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Our Little Secret


After finishing my tennis practice for the day, I waited, as I usually did, for the girls swim team to clear out of the showers. As who I thought was the last girl exited the showers, I undressed and headed in to rinse myself off. When I entered I noticed that there was still someone showering. I recognized her from school she had always seemed shy to me, never talking much to anyone. Her pale skin shimmered under the florescent lights that hang from the ceiling. Each droplet splashed off her breasts only to fall onto them again. She had always worn modest clothing that covered most of her body. I wondered why, after seeing her body in its entirety. I realized how beautiful she was, her every feature was nearly perfect. I suddenly found myself attracted to her, a feeling I had never had for a girl before.

As she lathered from her legs to her chest, she slowly scoped the room with her eyes; she must not have noticed me in the doorway. Her hand paused as she slowly began massaging herself. She rolled her head back and quietly moaned, I felt the blood rushing to my pussy... I was drenched. I began rubbing myself in synchronization with her motions, suppressing my desire to wail, so I wouldn't alert her of my presence. I watched as she dug her fingers in deeper and moaned even louder. I did the same, doubling my effort by biting my lip to keep from screaming. She must have noticed me out of the corner of her eye. She jumped up and quickly removed her hand.

"Sorry... I did not realize anyone else was here," she said, breathing heavily.

"I didn't mean to startle you" I assured her.

As she glanced toward me again she realized that I had succumb to the same temptation she had. Her eyes studied my hand as my fingers continued. She then looked up, her eyes meeting mine; she must have seen my desire. She began walking toward me, before I realized what was happening she had already pulled me into the shower and pressed her tender lips to mine. I suddenly lost control of my hands; I caressed her soft butt and luscious breasts. I stroked her hot pussy with my fingers; they had a mind of their own, not only wondering wherever they pleased, but pleasing wherever they wondered. Her lips migrated away from my mouth and onto my breasts, she licked gently on my nipples, I whimpered with delight. She then kneeled before me, her hands cupping my ass to draw me in closer to her. I felt her hot breath as her tongue exited through her lips and entered through mine. My whimpers abruptly turned to a load groan as her tongue deepened into me. One hand stayed pressed against my butt as the fingers on her other hand massaged my clit. My head rolled back, I was overcome with heat and my entire body began to shake. A sudden chill passed by me as cum began gushing into her mouth and onto her face. I rolled my head forward and saw the huge smile that adorned her face.

I lifted her and pulled her into the locker room, there I laid her upon a bench and brushed my tongue against her neck. I placed my hand on her warm and wet pussy, and inserted two fingers. I softly kissed and licked her skin as my tongue headed for its ultimate destination, her erect clitoris. When it arrived there, she loudly squealed, making me even more excited. Overcome with my desire to bring her to orgasm, my fingers moved even more rapidly making her body rock back and forth with my movements. Her breathing grew heavier and she grunted with every insertion of my fingers. Her every muscle began to tighten as I continued pleasuring her with all my resources. I felt her pussy throb on my lips as she bared down upon me. Her whole body vibrated and she screamed in orgasmic delight, startling me for a moment. I raised up and kissed her once more, we were both struggling to catch our breath, our hands still resting upon each other's breasts.

We had just gotten our cloths back on when a woman came in to clean. The realization of what had just occurred suddenly came to me.

"Listen... I've never..." I whispered.

"Me neither" she interrupted

"Just... don't say..."

"It's our little secret..." she reassured me as she once more pressed her warm lips to mine. "Next week?" she asked

"Tomorrow" I replied "you can sleep over" She nodded in agreement as I jotted my number and address onto her hand... "It's.... Our little secret!"

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