relatives to wonder how you got such expensive stuff... We finally settle on a long thin platinum plated chain with a small, pretty American diamond pendant. The pendant nestles midway down your cleavage...

Upon your return home, you try on the full ensemble. You look devastatingly sexy & attractive, almost sluttish, even to yourself. You realize that the clothes are too brazen & revealing to be worn on the street. So the next day you buy yourself a large printed silk scarf that can be wrapped around your shoulders to cover the hot top ...


Saturday arrives. Unfortunately, I'm busy the whole morning, fielding important business calls from home. We've decided that I'll pick you up from the lobby of a suburban luxury hotel since we can't afford to be seen leaving together from our building...

You get ready & pack your stuff in a small bag. This includes the clothes I bought for you, as well as the scarf, plus your makeup kit. I've asked you to take along your sneakers, since we might be doing a bit of walking. You hesitate a bit & then throw in a pack of sanitary napkins; you aren't expecting your period for another few days, but take them along, just in case... You get dressed in your usual smart street clothes & take a cab to the hotel. You order some snacks & fruit juice in the coffee shop & wait for my call...

Finally I finish my last phone call & quickly throw some clothes into my overnight bag. I dress casually: a pair of clean but well worn & rather disreputable looking Bermudas teamed with a colorful cotton T shirt & a pair of sneakers without socks. Under the Bermudas I wear loose, comfortable striped boxer shorts that reach halfway down my thighs. Only my expensive watch & trendy shades could betray my real class to a careful observer. I quickly grab a sandwich before starting. I decide to use my son's old, rather beat up Maruti Zen car instead of my swanky imported sedan; I want to be as inconspicuous as possible on this trip...

I call you on my mobile as soon as I am on my way. You settle your bill & go to the ladies room. You change into your killer outfit: pink lacy bra, pink thongs, tight low rise jeans & short, translucent white, snug fitting muslin top. You wear the long thin chain; the shiny pendant snuggles comfortably in your décolletage. You put on three inch heels, stowing your sneakers in the bag. The heels cause your hips to thrust forward provocatively. The waistband of your thongs rides high on the sides of your hips, rising a couple of inches above the beltline of your low rise jeans & then plunging down at your crotch & at the cleavage between your buns. You feel a shiver of anticipation as you look at yourself in the mirror; your breath quickens a bit. You pull up your thongs & jeans & feel them settle into the cleft between your cunny lips. Your pussy immediately oozes moisture in response...

You spritz some cologne on your body & refresh your light makeup. You wrap the silk scarf around your shoulders; it snugly covers your top. Your shiny, fragrant, freshly shampooed hair has been tied in a loose bun at the nape of your neck. You look a demure & pretty young woman. You gather your stuff & wait for me in the hotel lobby...


I drive through the heavy Saturday noon traffic & finally reach the hotel past one o'clock PM. I park the car myself & then stride briskly into the hotel lobby. The darwan salutes & opens the door for me, reacting instinctively to my imposing personality & self-assured manner; a lesser person dressed as casually as me would probably have been shooed away. I take off my shades & scan the lobby. I wave casually as soon as I spot you. Your heart leaps into your mouth when you see me; you take in my broad shoulders, trim body & well toned muscular legs. Your nipples tighten as you remember our last meeting... You rise & walk towards me, slightly unsteady on your heels. I pick up your shoulder bag. As you follow me out of the hotel, you can't resist unwrapping the scarf & readjusting it around your shoulders. You take your own sweet time doing that, getting a huge kick out of the lust-filled, open mouthed stares that you elicit from a few bystanders. I dump your bag on the rear seat of the Zen & hold the door open for you. We're finally on our way...

"What took you so long?" You inquire, pouting sulkily. I explain how busy I've been through the morning & say sorry.

"It's OK, uncle!" You say, giving me your best smile.

We're making slow progress through heavy traffic. The air conditioning of the car isn't able to keep up with the heat, and in a while it becomes uncomfortably hot.

"How do I look?" You ask, giving me a sideways glance.

"Great! What's with the scarf?" I respond, with a laugh, looking at you.

You're in any case uncomfortably hot under the scarf & take my comment as a cue to take it off. I concentrate on driving.

"How do I look?" You ask again, a hint of challenge in your voice. I look sideways at you when the car has stopped at a signal. It's the turn of my heart to leap into my mouth. I quickly look around to see whether anyone else is looking at you. Fortunately, the car has tinted glasses so nobody outside can see the dark interior.

"Oh my God. You're stunning!" I exclaim. My cock starts to stiffen. Your observant eye catches the movement in my crotch. You're pleased at my reaction.

"Thank you, Uncle!" You whisper, patting my knee.

