tagIncest/TabooOur Last Summer Ch. 02

Our Last Summer Ch. 02


The next morning Mom found Todd and me sitting around the kitchen table planning a camping trip. It was going to be the two of us, alone, for four days in a tent. I had a difficult time hiding my excitement. I loved camp sex, dirty, hot, nasty camp sex and with Todd's huge cock it was going to be even better.

"What are you two up to?"

"Planning our annual camping trip," I said, smiling too much.

"Oh... who's going with you this year?" Mom asked.

"No one... just Julie and I," Todd answered.

"Just the two of you? What happened? Everyone else cancel?" Mom asked.

"No, we just want to go alone since it's our last summer before college," I said.

"Oh... that's nice. And when is this camp happening?"

"We're leaving tomorrow; we'll be back Sunday night."

"We're going to backpack in, away from everyone to a few lakes and fish for food and take very little with us," Todd said.

"Just a small tent, fishing poles, instant oatmeal and sleeping bags. Really roughing it." I said.

"Sounds interesting, make sure you show us where on a map you'll be and when to expect you back so we don't worry."


The next day we packed up Todd's Jeep and headed out for a two hour drive to the trail head. We listened to music and talked as the traffic thinned out to almost nothing the further away from the city we got and deeper into the mountains. We've gone camping before, usually in groups of guys and girls but this was the first time alone with Todd and the main reason for that should be obvious. We wanted to fuck our brains out alone with no one around. I could hardly wait until we got there and I had him all to myself. I looked over at him and he smiled, turning back to the road. I glanced down at his crotch, lusting after the thing I desired. An idea came to my mind.

"You know what I've always wanted to do?" I asked.

"Nope, what?"

"I've always wanted to blow a guy why he's driving."

Todd's eyes widened and he turned his head toward me slowly. I was grinning from ear to ear when he finally made eye contact.

"I'll bet you have," he said.

"What do you think? Can you keep us on the road and not crash if I try it on you?"

"I think I can manage."

I grabbed a hair tie and put my long dark brown hair up in a ponytail before leaning over to help myself to Todd's dick. He was growing fast already; just the idea had him and me horny. I had a difficult time getting his long cock out of his pants because the more it grew the harder it was to fish out of his underwear and pants through the zipper. I managed, and soon his long shaft extended up and out in glorious view with plenty to suck and play with.

I gave him a few good hard strokes, using the same technique I had seen him use in the bathroom that first day. His loose skin moved easily along the rigid shaft and he moaned from my touch and became very hard.

"Okay, now keep your eyes and mind on the road, because I'm going to suck you now," I said.

"Eyes yes, but my mind might be a little more difficult," he said with a chuckle.

I ignored him and opened my mouth to receive his purple engorged head, sucking it firmly. He moaned, swore a few words and I felt the Jeep correct its line but I didn't look up. Instead I took him deeper until my face was up against his pants and most of his long cock was down my throat. Damn, it made me so wet to suck him and I wanted to play with my clit but I was in a bad position and overdressed to get to myself. I focused on his cock, feeling my body arouse and become titillated from the sensations of his hot rod throbbing and oozing in my mouth as I ran my lips up and down, twisting and bobbing as best I could.

He tasted great, and I changed my normal blowjob to be less messy because of his pants being in the way. I didn't want to get them all wet and gross because I knew we had a long hike and not many changes of clothes for our trip. So I swallowed all of his pre-cum and kept the liquid to a minimum, using his loose skin to stroke instead of the combination of saliva and pre-ejaculate.

I sucked and stroked, taking my time and enjoyed the gentle motions of the Jeep and the feel and taste of my brother's cock. I lost track of time but I think I sucked him for over twenty minutes. When I could tell I had him close I stopped and sat up back in my seat.

"Why'd you stop?" he asked, looking confused. "I was almost there."

"I didn't think you wanted to cum... it might get all over, especially how much you put out."

"You can't leave me like this. I'll go crazy and my balls will hurt. Can't you swallow it like before?"

"Well, I guess, it's just different when you're sitting to catch it all, but I'll try if you need me to."

"I do... I really want to cum after all of that."


