Our Last Summer Ch. 04


"What? No! I'm starving, it's been hours since we ate and it's almost dark. You need to clean those fish you caught earlier and we need to have dinner."

He looked bummed and I noticed quickly he still had an erection, probably thinking about fingering me the entire walk back to camp.

"Fine, I guess I better get dressed."

"Are you not starving too?" I asked.

"Haven't thought about it. Guys will forgo food for sex anytime."

"Wow, so since that things still hard you have only one thing on your mind."


"Well... the sooner we eat the quicker you get to do what you want."

That seemed to get him moving in the right direction. He changed quickly and was off to the lake to retrieve the fish. I also changed, brushed out my wet hair and tried to get a fire going but with all the rain it wasn't easy. It looked like we might be having oatmeal for dinner over the small backpacking stove.

Fortunately the Boy Scout Todd showed me where to find dry kindling under the tall thick pine trees and he got the fire started when I got back. We ate, talked and the temperature dropped rapidly because of the rain. We ate huddled around the fire close together. The stars appeared because the clouds went away with the rain. They were gorgeous high in the mountains with no light from the big city to hinder the brilliance.

"Going to be a cold night tonight," he said.

"Already is, I guess we'll just have to keep each other warm," I said, snuggling into him.

He grinned and I looked toward his crotch.

"How are you? Did you get blue balls since you didn't cum again?" I asked, gingerly touching him.

"Nope, I don't think that's possible with all the times I've cum on this trip."

I giggled... I loved to make him cum. I kept my hand on his package and felt the slow stir as his cock began to rise again. This was our last night, tomorrow we were to pack up and hike out. I thought about doing something special to remember the last time in the tent. Anal immediately came to my mind but I really couldn't imagine handling Todd's large cock in my butt. Could I? I hoped he'd be okay with fingers and playing with me down there and then of course some good old hard vaginal sex. The thoughts made me wet but I was frightened about him trying anal if he got carried away.

Once his dick was erect I pulled his loose sweat pants down and sucked him in the firelight. I sucked and stroked until the fire began to die and the cold night pressed in on us. I had it bad for his long dick, seemingly having no problem with sucking it for a long time. Licking the shaft, sucking the head, taking him as deep as I could over and over again, never letting him get too close, just a nice steady hum.

Finally when the fire went completely out and just red coals were left, I took him out of my mouth and asked, "Should we get in the tent, I think you wanted to do something to me?"

"Yes, I think I did."

He followed me in, turned on the lantern as I was removing my clothes, quickly getting into my sleeping bag naked with my nipples very hard from the cold night. He took his time but soon joined me, lying in his bag. With both zippers unzipped we could reach out and touch each other and still stay warm. He quickly went for my breasts again and found my nipples still hard and very sensitive. He played, pulling, pinching, and palming my nipples and breasts like he could do it for hours like I could suck his dick but I wanted more. I encouraged him to move his hands lower and once he got the hint I spread my legs and rolled onto my back so he could play.

Talk about wet and ready. I was flowing from the blowjob and the long breast play, very squishy and engorged. He made use of my secretions, penetrating my vagina and gliding friction free over my clit with all the juice. It didn't take him long to move lower, spreading my cream onto my tight anal opening. It felt wonderful, especially when he combined it with my clit, using both hands. Ever so slowly he pressed the tip of a finger into my butt. My muscle naturally clenched and grabbed onto him, wanting to push him out but he held it firmly as my tight ring tightened on the intruder.

My heart was again beating rapidly, it felt strange but good as my ass pulsed on his finger by itself. When he moved in further I gasped loudly because he slipped past the tight ring into my body and I no longer had a grip on the tip. My body continued to pulse on the middle of his digit even when he descended further, taking his finger to the last knuckle. An odd warmth filled my body almost an euphoric response to his finger in my ass. It felt so new and exciting I couldn't remember the last time I felt like this, probably when I lost my virginity. My heart was racing, my breathing was heightened.

When he started to slide back out it all changed. It was such a different sensation, I immediately tightened up, instinctively trying to hold him in because that's what came natural. But I couldn't, all I effectively did was squeeze his finger and the result was wonderful. I gasped again, moaning as well which made him question.

"Are you okay? I'm not hurting you am I?"

"I'mm.... fine.... It's... wow... I like it," I breathed.

He didn't respond, but he did press back in bending his finger to rub the side closest to my vagina. I felt the tip of his finger pressing toward my sex. All these new experiences and sensations were blowing my mind. For me it was the perfect ending to our trip, for him I didn't know and I have to admit I was too engrossed to really think about him at the moment. Selfish I know but hey, I did suck him for almost an hour after dinner.

He sped up his descents and withdrawals, effectively fucking my tight ass with his finger for a good while until I felt him starting to add another one. I didn't comment, wanting to see if I could handle two. It was tight but I was really horny and hot. He got the second one in without much trouble and all those sensations were increased with the added width. I forgot to mention that he was still playing with my clit and I think that had a lot to do with my pleasure being so good, because the combination was phenomenal and nothing I'd felt before.

"Oh... my.... G..., Todd... I think.... Yes... I'm going to cum..." I struggled to say, surprised myself by the experience.

I don't know where the orgasm came from, whether it was my clit or from my ass but man was it surprising and good. My body went into fits and my butt convulsed like a vise on Todd's fingers as the orgasm exploded across my entire body. Warm vaginal juice ran out of me down to his moving fingers only intensifying my climax. I had never had one like this with something in my butt before. It will never be forgotten. Nor with that last night with Todd in the tent.

I don't know why I said it or what came over me but in the grips of such pleasure I felt capable of anything.

"Todd... put your dick in me... in my ass."