Your hand rests lightly on my thigh. I grow hot & start sweating even as my cock becomes fully hard & tents my loose Bermudas. The combined smell of our sweat & musk suffuses the interior of the tiny car. Because of my height, I've pushed the driver's seat well back & also reclined the back rest. There is enough room for my erect cock to rise up without nudging the steering wheel. My attention is fully focused on driving. You take full advantage of my preoccupation. Your hand keeps caressing my thigh, running slowly up & down, taking devilish pleasure at my discomfiture as I squirm helplessly... Your hand rests on the erection tenting my Bermudas & then slowly rubs my cock over my clothes. You reach down & slip your hand inside my loose shorts. Shivers of pleasure run up my spine as your hand creeps slowly, inexorably upwards, eventually finding my hard cock. Your fingers run lightly up & down my shaft, teasing it till is a painfully hard & throbbing pole of masculine flesh. Your fist closes around my cock & grips it hard, then loosens again to continue with light feathery strokes of your skilled fingers. Your thumb runs over the crown & becomes wet with my sticky precum.

"Ahh...!" I exhale pleasurably & ask you to taste my cock. You bring your hand to your nose & sniff appreciatively, then lick your wet thumb.

"Umm...!" You respond. You keep repeating this exercise every now & again while I keep my attention focused on driving.

I ask you to let me taste your pussy. Your left hand slips into your jeans & your fingers find your slit. You rub yourself up & down, coming close to climax. You pull your hand out & offer your wet fingers one by one, for me to suck...

We continue this leisurely game as we make slow progress towards the toll plaza at Vashi. We stop & I wind down the window glass to pay toll. You too wind down the window glass & raise your arms to readjust your hair, pretending to ignore the stares of the staff as they ogle your out-thrust breasts...

We're at last on a clear stretch of road with sparse traffic. I'm finally able to retaliate against all your provocations. I ask you to take off your bra. You struggle & wriggle around, trying to unhook the bra strap at the back, but can't do it in the confined space. I ask you to pull up the hem of your top & lean forward. While my right hand holds the steering wheel steady & eyes look straight ahead, my left hand reaches under your top from below & grabs hold of the back strap of the bra. I pull it down until the elastic is stretched almost to breaking point & then yank it hard. The strap snaps with a ripping sound.

"Yeoww!" You yell as the stretched elastic band snaps back & delivers a sharp, stinging slap against your skin. You stick your tongue out & give me a dirty look as I chuckle. You are finally able to pull the bra off of your arms & out through the neck of your top. Your breathing is jagged & irregular & your stiff nipples poke through the thin translucent fabric of your top.

I sigh pleasurably as I slowly stroke your thick, stiff nipples with the back of my hand, even as my driving is rock steady at 80 kmph, right in the middle of the center lane. You moan under your breath in response. I ask you to hand me a bottle of water. I take a couple of swigs & then spill some ice cold water down your front.

You gasp & shiver in response as the cold water hits your chest. The sharp slap of the elastic of the bra and then the cold water splashing on your bosom causes you to momentarily lose some control and a few drops of pee squirt out. The thin, wet top sticks to you like a second skin. Your nipples become tight, hard little nuggets. Without taking my eyes off the road, my fingers latch on to a nipple & play with it over the thin fabric of the top, pinching & releasing it until you gasp aloud at the pleasure & pain you feel. You lie back in your seat, passively enjoying the pleasurable sensations coursing through your body, allowing me unhindered access to keep playing with your nipples. My incessant teasing, pinching & twisting of your nipples make you grow hornier by the minute. You are now thoroughly aroused & eager to be fucked; your breasts are heavy & your cunt squishy & wet with your lubricious secretions. There is still a long wait ahead, though...

You wrap the scarf around your shoulders as we approach the Khalapur toll plaza; even you are not bold enough to let people see your nipples through your wet top. The break at the toll plaza helps you get a grip on yourself again. Even so, you relish those lusty eyes that get a fleeting look at your lush body through the window before you roll up the window glass again. We take the Khopoli exit off the expressway & are soon on the Khopoli -- Pali road. We stop at a roadside eatery & drink hot, sweet tea. Although you've wrapped the scarf around your shoulders, people notice the fluid swaying & jiggling of your unbound breasts and catch glimpses of the pink thongs riding your hips above the low rise jeans. You walk with a mincing gait, clenching your thighs together to feel the rough seam of the jeans & the crotch of the thongs rub against your cunny lips. Although you pretend to ignore peoples' stares, you're inwardly getting a kick out of them...


You need to use the bathroom but the toilet at the eatery is filthy. I ask you to hold on for a little while. We're again on our way. The road is practically deserted. It is around five o'clock PM. Although the sun is low on the horizon, the light is still quite bright. I park the car just off the road in a secluded area. I suggest to you to relieve yourself behind a large tree. You're scared to go alone & your high heels are unsteady over the rough ground; I realize that you could easily stumble & fall. You cling to my arm as I lead you up a little slope & down a gully to arrive below a large tree. I am acutely aware of your soft breast pressing against my arm. The ground slopes down towards a little stream bed. We're not visible from the road. I start moving back to give you privacy; but you're still scared & ask me to stay...

I watch fascinated as you turn your back to me, lower your jeans & thongs around your knees & squat awkwardly on your high heels, affording me a clear view of your full, rounded, fair buttocks & the curly black hair surrounding your pussy. There is a hissing sound & rustling of dry leaves as you relieve yourself. You heave a sigh of relief as your bladder empties & a shudder passes through your body. You dab yourself dry with a tissue, then pull up & refasten your jeans. You're fully aware of what I've seen & blush a little...