I leaned over again and took him back in my mouth and was soon back to where I left off, stroking quickly and sucking or using my lips on his head and upper shaft. He was soon ready again, I felt his legs tightened and prepared to defect the first blast and swallow as fast as I could because gravity was going to make it much more difficult not to make a mess. He must have held it in as long as he could because he went tight and stayed that way for several seconds before the first blast filled my mouth. Hot gooey cum flew out of his head, around my tongue, up to the roof of my mouth before gravity pulled it downward along his shaft. I kept my mouth tight around his head, breathing through my nose and swallowed just as the next shot exploded. It was all I could do to swallow, deflect, swallow and stroke, swallow, deflect and not choke on the impressive amount of semen.

Then the fact he was bucking and twisting in his seat didn't help nor did the jeep swerving sharply because he must have wandered during his climax. Even with all this, I managed to continue to manipulate him and swallow all of his plentiful semen without losing any out of my mouth. I was good and now I knew it. Finally, when he eased down I finished the small globs and sat back up in my seat, checking the mirror on the visor if I missed any.

"Better?" I asked him.

"You are fucking unbelievable, Julie. You blow me away every time. I can't get over how good you are at that and how unbelievable it feels. Yeah... I'm better. Much."

"I am pretty damn good, and you're welcome."

Once his cock shrunk he put it back in his pants and a half hour later we arrived at the trailhead.


Todd helped me with my pack, it was pretty heavy but his was even worse. The sun was high in the sky by then and the temperature was rising quickly. Once he had his pack on I followed him to the beginning of the trail which immediately began to climb. It took several hours, many rests for water and food but we finally made it to the high mountain lake we had picked on the map back home. We saw no one around and the only sounds were birds and squirrels and an occasional fish rising to the surface of the clear cold lake.

We found a perfect place to set up our tent and began making camp. Once the tent was up we unpacked our mummy bags and tossed them in the tent which took up most of the room. Our packs would have to stay outside. I was organizing our bags, hunched over in the back of the narrow tent and Todd was looking in the door as I looked up. His brown hair messed up slightly and his blue eyes glimmering in the dyeing evening light.

"What do you think about breaking in the tent?" he asked, grinning.

"I think that sounds like a wonderful idea," I said, smiling back.

He stepped in, zipped up the tent and crawled across the bags to me. Already my heart rate picked up, I was so excited and the tent and camping just increased my anticipation. We knelt in front of each other, touching arms and hands. He brushed some stray hair away from my face, looked into my eyes and told me how pretty I looked before leaning in and kissing me on the forehead. I reached for the bottom of his shirt and pulled it up and over his head. The aroma of sweat mixed with deodorant filled the tent. He took hold of my shirt and returned the favor, leaving me with just my bra up top.

I felt his strong warm hands run up my sides to my back and begin to unclip the bra clasp. As it came loose my breasts fell slightly forward and the straps fell of my shoulders. Pulling my arms out the bra fell away and Todd leaned back to get a better look. I felt my nipples begin to pucker and harden in the cooler air just as my brother's warm hands found both of my breasts, gently cupping them. Pleasure surged through my body, sending tingles between my legs. My mouth parted, my eyes closed, basking in the sensations of his hands. He leaned forward after fondling them for a few minutes and took the left one in his hot wet mouth, again sending electricity coursing through my body from the new stimulation. He said nothing, content on licking, nibbling and touching my large breasts for several minutes.

Getting our pants off was much trickier since we couldn't stand up in the small two man pup tent. Trying to help each other became comical and we both decided, after a good laugh to lay down and take them off ourselves. Now, finally both naked and lying on top of our mummy bags we turned toward each other. I went right for the large hard cock throbbing between his legs. Taking a firm hold of it, I leaned down and over to him.

"Not yet, it's my turn to do oral to you since you got to in the Jeep," he said stopping me from sucking him.

"Are you sure you want to? I'm probably pretty gross from the hike," I said.

"We both are that's what makes it fun and besides it's only fair," he said pushing me down on my back and crawling between my legs.

He lifted my ankles and opened my legs. I closed my eyes, eagerly anticipating his hot tongue and mouth to make contact but nothing happened. I opened my eyes to find out why the delay and he was looking down at me with a grin on his face, admiring the view.