His hand froze, stopped moving instantly from the shock of my words. Not wanting to miss out on the chance he quickly threw off my sleeping back, pulled his fingers out and lifted my legs. Scooting closer he bend his wet and oozing cock down toward my hole.

"Go really slow..." I said, still vibrating from my orgasm. "Oh and don't stop playing," I said reminding him of my clit because in his excitement he stopped touching it.

When I felt the head of his hot wet cock on my ass I had second thoughts. He was so much wider than his two fingers but it was too late, I had to let him try now. His hand worked my clit slow and steady as he began to press into me. The pressure was intense, the strain grabbed hold of my and I couldn't help tighten up, which wasn't what I needed to do. He continued to press in and it started to hurt.

"Stop... hold on... I need to relax. Keep playing and do a finger again... Add more juice."

His cock backed away, replaced by a single finger, which went in easily after gathering some of my secretions and flooded me with pleasure again.

"Okay, good, two now.... easy... ohhhh yes perfect."

I let him fuck my ass for a few second with his fingers again, noticing if I pressed out when he went in, he went in easier and faster. That might be the key to opening myself up.

"Okay, try again... really slow."

Out came his fingers and then there it was again, that huge wide cock of his against my tiny hole. As he pressed forward I pushed out and suddenly, pop! He was through and into my ass, relatively painlessly. Good hell it was tight though. He froze staring down at me because it happened so suddenly.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm okay... just hold it there for a second."

It felt like more but only the head of his cock was in me, spreading me wide and causing some serious strain on my tight ring. He didn't move and even stopped playing again.

"Clit!" I called out "... don't ever stop that... ever!" I blurted, but felt immediate relief when he began again.

"Faster... really go at it."

He did and like a cure-all the strain eased as my ass adjusted to the sheer size of Todd's cock. The pleasure rushed though me and the slight pain washed away to the point I felt like I could take more of him. I reached up, taking his hips in my hands and gently pulled him forward into me. I felt every inch of that cock like I've never felt before, slowly penetrating me, sliding tightly against the sides of my pulsing ring and filling me like I've never felt before.

I felt his wide shaft pushing on the inside of my virginal ass and because of that another trail of juice oozed out and down to his extensive cock. It tickled as it ran down the skin between my two holes. And then he was in me... all of him, it just sort of happened. Todd's entire enormous cock was somehow inside my ass and amazingly I was okay. Granted I was panting and my heart was going to leap out of my chest but I did it.

The look on his face made it all worth it. I've never seen a look like that before. Even better than that first blowjob I gave him in the basement. He was absolutely stunned and blown away it seemed.

"How quick can you cum?" I asked him before he pulled out again.

"Very quick, I'm already on the verge."

"Good, because I don't think I can handle much more than this."

He began to pull out and my ass grabbed and clenched erratically on his shaft as he withdrew. The look of absolute bliss rushed over his face as he kept just his head in and pressed forward again. it was getting tight now, really tight and my ass started to tighten up and it was struggle to relax. Even pressing out wasn't helping.

Thankfully he was so turned on and excited he only pulled out and pushed in two more times and on the final withdrawal he let his head pop out. My ass burned slightly but I forgot all about that when his cock exploded in the largest ejaculation I had ever seen from him, from anyone. His cum flew to my breasts on the first shot and then over my head on the second. More cum continued to spray all over me, so much so it seemed it was coming from different directions, until I felt like I was out in the rain again except it was his hot sticky spunk all over me. My breasts were striped; my neck had a puddle of cum on my throat and even a few spots had hit my face, but mostly he sprayed below my breasts where I don't think a dry patch existed.

"Holy shit, Todd? I said when I just felt small drips hitting my stomach.

"Sorry... I was excited."

"I'll say... good hell I'm covered, I'm afraid to move."

He didn't reply and found that towel he used to dry me off from the rain. By the time he finished cleaning me off the towel was soaked and gooey. I didn't think a man could have that much cum inside his body but I guess I was wrong. My ass was a little sore, kind of pulsing and burning but not too bad. Once I was clean, or the best he could do, he lay next to me and gazed at my face.

"I don't even have to ask how good that was for you do I? " I asked.

"Nope, nothing has ever compared to how good that was... I have never cum like that either."

"I know... at least I've never seen it like that before."

"Are you okay?" he asked

"Yeah... actually I'm fine, maybe a little sore but I'll okay."

"I don't know what to say, Julie... that was amazing."

"You don't have to say anything, brother... just hold me."

I think I fell asleep before him for the first time the entire trip.


The only explanation I have for letting Todd have my ass was: I was in love with him. Pure and simple and this camping trip had sealed the deal. I couldn't deny it nor could I change it. I didn't know what would happen when we left for separate schools. I knew I would miss him terrible and look forward to seeing him again. He said he'd never find anyone like me at school but said he would try for me. Now I hope he was right and no one compares because I want my brother all to myself. Somehow we'll make it work. Even if we have to run off together and never see anyone we know or love again.

These were my thoughts as we drove home together after packing up and hiking out. The summer was virtually over. He left four days later and I left the following day after him. It was difficult to get into school but I knew the only way I would make it go faster was to keep busy and not think about how many weeks there was before winter break when we would both be home for Christmas. I couldn't wait to see him and hoped my parents went on long shopping session so I could have time with Todd and that wonderful penis of his. Until then I can imagine.

The End... maybe.

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by thedayafter09/07/17

I agree with the anon comment below, great story and it would be good to have another chapter where Todd and Julie are together again and plan out their future together.

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by thedayafter08/15/17

Great story. Really glad that Julie realised that she loved Todd. It would be really good to have a sequel to the story one where they hold true to each other during their time at separate schools whilemore...

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