"It's my turn now!" I exclaim.

You watch round eyed as I undo my belt & drop my Bermudas & boxer shorts around my ankles. Normally, I'd just have fished my cock out of the fly; but I want to return your compliment by giving you a full Monty. My cock is half hard & wet at the crown.

"Can I hold it?" You ask.

I graciously agree. Your arm circles my waist & your breasts flatten against me as you hold my cock with fingers of both your hands. My hands guide yours to hold my cock at the correct angle as I thrust my hips out and a long, pale yellow stream arcs out.

"Ohh... That's so convenient!" You say.

You dab my cock dry with tissue & then throw your arms around my neck. We exchange a deep kiss as my hard cock pokes your belly. My hands cup your ass & pull you against my crotch. Then, my fingers hook into the side bands of your thongs & pull them up, driving them even deeper into your slit.

When we at last disengage, your breasts ache to be fondled. You pull up your top, grab my hands & place them on your naked breasts. I knead & fondle them, taking the pleasure of your exquisitely soft yet firm feminine body. Your face contorts in pleasure & ecstasy as you feel my rough, slightly calloused palms rub against the soft, velvety skin of your full breasts...

"Uncle... please do me now! I can't wait any longer!" You beg breathlessly.

"Just a while longer, my pet!" I tell you. I know exactly the spot where I'm going to fuck you. I'm quite familiar with this area. After all, I've been coming here since my childhood...


We drive on for another few kilometers. You have retreated into your corner, folding your arms across your chest & looking out the window, sulking at the delay in our consummation. You brush my hand away as I try to caress your cheek. I chuckle at your petulance...

We finally arrive at our destination & turn off the road, down a little rough path & park the car in a secluded spot. I pull open your door & help you out. I hold your arm as we walk down a grassy slope & come to the edge of a little lake. It's in fact no more than a largish pond. The water is clear & tranquil. The sun is about to set & dusk has fallen. A medium sized tree grows near the edge of the pond. The trunk grows at a forty five degree slope, leaning towards the pond. Its surface has been worn smooth by generations of cattle herders leaning against it.

I lean against the sloping tree trunk & pull you to me. My arms tighten around your body while you wrap your arms around my neck, your petulance forgotten. We exchange a deep, open mouthed kiss, our tongues entwined. I suck on your full lower lip & then nip it lightly. We're both breathless. I pull off your top & revel in the touch of your full, plump, naked breasts flattening against my chest.

You slide down my sloping body till you come level with my crotch. You quickly undo my Bermudas & shorts & they pool around my ankles. You open your mouth wide & take in my thick, semi-hard cock.

"Make me hard again!" I order hoarsely.

Your tongue licks around the crown in quick jabs and my hips jerk in response. Soon, I stop you & get up. I don't want to come in your mouth. I step out of my Bermudas & shorts & pull off my T shirt, dressed only in my sneakers. I reach out to peel off your tight jeans.

"Uncle, wait! What if someone's watching us?" You whisper urgently, suddenly fearful.

"So what? They'll just think a hot young bitch is serving her master!" I say with an evil smile. Actually, I'm pretty sure there is no one around at that hour, but I want to tease you a little...

My words ignite a fire in your pussy. Your eyes film over with lust as you imagine pairs of eyes leching at you while I quickly strip off your jeans & thongs. Now you are wearing only your necklace & heels. Just the thought that someone might be watching you getting fucked sets your heart pounding against your ribs & more sticky fluid gushes out of your pussy. I quickly run a finger in your slit to assure myself that you are properly lubricated & ready for my cock. I needn't have worried...


"First, I'm going to fuck you from behind." I tell you.

I spread my T shirt on the smooth, sloping tree trunk & lay you on it, facing down. You spread your legs apart, still wearing your high heels. Your hands reach above your head to grip the trunk for support & you thrust your hips back & out, offering me a clear view of your open, wet cunt. I position my cock against it and thrust forward & upwards. I soon feel your labia swallow my crown in their wet embrace. In a couple of in & out movements, my cock is lodged securely inside your hot cunt. I feel your muscles grip the base of my cock.

I lean my body against your bare, smooth, silken back. Your head is turned sideways & eyes are closed. I lick your earlobe & your plump cheek, and then tongue the corner of your mouth. I reach under you & grasp your breasts, kneading & fondling them. I feel your cunt tighten again around my cock.

I start fucking you with a slow, steady rhythm; pulling out gradually till only the crown remains buried inside, then thrusting forward & upwards in a deliberate but powerful stroke until the crown knocks at your cervix & my crotch flattens your soft, full, pillowy ass. In this position, my cock stimulates your G spot as it moves in & out. In a jiffy you start climaxing; uttering little sighs & yelps of pleasure. Your juices run down, wetting our thighs. Once in a while I stop to suck on your plump shoulder or roll your nipples before resuming my slow, deliberate thrusts. My powerful thrusts rub & chafe your delicate skin against the hard tree trunk; but in your state of high arousal, you are completely oblivious to this...

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