"You are one sexy woman. Your pussy is gorgeous," he said.

No one has ever told me this before, I didn't think pussies could be gorgeous but I wasn't going to argue. I just wanted him to eat me and the anticipation had me wet, hot and eager.

"Thanks, Todd... but enough sightseeing; you're killing me with the wait."

He laughed but quickly slid down to the end of the tent and dove head first, making me gasp for air as his complete open mouth suddenly covered me whole, only to suck my sex and pull my lips away from my body. It was such a rush after the teasing I screamed out, grabbed his thick hair and held him down, pulling his mouth into my body. His tongue went to work, first plunging deep into my vagina and exploring ever crevice he could find before sliding up over my urethra to my engorged clit. When the tip of his tongue found the excited nub, I let out another cry of pleasure and gripped his hair tighter in my hands.

I had never calmed down from the blowjob in the car. I think my clit had been stimulated this entire time even during the hike and had been rubbed walking and was extremely sensitive now. Just small flicks and licks caused me to arch my back and wiggle around on my sleeping bag. When he started licking harder and faster it became uncontrollable. I was worried I might pull his hair out and forced myself to let go and grab the sleeping bag in both hands, pulling and struggling with the material as my brother worked my sex and clit over with his hot mouth. Good hell it was intense, he's by far the best I've ever had eat me.

There was nothing to build up; it was almost like I was already climaxing with each flick of his tongue. Jolts of uncontrolled pleasure shook my body and it was a struggle just to keep still. I don't know how he managed to keep doing it with the amount my body was moving but he did. Little Brother Todd rivaled me easily in the art of oral and it was incredibly satisfying.

By the time he finally stopped my body was covered in a light sheen of sweat, my heart was racing and my nipples pressed out fully hard with no manual stimulation from him or me. As soon as he stopped my body became chilled, shaking from the mini orgasms I had encountered the entire time. I opened my eyes to look up at him. The tent was dark, the last bit of light had disappeared while he ate me and I could scarcely see his outline.

"Todd... that was amazing. I can tell you've practice just as much as I have."

"So I did well? You liked it."

"Like you couldn't tell. I couldn't stop thrashing and cumming."

He laughed. "Yeah, I could tell, you like to move around its fun chasing your clit around and challenging."

"Sorry... I tried to not move but it was impossible."

"I'm going to turn the lantern on so I can see," he said.


Suddenly the tent filled with light and Todd hung a battery powered small lantern from the top of the tent. He looked own at me and noticed I was shivering. We were high in the mountains probably over 10,000 feet and it cooled down quickly even during the summer.

"You're freezing... maybe you should cover up?" he said.

"No... I just need you on top of me and I'll be fine."

I saw his penis was oozing a ton of the clear pre-cum, it had ran all the way down his long shaft to his balls. I thought about sucking him again but he moved onto me, making me forget the idea as his warm body made contact with mine. His hard chest felt hot to my breasts and erect nipples, sending pleasure and warmth through me. I felt his hard rod on my leg, making it wet from his pre-cum. He adjusted himself slightly until his wide head fell perfectly upon my open and very wet sex.

I wrapped my arms around him, staring into his eyes just as he moved forward, spreading me wide and filling my willing tunnel with all of his many inches. I don't know if I'll ever get used to the sensation of his cock. He's just so wide and long it shocks me when it keeps going deep inside and the deeper he goes the wider it stretches me since his shaft gets bigger the closer it is to the base. I clawed his back, probably taking skin with my nails but I couldn't help it. The pleasure took hold of my actions and I let go, basking in the euphoria of my brother's body and cock.

He held himself deep, giving me that sensation of his cock blissfully in my chest before sliding back and rushing in quickly with a grunt. He began thrusting fast, much faster than in his room. All of that length and girth moving so fast was overwhelming. I didn't know if I could take it. He had been gentle before and had finished so quickly but now he was thrusting hard and fast with a purpose.

"I couldn't ever do this with Sara... practically couldn't even move," he said thrusting in so hard I thought his cock would come out my mouth.

