tagLetters & TranscriptsOur Internet Romance

Our Internet Romance


He writes...

Oh, my dearest darling; we shall start with a glass of wine or two, and banter back and forth--getting to know something of one another.

I will reach over and stroke your cheek ever so lightly. Feeling the tenderness and warmth of my touches and caresses, your head will lilt back gently, your eyes will flutter and close slightly. At the same time, your ruby red lips will part slightly and coyly, yet eagerly awaiting the touch of mine against yours.

I will kiss you softly and gently, full across your tender lips. As I pull back away from you I will pause and then lean in again and stroke the width of your lips with the tip of my tongue...making you burn with heat and desire for more!

As your rise to meet my invitation I will slide the full length of my tongue deep within your lips, probing every crevice of your searing hot mouth. Our bodies will mesh together and our breaths become short and passionate.

The kissing will continue, becoming more and more intense. Slowly, kisses will turn to nibbles and passion licks and love bites. Our hands will begin to search for the heat and passion each of us crave from the other.

Our clothes will melt off our bodies, and we will finally have the full-unbridled torso of one another held close.

Form there, I will lay you back gently, kissing your face and lips as I do. My lips will begin to roam from your face up to your forehead, your hair and follow its length down to your neck, where I shall make little nibbles and bites...stirring your to your threshold. I will follow your collarbone down to meet the creamy, silky white skin not exposed to the elements. I will kiss and nibble all around the fleshy globes of your breasts, making your nipples become more erect than you ever believed would be possible.

There I will suckle upon your breasts, alternating between them until your passion can barely be bridled any longer.

Then my lips and tongue will trace a love line due south, pausing at your navel to kiss and lick around it, occasionally placing my tongue within it! The aromatic sensuality of your womanhood will be beckoning to me by now. How can I not accede to the demands of my lover?

I trace the fragrances down to your most delicate possession. There I will kiss and nibble around the full circumference of your labia, hearing you continually taunt me to take you to ecstasy.

As I approach the top again, I allow my tongue to slip into your crevice of the hood and find the nub of your womanhood. Then I will feast, upon it! Licking and nibbling, sucking it full into my mouth, savoring your passion as it approaches its height of amplitude.

Slowly, I will let my tongue make its snakelike gestures and trace the trail of your savory wetness. It finds the entrance to your protected love tunnel and gradually begins to part the doors of happiness. While I am attempting to fully place my tongue into you, my hand has gone to replace my tongue in the manipulation of your now ignored nub.

I will feel your passions climb. Your breath is fast and short, your head is flailing from side to side, your hips bucking up hard to meet me. Your hands wrap around the circumference of my bald head and press me into you until I can barely breathe.

Now your entire body tenses as the passion rises...quickly up your legs, passing through your knees, flowing up through your thighs. Your release is cataclysmic, much akin to the eruption of Mount St. Helens.

You scream my name and spew forth the molten lava of the juices that have grown from your lust. I devour every drop you have to offer. Then, when I have drained you dry, I will place my face upon your pubic mound, and rest there until you regain feeling in your body!

She replies...

I welcome the wine you chose for us... it's sweet taste warming me...relaxing me. You then put on a beautiful CD. The soft music and wine puts everything out of my head, except the vision of you and the anticipation of what lies ahead. Your fingers touch my cheek ever so gently and I feel my insides start to melt at your touch. I wonder, as I look into your beautiful eyes that seem to consume my very being...how your strong hands can be like butterfly wings touching my face.

As you gently lower your lips to mine, barely brushing my lips with yours, my arms wind themselves around your neck pulling you closer to me...wanting you to feel my urgency to have your mouth on mine. Your tongue probes my mouth and I love the taste of you.

As you kiss me, you lay me back and our bodies touch and I feel the very manliness of you as it responds to our passionate kisses. We undress each other slowly and my eyes drink in all of you. Your gentle coaxing puts me immediately at ease and my fingers start to stroke your back...loving the feel of you. Your back is so strong and I'm feeling so lost in your embrace.

I gently push you on your side as my mouth caresses your lips. I bite gently on your lower lip, and your chin...and I continue to your neck, and throat. My tongue finds the hollow at the base of your neck, and it lingers there for a second. I go back up to your mouth, as I need to taste you again. I trail kisses down your chest until I reach your nipples. My tongue plays and dances circles around them, nibbling and biting gently and I feel them harden at the touch of my mouth...and you hold my head to you.

You begin to whisper to me all the thoughts and feelings we've held back for so long. My hands now explore your body...and I feel your manhood as I make you "open" yourself to me...and you feel like velvet in my hands.

I gently stroke you and hold you against my cheek, feeling your softness. Then turning my head, I take you into my mouth and once again, my tongue dances circles around your manhood. Up and down, my lips taunt you and you begin to move. Once again I hold my head close to you. My breath is now coming faster, as is yours.

My need is to be filled with you, and I know...I more than know...that I'm ready for you! I need you desperately and want you inside me. I straddle you and rub you up and down on me letting our wetness mingle before I guide you into me.

OH MY GOD...the feelings you create within me. I'm exploding with the fullness of you.

We begin to move and I ride you like the stallion you are. Our movements get faster and go deeper within me. Our need to be fulfilled is overwhelming. Then you touch me and caress me in that secret spot, and I feel myself cry out your name.

My climax is so hard and beautiful. I'm breathless; my heart is pounding in my chest as if it's going to burst. I can't remember when, if ever, climaxing like this before...and I feel you...with the last thrust...empty yourself into me. You hold me tighter and cry out as well.

I collapse on your chest....

You hold me as though you never want to let me go and I stay in your arms, reveling in the nearness of you and wishing the night would never end.

The sensuality of your response has brought immediate attention to my nether parts making me yearn for your touch, for your kiss, FOR ALL OF YOU!

The reality...

Yes, this is the land of cyber-erotica, but given the opportunity of your presence...you will not be disappointed!

Nor will I!

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