tagGroup SexOur First FMF 3Sum

Our First FMF 3Sum


The wife and I had been talking about and reading about threesome sexual play with another female involved. We both liked this idea and thinking about it really got us excited. Our sex play was extremely hot after each of these talks. We tried contacting single females through Swingers Magazines and we even joined a couple of the Swingers sites that are online. We contacted several single females. They either did not respond back or after we sent a couple of photos, they simply disappeared.

One night we were at a bar close to our home in Va. Beach Va. for "Happy Hour" which ran from 4 P.M. until 7 P.M. Hope, who was also a friend of ours was our bartender. It was not very busy and she was spending quite a bit of time talking and cutting up with us. At 6 o'clock, her shift was over so I offered to buy her a drink. We sat and chatted over a coupe of cocktails when all of a sudden, she ask if we would give her a ride home since her car was in the shop. We said no problem and I ordered a last drink before we left.

Upon completion of the drink, I paid our bar tab and the three of us left for Hope's apartment which was just a few blocks from our house. As we arrived, she invited us in for another drink which we gladly accepted. Hope made us a drink and we sat chatting about nothing in particular. She had been a little flirtatious back at the bar but that was her personality anyway so neither of us thought anything about it. As I finished my drink, Hope ask me to make another round for the three of us while she got into something more comfortable. I went into her kitchen and made three more drinks. By the time I returned, she was sitting on the sofa where I had been and Ruth was sitting in the recliner.

I handed Ruth her drink and she said thank you. Then turned to Hope to hand her the drink and my mouth fell open in surprise. Hope was sitting there in a very sheer blue negligee with a smile on her face. I handed her the drink and she patted the sofa right next to her. I sat and took a large drink before setting the glass on the table. Looked at Hope and in answer, she calmly said, "As you two know, I have been without a boyfriend for over a month now". We both nodded agreement and she said that she was very horny and needed some sexual relief. As I said earlier, Ruth and I had been wanting to try a FMF 3sum anyway and were trying to find a woman willing to join us. We looked at each other and Ruth just smiled. I looked at Hope and ask if she was joking. She smiled and said NO. I am very serious and have thought about this for a couple of weeks. You two are friends of mine and I love both of you to death. Would you have sex with me?....I mean both of you. I want to have a 3sum with you and Ruth, Roger. I looked at Ruth again and she nodded yes. I leaned over to Hope and gently kissed her lips. She opened her mouth and we began French kissing. After a couple minutes we all three forgot the drinks and went into her bedroom.

We got into her bedroom and sat on the bed. I did not know what to do or where to begin. I think Hope realized this and she started rubbing Ruth's thigh and she put her hand on my already hard cock. Let me explain that Ruth and I actually thought a FMF 3sum would be me kissing and playing with both of the women and they doing the same with me and then I would have sexual intercourse with both of them.

This is exactly what began to happen. I kissed and played with Hope then kissed and played with Ruth for awhile. They did some touching to each other. Played with each others tits and such but not pussies. Then the two of them started playing with me and rubbing as well as kissing me all over. Ruth would suck on my cock while Hope kissed me and licked or sucked my nipples . Then they switched and Hope sucked my cock while Ruth kissed me and licked and sucked my nipples. They both played with my cock and balls together. After awhile, Hope whispered for me to fuck Ruth. I smiled and crawled between her legs. I begin licking Ruth's pussy. She purred and moaned as this was happening. Then, Hope started licking Ruth's titties and sucking/biting her nipples. This pushed Ruth over the edge causing her to cum several times. I then stopped eating her and placed my throbbing cock against her wet pussy. Hope took hold of my cock and slowly pulled me towards that hot, wet and swollen pussy. As the head entered, Ruth moaned and thrust her pussy at me causing me to ram it deep inside her. We started fucking slowly at first and it felt great. Hope started kissing me and playing with Ruth's tits. Ruth was thrusting at me and moaning in pleasure. After about ten minutes, Hope moved to Ruth's tits and started licking and nipping them. Ruth cried out and started Cumming. She was having multiple orgasms causing me to lose it. Her hot cum was squirting around my cock and I started shooting and shooting into her very hot pussy. I completed shooting my cum into Ruth and lay there holding her. Hope and I kissing her as well as each other. Finally, I got off Ruth and just lay there

I felt movement on the bed and looked to see Hope between Ruth's open legs. She was slowly licking Ruth's inner thighs; moving towards her swollen pussy lips. My cum was oozing out of Ruth's pussy. Hope started licking my cum as it seeped out. Ruth put her hands on Hope's head, gently caressing it. This perked my interest and I sat up watching these two ladies enjoying each other. Hope was kissing and licking all around the outside of Ruth's pussy as well as pushing her tongue deep inside her pussy, cleaning mine and Ruth's cum out of her pussy. It was not long before I felt my cock becoming hard again. Slowly, I moved around and started kissing and nibbling on Ruth's very hard tits and nipples. She began writhing her hips around and moaning. As her moans got louder, Hope continued licking and kissing her swollen pussy. Shortly, Ruth started Cumming again. Immediately afterward Ruth's cum, Hope rolled over; lying there panting. Her face was flush and she was playing with her own pussy.

I moved over and started licking and kissing Hopes inner thighs. Slowly working my way up to her sweet shaved pussy. The lips were open and her moisture was running down towards her anus. I started licking her lips and she opened her thighs wider; exposing her asshole. It was so clean looking with her juices shining that I could not resist. My tongue started lapping there also. Hope gasped, moaning yesssss, please don't stop. I continued this for a couple seconds more then stopped and shoved two fingers inside her wet pussy. Got them lubricated and pulled them out. Started alternately rubbing her wet juices onto her asshole and pushing my fingers back inside her. I then got up and moved to insert my rock hard cock into the entrance of her cunt. Started teasing her a little by rubbing the head around her clit. Just as I began to slide inside her, Hope wrapped her legs around my waist pulling me deeply inside her. She was very wet and very tight. My 7" cock was buried deeply inside her. We lay there for a couple minutes just enjoying the feel of each other. Then I felt her start squeezing my cock with her inner muscles. It felt great. As I started slowly pulling out and pushing in, I also slipped my still wet index finger into her asshole. She bucked hard against me as it entered gasping at the same time.

All of a sudden, I felt Ruth's hand playing with my balls. She was playing with my balls and feeling Hope's pussy at the same time. As I continued enjoying the feeling of Hope's hot pussy, I felt her quivering in the throes of passion. Ruth moved around and started sucking on Hopes nipples. First one then the other. This was all it took. Hope screamed I'm cummmmming, oh God.....this is great. Her thrusting hips and squeezing pussy set me off too. We both explodes into hard orgasms. As I shot spurt after spurt into her, she was in the throes of multiple orgasms.

I rolled off of Hope gasping for breath. As soon as I left, Ruth moved in and started eating Hope's pussy. She went at it like she had been eating pussy all of her life and I knew this was her first experience. I watched this for a few moments then got up to get hot, wet and warm wash cloths as well as towels for both of them. When I returned, they were lying together softly exchanging kisses and holding each other. I gently wiped both of them, cleaning dried cum from them. They both looked at me, eyes shining and smiling happily.

After we all had a nice shower. Hope made a light meal for us and we sat visiting. It was decided that since Hope's rental lease ended in three weeks that she would move in with us. She did and continued living with us for two years. There were many many more sexual pleasures shared by the three of us during that time period. We were close to retirement from the U.S. Navy and she had found a man that she loved dearly. To this day, we still hear from her and we always remember the wonderful pleasures that the three of us shared together.

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