He was pushing things around inside of me but it felt good, the longer he went I adapted to him. I felt pride as my brother fucked me with uninhibited abandon since I was giving him something he had never been able to do. He was fucking me like he'd always wanted to. He was fucking me like a normal guy would and he wasn't worried about hurting me like he was with Sara. It didn't feel like a normal guy though! Good hell, his wide long cock was opening me up like no other and I feared I'd never enjoy an average guy again. The thought soon left my head because the longer he thrust the more my body adapted and the pleasure rushed in, slowly building to something amazing.

"Fuck me, Todd... go as hard and as fast as you want... I want you to finally do what you want."

I saw him grin, felt his hands find my breasts as he continued to pound away at my pussy. I was burning up now, his body was generating so much heat, thrusting so vigorously with our bodies smashed together. The heat radiated through my body as the pleasure continued to grow and grow toward what I knew was going to be a huge climax. He must have fucked me like that for ten minutes straight, keeping the same steady and spirited rhythm.

He was breathing hard, working harder and the lack of oxygen in the mountains wasn't helping. I was so close to erupting, right on the edge before the pleasure crashed down upon me when he slowed, almost stopped to catch his breath. All the buildup to have him slow down to just a crawl inside of me was frustrating, I urged him on, grabbing his butt and wanting him to keep going but he couldn't. I had to take over it get to where I wanted.

Wrapping my arms around him I rolled over. He got the hint and went with me until I was on top. My sweaty back instantly chilled in the cool air but it didn't stop me from sitting up off his chest and bringing my legs up for leverage. I began to rise and fall, riding his long cock as far out as I dared before slamming down onto him again. This was the first time I'd ridden him and if I didn't think his cock was perfect before I sure did now. With me in control I could bend him and take him where I wanted, thrusting his shaft against my G-spot where his head hit it perfect before rushing into me deep.

Todd reached up to play and pinch my breasts as I continued to rise and fall, soon noticing the lack of air and why he hadn't been able to continue. I fell in to a steady rhythm, relying on my soccer fitness to maintain the pace. I wanted to get back to where I was before. I wanted to cum and knew if I went too fast right off I'd burn out and not make it.

His hands felt wonderful caressing my breasts, he knew just the right amount of pressure to apply on my nipples, just before it got painful, sending pleasure to enhance my bliss. I basked in his long cock, never having ridden something so large before it amazed me how far I could lift my butt off of him and still maintain contact. I loved taking him to the end, just keeping his head inside and pivoting so my lips bathed his glands with juices before plummeting back down onto him, filling me up anew.

My pacing paid off, I was soon back to where he left me, just at the precipice, holding steady and reveling in the pleasure before the big O. I could delay the pleasure, knowing I was in control now and just hover and let my body tingle with the pre orgasmic sensations. But when Todd grabbed my butt and began to forcefully help me drive down and lift off him the edge of the cliff came in a rush and soon I was falling and falling into the bliss of orgasm. My entire body convulsed, shaking as I screamed and shuttered on his amazing cock. The orgasm was overwhelming, making me fall onto him, panting for breath and shaking uncontrollably with pleasure. I couldn't hear for a few seconds, it felt like when your ears pop and ring for a couple of moments but this one was orgasmic in nature. His cock was buried inside my quivering sex and I felt myself pulsing on his shaft as my body tightened and loosened around him.

I heard his voice but couldn't understand the words. His warm hands caressed my back as I lay spent on his body, still feeling the aftereffects of my orgasm.

"You worked hard for that... must have been good."

"What? I... missed... that."

"I was just saying you seemed to have worked hard for that orgasm... was it good?"

"The best.... I can.... hardly... talk."

"I've never been ridden like that before... Actually, Sara would never go on top."

"Her loss... that was out of this world. You had me so close before you stopped it only made it bigger when it finally came."


"Very cool... fucking awesome, actually, Big Brother," I said, using his new nickname and lifting myself off his chest to look at him. "Now it's your turn... time to cum," I said, rising up off of his hard cock.

"Really, my turn? Sounds good to me."

"You deserve it, so where do you want me. Tell me to do anything... maybe something Sara wouldn't do... which shouldn't be hard."

"How about doggystyle, I've never done that."

I rolled off of him and turned around so my butt was facing him and looked over my shoulder, "I'm all yours... come and get me."

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